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13 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe in 2021

Dropshipping is a worldwide phenomenon that’s quickly spreading and becoming one of the most desirable eCommerce business models everywhere. Everyone wants to start something on their own, to become their own boss. There’s nothing more motivating than to work for yourself, knowing you have to do everything you can to succeed.

These days, more and more dropshipping suppliers are emerging in every country and on every continent and they all have their own pros and cons. To put it in perspective, dropshipping suppliers based in Canada and suppliers based in the U.S.A require much paperwork, and suppliers based in China most of the time are associated with low-quality products and services.

But what about dropshipping suppliers in Europe? Europe is the 6th largest continent with an estimated population of 748,410,569 as of Wednesday, March 16, 2022. It’s surrounded by the three major continents – Africa, Asia, and the U.S., and it’s well-known for its fashion, automotive, and other important industries. Where does eCommerce stand in Europe? The latest statistics show that the eCommerce market in Europe will reach a revenue of US$1,222.00bn by 2025. This number is proof that Europe presents great potential for starting a dropshipping business that would target the European audience. For that matter, numerous dropshipping suppliers in Europe are breaking into this industry and start offering their services worldwide. Let’s have a look at what they have to offer.


With warehouses in Sweden, Milan, Berlin, and Minnesota, BrandsGateway is the largest online luxury fashion marketplace based in Europe, offering B2B2C services. Delivering over 100 high fashion brands to over 170 countries globally, the profit margins with BrandsGateway are amazing.

This supplier works with 4 eCommerce platforms, allowing you to connect their inventory with your Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix or Shift4Shop-based online boutique via a plugin or the Shopify App, Wix App, Shift4Shop App and become a part of the network of dropshippers that earn thousands of dollars. Most importantly, their branded products are discounted to 90% of the retail price, which means they are affordable to the majority of online shoppers.

With their solution for automated dropshipping, it’s incredibly easy to select between product categories, profit margins, and much more. Thus, it’s perfect for any beginner and expert dropshipper looking to increase their side income. It’s worth mentioning that products arrive between 1-5 working days, depending on a customer’s location. On top of that, BrandsGateway’s customer support is highly praised for solving any issues, such as setting up shop or importing products.

To sum up, if you have the ambition to start selling fashion items, BrandsGateway dropshipping services will lead you on the road to success. The fashion segment in the eCommerce industry in Europe is booming. To put it in numbers, the fashion category is forecasted to reach a market volume of US$365,856m by 2025.


E-nuc is a relatively new dropshipping marketplace focused on electronics. You can find over 13.000 electronic products on their platform. From tablets and smartphones to printers and consoles, this Spain-based supplier offers interesting opportunities to tech-savvy resellers. Interestingly enough, their products have a 2-year warranty. They’re so certain the products are faultless, that they’ll gladly pay for return shipping and repairs if it’s on their end.

In case you’re short on time and are willing to quickly add products to your inventory, there are multiple product categories listed on their homepage. Also, for new arrivals, special offers, and best-selling products, you can easily find the products with a single click.


If custom printing is your niche, don’t worry because there are dropshipping suppliers in Europe who offer that. Printful is one of those. Valued for their fast shipping and state-of-the-art equipment, their European warehouses are located in Barcelona, Spain, and Latvia’s capital, Riga. Partner facilities are scattered across Asia and Australia, for even faster shipping. Shipping over 1 million items each month, Printful allows dropshippers to customize both products and shipping packages.

Their most popular ones include phone cases, pillows, mugs, socks, blankets, stickers, bean bags, etc. If you have a store on any marketplace or website builder, Printful is a verified application, easily applicable with just one click.


With over 2.2 million products within the IT industry, This Dutch-Belgian collaboration is becoming highly popular, thanks to it removing shipping fees and targeted market audience. Over 3000 brand manufacturers support this dropshipping supplier with its main goal – to become a leader in IT products within Belgium and the Netherlands.

Since these two European countries are constantly growing in the IT sector, Centralpoint offers all sorts of electronics and office supplies. From computers and monitors to printers, storage, and networking devices, you can find the latest technology here. Better yet, if you’re into tech yourself, there are many ways to best advertise their products. Lastly, it’s suitable for both small and large online businesses.


Another on the list of dropshipping suppliers in Europe is Fienzy. As one of the rarest European furniture and home improvement suppliers, Fienzi operates with two warehouses – in Germany and the Netherlands. Dropshipping is available for users living in the E.U., the U.S., and Canada. What kind of products can you sell with Fienzi? Start with wall decorations, home electronics, baby products, lighting. If you need more choices, import their garden and outdoor products and all sorts of decorations, too.

They allow dropshippers to resell their products on many Amazon localized sites, Otto, and Allegro, mostly based in the E.U., and pay their dropshippers within 2-4 weeks after a product is being sold.


Based in Latvia’s capital, Riga, Joom is a European online marketplace selling mostly Chinese-imported products. Since its launch back in 2016, it has grown immensely in the last few years. Currently, there are over 10 million products available for an audience of over 90 million customers.

The majority of their customers come from the largest European countries, as well as Russia. The only disadvantage concerns profit margins. It means that some of the products, since they are Chinese-made, might not earn you as much as you thought it would. As for product categories, they mostly deal with electronics, pets & garden, beauty and health, toys, and much more.


If you’re looking for a more specific dropshipping niche, why not try medical supplies? Lauftex is yet another of the European dropshipping suppliers you can use to sell products on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. This Latvian dropshipping supplier specializes in selling bandages, baby belts, compression socks, posture correctors, and other medical products. Next year, the company plans on including 3D-printed healthcare products, including orthotics.

In Europe, most of their buyers come from France and Germany. Their product range counts around 1500 unique SKUs. Due to the rarity of its products, Lauftex allows dropshippers to take advantage of this soon-to-be-popular industry.


The recipient of many eCommerce awards, BigBuy, specializes in tons of product categories and offers both wholesale and dropshipping business models.

Currently active in over 20 European countries, it allows integration with any major marketplace, including Fruugo, eBay, Amazon, Cdiscount, Rakuten, and others. How do you feel about having their online catalog translated into 24 European languages? That’s right, they do this for free, as well as worldwide shipping. The possibilities with BigBuy are big, although it would be wise to start selling something more specific first.

Otto Group

The famous German eCommerce company employs over fifty thousand people worldwide. As a matter of fact, they’ll probably have a turnover of over 15 billion euro by the end of the year. Otto, as a marketplace, is present in more than half of Europe’s countries, as well as in the Americas and Asia.

What can you sell using Otto? From seasonal products to furniture and electronics. The partner program makes it possible to resell their products on your website. Of course, you can track and report any shipment, while at the same time advertise their items for increased profits.

AWGifts Dropshipping

For those interested in reselling beauty products and fragrances, AWGifts offers multiple product categories. The decade-old Slovak company is also available in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, and the U.K., which covers a market size of millions of potential customers. Other than that, all their products are manufactured in the U.K., through partnership.

With AWGifts you can sell all sorts of bathroom accessories, candles, gifts, handcrafted products, incensed objects, and everything else that smells and looks nice. There are no subscription fees and over 3000 thousand products available. Overall, it’s one of Europe’s most famous giftware dropshipping suppliers.


The famous European wholesale buyer network currently counts over 400.000 products. Find and sell anything between 0.5-500 euro, with tons of categories to choose from. Even better, you can find out which suppliers are top-ranked, i.e. sell the best products. This way, you’ll know which product category is the most popular at any moment.

Within the Zentrada network, new suppliers are added every week, so it’s best to check it out on a daily basis, for new opportunities. Using UPS as their primary shipping provider, and Wirecard as their main payment method, Zentrada Distribution is beneficial only if you live in Europe, and have a successful, working online store.


Most dropshippers have already heard about this AliExpress-like marketplace. What they don’t know is they operate with warehouses in Europe. More specifically, you can find BangGood’s locations in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland. One of the top 500 websites according to Alexa, Banggood provides millions of potential customers every month and is already ranking with the likes of Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

With both local and international payment methods available, it’s easier for resellers to earn profits, no matter their physical location. There are no membership fees, and price discounts usually vary between 5-20%. Automation tools are available, as well as coupons and special offers.


One of the most popular dropshipping suppliers in Europe, BTSWholesaler ships to at least 25 countries throughout Europe, with extra-fast shipping. Tracking codes are sent with each order, for increased customer satisfaction. With more than 17000 products from over 550 brands, there are special discounts for all dropshipping professionals with big sales.

What can you sell via BTSWholesaler? Basically, they stock hair products, perfumes, cosmetics, makeup, sun care products, and other related items. All orders contain your company’s logo. Dropshippers can choose to either sell on their online stores, or by using eBay, Amazon, or Shopify for wider audience reach.


The last on the list of dropshipping suppliers in Europe is called PowerBody. They’ve got over 7000 products to sell, at any given time. For online stores acting as brands, they print and give out branded packaging, invoicing, and labels. To help dropshippers calculate shipping costs, for any product they choose to sell, besides value, they can see the weight.

They have three pricing plans, for small, medium, and large online shops. As for the type of merchandise, they sell literally anything between fitness, bodybuilding, CBD, health, and beauty products. By taking up multiple industries, the chances to get more sales increase.


If you’re willing to start dropshipping, finding dropshipping suppliers in Europe is the smartest move. The location of this continent is perfect to ship worldwide. More importantly, about 743 million people inhabit it, which only adds up to the market size.

Since you may find all sorts of dropshipping suppliers, Europe is perfect to resell products from different categories. The locals know the market much better than dropshippers from abroad, so if you live on this continent, it counts as a bonus. As for product quality, most European manufacturers come out with products of the highest quality. Thus, you shouldn’t worry too much about returns and dissatisfied customers. Choose the perfect dropshipping supplier, check what they offer, and add their products to your store with ease.

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