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eCommerce Platforms BrandsGateway Integrates with

Dropshipping integration has become a crucial part of leading your business smoothly and building a scalable online store. Such a service can equip you with everything you need to transform your company into an automated dropshipping business, allowing you to leave behind a majority of manual tasks and let software-based technology complete a large portion of your operational processes. 

Not all suppliers, however, are able to offer multiple-platform integrations and all benefits that come with that. Having said that, when selecting your vendor, pay especially close attention to the dropshipping platforms for which they provide plugin solutions and if their service is meeting your store’s expectations.

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In this article, you’ll be introduced to BrandsGateway’s four dropshipping integrations, get an idea of how they work, and learn how to install each of them in your dropshipping store. 

What is BrandsGateway? 

BrandsGateway is a leading supplier of luxury fashion products, offering both B2B (wholesale) and B2B2C (dropshipping) services to online store owners worldwide. 

The company sells high-end, high-quality apparel and accessories from over 100 different designer brands and offers tons of benefits among which:

BrandsGateway’s main goal is to supply dropshippers with practical solutions that’ll keep their stores operating efficiently, provide their customers with premium shopping services, and help them generate substantial profits.

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How to integrate your store with BrandsGateway?

Dropshipping with BrandsGateway requires only a few simple steps, with their integration solution available for four different web-building platforms:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Shift4Shop
  • Wix

This supplier offers you to dropship on all of them carefree and run the online store of your dreams while reaping an enormous amount of benefits for each platform such as:

  • Convenient one-click import of thousands of high-end products;
  • In real-time product updates;
  • Automatically synced orders;
  • Practical currency converter.
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Depending on which of these platforms your store is based on, in the sections to come, we’ll be explaining how to start dropshipping with BrandsGateway and how you can easily install their plugin in your dropshipping store. 

For each of them, the first step entails the same thing – registering on BrandsGateway as a customer, which you can do the following way:

For signing up:

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to connect your store by sticking with the mini tutorials in the following segments.

Integration with Shopify

Shopify is a Canadian web-building company whose services are used by many dropshippers as it offers them an all-in-one solution that provides them with all the necessary tools they’d need to launch their online stores. Since the platform doesn’t require any previous knowledge or skills, it’s ideal for newbies that are just starting to learn about the eCommerce industry and still figuring out how a dropshipping store functions and what it takes to build one, but also for more skillful dropshippers as well. 

Shopify pricing plans with BrandsGateway

BrandsGateway offers two all-in-one dropshipping packages for Shopify, providing dropshippers with the exact same features. The only difference is in the billing method:

  • Monthly billing dropshipping plan – €295/month
  • Annual billing dropshipping plan – €141/month

How to connect my Shopify store with BrandsGateway?

Now, let’s see step-by-step how can you connect your Shopify store with BrandsGateway. 

STEP 1: Go to the BrandsGateway App

STEP 2: Select ‘Add App’ and install BrandsGateway App in your Shopify store

STEP 3: Choose your preferred dropshipping plan

STEP 4: Import BrandsGateway catalog

STEP 5: Start selling and relax while we take care of your customers’ orders

You’ll find the full guide on our helpdesk under how to install BrandsGateway’s plugin for Shopify.

Note: Look into this dropshipping Shopify tutorial on how to set up your Shopify store.

Integration with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform functioning as a WordPress plugin, offering dropshippers similar web-building features like Shopify (check out Shopify vs. WooCommerce). WooCommerce is, however, slightly more suitable for experienced entrepreneurs as the platform requires users to set up a few things on their own, including their domain hosting. Nevertheless, the platform welcomes beginners as well, which can easily come across numerous web hosting services online that can help them out in configuring the technical parts of their websites.

WooCommerce pricing plans with BrandsGateway

BrandsGateway provides WooCommerce dropshippers with three dropshipping packages, all of which, once again, have the same benefits, but differ depending on when you wish the billing to take place:

  • Monthly billing dropshipping plan – €295/month
  • Quarterly billing dropshipping plan – €197/month
  • Annual billing dropshipping plan – €141/month

How to connect my WooCommerce store with BrandsGateway?

Here’s how you can connect your WooCommerce store with BrandsGateway:

STEP 1: Choose your preferred dropshipping plan through our pricing page

STEP 2: Make sure you have an SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

STEP 3: Install the WooCommerce Brands plugin

STEP 4: Create API keys for your WooCommerce store

STEP 5: Connect to BrandsGateway using your API keys

For the complete tutorial, navigate to our helpdesk where you can access the whole process of installing BrandsGateway’s plugin for your WooCommerce-based dropshipping store.

Note: Check out this guide on dropshipping with WordPress and installing the WooCommerce plugin from start to finish.

Integration with Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop is another all-in-one eCommerce platform, supplying dropshippers with hundreds of built-in tools, along with hosting services. It’s ideal for both experts and newcomers, providing them with all kinds of features for building an online store. In this aspect, Shift4Shop is a good alternative to Shopify and WooCommerce, offering dropshippers much the same benefits in terms of web designing, dropshipping payment getaways, marketing, and others.

Shift4Shop pricing plans with BrandsGateway

Shift4Shop dropshippers have at their disposal three subscription plans offered by BrandsGateway with identical dropshipping features, but different billing periods:

  • Monthly billing dropshipping plan – €295/month
  • Quarterly billing dropshipping plan – €197/month
  • Annual billing dropshipping plan – €141/month

How to connect my Shift4Shop with BrandsGateway?

Connecting your Shift4Shop store with BrandsGateway requires these steps:

STEP 1: Open the BrandsGateway App

STEP 2: Click on ‘Add App’ and install BrandsGateway App in your Shift4Shop store

STEP 3: Select the dropshipping plan of your preference

STEP 4: Import BrandsGateway catalog

STEP 5: Start selling and relax while we take care of your customers’ orders

You can get more in-depth information about the installation by making your way to our other tutorial on setting up BrandsGateway’s plugin for Shift4Shop.

Note: Take advantage of this detailed guide on Shift4Shop dropshipping to help you set up your Shift4Shop online store.

Integration with Wix

Wix is a great user-friendly platform, delivering hands-on web-building solutions just like the ones offered by Shopify, Shift4Shop, and WooCommerce. With a variety of templates and other relevant editing tools as well as Wix plugins, you’re free to fully customize your dropshipping store and build a professional website.

Wix pricing plans with BrandsGateway

Wix dropshippers can make a selection between two dropshipping packages equipped with matching tools and features with one single difference – the payment method:

  • Monthly billing dropshipping plan – €295/month
  • Annual billing dropshipping plan – €141/month

How to connect my Wix store with BrandsGateway?

Connect your Wix fashion store with BrandsGateway in the following way:

STEP 1: Go to the BrandsGateway App

STEP 2: Click ‘Add to site’ and install BrandsGateway App in your Wix store

STEP 3: Choose your preferred dropshipping plan

STEP 4: Import BrandsGateway catalog

STEP 5: Start selling and relax while we take care of your customers’ orders

Get a more meticulous scheme of instructions by checking out our guide on establishing BrandsGateway’s plugin for Wix.  

Note: Feel free to consult this tutorial on dropshipping with Wix which provides you with all the steps on how to create and launch your Wix dropshipping store.

In short

In order to run your dropshipping business without having to deal with constant inconveniences, partnering up with a supplier that offers you a dropshipping integration that meets your store’s needs is what you must do. Having said that, BrandsGateway might be the ideal solution. Collaborating with four different platforms, the company gives you access to all the necessary features to help you build a thriving business. Whichever integration you choose, you won’t make a mistake. All of them offer you a great deal of benefits that’ll make it so much easier to manage and scale your online store.


Dropshipping with BrandsGateway requires creating a free account on their website and different ways of installing their plugin depending on the platform you choose. After that, you’ll be sent an email containing information on how to connect your eCommerce store with BrandsGateway, import product categories, pay for orders, and other relevant details.

No. BrandsGateway doesn’t require any minimum order quantity.

Product delivery takes anywhere from 1-2 days in the EU and 3-5 days outside the EU depending on the shipping destination.

The shipping costs vary based on the delivery location, starting from 15 EUR.

BrandsGateway integrates with Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, and Shift4Shop-based stores as well as custom-built websites. For the former, this supplier offers plugin solutions and apps, while for the latter, generated credentials for Rest API Integration.

Yes. BrandsGateway offers support to all dropshippers that wish to expand their businesses on Amazon and eBay.

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