7 Best Types of Men’s Shoes to Dropship in 2021

Lilla Stefanovszky

Launching a dropshipping business is undoubtedly one of the most desirable, hence the fastest-growing business model in today’s eCommerce world. Due to the low barriers of entry, today close to one-third of all online businesses are operating as dropshippers. When you are operating a dropshipping retail store, you have the opportunity to save labor and money on the fulfillment and logistics aspects of your business. This will ultimately result in more time for you to spend on other important aspects such as customer service and marketing that would help to convert visitors into purchasing customers at a higher rate. There are two key things to consider when starting a dropshipping business, one being the product you want to offer to your customers and the supplier you will be sourcing your merchandise from. In previous articles, we covered the most popular types of sunglasses, women’s handbags, and most popular watches that you can dropship, so now we will focus on another key category, namely men’s shoes.

Before we jump right to our list, let’s have a short overview of how shoes came about. Footwear has been a part of human culture from the very beginning as the genetic changes in our bodies resulted in more sensitive feet. People are believed to wear some sort of protection on their feet against climate conditions starting from about 50 000 years ago. Although, the earliest example of actual footwear which was a pair of sandals and was found in California only dates back to around 9000 years ago. Prior to the middle ages shoes were really simple, usually cloth or leather wrapped around the feet. Structured and sized shoes only become common during the 14th century when they also started to differentiate footwear according to sex and rank. But it was not only until 1850 when the first shoe factories were established that shoes started being produced in larger quantities. Equipped with modern machinery that was designed to imitate specific processes done by hand previously, such as the sewing machine invented in France in the 1830s, shoes became fairly inexpensive and quick to produce. This led to the numerous styles, colors, and designs of shoes that are available on the market these days.

In this article, you will be presented with an overview of the men’s footwear market and the best type of shoes to dropship in order to better understand the dynamics of the footwear market and drive business success.

Why is dropshipping men’s shoes profitable?

Due to the wide range of options men can choose from nowadays, the constant demand for newness and for multiple pairs of footwear emerged and is ever increasing. The global footwear market was valued at 365.5 billion USD in 2020 and is projected to reach 530.3 billion USD with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5.5% by 2027. As men have less latitude when it comes to the use of accessories in their outfits, they tend to put more emphasis on shoes than women do. This is visible in the overall market share of men’s shoes as well as they account for 55% of the whole footwear market and this leading position is projected to remain unchanged in the upcoming years.

Types of men's shoes to dropship

If you want to tap into the profit-making market of dropshipping shoes for men, this article will provide you with the best shoe styles that are hot and selling well now and will continue in the upcoming years. But knowing the styles you need to source is not enough to succeed in the competitive environment we are living in today. It is inevitable to find the most suitable supplier for your business whether you are selling designer shoes, luxury sneakers, or any other style.

Casual shoes for men

The casual segment is definitely one to watch when it comes to dropshipping shoes for men. Regardless of the age and other demographics, each man has at least one pair of casual shoes in their wardrobe that they can wear on everyday occasions. Casual shoes for men is a rather broad category but can be recognized by their structure. This usually involves a bulkier appearance, fabrics such as canvas and leather and they usually have a flat rubber sole. Casual shoes can both be laced or laceless alike. In the case of having laces, they tend to be thicker and either flat or round compared to their formal counterparts. This category can involve sneakers, espadrilles, boat and driving shoes, and loafers. Casual shoes can be worn on occasions where comfort and personal expression are important such as casual night outs, running errands, or family gatherings. An example of such casual styles that you can feature in your dropshipping store is this pair of Velvet casual shoes by Dolce & Gabbana that will definitely capture the eye of your potential male buyers.

Formal shoes for men

When it comes to dressing up in suits, blazers, shirts, and trousers a formal pair of shoes is necessary to match the outfit. Men’s formal shoes are also called dress shoes and they are inevitable when it comes to occasions where conformity and conventions matter. These events can involve weddings, business meetings, or going to the theatre. Formal shoes are usually sleek in shape and darker in color than their casual counterparts. They are usually designed with laces that are typically thinner than in the case of casual shoes and usually are round and waxed to keep up with finer outfits. Also, formal shoes have a separate heel part on their sole and are more likely to be made out of leather but can also be a combination of leather and rubber depending on desired attributes like durability, weather conditions they will be worn in, and comfort. Some examples of formal shoes designed with thin elegant laces, and soles from leather and rubber are Dolce & Gabbana’s Derby Formal Men’s Shoes or Saxone of Scotland Leather Men’s Oxford Shoes available to buy at wholesale prices at BrandsGateway’s marketplace.

Loafers for men

When you are planning on starting dropshipping shoes or you want to extend your product offering make sure you include different styles of men’s loafers as well as they are currently very much in trend. As people are returning to offices and have to kick off their home slippers they are seeking elegant, yet comfortable footwear to complement their professional outfits. Loafers are a great option when you are looking for a laceless shoe that is as comfortable throughout the day. Due to the boom in the popularity of loafers, you never had more options to choose from to list in your store whether you are looking to sell styles from an established luxury brand or an emerging startup label. They also come in multiple versions and styles such as the widely popular Penny loafer, the Tassel loafer, or the Belgian loafer. Some of these styles are already a part of BrandsGateway’s catalog of men’s shoes, specifically, the Penny loafers by Saxone of Scotland available in calf leather and the Slipper loafers in red by Dolce & Gabbana designed with a mix of premium materials such as silk and linen.

Boots for men

When the colder months are inevitably creeping upon us, it is essential for every man to add a pair of boots to their wardrobe to keep their feet dry and warm. Men’s boots can be a great addition to your store’s selection when you are in the business of dropshipping shoes from men, especially timeless styles like the Chelsea boots and the Derby boots that can be worn year-round and can be the perfect travel companions for business and casual trips alike. Two premium models that you should equip your dropshipping store with without thinking twice are the Dolce & Gabbana’s Derby Leather Boots and Saxone of Scotland’s Chelsea Men’s Boots made from calf leather.

Chelsea boots are popular men's shoes

When it comes to the upper part of boots, they are usually made from genuine leather which allows them to naturally follow the shape of your feet and be so comfortable that you would never want to take them off. As for the soles, when you are selling seasonal boots for fall and winter you would want to make sure to stay away from those that have soles only in leather and stock those with rubber soles or a mix of leather and rubber. The reason for this is that rubber soles provide a much better grip on any surface your customers would want to use them on, especially in more severe weather conditions.

Sneakers for men

The global market for sneakers is valued at 78.6 billion USD in 2021 and is projected to grow even further, reaching 102 billion USD by 2025. The popularity of sneakers can be explained by the growing interest and awareness in health and fitness that can be observed across the globe both as a result of the pandemic and the fact that people are becoming to have a better work-life balance where they have more free time on their hands.

Sneakers are originally designed for sports and physical activities but with the ongoing athleisure trend they made their way to men’s everyday wardrobes as well. For these reasons, you would want to make sure to incorporate sneakers into the offering of your store when dropshipping shoes for men. They usually have a rubber sole that is flexible and fit for sport but they can also come with a sole made out of synthetic materials. The upper part of sneakers can be either canvas, leather, or any other synthetic material that promotes comfort. Nowadays you can find sneakers that come in every shape and form. For example, Philipp Plein Sport White Sneakers can be incorporated into a more casual look where boots or loafers would be too much but the goal is still to portray a neat yet casual style. The elegant Dolce & Gabbana’s Blue Leather Sneakers are also a good choice to recommend to customers when they are opting for a more polished, business-casual look.

Dropshipping sneakers for men

Sandals for men

In the warmer months when it is time for your customers to retire their boots and high-top trainers, men’s sandals can be a great option for those who want to achieve a laid-back style. This type of shoes can not only be the coolest to-go option for hot summer days but also can serve as a more stylish alternative for sneakers in the summer. There are two main categories when it comes to sandals, one being the utilitarian, web-strapped version and the other the classic leather ones that make you want to dress up in linen shirts. Dolce & Gabbana’s popular styles of leather men’s sandals could be a great addition to your store for those men who are looking to ditch the sneakers in the hot months and put on some sandals.

Moccasins for men

No man can have a complete collection of summer shoes without having a pair of moccasins in them. Moccasins were originally worn by tribes like the Native Americans. Men’s moccasins are known for their U-shaped toes but they come in various shapes and materials such as suede, leather, and fabric. These shoes can be a great choice for semi-formal occasions throughout the whole summer as they are smart enough to accompany tailored trousers and a shirt. If your store is dropshipping shoes for men, make sure to offer different types of moccasins in your spring and summer collections, such as these Dolce & Gabbana’s Leather Moccasins in orange or in white.

To conclude

Adding the above-mentioned styles of men’s shoes to your dropshipping store can effectively increase the traffic on your site and inspire your visitors to not only purchase a single item but go for a complete look. Especially, when you are offering a wide range of seasonal and evergreen shoes that appeal to a wider audience. As a dropshipper, it is key that you work together with a best-in-class dropshipping supplier so you not only have access to new styles regularly but can also ensure that you are selling top-quality products to your customers.

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