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13 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Men’s Clothing

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Although women’s clothing is currently dominating the market as it has been for hundreds of years, surprisingly, men’s apparel seems to be not far behind in the world trends. Statista shows us that this clothing section of the fashion market is indeed experiencing an unexpected boom in sales and profit and quite a steady expansion:

  • The men’s apparel market is estimated to produce US$499.80bn in revenue in 2022;
  • The income per person has reached US$65.65 in 2022;
  • The projected annual growth is set to 5.63%;

So, if the idea of opening a dropshipping business that sells the best menswear items has been on your mind, it won’t hurt to take into account these statistics. We also know that assembling a web store and reliable dropshippers can be a bit of a hustle. For that purpose, we created a comprehensive list of dropshipping suppliers for men’s clothing to help you on your way.

The top place on the list of best dropshipping suppliers for men’s clothing is reserved for BrandsGateway. The company is the largest supplier for dropshipping luxury clothing for men and women working in B2B2C eCommerce.

Main feature:

  • It offers thousands of designer items with discounts that amount to 90%;
  • Their clothing collection consists of a unique set of branded men’s clothing, including dropshipping shoes, bags, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, and other accessories;
  • The company lists brands such as Cavalli, Versace, Armani, Galliano, and Dolce & Gabbana which are well-established in the men’s clothing segment;
  • In addition, they provide dropshippers with automated dropshipping services, including automatic inventory updates and automatic orders in dropshipping;
  • Integration plugins include Shopify App, a Shift4Shop App, and Wix and WooCommerce plugins;
  • With this supplier, you can also earn high margins in every sale of up to 250%;
  • Orders are shipped worldwide to over 170 countries.

Male Basics is a dropshipping supplier that specializes in men’s underwear.

Main feature:

  • The company offers fashion lines of intimate apparel, sportswear, and swimwear for men;
  • They provide shipping services to both the US and abroad;
  • Most deliveries are carried out via UPS Innovations for global and USPS for domestic orders.

Next on the list of best dropshipping suppliers for men’s clothing is Los Angeles-based company WEIV.

Main feature:

  • This company sells non-branded clothing such as shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies, and other garments.
  • In order to benefit from their services, you need to send them an inquiry via their website;
  • Keep in mind, however, that they only cover the US territory, so if you’re internationally oriented you might find this troubling.

Silverts is a brand that offers adaptive clothing for both men and women who have dressing difficulties due to certain physical disadvantages.

Main feature:

  • Their brand covers apparel for older people and patients with arthritis, mobility issues, podiatric conditions, scoliosis, incontinence, diabetes, and other medical states;
  • Due to their location in Canada, they offer dropshipping services only for Canada and most of the US states.

B & F System, Inc., is a dropshipping supplier company from the US.

Main feature:

  • They sell anything from men’s and women’s apparel to home products, electronics, and kitchenware;
  • Their men’s apparel section covers leather products, mainly jackets, and vests.

Another one on the list of dropshipping suppliers for men’s apparel is the Indian-based company Dropship Zone.

Main feature:

  • They sell a variety of products at wholesale prices;
  • However, their men’s apparel section is pretty scarce and offers only jeans and nothing more;
  • Another disadvantage is that they don’t offer international support and are mainly focused on the eCommerce market in India.

4sgm is a dropshipping supplier from the United States that offers different types of products divided into different sections.

Main feature:

  • Their men’s apparel mainly consists of products that come from factories and producers from different parts of the world;
  • Additionally, they offer some licensed products with Disney, Star Wars, Barbie, and other famous insignias, but mostly in the kid’s apparel section.

Next on the list of dropshipping suppliers for men’s clothing is Wholesale Central.

Main feature:

  • The website is a wholesale B2B directory that helps resellers to connect to importers, wholesalers, dropshippers, distributors, and manufacturers;
  • They’re not a “middleman” so once you choose your supplier from their website, you’re directed to the supplier’s website to proceed with your intended actions;
  • Additionally, they provide protection from fraudulent wholesalers by letting you submit an inquiry directly to them for review.

WholesaleForEveryone is another dropshipping supplier for men’s clothing that is located in the United States.

Main feature:

  • Their portfolio consists of dropshipping hats, bandanas, backpacks, and doo rags, but also batteries, laser pointers, specialty pens, etc;
  • In addition, they provide a custom print for the above-mentioned products;
  • However, they don’t offer different types of men’s clothing but are more dedicated to headwear and accessories.

Sportsman’s Supply Inc. is a US-headquartered dropshipping supplier that is mainly focused on apparel suited for outdoor activities, including men’s shoes to dropship.

Main feature:

  • They sell clothing designed for camping, fishing, golfing, archery, and many other sports;
  • Sportsman’s Supply Inc., also offers numerous electronic products, marine accessories, hunting items, optical products, and ice fishing accessories.

Gun Accessory Supply is a supplier that provides clients with similar dropshipping services as the previous one.

Main feature:

  • They mostly cover items intended for camping, hunting, fishing, archery, and other related activities;
  • Their men’s apparel section is designed to fit the needs of the previously mentioned activities and offers shirts, vests, legwear, headwear, and other outer-proofed items;
  • The company purchases items directly from manufacturers and importers and then offers the products to its customers.

365 Dropship is another directory that serves as a link between dropshippers and their suppliers.

Main feature:

  • Although the company is more oriented toward suppliers, they also sell hundreds of products from the men’s apparel section and related products such as perfumes and accessories;
  • According to their instructions, you need to sign up for a payment plan and then choose the items you wish to sell on your web store;
  • Afterward, you need to export the products as CSV or XML files and then start with the sales.

13. WorldWideBrands

Finally, the last on this list of dropshipping suppliers for men’s clothing is WorldWideBrands.

Main feature:

  • This directory of wholesalers and dropshipping suppliers is devoted to connecting your business with the supplier of your choice;
  • They claim all suppliers are checked and approved by them;
  • They try to offer scam-free service, therefore they certify only dropshippers, wholesalers, and volume distributors that match their criteria.
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To summarize

Creating an online web store as a dropshipping business is always a challenging job, especially if the main focus of your shop is men’s clothing. Although this segment might at first make you think that it’s still early to explore it from a business point of view, the current market situation claims that the odds for profitability at this moment are very favorable. In fact, the statistics of another report reveal that this market will reach $552.4 Billion by 2027. With all this in mind, the only thing left that separates you from your very own web store is a strong will for success and determination to find the right dropshipping supplier for your future business endeavors.

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