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How Important are Weekly New Arrivals for Your Clothing Store

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
11th May, 2022
10 minutes

In this day and age, the fashion industry has qualified among the top-earning niches on a global level. As a result, the number of business owners investing in both traditional and eCommerce apparel stores only seems to go up.

In the US, for instance, as stated by Statista, clothing stores are expected to reach over 180 billion USD in revenue in the next two years, proving that this segment of the market is indeed a highly profitable business worth giving a try.

However, in order to benefit from maximized profits and enjoy great success, your clothing store will require implementing smart strategies that’ll help you in presenting your brand with a spectacular image and secure an impressive reputation.

These strategies must take into account the current ins and outs in the fashion world, bear in mind the competition, but, above all, consider your customers’ preferences. One such strategy that has shown to have great success rates consists of bringing new arrivals into your clothing store. 

That being said, in this article, we’ll concentrate on giving you a thorough explanation of how influential can weekly product updates be for your clothing business.

Why is it important to introduce new products?

What are the main benefits they bring?

How can they improve customer retention?

We provide the answers to all of these questions by offering you a very-much useful and comprehensive analysis of this subject. 

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Why do you need to offer new product arrivals on a weekly basis?

Having the same old product display over and over again can sometimes contribute to slowing down your store and putting you two steps backward.

The solution to this issue is obvious: renewing your storage with new fashion items that’ll rebuild customer excitement and bring innovation to your store.

Here are a few reasons that vouch for the importance of doing this:

  • as a result of the rapid-changing fashion business;
  • on account of your customers’ demands;
  • due to expanding your target shoppers;
  • because of beating the competition;
  • to be well prepared during eCommerce peak seasons;
  • in order to increase sales and boost your eCommerce conversion rate.

So, let’s dig into each of them and get to the bottom of how weekly new arrivals can give you the upper hand in the ever-growing fashion industry.

Staying on track with fashion

We live in a fast-developing fashion environment where clothing trends change within the blink of an eye. The minute a certain trend dies out another one is born. It’s a never-ending circle that keeps this industry exceptionally active and lucrative.

We can support this fact by providing you with a few numbers supplied once again by Statista, estimating that the fashion segment has current revenue of a mind-blowing 0.99 trillion USD. Moreover, with a projected annular growth of 11%, that income is expected to reach 1.36 trillion by 2025.

Having these facts in mind, it’s essential to be up to date with the latest fashion happenings. Keeping a watchful eye on current trends will increase your brand’s relevance and allow you to continue building lasting relationships with your customers. The key strategy is to closely monitor these changes and implement them in your store. 

For instance, if you’re running a dropshipping store selling designer clothes and a new designer piece has just dropped on the apparel luxury market, you might want to consider putting it on your shelves as soon as possible. In order to achieve that, you have to make sure your supplier can provide you with new inventory updates on a regular basis so you don’t miss out on any upcoming trends.

Keeping up with your customers’ needs

Just as fast fashion changes so do your customers’ needs and desires. With the rapid development of all industries in general, customer expectations have increased significantly. Shoppers have gotten accustomed to having the products they desire easily accessible to them, especially regarding items that have just made their debut on the market.

Their shifting demands have made fashion businesses aware of the importance of stocking up their stores with the most recent fashion styles and designs.

This doesn’t only prevent the decline in customer trust but also improves consumer loyalty and satisfaction, therefore, increasing the chances of retaining current shoppers. 

Having new products enter your store every week will successfully avert a wave of unhappy customers and negative reviews. In this way, you’ll be able to keep pace with product requests and ensure you’ve delivered them. Filling up both your offline and virtual clothing racks with fashionable pieces your customers have demanded is certain to bring your business positive outcomes.

In addition, by fulfilling your clientele’s fashion preferences, you show you’ve listened to their requirements and made them feel valued. 

Growing your customer base

When you keep offering new clothing collections on a frequent basis, you enable your customers to access a diverse selection of apparel items that are on-demand at the moment. As previously mentioned, by doing this your store continues to successfully keep track of the clothing market’s accelerating evolution and supply shoppers with just what they were looking for. This can trigger massive consumer growth since you’d be exposing your store to a larger group of customers.

To put it simply, by putting out new merchandise, you’ll benefit from having a wider range of products available for purchase. As a result, your store will be attracting both existing and potential consumers. The bigger the product diversity, the bigger the number of customers you target

To illustrate, let’s assume you’re an owner of an online boutique with BrandsGateway as your supplier. In the bag category, for example, you start with bag dropshipping by offering a few standard models such as everyday handbags, wallets, and clutches.

However, with your supplier updating your catalogs every week, you soon begin selling additional bag designs, like tote and leather shoulder bags, which in recent times have been making quite the headlines. According to Google Trends, these bag styles have shown a significant peak in popularity in the last couple of months, putting them on the list of high-earning items. 

Consequently, despite targeting your usual clientele, your products are likely to grab the attention of other visitors to your site as well.

In addition, with new product arrivals meeting your customers’ needs, expect an increase in positive experiences and tons of good feedback.

It’s no secret that during the shopping process, people count on recommendations more than anything else. Therefore, by checking out the excellent reviews left by previous customers, your store will have an easier time alluring prospective consumers. 

Staying two steps ahead of the competition

Regardless of the types of apparel products you sell, competition will follow you in every fashion niche. With thousands of clothing stores opening every single day, it’s impossible to avoid facing competitors. However, there are certain things that can help you stay ahead of them and ensure your customers come to you first and won’t be switching to other retailers.

For instance, you can achieve this by introducing new products which will help you acquire a great competitive advantage. By going through with this, you’ll considerably raise the bar, outsmart your competitors and obtain a significant lead in the market. 

Customers like having access to options before deciding on a final purchase. But, most importantly, they like seeing a fresh variety of items they haven’t come across in earlier shopping experiences. When you offer repetitive product styles you’ve been selling for a while, it might cost you a slight lack of interest in your customers.

To prevent such a thing from happening, weekly product updates can come quite in-handy, supplying loyal shoppers with a good assortment of both existing and recently developed winning fashion products.

Increasing your revenue

Your clothing store’s revenue doesn’t solely depend on a well-thought-out marketing strategy, but it also relies on securing new arrivals on the regular. When you supply your store with fresh clothing items, customers tend to become more curious about what you offer and willing to put those products to the test.

Therefore, when it comes to restocking, don’t shy away from introducing brand-new collections as they can be just the thing to help you generate some pretty impressive sales.

These recurrent product upgrades can easily tempt potential consumers to make purchases and give them a reason to keep coming back until eventually, you’ve transformed them into regular clientele. However, despite alluring new shoppers, recent store arrivals can also get current customers to buy more.

According to Invesp, your existing customers are considered to be 50% more likely to give your latest products a try compared to newly-attracted consumers. Moreover, the former is expected to spend up to 31% more than usual.

Keeping these facts in mind, it suffices to say that weekly storage updates can lead to noteworthy profits.

How can BrandsGateway help you equip your clothing store with weekly new arrivals?

Worldwide renowned supplier of luxury clothing, BrandsGateway, meets the needs of both online and traditional stores. Depending on how they prefer to conduct their business, retailers have at their disposal.

Regardless of their store model, BrandsGateway will successfully help them in stocking their inventory on a regular basis and making sure their stores generate great revenues. 

This supplier offers you high-quality apparel pieces from over 100 reputable global designer brands including a weekly product delivery of more than 400 new items. These new arrivals include different products from all categories:

Wholesale clients are kept informed consistently of the latest merchandise through BrandsGateway’s weekly newsletter or they can check out the constantly updated ‘new arrivals’ page. Dropshippers, on the other hand, can take advantage of the automatic inventory updates feature, which plays quite an essential role in keeping records of your products.

If your online store is based on Shopify, WooCommerce, Shift4Shop, or Wix, BrandsGateway offers plugins for all of these platforms, enabling new products to be automatically uploaded to your website.

All things considered

Taking into consideration all of the above-discussed points, the introduction of new products can positively influence your clothing store’s success and help you in transforming your boutique into a  highly triumphant business. New product arrivals will lend you a hand in observing the change in fashion trends and assuring your customers’ requirements are well taken care of.

Furthermore, they’ll assist you in widening your customer network and outdistancing the competition.

Additionally, expect your store to face a growth in sales numbers and, accordingly, generate greater incomes. All in all, supplying your clothing store with new products on a weekly basis will certainly bring you multiple opportunities for expanding your business and getting you on the right track for reaching your store’s goals.

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