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10 Helpful Dropshipping Forums to Follow in 2024

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Just like with any other type of business, retailers involved in dropshipping are constantly accompanied by a steep learning curve, which, as time goes by, becomes more and more shallow. To get to that stage, however, one must engage in a learning process that consists of engaging with all kinds of educational materials such as business podcasts, dropshipping blogs, eCommerce conferences, etc.

One particular learning method that has shown to be highly effective is dropshipping forums and other similar online communities. To illustrate, a study conducted by Vanilla Forums claims that up to 90% of respondents said that these communities have helped them improve their products and services.

Having this statistic in mind, in this article, we’ll explore the perks of joining dropshipping forums and bring into the spotlight ten useful forums every dropshipper should follow.

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How can dropshipping forums help you out?

Dropshipping forums let you reap a bunch of benefits that are likely to help your business in the long run:

  • Connect with people from your industry;
  • Discuss issues with like-minded entrepreneurs;
  • Ask for dropshipping-specific questions;
  • Learn through other people’s experiences;
  • Acquire knowledge from success stories.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the best possible dropshipping forums you could follow in the year to come.

Best dropshipping forums to follow


With over 52 million daily active users and close to 430 million users overall, as stated by Business of Apps, Reddit has grown to become one of the largest online communities that have ever existed. People get around to discussing just anything you could think of. Therefore, to provide an organized forum, the platform has created small groups called subreddits, each focusing on a different topic.

Why join this forum?

  • Although the platform is not a typical dropshipping forum, you can easily find a bunch of dropshipping subreddits you can join. The platform is so big that it’s almost impossible not to find the solution you’re searching for.

Membership requirements

  • Signing up on Reddit is completely free. However, dropshippers can also opt for the premium subscription of $5.99/month to get access to a more extensive set of features.

Shopify Community

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform used by dropshippers to launch their online stores. Besides its affordable prices and practical features, including a rich variety of Shopify dropshipping apps, Shopify also provides entrepreneurs with a highly interactive forum.

Why join this forum?

  • With over 900,000 forum users and over 2,000,000 Shopify-based online stores, the Shopify online community is an ideal place to come across a huge amount of fellow dropshippers and engage with them in meaningful discussions.

Membership requirements

  • Regardless if you’re a Shopify user or not, you can still register for free and have access to all topics available in the Shopify Community.

Rise Forums

Rise Forums is another platform offering a vibrant forum where you can connect with dropshippers, retailers, marketers, and developers and get free dropshipping tips on all kinds of topics regarding your business.

Why join this forum?

  • In the Rise Forums you can join a plethora of discussions on mainly general eCommerce issues, WordPress usage, SEO strategies, and social media marketing amongst others.

Membership requirements

  • A large number of topics can be accessed without an account. However, in order to participate in the discussions, you have to sign up and pay a non-refundable $10 registration fee.

Webmaster Sun

Describing themselves as the number one forum for online marketing, dropshipping marketplaces, and SEO practices, Webmaster Sun is a large-scale online community dedicated to all eCommerce enthusiasts in need of getting a grip on running an online store.

Why join this forum?

  • The forum offers a wide eCommerce section where you’ll almost immediately stumble upon topics about owning a dropshipping store as well as conversations concerning advertising, video and eCommerce email marketing, and web optimization.

Membership requirements

  • When registering, potential members are required to choose between a free plan, a premium membership of $35/month, and a marketplace seller subscription of $99/year.


Similarly to Reddit, Quora is a global online community, functioning as a Q&A forum where people are free to share their knowledge and seek solutions to a problem. Since January 2022, the platform is reported to have gathered up to 300 million monthly active users, securing a place on the list of the most popular social media networks.

Why join this forum?

  • The Quora dropshipping forum is a place where you’ll find conversations ranging from business niches and dropshipping requirements to winning products to dropship and most effective dropshipping ads.

Membership requirements

  • People can scroll through Quora and have access to a lot of the content without having to register. However, if you want to submit an answer or ask a question, you’ll have to create a free account.

The Fastlane Forum

The Fastlane Forum is a business-oriented platform offering readers a place to exchange experiences, find solutions, and come up with ways to successfully run their ventures.

Why join this forum?

  • With currently over 70,000 entrepreneurs using the forum on a daily basis, the forum has a large audience of dropshippers constantly discussing topics regarding dropshipping including the dropshipping business’s profitability, tricks for building an online store, strategies for earning passive income, advice on choosing a product niche, improving your dropshipping store traffic, and many more.

Membership requirements

  • You can register for free by presenting a valid username, email address, password, and reason for joining the forum. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that all registrations are reviewed before getting approved.

Dropship Forum

Dropship Forum is the ultimate dropshipping community dedicated specifically to this business model. The platform provides entrepreneurs with not only well-rounded articles and conversation topics but also a place for dropshippers and suppliers to get together and start a collaboration.

Why join this forum?

  • The Dropship Forum hosts almost any type of discussion related to running a dropshipping store including sharing eCommerce success stories, reviewing dropshippers and dropshipping directories, web-hosting tips, shopping cart software tutorials, SEO advice, payment gateways, and international shipments, to name a few.

Membership requirements

  • Dropshippers can sign up for free and must agree to follow the forum rules before proceeding to enter any discussions.

PrestaShop Forum

PrestaShop is a free web-building eCommerce platform, considered to be a good Shopify alternative, hosting approximately 300,000 websites, and providing them with the chance to build fully-customizable websites where they can launch their online stores.

Why join this forum?

  • In addition to the great selection of features, the platform also has a well-developed PrestaShop Forum, covering not only general eCommerce topics but dropshipping subjects as well. Since PrestaShop is offering its services to a variety of entrepreneurs which include dropshippers too, the platform’s forum has a large dropshipping community you can join and actively engage with.

Membership requirements

  • The PrestaShop Forum can be used both by PrestaShop customers as well as by readers not subscribed to their services by signing up for free.

Digital Point

As the name suggests, the Digital Point forum focuses mainly on the eCommerce industry, including the dropshipping method. It allows users to reach out to millions of online retailers and give and get opinions on how to oversee their businesses.

Why join this forum?

  • Despite furnishing readers with topics covering beginner, intermediate and advanced dropshippers, Digital Point also involves debates and discourses regarding software, marketing, and domain hostings.

Membership requirements

  • Creating an account is quick, simple, and cost-free without any specific requirements.

Warrior Forum

Counting over 1,7 million members and close to 9 million posts, the Warrior Forum doesn’t fall much behind the rest of the dropshipping forums reviewed on this list. This forum’s community has built a business and marketing learning platform intended for everyone interested in picking up a thing or two about managing an eCommerce venture.

Why join this forum?

  • The Warrior forum is divided into multiple categories, such as eCommerce, Beginners Area, and Internet Marketing, in which you’ll be able to access elaborate Q&As relevant to the dropshipping model.

Membership requirements

  • You can become a member by filling out a free registration form or signing up with your Google or Facebook account.
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A droppshipping forum is an online community where members can share experiences, ask for advice, and stay on top of the latest eCommerce trends.

Dropshipping forums offer a plethora of benefits such as communicating with fellow dropshippers, conducting business research, acquiring new information relevant to your company, and searching for solutions to any problems your store might be confronted with.

Dropshipping forums are generally a safe space, accompanied by some level of risk, which is normal when joining any type of online community. However, by securing a strong password, avoiding disclosing personal data, and being aware of scams, you should stay protected and be able to safely use any forum.

Our closing arguments

Dropshipping forums are known to offer practical information accessible to dropshippers at any time, which is why these communities are so popular among eCommerce entrepreneurs. They present valuable resources that can offer answers to all kinds of specific business inquiries and supply dropshippers with new skills and strengths. Having said that, our list of dropshipping forums will certainly help you find the perfect online community that’ll offer you the necessary assistance in running and growing your dropshipping company.

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