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How One Entrepreneur Makes over $44.000 per Month with BrandsGateway

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Sam is an Australian businessman, founder, and CEO of the company Azura Consulting, who’s been working in the fashion retail and eCommerce industry for over 10 years. Today he’s operating the online designer clothing store Azura Runway, working with customers all around the globe and making exquisite sales across multiple marketplaces.



Sam’s journey of opening a fashion dropshipping store begins with nonetheless but a failed attempt at running a wholesale business. But knowing that’s part of the process, he decided to keep going and get into dropshipping luxury clothing. However, when it came to selecting a good supplier, there was a long list of requirements he needed to check off. 


Starting with the products, it was of the utmost importance for his store to be offered on-time product updates in order to avoid out-of-stock situations. Furthermore, with Sam’s business specializing in selling luxury apparel pieces, there was no doubt he was looking for high-margin authentic branded products.


“BrandsGateway’s inventory is on the higher end so the price point is high compared to the other suppliers. But at the same time, the discounts that I was offered are much higher than what the other suppliers offered me. This makes BrandsGateway’s stock the most profitable stock to sell.”


Finally, Sam was aiming for a supplier that’d provide him with simple and easy Shopify integration as the website is based on this platform.



Sam found such a supportive business partner in fashion industry-leading supplier BrandsGateway, that contributed to his dropshipping eCommerce journey with these features:


  • 100% genuine luxury fashion items
  • Large selection of +9,000 clothing articles and accessories
  • Hundreds of luxury brands at the disposal
  • High-profit margins of up to 250% per order
  • Smooth integration with Shopify
  • Selling on marketplaces Amazon and eBay
  • Automated fulfillment including synchronized product updates and order processing



Once Sam partnered up with BrandsGateway, the entrepreneur happily reported that BrandsGateway has changed the course of his business for the better. The business has prospered financially significantly, earning up to +$30,000 USD per month.


“Our average monthly sale value is $508 US dollars per order from BrandsGateway. That has been consistent over the period of the last 9 months. As per the total order per month, it pretty much depends on the month. The usual month is anywhere from $30.000 USD up to $40.000 USD in sales from BrandsGateway products.”


BrandsGateway has certainly contributed to Azura Runway’s growth tremendously, offering the business an unforgettable dropshipping experience.

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