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Best Dropshipping Marketplaces to Sell Luxury Brands in 2024

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The world nowadays is defined as “a global market with plenty of trading opportunities“.

Thus, we decided to list the most popular marketplaces to dropship luxury brands.

Even though a company may begin offering its products and services locally, some do so well that they need to expand abroad and grow into corporations.

The same goes for dropshippers worldwide. There is only one recipe for success and it combines “consistency” with “globalization“.

Why go globally? Basically, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Luckily, we gathered the world’s most important online markets every dropshipper needs to use to sell products faster and earn good profits.

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Best dropshipping marketplaces for luxury brands


  • Fees: 10-17% (category relative)
  • Market size: 690+ billion
  • Monthly subscription: €0-28
  • Additional Costs: Referral Fees per item sold (8-15%)

Main features

When dropshipping on Amazon, you can choose between Amazon’s Individual Plan which costs $0.99 per sale, and their Professional Plan which costs $39.99 per month.

The ‘Sponsored Products’ program is also available to use, where your products are more easily served to the users. This program works on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis.

Amazon’s large customer base is the perfect place to begin as you can easily dropship luxury brand clothing, accessories, jewelry, handbags, accessories, and other products.

Check out:


  • Fees: 5-15%
  • Market size: 73 billion
  • Monthly subscription: None
  • Additional Costs: Insertion Fee (First 250 listings free per month, then $0.35 per listing); Final Value Fees (up to 12.55% or lower plus a $0.30 transaction fee)

Main features

Sellers can fulfill orders either by using eBay’s ISP (International Shipping Programme) or by themselves. Using this program allows users to easily handle international fulfillment and customer service.

Why is it on the list? Because it’s known worldwide, the market size is huge, and most importantly – they’ve got enough tools to help grow your sales both at home and internationally.

For $5 and up, you will own an eBay Shop and with it, many benefits concerning promotions, exclusive offers, and savings.

eBay dropshipping is, without a doubt, one of the most popular marketplaces and methods to use to dropship luxury brands.

Check out:


  • Fees: $0.20 USD per listing
  • Market size: 13 billion
  • Monthly subscription: None

Main features

While you need to fulfill your own orders when selling on Etsy, there are actually plenty of opportunities and benefits.

To begin with, you can apply for Etsy Payment, the company’s own payment system which you may connect with your PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.

As for paid advertising, you can choose between Google Shopping and Etsy’s own Promoted Listings option, both excellent for product promotion.

The ultimate option allows you to open your own ‘Pattern’ website, where you can get customers to buy and use it with a custom URL and unique looks, while also retaining the shop established at Etsy.


  • Fees: 15%
  • Market size: 65 million
  • Monthly subscription: None

Main features

Fulfilling your own orders on Fruugo is a must. However, it’s already present in over 30 countries and your listings are automatically translated into more than 10 languages, which may maximize monthly drop shipping revenues thanks to the company’s tendency to internationalize the market.

Customers are also allowed to convert various currencies and compare prices.

What’s great about it is that you can provide any product info in your native language and it gets automatically translated into the ones available on the site.

Largely relying on email marketing, Fruugo makes up for lacking paid advertising options, which at times proves to be more successful.

Search engines also index your products in different languages, and you get to have more visitors from multiple countries every day.

Not On The High Street

  • Fees: 25%
  • Market size: 230 million
  • Monthly subscription: None
  • Additional costs: One-time joining fee of £199

Main features

Although a small and fee-expensive platform, Not On The High Street is among the U.K.’s most popular marketplaces for dropshipping.

Jewelry, baby & child clothing, women’s and men’s clothing, gifts, and other popular dropshipping categories are included, among others.

You are required to fulfill your own orders, as it is with most platforms, but you will gain access to almost 40 million unique visitors throughout the entire year.

Competition is low if you sell your products for the right price, which is a great way of putting extra cash into the monthly profits.


  • Fees: 2-10% (category relative)
  • Market size: 16+ million
  • Monthly subscription: None

Main features

Allegro is a Polish online e-commerce platform with over 16 million active users, selling more than 70 million items each month.

A major Eastern European market, it’s one of the most popular marketplaces for dropshipping in this region and is highly praised for its dedicated tech support.

To succeed at Allegro, you need to offer customer service in each nation’s native language, also useful for SEO purposes.

However, human translation is much more efficient than any online translator due to huge differences in the process, which will certainly change the outcome of your sales.


  • Fees: 5-20% (category relative)
  • Market size: ~8 million
  • Monthly subscription: €39.90

Main features

Cdiscount is here to help you fulfill your products, or you could do it yourself. Choosing their help can greatly affect your profile in a positive manner.

The website receives more than 11 million monthly unique visits, most of which come from France.

Payments are guaranteed and customers can pay in installments, while sellers receive the whole amount.

Cdiscount offers paid promotions using the CPC (cost-per-click) method. Products can also be seen on social media, TV, and other media channels.

Sellers can upload products in multiple languages, however, buyers can browse only if they know French well.

Check out:

La Redoute

  • Fees: 8-20% (category relative)
  • Market size: 11+ million
  • Monthly subscription: €49.90

Main features

Sellers fulfill orders on their own, and it’s mandatory for them to provide parcel tracking.

What’s good about this website is that the majority of France’s fashionistas regularly visit it, as well as people from more than 25 other countries across Europe.

Dropshippers have full access to pricing, delivery cost, and times and there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to payment options.

Limited-time sales and periodical newsletters are offered as part of La Redoute’s marketing strategy, as well as in-shop banners, enough to show the clothing options to a larger audience.


  • Fees: 7-20% (category relative)
  • Market size: 16 billion
  • Monthly subscription: €39.90

Main features

OTTO offers sellers to fulfill their products for them, or they could do it manually.

The registration fee is unusually high, but the fact that OTTO is only behind Amazon (ranked first) when it comes to eCommerce websites in Germany, sellers usually return their investment in no more than a few months.

As for the advertising part, there are online ad options available, as well as OTTO’s official social media channels. It’s possible to negotiate terms with them to promote products.

Dropshippers should list at least 100 different products and translate the description into German if they want to start selling on the site.


  • Fees: 15-20% (category relative)
  • Market size: 450 million
  • Monthly subscription: starts at £14.99

Main features

The French fashion site Spartoo offers free delivery on over 51000 pairs of branded clothing, including shoes, bags, boots, accessories, and more.

One of the largest markets with 14 million unique visitors, it’s active in 19 countries and offers products made by 3800 brands.

As for marketing opportunities, there aren’t any paid options available, though the company itself is working on exposure and online marketing, to help all merchants sell more products.


  • Fees: 8-12%
  • Market size: 39.6 million
  • Monthly subscription: None

Main features

Sellers can fulfill orders either by themselves or let Newegg do it for them at additional costs.

With this online retailer, sellers also get as close as they can get to the U.S. market, through easier processing of shipments and payouts.

Banner ads, hot deals, newsletters, and other marketing opportunities await sellers, as well as a lower commission rate per transaction for all international merchants, which counts to only 12 percent.


  • Fees: 8-17% (category relative)
  • Market size: 30+ million
  • Monthly subscription: $39.99
  • Additional costs: 2.5% networking fee

Main features

Sears is one of the oldest retail companies was founded more than a century ago, back in 1893.

Thousands of clothes, jewelry, accessories, and shoes can be found on the site which counts visits of over 30 million unique users every 30 days, each one browsing around four different products on average.

Customer support is available at all times, sellers can opt to either fulfill their orders manually or let Sears fully do it for them.

The company respects and applies the famous ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model, allowing merchants to pay only for what they offer and ship.

Sears also largely focuses on online sales via smartphones, with its app being downloaded over 1 million times at Google’s Play Store only.


  • Fees: 8-12% (category relative)
  • Market size: 105 million
  • Annual subscription: ~$170

Main features

The largest e-commerce site in Japan, Rakuten Ichiba, is also one of the world’s largest by sales and offers services to over 1 billion members worldwide.

Japan’s ‘Amazon’ officially operates not only in its birthplace but in 29 other countries as well.

Sellers are required to fulfill orders, whereas parcel tracking is also required. However, you can choose any of Rakuten’s partners for final delivery and return, with various calculations.

If sellers need a boost in their sales, there are a banner and search advertising options available.

There’s a large variety of customizing their stores and brands. However, sellers need approval from a 3rd party company for legal and financial purposes.

Trade Me

  • Fees: 5-11.9%
  • Market size: 5 million
  • Monthly subscription: $79

Main features

New Zealanders love dressing up.

Yet another of the most popular marketplaces to dropship luxury brands is Trade Me.

Marketing reach is pretty impressive too, with over 1.6 email subs in their database already, as well as active social media profiles.

The company gives more space to sellers making over $150.000 a year at other marketplaces, for business purposes.

In other words, they prefer to have the best sellers and merchants available, for increased profits on both ends, although any seller may give it a try and boost their sales in addition to setting up shop on other platforms.

Check out:


  • Fees: 7-15% (category relative)
  • Market size: 270 million
  • Monthly subscription: None

Main features

Merchants can manually fulfill orders or use Linio’s ‘Fulfillment’ option.

Available in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, and Peru, Linio is the best and biggest e-commerce platform for all Spanish-speaking residents, selling millions of products across many different categories.

Multiple payment methods and friendly, English-speaking staff are but a part of the pros, although sellers want to know if there are simple cash payments – which there are.

Paid advertising campaigns are available on the site, for increased sales and exposure to the 20+ million market size.

Best of all, there’s no need to register or find a 3rd party partner company to sell on Linio.

Overall, it’s the best place to dropship luxury brands in Latin America.

Mercado Libre

  • Fees: 10-16% (category relative)
  • Market size: 180 million
  • Monthly subscription: None

Main features

Mercado Libre is present in both Central and Latin America.

Aside from its competitor – Linio, Mercado Libre is the most popular marketplace for dropshipping in this region, where a single registration can make a huge difference for all dropshippers and resellers.

At one time, there are up to 4000 searches (per second) related to Mercado Libre.

There’s an option to open up a MercadoShop, where sellers can set up customized stores on the website.

There are also plenty of other marketing opportunities such as radio and Internet advertising, email newsletters, event marketing (Black Friday), and various branding campaigns.

It’s free to register here, although it’s highly advised for dropshippers to invest part of their profits into Mercado Libre’s marketing sector.

Final thoughts

The world of dropshipping offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into the lucrative market of luxury brands.

With the 16 marketplaces mentioned in this article, you have a plethora of options to explore and expand your business, each offering unique advantages and audiences to tap into.

So, take your time, do your research, and dive into the world of luxury dropshipping with confidence.

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