30 Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers in 2021 [Updated]

Kristina Gjorgievska

Every newbie in the dropshipping industry willing to make profits by selling clothing online should find some reliable and trustworthy dropshipping clothing suppliers.

To find the right clothing dropshipping supplier, firstly, you need to decide what type of clothing you want to sell. You can choose to go with more affordable non-branded clothing, women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, or luxury branded clothing.

To help you decide more easily, we gathered the top 30 clothing suppliers and presented their services and offerings. It’s worth mentioning that, very often, online store owners decide to dive into the industry of selling designer clothing because, in reality, it’s very simple and ensures much greater profits.

Either way, our list of dropshipping suppliers for clothing consists of different companies for you to easily decide in which direction you want to grow your business.


First on the list of the best dropshipping clothing suppliers is BrandsGateway. Trusted by numerous B2B registered users, it’s considered the largest B2B online marketplace for dropshipping luxury brands. What differentiates BrandsGateway from the rest of the clothing dropshipping suppliers is its unique luxury offerings for dropshippers.

To emphasize, as a leading clothing dropshipping supplier, BrandsGateway has thousands of products from luxury brands available for dropshipping. These top clothing brands include Dolce & Gabbana, Galliano, Versace, Cavalli, Armani, Michael Kors, and many others.

Finally, BrandsGateway provides its network of dropshippers the opportunity to sell luxury clothing and accessories with high margins. This allows them to earn a high income and place themselves on the market as a leader. Some case studies are proof of the company’s dedication to delivering premium services. By registering, you can start dropshipping with BrandsGateway and check their extensive portfolio of products.

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Specialized in hosiery, loungewear, accessories, and headwear, this Canadian supplier sells brands like Great Northern, Snugabye, Densley & Co., Day In Day Out, Sophi, and In Motion. Private labeling is also an option for all retailers trying to make a name for themselves. Also, if you’re interested in dropshipping baby apparel and accessories, footwear, or winter accessories, you can easily start selling these with Gertex as well.


Next on the list of the best dropshipping clothing suppliers is A4. Focused on sportswear and outerwear for men and women, this U.S. supplier provides dropshippers with customized clothing including hoodies, t-shirts, workwear, promo, and corporate clothing. Their guarantee implies that you can return any product and get a full refund, if any of your customers aren’t satisfied, without having to file any paperwork.

With warehouses in Los Angeles, California, and Kansas City, Missouri, most orders are shipped within 1-2 days, to more than 80% of the entire U.S. territory. A4 bases its success on high-quality, field-tested clothes providing maximum comfort.


Based in Canada, this dropshipping company focuses on working with casual basic apparel. Wordans sells basic shirts, fleeces, jackets, shorts, and pants for women, men, and children. Their offerings include different brands you can choose from that specialize in casual wear.

Wordans would be a great choice if you are planning on starting your dropshipping business and you want to target owners of print-on-demand clothing businesses or artists working with embroidery.


FashionTIY is more than just a fashion supplier. In its collection of products, FashionTIY has tops, dresses, bottoms, jewelry, and even items for home & garden, and school and office. This supplier is something to explore if you’re into offering a diversified range of products to your customers. Dropshipping is one of their services that are offered without any restrictions and with flexibility.

As they mention, it’s only necessary to add a remark on your order and they’ll remove all FashionTIY’s signs from their packaging and add your company’s instead. Finally, depending on where you’re based, they have at disposal different shipping options, including standard and express shipping.


Buy2Bee is a US-based dropshipping company that requires its dropshippers to request their monthly invoices upfront each month. The company has a selection of clothing and accessories for women, men, and kids.

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With two warehouses in Italy and the USA, Buy2Bee covers worldwide delivery and their shipping costs vary on the weight of each package and the destination country.


Based in Poland, Yournewstyle is a dropshipping supplier for women’s and men’s clothing that sources its products mostly from France, Italy, and England. They have a dropshipping program for business owners with online stores built with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or Prestashop. When it comes to their shipping options, Yournewstyle provides shipping to any location in Europe, Russia, the USA, Asia, and Africa with DPD, GLS, or Post.


Interested in selling modern and trendy apparel for children from 3 months to 14 years? AnnLoren’s selection of clothing features clothing sets, dresses, rompers, shirts, and shorts among else. The company provides three options to buy from, two of which are beneficial for clothing store owners that want to buy in bulk and one for dropshippers.

As a dropshipper, you can start your online store and partner up with AnnLoren right away. Their return policy is based on two rules – if your customer sends back their order within 14 days a full refund in a form of payment will be issued. In case an order is returned within 21 days the available option for refund is store credit.


With brands like Unueek, Fruit Of The Loom, Gildan, B&C Collection, Russel Authentic, and others, Clothes2Order creates workwear and uniforms by combining fashion with quality apparel. Personalized clothing is what they do, and are praised for their great customer support. As for dropshipping clothes, with their specialized API (software), customers will order from your website, automate billing, and update stock in real-time.


This dropshipping supplier specializes in selling items from clothing manufacturers based in Los Angeles, U.S.A. One advantage is that CCWholesaleClothing updates its portfolio of products around 3-4 times a week. This is great if your products are selling quickly, you can refresh your assortment without waiting for a long time.

They offer two options for dropshipping, depending on your needs and requirements. Additionally, you can try the 14-day free trial to explore what this supplier offers and if it’s of good use for your business.

Bambini Infant Wear

Next on the list of the best dropshipping clothing suppliers is Bambini Infant Wear. Again, this supplier is for those seeking a partner in selling clothing for babies and older children. Bambini Infant’s collection of products is highly recommended as it features sustainable materials, mostly cotton babywear, and blankets.

This clothing dropshipping supplier offers worldwide delivery via its warehouse in California, USA. If you start ordering from Bambini Infant Wear for your dropshipping store, it’s good to note that their costs are calculated based on packages’ weight and size.


Founded in 2015, Coco-Fashion is a dropshipping supplier that sells mainly women’s clothing. The company’s top priority, as they state, are the customers’ interests. Coco-Fashion is based in Poland, and they ship their clothing selection worldwide. On average they have around 20 new styles weekly and they focus on dresses, tops, blouses, jackets, and more.

Infant Blanks

Yet another dropshipping supplier that specializes in babies and children’s clothing is Infant Blanks. Based in the US, Infant Blanks provides both wholesale and dropshipping services to those interested in selling their catalog of infant wear.

Their only requirement is that everyone who applies for their services needs to possess a licensed business. Additionally, all applications go through a review process in order to ensure that Infant Blanks’ collections are a fit.

Airy Mary

Based in London, U.K., Airy Mary offers free delivery on orders over £40 for orders within the country. Moreover, they work exclusively with beachwear and beach accessories, and you can often find great clearance deals, as low as 60% off big brand bikinis.

Some of their brands include Lice Charmel Antigel, Pour Moi, Panache, Bandeau, etc. If you’re interested in a rare clothing niche, contact them to begin dropshipping beachwear.

Matterhorn Wholesale

Another dropshipping clothing supplier that specializes specifically in women’s clothing, lingerie, and footwear is Matterhorn Wholesale. This supplier is headquartered in Poland but offers worldwide shipping for its wide portfolio of 20.000 items.

What’s interesting about this supplier is that they have only brands from Polish manufacturers in their portfolio. Therefore, if you are looking to offer products Made in Europe, you can explore their collections. Matterhorn Wholesale’s stocks are updated every day, they accept payments through credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Katydid Wholesale

Katydid Wholesale is both a wholesaler and dropshipping supplier of women’s clothing. Their clothing offerings are mostly for women that are buying leisure and sportswear. Therefore, if your dropshipping store features such models, Katydid could be your supplier of choice.

When it comes to shipping and delivery, their packages are usually shipped 1-3 days which is a bit slower than other dropshipping suppliers on this list. In addition, their return policy is a little strict as they require product return within 3 days from the delivery date.

Clothing Showroom

This L.A. – based clothing supplier has a broad collection of women’s clothing and accessories, including dresses, tops, skirts, and more. Additionally, it focuses on selling sleepwear and lingerie which is yet another fashion market in demand today.

Clothing Showroom care for every girl out there. They don’t focus on selling clothes only for women with slim bodies but dedicate themselves to provide wide-ranging clothing for everyone. Therefore they have a category for clothing in plus sizes as well. Lastly, if women are your target, you can benefit from having Clothing Showroom as your supplier as their prices are affordable for the wider audience.


Thinking about getting into the niche market of dropshipping women’s swimwear? The Californian-based supplier Ujena is one that specializes in this sector. You might think that swimwear is a seasonal product, but that’s not the case. In fact, at any time of the year, the Sun is shining somewhere and people are on a vacation.

Therefore, by teaming up with Ujena as your supplier of women’s bikinis, tankinis, cover-ups, and summer dresses, you can attract all swimwear enthusiasts across the globe.

Daring Diva

Daring Diva is one of the few specialized plus-size women clothing dropshipping suppliers in Australia. With plus-size clothing becoming more and more popular nowadays, this is a relatively new niche with a small share of dropshippers. It works on a commission fee, set at a fixed percentage (15%), paid immediately.

On the downside, their dropshipping program isn’t for individuals, but for established businesses only. Size availability usually varies from 14-28, and the most popular clothing products include tops, jumpsuits, outerwear, bottoms, and dresses. If you’re a seasoned dropshipper, do check out their requirements before you decide to apply.


With low minimum orders of just $59, BelleWholesale is both a B2B & B2C platform for retailers, dropshippers, and wholesalers in the fashion clothing industry. Its vendors include MissDenim, Lily Apparel, CBR Jumpsuit, Magic Monday, and others.

For sales of over $120, there’s a 10$ off, and they ship worldwide via express mail. Their products are ready for shipping in a 30.000 square meter warehouse, as you can visit their showroom to negotiate deals in person.


This B2B eCommerce trade platform based in China tries to accommodate all users with fast and responsive customer service. Some of their most popular categories for dropshipping include clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The disadvantage that this platform presents is delivery. Namely, on TrustPilot numerous reviews mention late orders and poor shipping as the weakness of DHgate. However, they have great customer service and try to resolve issues very quickly which results in users updating their reviews very often.


If your target are women between the ages of 18 and 35 that appreciate street fashion, you can benefit from ModeShe’s collection of clothing. This fashion supplier offers quite convenient prices for dropshippers that include around a 10%-25% discount.

When it comes to shipping, ModeShe focuses on delivering packages with Express shipping methods. They deliver their orders within 7-9 days across the U.S. and 7-15 days across the rest of the world. Their return policy is flexible as long as you are not returning bodysuits, lingerie, sleepwear, or swimwear. These items can’t be returned nor exchanged, which is something you should take into account when partnering with ModeShe.


Operating under the slogan “Praise everybody”, Dresslily focuses on delivering products for everybody. Their portfolio of products covers women’s clothing, and accessories, including plus-size, men’s clothing, and additionally, home decorations. The good thing about Dresslily is that they care for their dropshippers to earn profits. Therefore, they are regularly giving updates about which categories are best-selling and which products are good to sell.

Their drawback is that with over 3000 reviews Dresslily has an average of 3/5 stars. They offer some clothes and at decent prices but their delivery is what gave them an average rating of just three stars.

Immediate Apparel

Immediate Apparel is a dropshipping supplier for clothing that features a large diversity of items within 13 categories. They sell women’s clothing, including dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, and more products for both formal and informal occasions. Their dropshipping service is available to everyone who is interested in purchasing B2B clothing and selling them to the women’s audience.

My Online Fashion Store

Another dropshipping company for clothing is My Online Fashion Store based in Los Angeles, USA. Like many other suppliers on this list, the main focus of My Online Fashion Store is non-branded women’s clothing. But the company sells mostly clothing that is for casual wear. Their dropshipping service is based on two different programs – Standard Subscription and Shopify App Membership.

Simple Apparel

Similar to My Online Fashion Store, Simple Apparel mostly sells women’s clothing at affordable prices. They are at the same time a manufacturer of the clothing they sell, so if you are looking for pieces that are more luxurious and high-priced, this supplier wouldn’t be a good fit. Otherwise, their dropshipping program is convenient for owners of online clothing stores that sell both casual and elegant clothing.

Kids Blanks

Next on the list of dropshipping clothing suppliers is Kids Blanks. As the name suggests, this dropshipping company supplies mostly basic kids’ clothing. As a dropshipper, if you are interested in targeting an audience looking to buy baby onesies, rompers, burp clothes, hats, and more – visit Kids Blanks and sign up for their dropshipping service.


Trendsi – yet another dropshipping supplier that provides a B2B assortment of clothing for store owners targeting the female audience. This clothing supplier carries some branded women’s clothing and provides branded invoices for your customers which is great for those that don’t want to reveal that they are using a third party. Finally, Trendsi puts effort into helping newbies in the dropshipping industry by offering them the possibility to join their training courses.


Kiyonna is a clothing supplier that specializes only in plus-size clothing for women. If you are planning on entering the market of plus-size clothing you should check their offerings. Kiyonana’s business goal is to revolutionize selling plus-size clothing as there aren’t numerous companies that specialize in this area. When it comes to product delivery, once your customer places an order, Kiyonna ships the package within 24-48 hours.


Last but not least, a dropshipping supplier that offers a wide variety of products, including clothing. Contrado works to print on demand mostly, and they allow dropshippers to design and sell their products via their Shopify app. In fact, Contrado manufactures and delivers the products that you can design yourself. This clothing dropshipping supplier is for those dropshippers that are more into selling custom-designed clothing.

Wrap up

Having explained the fundamental characteristics of the 30 best dropshipping clothing suppliers, we can conclude that there is a supplier for every dropshipper out there. Depending on how much you’re planning on investing in your dropshipping business, there are two possibilities. First, you can choose to go with a supplier that offers non-branded more affordable clothes. However, in this case, you would go up against a dense market and you might not achieve your desired success.

On the other hand, by choosing to dropship luxury brands and partner up with a supplier like BrandsGateway, you get higher chances for building a successful dropshipping business.

You might ask yourself how it’s possible to acquire more profits by selling branded clothing? The fact is, every industry has its own market size and buyers. So, there are also people that would rather spend more money on branded clothing because it’s high-quality and durable. This is where you can make a great amount of money if you put your focus on dropshipping clothing from high-end brands.

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