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15 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Germany

Dropshipping businesses are slowly taking over the marketplace and filling it with their simplicity and practicality. Constant changes in the global market and new technologies are always thriving to make the consumer’s life easier and more entertaining. In the same way, new dropshipping companies emerge almost everywhere now. Of course, this is super important as it slowly transforms the global scene into a more competitive market that requires a quality approach. With eCommerce at its peak, seems like dropshipping is nowhere near its stagnation. The market even records everlasting growth year by year. According to Statista, the online buyer number stands at 2.14 Billion people in 2021. That is 27.6 percent of the almost 8 billion people in the world.

Globally, 2020 was a tough year for the markets, however, it showed a solid base for the eCommerce expansion. Many brick-and-mortar retailers began to take their products and services up online. This maneuver definitely stirred the pot in the eCommerce market as it rapidly increased the supply. However, due to the global pandemic and the introduced measures, consumer habits have slightly changed. Nowadays, people started using online stores more frequently than ever before. And Germany is not an exception. Let’s talk numbers.

According to recent estimates on Statista, the projected revenue for 2021 in the eCommerce sector in Germany is set to reach USD 94,998m. The annual growth amounts to 5.35 percent. All these numbers showcase the increasing trend in eCommerce and dropshippers should seriously consider them in order to extend their market reach in this country. In fact, this especially applies to those who are just starting in this sector. Therefore, we made this list of dropshipping suppliers in Germany to help you on your dropshipping journey. So, let’s explore.

1. BrandsGateway

First on the list of the best dropshipping suppliers in Germany is BrandsGateway. It is the largest online dropshipping supplier that offers luxury clothing for both men and women. In fact, the thousands of designer items that this supplier covers are the biggest proof of that. You are also getting these branded items with up to 90% discounts which is pretty amazing. Additionally, you can earn up to 250% on every order.

The supplier also provides a WooCommerce and Shopify plugin for those who want automatic store integration websites. This allows for smooth real-time order syncing and will present you with up-to-date payment information. Their management software is so user-friendly that even if you have just set your dropshipping store you will have a grasp on every feature provided. So, if you are a dropshipping business with fashion in your focus that needs to grow their business in Germany, you absolutely need to consider BrandsGateway. It will surely boost your sales and increase your profits and pave your way to success.

2. buXtrade

The Hamburg-based food supplement wholesale supplier is a perfect match for you if you are in the search of quality products for your dropshipping food business. Their wide-ranging product portfolio covers various food supplements, food additives, sweeteners, flavorings, spices, and other condiments. Due to their location close to one of the busiest ports in Europe, they have reduced costs for transport from their warehouse. This also impacts the overall product cost and results with reasonable prices for the end clients.

The shipping process for Germany is conducted at a flat rate of 3.95 euros. Besides, their payment methods can really step up the ordering process and provide a smooth delivery. Return policies are pretty loose, and they guarantee a fast return process, no questions asked.

3. Rayeeboard

Next on the list on the list of the best dropshipping suppliers in Germany is Rayeeboard. Another niche wholesaler and dropshipping supplier that is present on the market since 2015. The idea’s inception started in China but, for a pretty short period of time, their business grew due to the rising global popularity of smart scooters. Soon after, Rayeeboard opened its warehouses in Germany and France. They offer different types of hoverboards with a one-year warranty program and a very fast shipping time of 2-5 days.

What is more interesting is that they are not only a dropshipping supplier but also manufacture the hoverboards in a factory located in Zhejiang, China. The company guarantees quality for each and every product, and besides the warranty, they offer free parts if any problems arise. To sum up, if you are interested in extending your business in the scooter mobility branch, Rayeeboard is a great match for your further market crusades.

4. Shirt-King

Shirt-King is a German dropshipping supplier that specializes in textile production and print-on-demand services. This is an interesting concept that could surely help new businesses thrive on the market. The company works with high-quality materials and most of them are 100% organic cotton. Sustainability is highly valued in the ranks of this supplier and is considered a crucial standard. Even the ink of the printers is water-based and does not contain any harmful substances.

Delivery times are pretty favorable (2-5 days) and they have a high production capacity meaning that restocking will not be a problem. Another plus is that the return policy is pretty relaxed and they take care of every little detail. Overall, if you take interest in starting your own label this could be the supplier you are looking for.

5. Youngfash

Youngfash is yet another on the list of dropshipping suppliers in Germany that covers several brands in its scope of work. Despite Germany, this supplier also operates in most of the countries in Europe. However, it is predominantly oriented towards women’s brands, although it includes some items for men and children.

Therefore, if you are planning on entering the kids’ fashion industry aside from women’s and men’s, Youngfash is a supplier to check out. In addition, their offering amounts to 4,000 and more clothing items and is not aimed at a particular generation of people, so they are pretty much inclusive.

6. Gallay

If you are planning an exclusive dropshipping jewelry business, then you should definitely check this dropshipping supplier out. Gallay provides various gold and silver jewelry items that go from neat to extravagant. Their offer also includes some glass and decorative stones, but most items are made of gold-plated and silver-plated brass alloys. According to their website, their inventory consists of 6000 different items that you can offer to your end customers. From high-quality products to affordable and inexpensive jewelry, they will make sure that you get the best price-quality ratio.

In addition, they have a platform for listing and managing products that can help your business grow on various trading platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc. However, their available stock is constantly changing, so pay close attention to the items in their shop. And be careful to follow the tips provided on their website, in order to avoid selling items they no longer have in stock.

7. Manolya Electronics

The next company that made it on the list of the best dropshipping suppliers in Germany is Manolya Electronics. This Berlin-based dropshipping supplier offers high-quality electrical appliances and other exclusive products. The company has 39 years of experience on the market and incorporates a wide range of brands. From Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi to GoPro, Miele, and Panasonic, their supply is a variety of electronic manufacturers.

Due to their high approval rate and extensive partner network, they can provide shorter delivery times and affordable prices. Therefore, if your business is in the need of a sale increase, Manolya is a convenient way to do this. In addition, you do not have to worry about making capital investments or covering any expenditures that arise along the way.

8. Resital

Founded in 2015, Resital is one of the largest German dropshipping suppliers of machine-woven carpets. This is the reason why we included it on the list of the best dropshipping suppliers in Germany. Their warehouse is located in Kerpen and offers steady stock supplies to all those dropshipping businesses. Besides, the company constantly works to develop various products designed with passion. They work with acrylic, polypropylene, and polyester materials, designed to fit every taste from rustic to modern.

If you register and gain access to their “dealer area” you will get full access to all current collections, as well as easy and swift orders via the platform.

9. CLP

CLP Trading GmbH is a furniture dropshipping supplier that provides dropshippers with the right tools in order to become successful in the eCommerce sector. Once you list their products on your website, your customers can immediately begin the ordering process. Their large warehouse holds several thousand products, so the percentage of in-stock items is always around 95%. Hence, this means that the shipping process begins right after the customer makes the order.

Another thing is that they offer seasonal products such as outdoor furniture for gardens or yards. According to their estimates, the profitability of these seasonal items is higher in the warmer months. So, if you are eager to boost your profits you may want to include this segment in your webshop as well. Additionally, they are ready to provide images, text, and customer service that you can offer to your end customers.

10. AGI AKKU Service

Another German dropshipping supplier that covers electronics is subdivided into different product groups. The depository is so diverse that you can find various products such as rechargeable batteries, power packs, chargers, and other practical accessories. Also, their overall product range amounts to 50,000 items and is updated on a daily basis.

Of course, in times of global warming and rising awareness, the business sector requires a consideration of the environmental aspects. In line with this, AGI Akku follows all relevant guidelines for the protection of the environment. Furthermore, as a wholesaler of electrical devices and items, the company follows the EU standards for not using certain hazardous substances in the electrical equipment. Hence, if you want to sell electrical products but also raise awareness and help the environment, this supplier is your right choice.

11. Dropshipping Marktplatz

First, this is a website that is kind of a “matchmaker” between dropshipping suppliers and dropshipping businesses. Now, you probably wonder what that means? Simply put, they provide a special platform that connects suppliers and businesses and eases communication. For example, if you register for their services you start by matching with desired suppliers and their range of products. Once you select the supplier of your choice, you can load the range of items directly into your online shop without making any purchases. They provide automated processes, so you can easily update all the products via their interface.

In addition, you can also market your products on websites such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, etc. After a client places an order and pays for it, you can immediately send that order to a supplier in one go. Besides, you can also pay for all orders at the same time, even if they are from different suppliers. This will surely save you time and finances.

12. Emporium

Emporium is next on the list of the top dropshipping suppliers in Germany that provide luxury perfumes and cosmetic brands. The company has more than 1,800 products in its inventory, offers affordable prices and constant restocks. This is very important if you take interest in implementing long-term sale strategies. Besides, after your customer places an order, they make sure to ship the product within 48 hours. Additionally, they can inform you about their new products and ongoing promotions, and help you with your advertising campaigns, which is pretty supportive.

13. Trends 4 Cents

Trends 4 Cents is a dropshipping supplier that incorporates a wide variety of products in its range. Here you can find inexpensive branded products from categories such as car and tuning, electronics, household items, leisure and outdoor, and many more. If you are looking for a diverse supplier with a simple ordering process and highly organized logistics, then you are in luck. Moreover, you can be sure that your purchases will be 100% secure, due to the PayPal buyer protection.

14. Monvali

Monvali is a renowned manufacturer of leather bags and accessories for men. Their unique products fuse tradition and modernity and the final result is a premium item. Although they independently ship their products, they also offer their goods to dropshipping businesses as well. According to their website, they deliver the orders within 2-3 working days. All leather products have a 15-year warranty and there is a 30-day window for return. So, if you are willing to go niche and sell these types of products Movali is a reliable option.

15. Atixo

Finally, if you are eager to sell some exclusive and a little bit odd items for a specific group of people this will interest you. Atixo is a German dropshipping supplier offering exclusive and fancy fashion products that range from costumes, dirndls, vintage fashion, sexy lingerie, and else. They guarantee same-day shipping if the order is made before 2 PM. The company also allows dropshippers to download and use their premium photos for their web stores. Thus, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind product supplier that will bring uniqueness to your store, you will definitely find it in Atixo.

In conclusion

Selecting the perfect dropshipping supplier can be a little bit tricky at first. First, what you need to make sure is that you have assessed the eCommerce market in Germany and constructed the German online persona. Second, you need to decide what type of store would you like to run, whether more specific or one with a more broad range of products. After making this crucial decision and choosing your dropshipping supplier it is time to start assembling your store.

Bear in mind that, according to Statista, the revenue in the eCommerce fashion segment in Germany is set to reach $ 24,357m in 2021 and the annual growth rate will be at 4,50%. Therefore, you might want to think of clothing and apparel when you make the final choice of niche. We hope that our extensive selection of dropshipping suppliers in Germany will guide you through your decision process and help you easily come up with a solution. Who knows? Your dropshipping success story might just be around the corner.

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