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BrandsGateway Reviews are a Confirmation of the Company’s Superior Service

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5th March, 2024
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It is almost impossible not to start this announcement with Dave Brailsford’s famous quote- “Clear feedback is the cornerstone of improvement”.

BrandsGateway’s team considers customer reviews and feedback to be indispensable tools for improving the services the company offers to its customers and partners.

Therefore, we are always taking them seriously regardless of whether them being positive or negative, and act accordingly in order to create better experiences.

So, it's with a bit of pride (and a lot of gratitude) that we share a significant milestone: BrandsGateway has obtained a stellar 4-star rating on Trustpilot and the Shopify App Market, a platform known for offering a space for customers to share their experiences with companies, services, and products that they use or are using.

With 138 reviews and counting, and an overwhelming 91% positive feedback, it's clear that our commitment to providing excellent service is resonating with our community.

Dropshippers and wholesale buyers working with BrandsGateway are praising the company’s commitment to providing:

But don't just take our word for it.

We've rounded up some glowing testimonials from the very people who have made BrandsGateway their go-to for dropshipping and wholesale luxury buying.

Here's what they have to say.

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BrandsGateway’s support team

One of the most acclaimed traits of BrandsGateway mentioned in the majority of the reviews is the customer support that the company’s team provides.

Each and every member of the support team is dedicated to fully supporting BrandsGateway’s B2B customers, ready to swoop in at any moment with solutions and advice to any type of query.

“Now entrepreneurs have a place to call home. Sound business with an exceptional line of luxury products at a price point that simply can’t be beat. We appreciate the hard work that must have gone into creating a wonderful and user-friendly platform loaded with marketing strategies and customer support that feels like your team.” – Visit Resist Co

“Great brands and products with proud profit margins. The customer support is always fast and professional and willing to help.” – Beniteteixeira

“The customer service was unbelievable and the personal one-on-one connection on advising is way beyond anything I’ve had have in the past. I’m still in the process of getting set up, but the support I have and the coaching is nothing I’ve seen anywhere else with any other company.” – Top Shelf Fashions

BrandsGateway’s wide-range selection of luxury brands

Numerous reviews also highlight the wide selection of branded fashion items from renowned brands that BrandsGateway brings to the table.

The company’s catalog available to registered users includes over 20,000 authentic products from luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Swarovski, and many more.

It’s this vast selection, coupled with the opportunity to purchase these gems at wholesale prices, that our partners continually appreciate.

“I am new to the e-commerce world, and Brandsgateway has made it easy for me to start my online business. I appreciate the wide selection of products, brands and the reasonable price points.” – Krista Glover
“Extremely helpful supplier. I signed up to their dropshipping service last month and the entire team have been helpful along the way. Compared to many other Shopify apps, Brandsgateway has definitely the largest selection of brands and inventory and profits are considerably higher.” – Vivian Jimenez
“Brandsgateway is our go-to supplier for luxury fashion, and they’ve consistently exceeded our expectations. Their refund guarantee when products are returned on time, responsive customer support, and reliability have made them an indispensable partner for us. What truly stands out is their ever-evolving collection of luxury fashion items.” – Homty and Co
“Convenient supplier to work with. Great communication with the team. Installing the shopify plugin and importing the products were easy. My first few orders were delivered without any issues and speedy delivery to my customers. Large selection of brands and products.” – Adam Kowalewski

BrandsGateway’s plugin for dropshipping automation

One of the standout features that set BrandsGateway apart in the bustling market is its innovative dropshipping automation plugin.

Described in glowing terms as “the best,” “simple,” “easy to set up,” “effortless,” and “well-developed,” the BrandsGatewway plugin earns its recognition by streamlining the process of managing a dropshipping business.

It automates mundane tasks, freeing up valuable time for dropshippers to focus on growth strategies and customer engagement instead.

“What a great take off and a smooth landing. Business to business filled with profit in-between. Amazing support and luxury products all with quality images and comprehensive descriptions. The easy to install plugin creates a seamless integration so you pick pick and everything else is done for you in the transfer of inventory.” – Kyle Tekin-Morras
“Great partner for my ecom business. My first few orders were delivered successfully without any issues. Easy to communicate with through email and WhatsApp. Good Shopify plugin.” – Sonia DeRosa
“I’ve been working with BrandsGateway for almost a month now and I can testify that their app is working great. It’s super user friendly and it offers everything you need to integrate your Shopify store with theirs.” – Trendy&Luxury
“As a satisfied customer of Brandsgateway for almost four years, I am happy to share my positive experience with their drop-shipping service. What’s even better is that they now offer their service on a Shopify App platform, making it even more convenient for their users.” – MyGoTo Brands

BrandsGateway’s high margins and discounts

From International Women’s Day to the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, through the festive cheer of Christmas and the New Year, BrandsGateway ensures that our partners have access to exclusive deals all year round.

It’s our way of celebrating the big moments with you, ensuring that every holiday and shopping day is an opportunity to grow your business and delight your customers with something special.

“Great platform and service and products. Very responsive. Great discount on products so it leave good margins.” – Joseph T.
“They were highly responsive and resolved my queries promptly. They have earned my trust as a reliable source for quality products and impeccable service. I’ll definitely be a returning customer, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional fashion deals.” – Outletprimerasmarcas

BrandsGateway’s delivery service

When it comes to delivering luxury right to your doorstep, BrandsGateway’s shipping service receives glowing endorsements from our satisfied clientele.

Our dedication to prompt delivery is mirrored in the feedback we receive, with many partners commending the seamless transition from order placement to receiving goods.

Our dropshipping and wholesale partners highlight in their reviews the speed, reliability, and efficiency of our delivery process.

“The wholesale discounts are unbeatable, ensuring profitability. Shipping is lightning-fast and reliable, keeping my business running smoothly.” – Hannah Huss
“Really fast shipping, great product and brand selection! Their website is also easy to navigate. I have a small outlet store and ordered from brandsgateway several times this year. I enjoy the low MOQ compared to many other Italian suppliers.” – Mem Yildirim
“Shipping has been a breeze, with fast and secure delivery, ensuring my customers receive their orders in top condition. BrandsGateway has become my go-to supplier, and I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide. Highly recommended!” – Lisa Mclean-Spruce

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