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7 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Switzerland

Dropshipping is a great way to enter the eCommerce market without taking on a significant risk by holding inventory before you start selling. Once you’ve established which niche you’d want to target, it’s time to pick the best country for your dropshipping business and partner with the best suppliers to drive your business to success. So far, we’ve gathered lists of the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA, and Australia. Furthermore, we made a list of the most popular dropshipping suppliers in the United Kingdom, and the best German suppliers. In this article, we’ll focus on introducing dropshipping suppliers in Switzerland which is the 21st biggest eCommerce market worldwide.

The total eCommerce revenue generated in Switzerland during 2020 was 11.9 billion USD and had a year-on-year growth of 18%. This was largely due to the pandemic, but the Swiss eCommerce market is still expected to grow at a 6% rate each year until 2024. Electronics and Media had the largest share of the market with 30%, followed by Fashion and Food & Personal Care with both taking 20%.

If you’re tempted to claim your bit of the Swiss eCommerce market, read through our recommended suppliers you can partner with and start dropshipping today.


Niche: Luxury fashion items for women and men

First on our list is BrandsGateway, which is a luxury fashion dropshipping supplier in Switzerland that carries clothing and accessories for both men and women. You can choose the products you want to list in your store from the collections of over 120 well-known luxury brands, including D&G, Gucci, Michael Kors, and Versace. There’re thousands of items you can get with up to 90% discount on their retail prices and resell to your customers in your eCommerce store. This will allow you to make up to a 250% margin on each order placed by your customers. And this isn’t all that you can benefit from partnering with BrandsGateway.

This supplier provides you with plugins for dropshipping for WooCommerce, Shopify, or Shift4Shop stores, so you can fully automate the order process and earn money around the clock. Moreover, if you sell on marketplaces other than the previously mentioned, you can get CSV files that contain all the product images and descriptions you’ll need in your store and just upload them to quickly and easily import all the necessary information to your product pages. Along with their world-class customer service and business assistance, BrandsGateway really is a supplier that can make your store stand out and succeed on the Swiss market.


Niche: Consumer electronics and lifestyle products

Shopcom is another dropshipping supplier in Switzerland that you might want to consider partnering with if you decide to target the consumer electronics and lifestyle products niche. This supplier is both a manufacturer and a distributor of a large number of brands and has a warehouse in the Büron region in Switzerland. Dropshipping orders can be placed on the company’s website and, if you do it prior to 2 pm CET, the ordered item can be with your customer the very next day. All orders are shipped by reliable, tracked services either by the Swiss Post or DHL. All you need to do is to create a dropshipper’s account on Shopcom’s website and you can start selling in your eCommerce store immediately.

Dameco ag

Niche: Indoor and outdoor furniture

If you want to sell indoor and outdoor furniture, promotional items, or lighters on the Swiss market, Dameco ag could be your to-go supplier. You can not only find ready-made goods in their offering but you have the chance to customize and brand the merchandise according to your liking, so you can create and sell your own branded products to your customers. Dameco ag’s modern warehousing practices and a vast amount of stock from each item ensure secure and timely delivery to your customers, oftentimes within 2 working days. Additionally, you can get expert advice on creating a product line and including products that’ll surely catch your customers’ attention and generate the most income possible.


Niche: Wide-ranging products

Yet another dropshipping supplier in Switzerland is SeasonsWay which covers apparel, mobile phones and accessories, household appliances, and many more categories. With this supplier, you can get your hands on great quality merchandise at wholesale prices. All items are quality checked before they’re shipped out to your customers to ensure customer satisfaction on all orders. Moreover, you can enjoy other benefits like constant customer support and marketing assistance that you can use to enhance the traffic of your eCommerce store. SeasonsWay also provides you with CVS files that can make your life easier when bulk uploading products to your website. The only field in which SeasonsWay is falling behind other suppliers is their considerably lengthy shipping time of 7-14 days as many customers aren’t willing to wait for their orders for so long.

Watch Import

Niche: Watches and jewelry

If your business is offering watches and jewelry, Watch Import can be a potential dropshipping supplier in Switzerland for you. Once you sell an item in your own eCommerce shop, you can proceed with ordering it at a wholesale price on Watch Import’s website. The order’s processing time is between 1 and 3 days after which you receive an invoice to arrange the payment to your supplier. When your payment is received, the ordered items will leave the supplier’s warehouse within 24 hours.

All orders are shipped directly to your customer by DHL at your cost. Watch Import doesn’t have a monthly subscription fee, instead, they charge a 2.9 EUR handling fee per order. Therefore, if you’re selling in large quantities, you might want to look for a supplier that offers subscription-based services as these fees can add up quickly and hurt your profit margin.

Formula Swiss

Niche: Food supplements

As its name indicates, Formula Swiss is a dropshipping supplier in Switzerland that supplies food supplements for eCommerce entrepreneurs. You can benefit from the supplier’s existing business deals with warehouses and a range of reliable couriers such as UPS and Swiss Post. Once your customer places an order on your webshop, you can manually order the products from the supplier with a discount code that’s handed to you when starting the dropshipping partnership with them.

They’re also offering order automation on all dropshipping platforms, but it has to be done through their team of experienced third-party partners and it can be rather costly for a small business. Finally, all shipments have a flat rate shipping fee of 9.95 EUR and can be sent in a fully customized package so you can further promote your brand.

Discount Bros

Niche: Wide-ranging products

The last dropshipping supplier on our list is Discount Bros which offers a wide variety of products at wholesale prices to dropshipping entrepreneurs. Here you can find everything such as common household items, camping gear, electronics, and games for the whole family. You can simply order the products your customer ordered through the supplier’s website and have them shipped directly to your customer’s doorstep. Discount Bros offer up to 90% lower prices than what the products are retailing for, so you can make a decent profit as a dropshipper. The only drawback you need to consider is that their website and customer service are solely in German, so if you don’t speak the language this dropshipping supplier might not be the right one for you.

To sum up

If you’re planning to dropship in Switzerland, finding a reliable dropshipping supplier in the country is the smartest move as Switzerland is not a part of the Schengen Area. If you dropship your products from other European countries all orders would be subject to import taxes and duties which will make them more expensive and less attractive to your customers. As you can see from our list above, you can find dropshipping suppliers in Switzerland for every product category you can think of. So, you as an entrepreneur can test multiple categories and pick the ones that you think work the best on the market.

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