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10 Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Italy

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Finding a reliable and trustworthy supplier for your fashion eCommerce store is never easy. So far, we have covered the top wholesale clothing suppliers in the U.S.A, so in this article, we’ll focus on the major players in the industry of wholesale clothing in Italy. All the suppliers mentioned are based or doing business in Italy. Their main focus is to supply fast fashion and designer clothes and accessories from the country.

Made in Italy is a globally recognized brand. People around the world associate it with quality, craftsmanship, elegant materials, and styles alike. The Italian textile sector has claimed a supreme place in heads around the world since the late Middle Ages. Fabrics made in Italy are luxurious, lightweight, and either at the forefront of fashion trends or at times dictating those. The foremost established Italian textile mills and weavers had built an outstanding reputation based primarily on the quality of their production processes and fabrics. The world seeks 100% Made in Italy fabrics and apparel for centuries. The main reason for this is that the textile mills have set exquisite values such as high-quality fabrics, unique creations, fashionability, appearance, texture, and refined production processes as well.

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What to focus on when looking for a supplier?

If your business is based in Italy, you want to make sure you have a supplier based in the country or with a warehouse located somewhere on the Italian Peninsula. It’s also important that they can provide you with high-quality goods and have the following characteristics:

  • Have an extensive portfolio and a wide range of luxury brands you can pick and choose your brand’s offering from. The more brands you can choose from and offer to your customer the better;
  • Fast and secure shipping to your location;
  • Multiple wholesale clothing offerings, for example, wholesale stocklots and pick & mix options alike. With stocklots, you’ll be able to get a predefined bulk of wholesale clothing. While with pick & mix you get to choose the individual items and tailor your offering to the need of your customers.

But first, let’s look at the numbers and see if opting into the fashion world does really worth it in these turbulent times. The past year had a great impact on the ever-growing eCommerce market. In Italy alone it is projected to reach US$54.95bn in 2022. The largest segment in the market is fashion which has a projected market volume of US$19.43bn and this growth is here to stay. Seemingly fashion is still very important in today’s world. So, it is equally important to provide your customers with the best quality and most fashionable items at all times.

Which are the best suppliers for wholesale clothing in Italy?

With this being said, this article will introduce the best places to source wholesale clothing in Italy. You will find the top ten suppliers that are known to deal with high-quality women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. Each and every supplier has its own unique characteristics and product offering. So, in the end, it all comes down to your specific needs, we’re just here to make your decision easier.

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One of the largest players in the wholesale clothing market is BrandsGateway – the home to the world’s most well-known luxury brands. If your business is focusing on selling high-end clothing, then BrandsGateway should definitely become your first stop. It offers over 70 luxury fashion brands you can choose from.

BrandsGateway has a warehouse in Milan, Italy, which is the heart of the European fashion industry and home to numerous famous luxury fashion houses. If you decide to choose BrandsGateway you will have the chance to buy wholesale clothing as you please. Moreover, this supplier also offers secure express delivery within 1-5 business days worldwide, depending on your location and workload. Finally, as stated on their website, BrandsGateway’s bulk offerings ensure high discounts which means higher margins for you.

MYASTREET is also an Italian wholesaler from who you might want to consider buying. They have over twenty years of experience in the apparel industry and pride themselves on the great attention to detail and fabric quality throughout production. The garments are made by highly qualified Italian staff who interpret the famous Italian elegance in a fresh and forward-thinking way. They create a chic and youthful collection for your boutique or eCommerce business. MYASTREET has three locations in the country. The first one is in Brescia in Lombardy, where the company was originally founded and has its roots. The second opened in Milan which is the capital of Italian fashion and finally a showroom in Bologna.

Another supplier on the list of wholesale clothing suppliers in Italy is Made in Italy. As the name itself suggests, Made in Italy compiles the most famous suppliers in the country and their contact details.

It offers a wide variety of manufacturers and unique ranges that you can choose from. What makes this wholesaler page stand out is that besides clothing it also presents suppliers in other categories such as lingerie, food, and design. Each supplier is specialized in a different segment so you can pick and choose the ones that manufacture goods you believe would be the best offering for your customer base.

Zuppe is another clothing wholesaler that offers shipping and delivery to Italy. You might want to consider partnering with them if you are selling casual non-branded women’s clothing. Zuppe is famous for bringing together a range of all fashion essentials including international and Italian designs. It mainly manufactures and supplies high street fashion items. New styles are added to the catalogs on a daily basis. This ensures that you will always have a newness to offer to your customers.

If you place an order until 3 pm (GMT) then it will be dispatched the same day. This means that you get your products fast and you can start selling to your customers. Zuppe also has an app that can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store which helps you with tracking your existing order or place a new one on the go.

Paquito is a well-known, Bologna-based fast fashion brand that offers wholesale clothing in Italy for brick-and-mortar and eCommerce stores alike. Since the 1970’s the company has been offering unmistakable styles for women’s apparel wholesalers across Italy. The brand has attracted the attention of the fashion world and has been featured in magazines like Grazia, Cosmopolitan and F. This can serve as a guarantee that you can not go wrong with Paquito’s styles and your customers will definitely buy into their products. You can find the B2B platform directly on their website and browse the latest arrivals. Paquito uploads new stock on a regular basis so it is worth keeping an eye on their website.

Take Off is a B2B supplier company specializing in wholesale distribution of branded clothing, shoes, accessories, and home décor items. The company offers more than 100 brands across premium, medium, and mass-market segments that you can choose from.

You can place an order for a lot that is prepared in advance and include a fixed number of pieces. Or you can mix and match your own order. Dispatch and delivery time varies depending on what option you choose. In case of buying a lot, your goods are prepared and packaged so they are ready to ship immediately. If you chose to place a custom order, depending on the ordered volume, preparing and dispatching your goods can take up to 10 days. A major drawback in the case of Take Off is that it only fulfills large orders. The minimum order quantity is 2000-3000 units from each brand you purchase.

Confezioni Santini is both a brand and a wholesaler to other boutiques and eCommerce businesses. Their headquarters and warehouse are based in Florence, Italy. The strong point of the company is sourcing and selling men’s suits of all sizes and types.

Also, there is no lack of other types of men’s clothing such as shirts, ties, trousers, and outerwear. The brand also supplies women’s clothing of all kinds, parallel to their men’s collection.

Yet another wholesaler on our list is OPYO which is offering its wholesale services to established and start-up retailers alike. You can choose from a wide range of provenly authentic and popular brand’s wholesale clothing in Italy. You can choose the option to pick and mix your own selection of individual styles. Alternatively, you can purchase pre-composed batches if you like. OPYO offers clothing and accessories across many ranges from overcoats to beachwear. If you visit their website, do not hesitate to check out their blog posts that will help you and your business. You can find useful tips on omnichannel marketing, social media advertising, visual merchandising, and other interesting and useful topics among many.

If your business focuses on past seasons and online stock, Stocker Italia should be your to-go wholesaler in Italy. They offer luxury apparel and accessories from well-known Italian luxury brands at a discounted price. You can get an 80-90% discount on collections that are one year or older. The higher the discount the higher the margin for your business. Stocker Italia’s warehouse is in Monte San Savio. If you visit there in person, you can either buy in bulk or even individual items according to your liking from the remaining stock of premium brands.

Last on our list of wholesale clothing suppliers in Italy is Vesto Italiano – a B2B wholesale supplier of fashion products to both retailers and other wholesalers. Here you can find numerous products that are available for packing and shipping immediately. The minimum order is starting at 200 EUR for EU countries and 500 EUR for countries outside of the EU. This makes their service accessible for small boutiques and eCommerce stores as well. Vesto Italiano prepares and dispatches wholesale orders within 72 hours after receiving the payment. In the case of larger orders by wholesalers, this can even take up to 5 days. Vesto Italiano ships the goods through Europe and almost to all countries worldwide.

In a nutshell

To conclude, there are numerous wholesale clothing suppliers based in Italy or which are shipping to any location in Italy. However, not all of them would be a good fit for your business. It’s very dependent on the niche you wish to target and the services that they can offer you. Once you find a clothing wholesaler in Italy that matches all your needs and requirements, it’s highly important to establish a good relationship. Once you have a reliable Italian wholesaler by your side, your eCommerce store or boutique can thrive in re-selling the high-quality products you source from your wholesaler.

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