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For Shift4Shop dropshippers

Shift4Shop integration made easy

Benefits of BrandsGateway App for Shift4Shop stores

Focus on the tasks that count. BrandsGateway App will automate the rest for you.

One-click import of thousands of luxury products

A catalog of thousands of luxury products is imported into your Shift4Shop store with just one click, enabling you to start selling immediately.

Real-time inventory update

Your Shift4Shop store’s inventory is automatically updated, minimizing the risk of selling out-of-stock products.

Automatic order placement and processing

Your customers’ orders are synced automatically, making it easy to keep real-time tracking at all times.

Flexible currency converter

It doesn’t matter where you’re based and where you sell, as all product prices are converted into your preferred currency.

Benefits of BrandsGateway App for Shift4Shop stores

The perks of having BrandsGateway as your dropshipping supplier

Unlock your online store’s sales potential with BrandsGateway by your side.

Sell luxury brands across numerous categories

You get to sell products from +100 brands and across numerous fashion categories.

Benefit from high product margins of up to 250%

You can choose your own profit margins based on a category level of up to 250%.

Enjoy secure and fast worldwide shipping and delivery

Your customers can enjoy secure and fast delivery from checkout to the front door.

Avoid inventory management costs

You don’t need to invest in managing and keeping track of your inventory.

Dedicated support

You get premium support every step of the way during your dropshipping journey.

How does BrandsGateway + Shift4Shop integration work?

Step 1

Register as a customer through BrandsGateway's register page

Step 2

Choose your preferred dropshipping plan through our pricing page

Step 3

Import BrandsGateway catalog

Step 4

Start selling and relax while we take care of your customers’ orders

How does BrandsGateway + Shift4Shop integration work?

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