eCommerce Conferences to Attend [2021 & 2022]

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In order to keep up with the latest trends in the eCommerce market, entrepreneurs would have to continuously get updates on the current situation and market movements. There are numerous ways of how this might be performed and one of them is by attending eCommerce conferences.

In essence, these types of events will always be the perfect spot where young entrepreneurs can hear all sorts of motivational speeches from some of the greatest leaders in the eCommerce world, learn a thing or two on how to manage and maintain their presence on the market and discuss new and emerging technologies.

Additionally, they can also bring numerous opportunities for networking which can help in the process of growing your business and harnessing innovation. With all this said, let’s make an overview of the most engaging conferences and seminars for the rest of 2021 and 2022.

October 2021

Retail Week Live

October 13-14, 2021, London, United Kingdom

Retail Week Live is a 2-day global festival that is aimed at connecting, inspiring, and challenging the retail ecosystem with the sole purpose of succeeding in today’s rocky market environment. The event practically connects retail business owners, influencers, decision-makers, and other stakeholders and helps them in the process of forming partnerships or collaboration contracts. The speakers are always hand-picked and must possess a strong oversight of the market, a will to drive change, anticipate new trends, and lead through digital transformation. More than 200 speakers are part of the program and will cover diverse topics regarding eCommerce.

eTail Nordic 2021

October 20-22, 2021, Online

eTail Nordic 2021 is a senior-level two-day online event that can be attended only by requesting an invitation. In fact, the conference only features 80 people that will witness a very productive learning atmosphere and networking experience. This online seminar can offer a fusion of interactive discussions and strategic case studies which help entrepreneurs on their path to growing their businesses. Additionally, this is a great platform where attendees can determine which solution can mostly suit their company and drive stronger brand awareness, accelerate digital initiatives, and achieve online growth in sales.

November 2021

#DMWF Europe

Physical show: November 23-24, 2021, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Online show: November 30 – December 01

The Digital Marketing World Forum 2021 will be executed in a hybrid format or as an in-person event scheduled for November 23 and 24 and an online event scheduled for November 30 and December 01. The physical show will be held in RAI in Amsterdam and will gather the brightest minds of the digital marketing world and bring a unique experience in the learning process. Marketers can hear from numerous speakers that will clarify what skills are needed in order for reaching their set goals and standards. The expo will explore the latest trends and strategies on topics such as Digital Marketing Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, UX, Influencer Marketing, Data, Content Marketing, Analytics, and many more.

In addition, DMWF offers a virtual event that will cover some exclusive workshops, online networking, inspiration keynotes, interactive panels, and a virtual exhibition. If you are eager to learn about the new trends in the industry of digital marketing you must not miss this event.

January 2022

NRF 2022

January 16-18, 2022, NYC, New York

NRF 2022 is one of the biggest retails shows that is based on futuristic technology which will change the way of doing business. Its motto is Accelerate which practically is self-explanatory and describes a culture of driving change through innovation. As an attendee, you will be part of a global community of retailers that are poised to explore new tech which is transforming the current trends into something better, providing some new retail solutions. In terms of networking, this might be one of the most diverse conferences hosting more than 30,000 retailers and vendors from the industry. In addition, there are numerous features like Innovation Lab and Startup Zone that provide a solid basis for testing new technologies within the sector and getting an oversight about their applicability. Overall, this conference will be a source for getting some tangible experience that will be a valuable asset in your future business endeavors.

Webwinkel Vakdagen (WWV) 2022

January 26-27, 2022, Utrecht, Netherlands

Webwinkel Vakdagen 2022 is another leading conference for the eCommerce branch that gathers numerous public speakers that talk about market-relevant topics. In fact, the WWV is the biggest expo event for the Benelux region. To participate in this event is some form of marketing as you will be part of a diverse eCommerce group of entrepreneurs and businesses brought together at a show that, by nature, is an elaborate congress, but also showcases features of an expo. Regardless of the format, this event provides the attendees with information relevant to their business needs and drives innovation through the interaction of the visitors. Additionally, all attendees are allowed to build their own custom booth, in order to increase the exposure of their brand and impress the visitors of the conference. The eye-catching designs of the booths guarantee you a maximum level of visibility and brand awareness. Of course, there is also the option of a ready-to-use booth that will be completely built and the only thing left will be setting up your own materials. Ultimately, the WWV provides knowledge, solutions, and networking with over 280 e-commerce retailers, 200 speakers that want to share all this with you.

February 2022

eCommerce Fair Tokyo

February 17-18, 2022, Tokyo, Japan

eCommerce Fair Tokyo is the most famous digital commerce manifestation in Japan. The event is primarily focused on the evolving eCommerce industry and covers topics like website construction, marketing, billing and payments, logistics and fulfillment, cross-border eCommerce, etc. Despite the eCommerce Fair, there is also an Omni-channel Solution Fair which is organized in the form of a seminar that covers the creation of an omnichannel mechanism, showcasing the latest trends and advanced solutions. The departments that are covered in the seminar include data management and integration, digital marketing, store-related solutions, consulting, and many other omnichannel solutions and services. Numerous leading Japanese companies are included in the seminar and provide more than 60 sessions of discussing topics and presenting the newest trending solutions which bring an accelerated shopping experience and ultimately stimulate the eCommerce industry. In other words, attending the eCommerce Fair in Tokyo would mean an insightful knowledge transfer that will help you grow your business further.

eCommerce Expo

February 23-24, 2022, Stockholm, Sweden

eCommerce Expo 2022 will be a conference joined by digital marketers and retailers that will get together to speak about and discover new technologies thus, forming the future context of the eCommerce sector. Therefore, succeeding in the eCommerce sector is actually knowing which of these technologies should be accepted and applied in the company’s operations in order to exhibit long-term success. Overall, the eCommerce Expo guides and connects digital marketers on how to develop the right formula and conquer the market.

March 2022

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Expo

March 19-20, 2022, Athens, Greece

With more than 4500 eTailers, 110 exhibitors, 130 speakers, and more than 160 content hours, the eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo is one of the biggest digital commerce conferences in Greece and Southeastern Europe. It takes place every year once in Thessaloniki and once in Athens. In essence, the primary goal of this event is to fuse companies that offer eCommerce and digital marketing services with businesses and organizations that are in need of these services, are active retailers, or simply want to get a grasp of these services in order to accelerate their brand awareness and spread their overall market presence. There are at least six parallel events at this conference, each of them aimed at providing a thorough insight into the practices that work the best in the field of digital commerce and can serve newly established businesses on their journey of conquering the market. Attending the conference are high-class speakers that come from Greece or the broader region of Eastern Europe, and they attract a professional audience from every eCommerce segment.

Shoptalk 2022

March 27-30, 2022, Las Vegas, Nevada

Shoptalk is a visionary event that gathers more than 8,000 retail enthusiasts that drive change on the market and tailor the future of retail. The agenda of the conference covers groundbreaking digital experiences as well as the fast transformation of the market, driven by cutting-edge technologies, trends, and business initiatives. The conference promises a unique perspective and insight into the retail industry narrative with some brand new and original content that includes, data, research, benchmarks, frameworks, and visual guidance tailored by the team at Shoptalk. Joining the conference would bring you valuable knowledge, as the event will feature more than 3,000 exhibitors and over 10,000 onsite meetings.

April 2022

Retail Fest

April 11-14, 2022, Broadbeach, Australia

Retail Fest is an event in Australia that covers the topic of eCommerce and every piece of detail regarding this market segment. In fact, the event will consist of numerous shows such as marketplace meetups, an evening with awards, miscellaneous eCommerce workshops, sponsored parties, and a charity gala.

May 2022

Sellers Summit

May 04-06, 2022, Ft Lauderdale, Florida 

The Sellers Summit is a 2-day intense workshop on eCommerce that will help entrepreneurs that want to launch their first eCommerce business and are eager to learn practical and actionable strategies that will help them along with their quests. In addition, you will have access to a group of successful entrepreneurs that have already built lucrative ventures and are widely present on the market due to their crafting capabilities. So, if you want another knowledge-sharing experience you should check this conference.

June 2022

eCommerce Live

June 15-16, 2022, London, United Kingdom

eCommerce Live is a conference aimed at equipping brands and retailers with the know-how of the latest trends and strategies that will help them surpass their biggest competitors and get them ahead in terms of market placement, using innovation and technology. Numerous panel debates and seminars led by experts in the field are part of this 2-day event that also features live demonstrations of new solutions for already established products and services. Whether, a B2B, B2C, D2C, or other channels, this conference can be a resourceful place for digital commerce businesses.

To sum up

Learning new things and deploying strategies is essential in order to fortify your position on the market and eventually advance into new business heights. That is why entrepreneurs are eagerly waiting for gatherings, conferences, and events that can bring knowledge to the table and accelerate their eCommerce influence. In fact, these types of events are especially important for all the new entrepreneurs that are just starting their venture and want to grasp a fair piece of the market pie. Therefore, if you want to build your own eCommerce store and do not know where to begin, or if you are already established your presence but want to further explore the segment of eCommerce and deploy the best practices, you should definitely check this calendar of events and decide the perfect fitting conference for your current state of business.

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