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Top 10 Luxury Dropshipping Suppliers + How to Start Luxury Dropshipping 101

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
4th June, 2024
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Luxury goods, particularly designer clothing, have always had a special effect on people, making them feel not only expensive but also exceptionally stylish and fashionable.

These apparel pieces and accessories are known to contribute to increasing one’s confidence as they’re often tailored to perfection and offer customers an almost ideal fit. 

Having said that, opening a dropshipping clothing business for luxury clothing may be just the right thing to do.

To support you in starting with luxury dropshipping, we’ve put ourselves to work and found some of the finest luxury dropshipping suppliers to supply your online store with only the best high-end products and brands.

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Is dropshipping luxury items profitable?

Dropshipping luxury items can be highly profitable due to their high ticket nature. Luxury products often come with a higher price point and, as a result, higher margins for retailers.

A study by Statista proves our statement by claiming that the fashion luxury market is anticipated to obtain close to a jaw-dropping 115 billion USD by the end of 2024.

In other words, this number shows us that customers do like to splurge once in a while, and when doing that, why not spend money on something that’s valuable, durable, and made of high quality?  

How to dropship luxury products?

Starting a luxury dropshipping business doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might sound. Here’s how to get the ball rolling:

1. Find your niche

Dive deep into the world of luxury goods and pick a niche that not only piques your interest but also has a demand.

Whether it’s high-end fashion, luxury watches, or designer handbags, make sure there’s a market for it.

Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to identify popular search terms related to luxury goods.

2. Research suppliers

You’ll want to partner with reputable luxury dropshipping suppliers who offer authentic products and reliable shipping.

Seek out suppliers who offer authentic, high-quality products and reliable shipping services.

When researching suppliers for your luxury dropshipping business, prioritize authenticity and reliability.

To find such suppliers, use online tools and resources such as directories, industry forums as well as industry events and trade shows where you can network with potential suppliers and gain insights into the latest trends and offerings in the luxury market.

luxury dropshipping

3. Set up your online store

Choose an eCommerce platform that supports your luxury brand image.

Platforms like ShopifyWooCommerceWixShift4Shop, and BigCommerce are great and they come with templates that can match the luxury vibe you’re aiming for.

For instance, brands like Adored Vintage and Rothy’s have leveraged Shopify’s advanced features to create immersive online shopping experiences for luxury consumers.

luxury dropshipping

4. Market smartly

Luxury buyers are all about the experience, so your marketing efforts need to reflect that.

Invest in high-quality visuals, create engaging content, and use social media to tell your brand’s story.

Influencer collaborations can also be a golden opportunity to benefit from.

For example, brands like Revolve and Fashion Nova have mastered influencer marketing to cultivate a loyal following and drive sales.

How to find luxury dropshipping suppliers?

Social media networking

Leverage professional platforms like LinkedIn to forge connections with luxury brand representatives and suppliers. Join relevant groups and engage in meaningful conversations to expand your network and discover potential suppliers.

In addition to LinkedIn, explore other social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Engage with brand posts, follow industry influencers, and participate in relevant discussions to build relationships and gain insights into potential suppliers within the luxury market.

luxury dropshipping

Online forums

Participate in online forums focused on luxury eCommerce and dropshipping to discover new suppliers and learn about their offerings.

These platforms can provide you with valuable insights, industry news, and opportunities to connect with reputable suppliers.

Check out websites like Reddit and Warrior Forum where you can find active discussions on luxury dropshipping topics.

luxury dropshipping

Industry events

Attend trade shows, conferences, and networking events focused on luxury goods and eCommerce.

These events offer invaluable opportunities to meet potential suppliers, establish relationships, and stay abreast of industry trends.

Events like Barcelona’s eCommerce Expo are ideal for networking and sourcing suppliers.

luxury dropshipping

Online directories

Explore online marketplaces and directories that list suppliers that offer luxury dropshipping.

Directories like Faire and Spocket, for example, specialize in connecting retailers with premium suppliers in the luxury segment.

How to avoid fake luxury dropshipping suppliers?

Supplier reputation check

Look for suppliers with positive reviews and strong reputations within the luxury market.

Conduct thorough research, read customer testimonials, and scrutinize supplier ratings on platforms like Trustpilot and Google Reviews.

Look for consistent praise regarding product quality, reliability, and customer service.

luxury dropshipping

Authorized suppliers

Give preference to suppliers who are officially recognized or authorized by luxury brands to distribute their products.

Authorized suppliers undergo rigorous screening processes and adhere to strict brand guidelines, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the merchandise.

Such suppliers will often have their product authenticity guarantee published on their website to prove that they offer transparent business practices.

luxury dropshipping

Direct communication

Engage in direct discussions with suppliers to assess their credibility and product offerings.

Schedule calls, video conferences, or in-person meetings to discuss your business requirements, address concerns, and gauge the supplier’s professionalism and expertise.

What is the most profitable product to dropship?

Designer outerwear: High-quality coats, jackets, and blazers from prestigious fashion labels.

Designer sunglasses: Include a range of stylish, brand-name sunglasses as a key fashion accessory.

Designer footwear: Offer a selection of designer shoes, including boots, heels, and luxury sneakers.

Designer handbags: Feature a variety of high-end handbags, clutches, and wallets from iconic brands.

Designer dresses: Curate a collection of elegant dresses for formal occasions.

Best luxury dropshipping suppliers

Here’s our complete list of high-end men’s and women’s clothing dropshipping suppliers:


Location: Europe

As a business owner of an online boutique focusing on high-end fashion, there’s nothing more important than to provide your customers with only the best of the best luxury apparel pieces. 

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Dropshipping with BrandsGateway will not only stock your store with high-quality designer clothes and fashion accessories to dropship but also help you manage all operations regarding your business. Here’s what BrandsGateway offers you:

Main characteristics:

Dropshipping packages:

  • Convenient all-in-one dropshipping subscription packages, each of which includes all the benefits listed above. The only difference is in the type of payment – based on the platform, dropshippers can choose between monthly or annual billing.

B2B Kids Fashion

Location: Italy

B2B Kids Fashion is originally a wholesale company from southern Italy that happens to offer dropshipping services as well, specializing in kids’ collections.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • Categories include boy, girl, and baby clothing;
  • They offer brands such as John Richmond, Byblos, Piccola Ludo, and Ciesse Piumini;
  • Collaboration with shipping companies DHL, BRT, UPS, SDA, and DPD;
  • Payment methods accepted are PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Two dropshipping plans with a monthly and yearly subscription.

Tuscany Leather

Location: Italy

Tuscany Leather works with leather goods for men and women, selling bags and accessories for business, travel, or leisure purposes.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • Clients can shop for purses, bags, luggage pieces, and wallets;
  • They claim all products are made in Tuscany
  • Items are shipped within 24-48 hours after the orders have been received.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Not specified.

Gold-N-Diamonds Atlanta

Location: USA

Gold-N-Diamonds is a branded jewelry dropshipping supplier from Atlanta, offering jewelry pieces to dropshippers across the globe.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • Their e-catalog consists of different items including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets;
  • Shipping is done via FedEx or UPS and can take up to 14 days;
  • Prior to joining their dropshipping program, dropshippers must meet certain requirements you’ll find on their website;
  • Qualified entrepreneurs are required to have at least $50,000 in sales and running jewelry businesses in order to be able to submit an application.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Their dropshipping program comes with a subscription of $299/month.

Paul Parkman

Location: USA

Paul Parkman is another US-based dropshipping supplier that dropships shoes for men only. They claim to sell handmade shoes exclusively, manufactured in a small factory.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • Around 500 products to choose from;
  • Collections include oxfords, loafers, boots, monkstraps, and casual shoes;
  • Customer support is available 24/7;
  • Keep in mind, however, that their dropshipping program is extremely selective;
  • Interested clients are required to fill out an application after which they’ll be contacted if chosen.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Not specified.

Calzaturificio Ellen

Location: USA

Established in the Italian region Marche, Calzaturificio Ellen designs and supplies women’s shoes and sandals.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • Their shoes are made of cork soles and in different forms and styles such as high heels and wedges.
  • Their website lacks a lot of information, so contacting them is the best way to learn more about their services.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Not specified.

Nulook Fashions

Location: Canada

Setting its roots in Toronto in 1990, Nulook Fashions is a fashion supplier selling women’s apparel pieces.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • Main brands include Made in Canada, La Madona, Amanda Collection, and others;
  • The catalog is available only via request;
  • 7-day return policy on all items;
  • Dropshippers can sign up by submitting a registration form on their website.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Not specified.


Location: USA

Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, J GOODIN is a family-owned business, providing both dropshippers and wholesalers with fashion jewelry.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • Clients can shop for different types of jewelry items and accessories;
  • Products are made of cubic zirconia, brass, sterling silver, and stainless steel;
  • MOQ of $100 for the first order;
  • Delivery is carried out by UPS and the US Postal Service.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Three dropshipping plans with a 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months billing period.

Richard Cannon Jewelry

Location: USA

Richard Cannon Jewelry is a New York-based dropshipping supplier and wholesaler of jewelry.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • Products vary from rings and earrings to chains and necklaces;
  • Jewelry materials include gold, silver, diamond, platinum, and cubic zirconia;
  • Bear in mind that collections are only updated periodically, as stated on their website;
  • Orders can be shipped to international locations;
  • In the case of returns, it might take up to 5 days for them to be processed.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Their dropshipping plans start at $29.99 a month.


Location: Italy

Opyo collaborates with dropshippers as well as those interested in buying wholesale, supplying them with clothes for both men and women.

luxury dropshipping suppliers

Main characteristics:

  • They provide dropshippers with articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories;
  • Their return policy allows 14 days for products to be sent back;
  • Customers can make more inquiries about their dropshipping service by contacting them by phone.

Dropshipping packages:

  • Not specified.


Yes, dropshipping remains a viable business model in 2024, offering numerous advantages such as low startup costs, flexibility, and scalability.

Yes, you can easily dropship luxury brands by making sure you work with suppliers that offer a guarantee of authenticity and have official authorization from the designer brands to sell their items to other stores.

Branded dropshipping, which involves selling products from recognized brands, can offer several more advantages that regular dropshipping such as higher perceived value, brand loyalty, and higher profit margins.

Dropshipping branded products is completely legal. As long as you’re getting your products from trusted suppliers, selling designer items is a legitimate business.

Yes, you can dropship Gucci products by partnering with authorized suppliers who have established relationships with the brand. Working with authorized suppliers ensures product authenticity, legality, and compliance with brand policies, allowing you to tap into the prestige and demand for Gucci products while maintaining a reputable and legal dropshipping business.

You can start with branded dropshipping by following these steps:

  • Evaluate the market and see what’s selling and what’s not;
  • Look for a supplier that’s been authorized to resell designer products;
  • Create the website of your online store;
  • Advertise your business.

Dropshipping suppliers that offer branded clothing can be found online by reaching out to online communities or searching for ‘luxury clothing supplier’, for example, or other similar queries. Alternatively, you can always use offline sources such as talking to field professionals.

In brief

Luxury fashion is one of those segments that’ll keep a steady market position and maintain constant demand regardless of market changes.

This is because designer items have a greater value appreciation, making them a great opportunity for customers to invest in as their quality is much more superb than that of regular products.

That being the case, dropshipping high-end clothing items is something to think about. By consulting our list of suppliers, you’re already on the right track to starting dropshipping luxury brands.

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