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How to Use Google Trends for Dropshipping

Nedina Gjorgjieva
13 minutes
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In today’s world, fashion dropshippers like yourself have access to a variety of apps and tools that offer them assistance in staying ahead of the competition and managing their e-commerce stores in the best possible way.

The abundance of online resources and especially digital platforms, such as the ones that are part of the Google family (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager), allow business owners to keep track of dropshipping sales, observe customer behavior, and most importantly, discover trending items to sell. The latter is made possible by Google Trends, a tool specializing in data analysis, enabling dropshippers to search for popular products in their niche and stay constantly informed about dropshipping trends, something that can significantly help in elevating their businesses.

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In the next paragraphs, we’ll clarify how can one make use of Google Trends in dropshipping and talk you through the reason why this platform can be of massive help to your apparel dropshipping store. Additionally, we’ll go over step by step about how to read the information given by this tool and provide you with two types of Google Trends research about trending fashion products and brands to give you a head start in your own search for demanded dropshipping items.

What is Google Trends used for?

Google Trends is a powerful online tool that enables users to search for specific phrases or keywords and observe their performance over a given period of time and for certain geographical locations. The data about this performance is displayed with the help of the Google Search Engine. Basically, Google Trends works closely with Google Search and analyses how often the terms inserted in Google Trends have been used as search queries while browsing in Google Search.

This free-of-charge tool is an ideal search feature that can be used for conducting research for your online boutique. With Google Trends by your side, you can easily learn about what fashion-related items customers search for the most and make sure your store is supplied with them.  

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How can Google Trends help your dropshipping business?

The data Google Trends offers can be essential to your fashion dropshipping store in many ways. Here’s how you can use this tool to your advantage and grow your business into an empire.

Discover popular products

In order to ensure constant customer engagement, it’s of key importance to keep upgrading your store on the regular with new trending arrivals consumers show intense interest in. In this way, you make certain that you’re two steps ahead of others and be among the first ones to offer customers the popular items everyone’s been raving about. Google Trends can lend you a hand here by helping you discover the currently most sought-after products in the fashion niche on a global level, across a country, or in a specific region. 

Conduct a market research

Carrying out market research can provide your fashion dropshipping store with a much-needed heads-up, giving you incredible insights into your customers’ needs and helping you maintain strong activity in the fashion segment. By using the analytical features of Google Trends, you’ll be able to investigate the clothing market of the geographical locations you’re targeting, understand the product demand, and observe shopping preferences. 

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Search for keywords

Google Trends is a multifunctional platform, enabling you in addition to searching for best-selling products and performing market research, to optimize your dropshipping store’s website with top searched keywords. For instance, if your boutique specializes in selling luxury apparel, besides using keyword tools, you can also put to use Google Trends to find out the most popular words and phrases customers have been using as search queries when looking for online stores offering designer clothing. Being able to get a hold of these, you can insert them throughout your store’s page and increase your chances of ranking higher on the SERPs.

How do I access Google Trends data?

Google Trends can be used effortlessly by anyone as the tool is quite simple to get around and doesn’t require specific knowledge or skills. 

  1. Open;
  2. Go to the search bar and enter the term you’re interested in, such as ‘luxury dresses’, for example.
  1. Choose the location and time, and optionally you can also select a category and the type of search (web, image, YouTube, and Google Shopping).
  2. You can even compare different terms in order to see which one has been performing better. For instance, we choose ‘luxury dresses’ and ‘luxury skirts.’

As you can see, when you search for a certain keyword, the data Google Trends offers you for that keyword is divided into 4 parts. So, let’s go over each of them and explain in detail what kind of information they provide you with.

Part 1: Interest over time

The interest over time feature represents a graph displaying the main information you’re aiming to get from the Google Trends search, namely the search frequency of the term you’ve entered. As you might have already observed, the popularity of each keyword or phrase is measured by a score scale starting from 0 and reaching a maximum of 100. The higher the score, the more popular the term is at a certain moment.

To illustrate, going back to the example with ‘luxury dresses,’ from the axis below you can notice that in the US in 2021 from July 25th to July 31st this keyword had a score of 52, putting it in the middle of the scale, meaning that the term wasn’t searched in the Google engine extremely often by users, but at the same time it still keeps a good position as the result is higher than 50. On that same axel, when looking at the other time frames, you can find periods where that number has 60, 85, and even 100.

Part 2: Interest by subregion

The interest by subregion category allows you to examine your keyword’s performance in certain areas of your location. For example, let’s assume your fashion dropshipping store is selling luxury dresses, and, among others, it targets US consumers as well. As shown below, Google Trends enables you to have a glimpse of how this term is scoring in different US states. In the last year, internet users situated in New York appear to have made most search queries about ‘luxury dresses,’ followed by the citizens of Florida and Massachusetts.

Part 3: Related topics

The related topics column informs you about what other topics users searched for in addition to searching for your term. You can opt for two metrics: top and rising. The top metric will show you the most searched for related topics with their popularity being scored from 0 to 100, a score of 100 indicating the highest popularity peak. The rising metric, on the other hand, presents the related topics that have been experiencing the highest search increase.

Part 4: Related queries

Finally, just like the related topics category, the related queries feature introduces queries searched by users that have also looked for your term. Once again, their popularity is measured by the same metrics used for the related topics: the top metric revealing the most popular queries people have been entering in the Google Search bar, while the rising metric displaying the queries that have undergone the most significant growth in search frequency.

What are the hottest fashion dropshipping products right now?

Since now you have an understanding of how to access the information Google Trends provides and how to read and analyze the results given by this tool, we’ve made some research on our own regarding the currently most popular fashion products worth dropshipping both in the USA and Europe.

Maxi dresses

Ever since it made its debut on the fashion stage in the 1960s, the maxi dress has become a ‘must-have’ clothing piece, continuing to be popular throughout the 21st century as well. The person who’s held accountable for this dress is no other than the glorious Oscar de la Renta, making this dress a staple for women across the globe. Today the maxi dresses have evolved tremendously, being available in a variety of different prints out of which the most popular for the moment are the colorful flower designs perfect for a relaxing beach day, or even a semi-formal outfit for a wedding event or other type of celebration or occasion. Thus, stocking your store with beautiful dresses offered by reliable suppliers, such as BrandsGateway, will assist you in tempting your customers into buying a few pieces of gorgeous flowing dresses.


Blazers are a timeless piece of clothing that has never actually been out of trend. Being able to get combined with almost any kind of outfit, a blazer can be worn with both casual and formal combinations which is why this fashion item is so demanded among shoppers. It’s perfect for wearing it with a dress or shirt, giving each look an extra touch of elegance regardless of how laid-back the outfit is. So, make sure your dropshipping store is filled with high-quality blazers that can give any clothing ensemble a hint of sophistication.

Wide-leg pants

The wide-leg pants are considered to be yet another fashion comeback among the many others in this last decade. Rising to fame in the fashion world in the 1990s and slowly dying out until the mid-2000s, wide-leg pants have been successfully revived and have returned in the 2020s as an even more powerful and influential fashion trend. As you can observe from the Google Trends graph exhibited below, a decline can be seen in the period 2004-2016 which is followed by a significant increase continuing up until today. Bearing this in mind, selling such pants will certainly contribute to growing your customer base.

Crossbody bags

Since they’re seen by many as an essential accessory that both complements any fashion look and allows carrying various necessities, crossbody bags have been trending for many years and are certain to continue to do so in the future as well. This can be proven by the Google Trends axis you can see under. Crossbody bags are ideal for going out, while running everyday activities or when traveling. Therefore, offering them to your customers can land you a hand in keeping your sales high.

What are the hottest fashion brands right now?

Keeping track of the most popular fashion products is not enough as you also have to know what brands of those products customers prefer buying. To assist you in your search, we‘ve taken things into our own hands and gathered a few of the most trending designer brands in 2022.


Established by the legendary Guccio Gucci, the fashion house Gucci is known for its outstanding luxurious clothing collections that have been designed since 1921. Research data displayed by Statista claims that today the brand has been valued at 18 billion USD, 2.5 billion USD more than in 2021. Taking this into account, having Gucci merchandise, and especially Gucci bags, in your dropshipping store will bring your business the reputation of a boutique selling the most renowned worldwide labels that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana, another giant brand well recognized in the fashion industry, has been manufacturing powerful, eye-catching, showstopper pieces since the mid-80s. Having dressed countless celebrities, the label’s design is one of a kind and easily recognized. The Dolce & Gabanna merchandise is most certainly something to have in your store as their fashion products will never go out of style.


Founded by the skillful designer Gianni Versace in 1978, the designer brand Versace has contributed to the fashion world with its divine haute couture and exquisitely tailored off-the-rack clothing for both men and women. Earning over a billion USD in 2022, a significant increase from the previous few years, Versace has successfully kept its status as one of the most acclaimed international fashion houses. Giving these facts a consideration, by allowing your customers access to Versace products, you’d be exposing your store to great growth.

Michael Kors

American fashion leader Michael Kors needs no introduction as its fashion items have been attracting customers ever since its conception in 1981 when Kors started launching his clothing collections. The Michael Kors bags have especially taken the world by storm, offering consumers impeccably-made products with not only great design but also impressive durability. Having in mind their quality, getting a few of these bags for your online boutique can significantly change the course of your store for the better.

To sum things up

Google Trends is quite a beneficial digital platform that can serve you in finding the most popular fashion products to sell in your dropshipping store, allowing you to search for such items based on the location of your customers. Having provided you with coherent clarification on how to use this tool and how to analyze the data it supplies you with, you’re now equipped with enough knowledge to give the platform a go and expose your dropshipping business to the latest fashion styles and trends.

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