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eCommerce Conferences to Attend in 2022 [Updated]

In order to keep up with the latest Gen Z and millennial purchasing trends in the eCommerce market, entrepreneurs would have to continuously get updates on the current situation and market movements. There are numerous ways of how this might be performed and one of them is by attending eCommerce conferences.

In essence, these types of events will always be the perfect spot where young entrepreneurs can hear all sorts of motivational speeches from some of the greatest leaders in the eCommerce world, learn a thing or two on how to manage and maintain their presence on the market and discuss new and emerging technologies.

Additionally, they can also bring numerous opportunities for networking which can help in the process of growing your business and harnessing innovation. With all this said, let’s make an overview of the most engaging conferences and seminars for the rest of 2021 and 2022.

February 2022

eCommerce Fair Tokyo

February 17-18, 2022, Tokyo, Japan

eCommerce Fair Tokyo is the most famous digital commerce manifestation in Japan. The event is primarily focused on the evolving eCommerce industry and covers topics like website construction, marketing, billing and payments, logistics and fulfillment, cross-border eCommerce, etc. Despite the eCommerce Fair, there is also an Omni-channel Solution Fair which is organized in the form of a seminar that covers the creation of an omnichannel mechanism, showcasing the latest trends and advanced solutions. The departments that are covered in the seminar include data management and integration, digital marketing, store-related solutions, consulting, and many other omnichannel solutions and services. Numerous leading Japanese companies are included in the seminar and provide more than 60 sessions of discussing topics and presenting the newest trending solutions which bring an accelerated shopping experience and ultimately stimulate the eCommerce industry. In other words, attending the eCommerce Fair in Tokyo would mean an insightful knowledge transfer that will help you grow your business further.

eCommerce Expo

February 23-24, 2022, Stockholm, Sweden

eCommerce Expo 2022 will be a conference joined by digital marketers and retailers that will get together to speak about and discover new technologies thus, forming the future context of the eCommerce sector. Therefore, succeeding in the eCommerce sector is actually knowing which of these technologies should be accepted and applied in the company’s operations in order to exhibit a long-term success. Overall, the eCommerce Expo guides and connects digital marketers on how to develop the right formula and conquer the market.

March 2022

White Label World Expo

March 02-03, 2022, ExCeL, London, United Kingdom

The White Label World Expo is a famous event organized by Prysm Group. The most compelling feature of this event and something that gives it a special vibe is the free entrance policy. This year’s event will feature many seminars and sessions dedicated to retail, eCommerce, and other selling industries. You can learn many new things if you’re eager to delve deeper into this segment and later use this knowledge to expand your business and explore new horizons. The event will be attended by numerous top suppliers and you’ll find many products on display that’ll surely open wide discussions. Lastly, your presence will definitely bring you various networking possibilities and open the door for future collaborations with other companies and players in this segment.

DX3 Canada

March 08-09, 2022, Virtual Conference

The DX3 Canada is a conference that stays devoted to cutting-edge leadership in the segment of retail, digital marketing, and technological advancements. This year’s conference is all about transformation and how to prepare your business to be more flexible and easily adapt to all the innovations that emerge in the world of technology. If you want to hear more about the ways you can benefit from the constant changes in the consumer’s preferences or the never-ending market fluctuations then DX3 is definitely the place you need to be. The 2022 theme is “Rise Up” and will explore the steps of creating a brand and how this brand can become a relevant factor in the current market landscape.

Adobe Summit

March 15-17, 2022, Global Virtual Event

The Adobe Summit is a bi-annual conference that is predominantly focused on advertising, eCommerce, and marketing automation with an accent on finding more palpable solutions for all the stakeholders that are involved in this segment. The 2022 event is dedicated to long-term learning and building a wide portfolio of skills in the above-mentioned fields while establishing meaningful and long-lasting connections. The event will host hundreds of speakers that will base their sessions on numerous market solutions and innovations that proved valuable and made a change in this world of retail. A plus is that the Adobe Summit opens future perspectives and provides an opportunity for engagement beyond the virtual event.

E-commerce & Digital Marketing Expo

March 19-20, 2022, Athens, Greece

With more than 4500 eTailers, 110 exhibitors, 130 speakers, and more than 160 content hours the eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo is one of the biggest digital commerce conferences in Greece and Southeastern Europe. It takes place every year once in Thessaloniki and once in Athens. In essence, the primary goal of this event is to fuse companies that offer eCommerce and digital marketing services with businesses and organizations that are in need of these services, are active retailers, or simply want to get a grasp of these services in order to accelerate their brand awareness and spread their overall market presence. There are at least six parallel events at this conference, each of them aimed at providing a thorough insight into the practices that work the best in the field of digital commerce and can serve newly established businesses on their journey of conquering the market. Attending the conference are high-class speakers that come from Greece or the broader region of Eastern Europe, and they attract a professional audience from every eCommerce segment.

Shoptalk 2022

March 27-30, 2022, Las Vegas, Nevada

Shoptalk is a visionary event that gathers more than 8,000 retail enthusiasts that drive change on the market and tailor the future of retail. The agenda of the conference covers groundbreaking digital experiences as well as the fast transformation of the market, driven by cutting-edge technologies, trends, and business initiatives. The conference promises a unique perspective and insight into the retail industry narrative with some brand new and original content that includes, data, research, benchmarks, frameworks, and visual guidance tailored by the team at Shoptalk. Joining the conference would bring you valuable knowledge, as the event will feature more than 3,000 exhibitors and over 10,000 onsite meetings.

April 2022

World Retail Congress

April 05-07, 2022, Rome, Italy

The World Retail Congress is an event that is the gathering place for numerous leaders from the world’s retail industry. All of these key players get together for one cause: provide a thorough overview of their market tactics and answer how to serve the consumers and endure the conditions on the market. The Congress was primarily established so that senior retailers share their stories and insights on how to thrive in a constantly changing environment. Additionally, the congress provides the possibility for networking where you can create connections that will help shape the future of retail. The program of the event is carefully tailored in order to provide the most adequate approach to the constant challenges in the retail segment. So, if you want to join this group of highly-educated people, to learn and become part of the program that consists of 120 very bright minds from different industry branches, you should definitely consider registering.

Retail Fest

April 11-14, 2022, Broadbeach, Australia

Retail Fest is an event in Australia that covers the topic of eCommerce and every piece of detail regarding this market segment. In fact, the event will consist of numerous shows such as marketplace meetups, an evening with awards, miscellaneous eCommerce workshops, sponsored parties, and a charity gala.

ECommerce Summit

April 28, 2022, Brussels, Belgium

The eCommerce Summit is an event that started its story back in 2014 and since then it has become a place where attendees come to explore new perspectives and collect various experiences in order to use them in their own businesses and bolster growth and revenue. This year’s event is dedicated to the ever-changing market of eCommerce, and the channels through which this segment can be approached. By attending this event, you can also discover all the fresh new trends that are going to reign in 2022. If you’re hungry for a unique experience and want to learn more about eCommerce while meeting the most famous players in this segment, then you should definitely register and become part of their story.

May 2022

Ad World

May 02-03, 2022, Online Event

The Ad World event is a two-day online conference that gathers more than 50,000 people from the world of advertising that shares their stories, business experiences, and their secret ingredient for success through online sessions. The attendees of this event will witness streamlined speeches, numerous panel discussions, and live sessions for Q&A that will greatly impact your future business decisions and can help you skyrocket your venture. And all of this while you’re sitting on your cozy sofa. The event gathers many professionals in their fields and you can learn a lot about content marketing, copywriting, conversion optimization, lead generation, and other topics that will surely bring you benefits in the long run. So, if you’re interested in these topics, don’t lose any more time and register for this “masterclass” and enjoy your learning experience.

Sellers Summit

May 04-06, 2022, Ft Lauderdale, Florida 

The Sellers Summit is a 2-day intense workshop on eCommerce that will help entrepreneurs that want to launch their first eCommerce business and are eager to learn practical and actionable strategies that will help them along with their quests. In addition, you’ll have access to a group of successful entrepreneurs that have already built lucrative ventures and are widely present on the market due to their crafting capabilities. So, if you want another knowledge-sharing experience you should check this conference.

ICEMC 2022

May 13-15, 2022, Seoul, South Korea

The ICEMC or the International Conference on E-business and Mobile Commence is an event that is mainly based on studying insights and research from all the participants worldwide. All the participants can join by submitting papers and other research studies that are being discussed. Despite the usual participants, the conference is also open for the audience who can join and be part of the numerous discussions. The topics of discussion include innovation, e-business, e-Commerce, recent trends as well as practical challenges that are constantly emerging in these fields and their possible solutions. The talks provide an interdisciplinary framework for all of the managers, policymakers, researchers, educators, and practitioners interested in dissecting the topics. So, if you’re interested in witnessing top-notch papers presented and hearing what the experts have to say about the e-business topics, you should check their website and see how you can register for the event.

June 2022

Shoptalk Europe

June 06-08, 2022, London, United Kingdom

ShopTalk Europe is an event that gathers people that want to learn, expand their horizons, network, and tailor their future of retail. This three-day event will host more than 2,500 people that work in the industries such as eCommerce, retail, tech companies, real estate, media agencies, and many more. Join this conference if you really want to be exposed to high-quality content, carefully streamlined to fit all the profiles of people that attend the event. A big plus is the numerous curated meetings, the networking opportunities, and the alleviated social interactions.

iMedia Online Retail Summit

June 06-08, 2022, Sheraton Grand Mirage, Australia

The iMedia Online Retail Summit this year goes by the theme Pure Play. The event is invitations-only and is looking for the next generation of retailers in Australia. Overall, the conference is a great way for all the retail ‘rising stars’ that want to get a hold of how to emerge as key players in the market segment. The event features various activities that include face-to-face business sessions with experienced market players, tons of networking experiences for the attendees, and numerous high-quality presentations that cover different fields in this business sector. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning about the latest technologies and want to collaborate with various peers in order to strengthen your business in the retail market you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for at this conference. Don’t miss the chance to dive into the world of retail and uncover new business moments while hanging out with field experts.

eCommerce Live

June 15-16, 2022, London, United Kingdom

eCommerce Live is a conference aimed at equipping brands and retailers with the know-how of the latest trends and strategies that will help them surpass their biggest competitors and get them ahead in terms of market placement, using innovation and technology. Numerous panel debates and seminars led by experts in the field are part of this 2-day event that also features live demonstrations of new solutions for already established products and services. Whether, a B2B, B2C, D2C, or other channels, this conference can be a resourceful place for digital commerce businesses.

July 2022

Online Retailer

July 20-21, ICC, Sydney, Australia

The Online Retailer Conference is the biggest online retail event in Australia that features the presentation of case studies, insights dissection, and numerous panel discussions from leading local and worldwide leaders in retail. It’s the number one meeting point for all the players in the eCommerce industry to easily have access to multiple technologies used in this segment, as well as learn more about how different companies have diverse approaches when we’re talking about the retail industry. Whether you’re an established player on the market or you’re just beginning your business journey, this conference will help you clear out the cloud that builds around the segment and pave your path to success. By attending you can meet a diverse set of industry players coming from B2B, Electronics segment, Fashion, Games, IT, Media, Finance, etc. so there’s a little bit of information for everyone from any specialized retail segment.

August 2022


August 08-10, 2022, The Sheraton, Boston, US

The eTail event is a 3-day conference that is tailored for all those that want to increase their sales and boost their overall business success. As part of this event, you’ll come across numerous actionable stories, strategies that will help every business grow, conversations with top-notch experts, and networking. This is an event that is completely focused on the challenges that every business owner in the retail market is facing and works towards finding the most adequate solutions. Founders of companies, CEOs, Presidents of many organizations are part of this event and offer a straightforward approach. Due to this fact, this is one of the most interactive conferences that provide numerous opportunities of creating links with prominent people from the retail segment that will help you thrive.

September 2022

Paris Retail Week

September 20-22, 2022, Paris, France

The Paris Retail Week is a conference held for the 8th time in a row. It’s one of the largest events in both online and offline formats that gathers one of the most successful investors from around the world in one place. Joining this conference will expose you to a plethora of activities such as sessions led by high-quality speakers, numerous exhibitions, a number of plenary sessions, and more than 15,000 professionals that joined together in order to share their personal success stories with the audience. The event also serves as a fruitful hub for learning workshops where fresh ideas about technology and innovation are discussed. You can also be part of numerous solution-driven talks and exhibit spaces that cover fields like logistics, payment tools, marketing relations, etc.

eCommerce Expo

September 28-29, 2022, ExCeL London, UK

The eCommerce Expo is one of the UK’s biggest events in the field of eCommerce. The expo offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with leaders in the retail segment as well as many brand leaders. You can be a witness of more than 10,000 retailers, agencies, brands, and owners of media outlets who are joining together in a 2-day program that features numerous meetings, discussion sessions, multi-channel conferences, networking gatherings, etc. Their idea is to dissect numerous marketing insights and based on this, generate fresh new ideas that will greatly benefit all the attendees. So, if you want to learn more about recent trends of eCommerce and find out how the digital-oriented businesses rose to be the main factors throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, feel free to sign up and be part of this unique experience.

November 2022

Customer Engagement Summit

November 15, 2022, Westminster Park Plaza, London, UK

The Customer Engagement Summit is a single-day conference that covers the topic of how to work in order to improve the customer experience and understand how the human experience can transform the customer experience. This year’s conference will be filled with diverse content that will mainly focus on the engagement of the customer. You can learn how to use precise data analysis in order to predict what kind of CX programs should be used in future endeavors. The conference is attended by top-notch orators that come from famous brands. They discuss case studies and display some of the freshest innovative strategies on how to better the customer engagement game. Thus, if you want to focus on the CX and you need to hear examples from the world’s famous companies, the Customer Engagement Summit is the right place for you.

To sum up

Learning new things and deploying strategies is essential in order to fortify your position on the market and eventually advance into new business heights. That is why entrepreneurs are eagerly waiting for gatherings, conferences, and events that can bring knowledge to the table and accelerate their eCommerce influence. In fact, these types of events are especially important for all the new entrepreneurs that are just starting their venture and want to grasp a fair piece of the market pie. Therefore, if you want to build your own eCommerce store and do not know where to begin, or if you’re already established your presence but want to further explore the segment of eCommerce and deploy the best practices, you should definitely check this calendar of events and decide the perfect fitting conference for your current state of business.

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