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19 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK

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The dropshipping model is a segment of the eCommerce market that has been growing the fastest in today’s volatile market conditions. It’s valued to reach 240 billion USD in 2023, as claimed by Statista, with a projected yearly growth of nearly 29% until 2025. This makes this business method appealing to a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you’re planning on starting a dropshipping business targeting the UK market with a specific niche or a wide range of products, then this article will guide you through the best UK dropshipping suppliers. We compiled a list of 19 dropshipping suppliers in the UK in categories ranging from luxury fashion to furniture to make sure we cover everything you would want to offer to your customers.

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Is dropshipping possible in the UK?

Yes, dropshipping is certainly a feasible business in the UK. With the country’s eCommerce revenue calculated to increase to 285.56 billion USD by 2025, the UK is welcoming to all online entrepreneurs, including dropshippers.

How do I find suppliers for dropshipping in the UK?

Detecting the right suppliers may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these tips:

  • Befriend fellow online entrepreneurs and solicit for tricks and strategies they’ve found useful;
  • Identify your competitors and see if you can find out about their suppliers;
  • Google up by using relevant search queries;
  • Read eCommerce blogs related to dropshipping and similar topics;
  • Keep an active online presence, especially on social networks where you can mingle with a bunch of professionals who’ve already been in your shoes.
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Which dropshipping company is the best in the UK?

With 47% of the merchandise sold online ending up being returned because it doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, it’s vital to choose a supplier that offers impeccable dropshipping services. Therefore, to land you a hand in your quest and give you an example of what a good dropshipping supplier looks like, we’ve collected the best dropshipping suppliers in the UK from which you can conveniently make your choice.

Luxury Fashion UK Dropshipping Suppliers

The first group consists of UK dropshipping suppliers specializing in selling luxury clothing and accessories manufactured by well-known designer houses.

First on our list is BrandsGateway, a world-class dropshipping supplier that sells both men’s and women’s fashion. It’s considered to be one of the biggest B2B marketplaces for luxury fashion apparel and accessories.

Main features:

Style Centre is another UK dropshipping supplier that you can partner with, which has been in business for over 12 years.

Main features:

  • They offer men’s clothing and accessories that you can resell to your customer;
  • Products are renewed and restocked each week;
  • If the product is not damaged or faulty, Style Centre will not accept the return, so you would need to bear the costs of the purchase yourself and refund your customer.

Beauty UK Dropshipping Suppliers

We continue on with the UK dropshipping suppliers that focus on the beauty product category, providing online stores with cosmetics, makeup, skincare items, and other similar products.

BTSWholesaler is a dropshipping supplier in the UK that has been in the dropshipping business since 2009.

Main features:

  • They specialize in beauty products such as cosmetics and perfumes;
  • Their catalog in available in five languages (English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish);
  • This supplier ships across all Europe;
  • You can get your orders delivered to your customers via priority mail as well.

SheaByNature is another dropshipping supplier in the UK that not only sells its products to smaller businesses but also manufactures them.

Main features:

  • They supply over 34 natural skin care products ranging from body butter to DIY soap-making kits;
  • There are no minimum order quantities;
  • Keep in mind however, that their low price points mean lower margins;
  • You’ll only be able to have a 25% markup on each product you sell in your eCommerce store.

Mixed products UK Dropshipping Suppliers

The next group is comprised of suppliers that offer a variety of products from multiple categories, hence the name of mixed product dropshipping suppliers.

Avasam offers dropshipping service to businesses that want to target the UK market with a wide range of products.

Main features:

  • In their catalog, you can find products ranging from pet supplies to household appliances;
  • They only work with verified suppliers that are deemed trustworthy by their supplier verification process;
  • One drawback that can be mentioned is that Avasam exclusively serves the UK market and does not ship to any other countries, so if you want to target other countries, think twice if this supplier is the right choice.

Direct Dropship also offers a wide range of product categories you can choose from for your eCommerce store.

Main features:

  • They partner with Inventory Source & Spocket to provide dropshippers with easier listing and better inventory integration;
  • Once an order is placed it would take 4-16 days to arrive at your customer, depending on the location;
  • Payment methods they accept include PayPal, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

SupplyMeDirect is another UK-based dropshipping wholesaler that you can partner with.

Main features:

  • SupplyMeDirect has several local warehouses;
  • They claim to ship purchases with timely and secure delivery;
  • Since this supplier is still rather new to the game, you can find that there are some limitations with regard to the number of unique products you can access.

TBTrade offers products for every room in your house, ranging from furniture to electronics. Although TBTrade is initially a retail company, it also offers a dropshipping program for entrepreneurs where they can access all merchandise at wholesale prices.

Main features:

  • Their dropshipping service doesn’t include branded packaging;
  • Every product is packed in a plain box, so your customers won’t associate it with any other business;
  • The only drawback that TBTrade has is that its product offering is rather small, so you might want to partner with another supplier as well in order to be able to provide your customers with a wider variety.
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Giftware UK Dropshipping Suppliers

The following two dropshipping suppliers work with products considered giftware. In other words, they supply customers with items that are most commonly bought by consumers with the purpose of gifting them for various occasions.

Love eXcellence is another dropshipping supplier based in the UK that is selling multiple products.

Main features:

  • This supplier is mainly focused on luxury gifts for both men and women;
  • Most of their products will ship in 24 hours;
  • However, some bespoke and made-to-order pieces can take longer as they are specifically handcrafted for your customers.

Puckator is another example of giftware dropshipping suppliers in the UK.

Main features:

  • They offer a range of different giftware;
  • The products ordered will take about 5-8 business days to arrive at your customers within Europe;
  • If your customer has any quality issues with the products received, such as damages, Puckator accepts returns within 14 days after delivery.

Furniture UK Dropshipping Suppliers

The upcoming four UK dropshipping suppliers are intended for those interested in selling furniture, as well as a range of home accessories.

The first of the furniture dropshipping suppliers in the UK that we will give you an overview of is Baumhaus. Although the business isn’t dropshipping focused but wholesale, they do offer dropshipping services for eCommerce store owners as well.

Main features:

  • All furniture pieces are designed in the UK;
  • They offer their own delivery fleet;
  • Orders are shipped out within five business days.

Amos Mann is a dropshipping wholesaler that offers modern, contemporary furniture for entrepreneurs to resell.

Main features:

  • They sell office, bedroom, dining room, and lounge furniture;
  • Their UK-based warehouse offer delivery of 7 to 10 working days for bigger orders and 2-3 working days for smaller items;
  • In case of damaged products, a notification must be sent within 7 days of delivery;
  • Unfortunately, Amos Mann is still a relatively small business so you won’t get the benefit of integration and automation.

Online 4 furniture is yet another furniture wholesaler that offers dropshipping for eCommerce store owners.

Main features:

  • This supplier works with carefully selected dropshippers;
  • Products vary from living room and kithen furniture to bedroom and bath items;
  • They offer a 12-months guarantee, however, certain terms and conditions may apply;
  • 7-day return policy for all products.

Artisan Furniture offers dropshippers furniture at wholesale prices.

Main features:

  • They also provide on-demand furniture that can be customized;
  • You can register on their website and receive your starting package;
  • No minimum order quantity for any product.

Health & Fitness UK Dropshipping Suppliers

As the name already states, these two dropshipping suppliers provide their services to store owners passionate about health and fitness-related products.

Power Body works both as a dropshipping and wholesale supplier in the UK specializing in fitness items such as food supplements, vitamins, and workout accessories.

Main features:

  • Power Body offer products from around 80 brands;
  • They also offer API integration to automate the order and fulfillment process;
  • However, they currently deliver within the UK only.

Olivit is another supplier of supplements and vitamins.

Main features:

  • They offer over 3000 products for dropshipping;
  • Olivit also provides customers with automated integration;
  • The only drawback is that this supplier has strict requirements for its resellers. Your business must stock at least 100 fitness-related products on a professionally made website and needs to be registered with HMRC.

Print-on-demand UK Dropshipping Suppliers

The print-on-demand UK dropshipping suppliers mostly sell customized items that can vary from T-shirts, jumpers, and sweatpants to bags, bracelets, and phone cases.

Printful is а popular print-on-demand dropshipping supplier in the UK, selling customizable apparel, accessories, and other gift and marketing items.

Main features:

  • With Printful you can get your custom-made items such dresses, hoodies, leggings, T-Shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and blankets;
  • Customers benefit from customized branding products such as designed logo stickers;
  • Bear in mind, however, that this supplier may not be able to ship some products internationally, but only within the US.

Printify is another print-on-demand dropshipping supplier in the UK.

Main features:

  • Printify supplies printed merchandise ranging from apparel to other gifting or marketing materials such as mugs and pens;
  • You can benefit from their 24/7 customer service;
  • They have over 90 print provider locations, out of which quite a few are located in the UK;
  • The drawback of the high number of locations can be that the print quality can be inconsistent, so your customers’ satisfaction will not be 100% guaranteed.

The last on our list is Clothes2order. They sell their products in both B2B context and to individuals as well, and also have a dropshipping service for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Main features:

  • They produce their own branded apparel;
  • Products are delivered to worldwide locations;
  • Standard shipping time is 5 business days.

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In short

The UK is a great place to target if you’re thinking about starting a dropshipping business. With its eCommerce market on the rise, you won’t regret your decision. Therefore, the country offers you both good dropshipping conditions and outstanding suppliers such as the ones in this article from which we encourage to make your choice.

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