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6 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Branded Jewelry

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If you are looking to launch or expand your eCommerce dropshipping business it is vital to find reliable suppliers. Previously, we have written about the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe and also the top worldwide dropshipping clothing suppliers. In this article, we will discuss the best wholesale branded jewelry suppliers.

Jewelry is one of the most ancient ways of self-expression and ornamentation. Scientists estimate the oldest pieces found about 25 000 years old. Ever since jewelry plays a great role in our outfit choices and makes its wearer instantly more self-confident with the feeling of being more put together. In 2020, the global luxury jewelry market accounted for 21.5 billion USD. This is only a small share of the whole jewelry market that is projected to reach 330 billion USD by 2027. The top retailers having the highest share in the industry are Signet Jewelers, Richemont Group, LVMH Group, and Tiffany and Co. which clearly signals the importance and the demand for branded jewelry.

Digitalization plays a huge role as a driver of the branded jewelry market. Hand in hand with the increasing penetration of the internet and social media consumption, the demand for these accessories is on the rise as well. The reason for this is that these factors affect not only what people are doing but also why they are doing it. Social media changed how consumers interact with companies and also how they reach purchasing decisions. If you create an outstanding online presence for your business, then dropshipping branded jewelry should be the way you want to go. We have selected the best suppliers for designer jewelry for your dropshipping store below.

1. BrandsGateway

One of the largest players in the wholesale branded jewelry market is BrandsGateway – the home to the world’s most well-known luxury brands. If your business is focusing on selling designer jewelry, then BrandsGateway should definitely become your first stop. It offers several luxury fashion brands you can pick and choose from. You will be able to find both men’s and women’s pieces on the website with up to a 90% discount on retail prices. This way you can earn even up to 250% margin on each and every order.

BrandsGateway’s dropshipping service will allow you to better focus on other aspects of your business. As you will not need to hold any stock the associated risk is basically eliminated. For this reason, you can spend your money elsewhere such as on marketing and growing your business. It also offers high-quality images and product descriptions that you can use in your shop. BrandsGateway has plugin features for Shopify and Shift4Shop via practical Shopify App and Shift4Shop App as well as Wix and WooCommerce plugins that you can integrate into your shop. This will provide automatic inventory updates, order automation, and easy category mapping. Once an order is placed BrandsGateway will get your customers’ orders directly to them. It offers a 5-day worldwide delivery for a beneficial price that starts from 15 EUR.

2. Esprit Creations

Esprit Creations is a family business that exists since 1993. Their main profile is designing, manufacturing, and distributing sterling silver and gemstone jewelry. The owner, Gia is a gemologist who pays attention to selecting and consciously sourcing the gemstones used from around the world. What really sets this supplier apart from the others is the unique designs featuring charming gemstones in metal settings. Esprit Creations works with artisan families from India who craft each piece by hand. Getting your merchandise from them will help to better the life of Indian families. Additionally, they also support other community initiatives such as education and care projects. Moreover, you can be sure that the jewelry you are buying comes from Fair Trade sources.

You can pick and mix individual items to create your own collection for your brand. Alternatively,  you can buy prefaced assortments of designer jewelry at a discounted price. There are several bundles to choose from, so it is easy to pick the one best suited for your brand.

3. Richard Cannon Jewelry

Richard Cannon Jewelry is yet another example of a dropshipping supplier of branded jewelry. It has been formed in 1999 in the Diamond District of New York. It manufactures and offers a wide range of silver, gold, platinum, and diamond pieces across several categories. If you are specifically interested in diamonds, then this should be your go-to place. They have access to over 50 000 certified GIA loose diamonds where you will surely be able to find the right ones for your business. Richard Cannon Jewelry lists many retail stores, catalog companies, and smaller eCommerce stores among its satisfied customers.

Richard Cannon Jewelry also offers a dropshipping service alongside product images and descriptions you can integrate directly into your website. There are product feeds available on their page that you can into your webshop and present your customers with real-time inventory. Your customers will be able to choose from over 3000 designs that are available to ship immediately. Moreover, you can take made-to-order requests from your customers for custom jewelry via the latest CAD technology. The orders will ship automatically to your customers with worldwide delivery and tracking.

4. ToMade Jewelry

ToMade was started with the intention to supply quality jewelry and accessories reflecting the latest fashion trends. It offers a wide range of styles and materials not only to eCommerce businesses but to department stores alike. You can browse over 100 000 styles in their well-structured online catalog by brand name, style, and category. ToMade offers designer jewelry at low price points with a processing time of 1-3 working days. But if you want something really special, you can order custom styles as well whit a production lead time of 5 to 15 days.

It ships worldwide with premium courier services to ensure the safe and timely delivery of each order. Once you have placed the order you can track it throughout the whole process in your customer profile. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order you can send back any of the items within 15 days of receiving it with no apparent reason. ToMade also has a money-back guarantee for lost or damaged goods.


J GOODIN is a family-founded and operated branded jewelry wholesaler based in California, USA. The business was founded in 1985 and is steadily growing ever since. It manufactures, distributes, and dropships mid-range cubic zirconia fashion jewelry worldwide. Most of the styles are wholesale from 3.50 USD to 50 USD and are meant to resell with a great markup. J GOODIN’s main customer base is boutiques, market merchants, and eCommerce businesses. There are 2000 wholesale jewelry styles on the website that are available for shipping immediately.

J GOODIN offers a dropshipping service with an advantage of a mandatory to commit to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. This will ensure that none of your competitors will offer the same product at a significantly lower price point. J GOODIN dispatches all orders in high-quality, non-specific standard jewelry boxes that will surely add value for your customers.

6. Gold-N-Diamonds Inc.

Gold-N-Diamonds Inc. (GND) was founded in 1995 with the mission of supplying retailers with a great selection of branded jewelry. It offers styles ranging from finest classics to on-trend items at an affordable price point. The materials used are ranging from precious stones, fine diamonds, sterling silver, and gold. GND is supplying both traditional brick-and-mortar and dropshipping stores alike.

Against a 299 USD monthly subscription fee you can access an advanced dropshipping service. For this amount, you will not only be able to provide designer jewelry for your customers but also receive other perks. GND provides your business with data files for over 15 000 products that you can load into your website. This way you will be able to access high-resolution product images and SEO-optimized titles and descriptions as well. GND dispatches all orders that are placed earlier than 3 pm EST the same day, in order to further increase your customers’ satisfaction with fast shipping.

To sum up

There are numerous dropshipping wholesalers who you can work with as an eCommerce business owner. However, not all of them would be a good fit for you and your customers. It is always dependent on your niche and the main location of your target customer group. Once you manage to find the supplier that fits your needs best, make sure to establish an outstanding business relationship. This will result in blossoming cooperation that will allow your eCommerce store to thrive as a branded jewelry reseller.

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