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6 Most Popular Types of Women’s Dresses to Dropship in 2024

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Women didn’t always have a wide variety of options to choose from when it came to clothing. For a long time, dresses were the only part of their wardrobe. This probably makes this article of clothing the most ancient type of apparel that is still relevant today. Nowadays, we can safely say that dresses have stood the test of time and although they went through an enormous transformation, they’re still a staple for most women these days.

Here’s what information has Statista given us on the general women’s clothing and dress market:

  • The women’s apparel market is expected to reach US$1.79tn in 2024.
  • The market is projected to grow by a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.81% until 2028.
  • The women’s dresses and skirts segment accounts for US$103bn in 2023 with a revenue per capita of US$13 in 2024.

These numbers signal that there is a constant demand for women’s dresses. Therefore, this can be a beneficial category to tap into when considering dropshipping apparel or planning to widen your store’s selection. So, let’s head to the next sections, take a closer look at this market’s profitability, and go over the most popular types of women’s dresses customers have been demanding.

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Is dropshipping dresses profitable?

Due to the substantial demand for women’s dresses, it’s safe to assume that it’s a prime category to tap into. With the great variety of this item available today, you can easily target different types of customers and sell a wide range of dresses, such as summer dresses, casual dresses, and dresses for business occasions, to name a few. As a result, expect to earn good profits and benefit from a significant store growth.

Why should I dropship dresses?

Despite the fact that selling dresses is a lucrative business, as explained above, here are a few other reasons why should you start dropshipping dresses:

  • The dropshipping is market relatively easy to penetrate as it doesn’t require a substantial initial investment from the business owner.
  • Dropshippers don’t keep or purchase stock themselves but collaborate with dropshipping dress suppliers who take care of inventory management and the fulfillment and delivery processes themselves.
  • This business model can be a great solution when you’re uncertain that you can sell through a larger amount of stock you bought from a wholesaler.
  • You can avoid low inventory turnover and keep your cash flowing and your finances healthy.

What are the most popular women’s dresses to dropship in 2022?

To help you out in your search for the best dresses to sell to your buyer persona, we’ve done the research and collected the most popular women’s dresses to dropship in 2022. Read through the top categories below that you could include in your dropshipping store to increase the basket sizes of your customers and end up with higher sales.

The ’90s inspired puff sleeves

Getting inspiration from the ’90s is not a new thing when it comes to current clothing trends as we have been seeing a wide range of garments on the shelves for over a year now. The good news is that puff sleeve dresses are here to stay but are updated to provide a more flattering and chic look for women.

This sleeve design is bringing a voluminous and interesting add-on to the classic A-line dresses all women love so much and gives them a fresh, more elevated look. No matter the occasion, a puff sleeve dress can always be a great go-to piece for your female customers.

When being invited to a wedding, a black sheath dress from Dolce & Gabbana can be the perfect attire for any guest. Once the sun sets and it’s time for a girl’s night out, a John Richmond little black dress can serve as a great basis for an outfit. For puff sleeve alternatives that give the same glamour and elegance, customers can shop this Dolce & Gabbana corduroy mini dress.

The classic wrap dress

Another timeless style of dress to dropship is the classic wrap dress that was first introduced by Elsa Schiaparelli during the 1930s. While other styles were in and out of fashion during the decades, the classic wrap dress withstood time and got reinvented by Diana von Furstenberg and reach the peak of its popularity in the ’70s.

Nowadays, wrap dresses are created and sold by numerous fashion houses with different sleeves and detailing. This style is again a great go-to for women around the world due to its practical silhouette. They can be incorporated in everyday attire such as this floral Dolce & Gabbana dress or be worn at cocktail parties like this purple piece from Licia Florio.

The multipurpose kaftan

The kaftan dress is a symbol of the bohemian lifestyle and exoticism. It is believed to originate from Ancient Mesopotamia but didn’t become popular in the western world until the ’50s and ’60s when high-end fashion houses adopted the style. Nowadays, the kaftan has become the synonym for every longer, loose-fitting tunic or robe you can find on the market.

Kaftan-style dresses can be a great idea to dropship during the warmer months as their loose silhouette and light fabrication allow for proper ventilation and help with lowering the body temperature. Also, they can be a great item to target the more modest demographic with.

Kaftans like this Ermanno Scervino dress can be great companions on the beach. They can also be equally part of a woman’s everyday wardrobe like this floral silk piece from Dolce & Gabbana or can be used as elegant gowns as well.

The feminine ruffle dress

Although ruffles are nowadays associated with feminine dressing, their history is everything but feminine. Ruffles are dating back to the 16th century when it was a common practice to wear multiple layers of fabric. German and Spanish soldiers then started to slash up the more decorative top layer of their outercoats to reveal the more basic undergarment beneath, so it would mimic the ragged look of soldiers returning from war.

Once these initial ruffles came to fame, they were worn by aristocrats and are an iconic part of their 17th-century paintings. Ever since, ruffles managed to stick around and come back as a leading trend in the past years.

A ruffle dress can give a noticeable and fresh update to any look. This polka dot ruffle dress is a prime example of including ruffles in everyday outfits while Dolce & Gabbana’s gown dress can be a perfect choice for a showstopping outfit.

The trendy cut-out dress

Another hot 2022 trend is the cut-out dress. The main advantage of this dress style is that it can be classy and subtle as well as daring and sexy. The whole idea is to show just as much skin as needed to create that suggestion effect.

If you’re targeting a more adventurous niche, don’t miss out on these dresses to dropship. Cut-out dresses can come in any shape and form, so everyone can find their perfect match and make an impression wherever they go.

The cold shoulder cut-out is one of the most widely used ones such as in the case of this John Galliano sleeveless dress perfect for a summer night. But cut-out dresses can also look professional, which can be proven by Met’s long black dress, as well as provide show-stopping look such as this Elisavetta Franchi bodycon dress.

The metallic and sequined dresses from the ’80s

Another item that’s making a huge comeback this year is the metallic or sequined dress. So far women might have reserved their shiniest pieces for a night out or for New Year’s Eve, but this year they’re becoming a part of outfits worn around the clock.

These bright pieces can be balanced out with toned-down basics and natural colors, making them an eye-catching for both party and everyday outfits.

They can come in solid silver or gold tones like these Dolce & Gabbana gown and Aniye By mini wrap dress or can be as colorful as it gets like this Dolce & Gabbana multicolor sequin dress.

To sum up

Dropshipping women’s dresses is definitely a strategy to attract shoppers’ attention and drive dropshipping store traffic. So, try to consider a wider range of dresses to dropship sin order to offer merchandise to multiple niches and follow the current trends on the market. There might be a seemingly overwhelming supply and players on the market at the moment but if you know your customers well and target them with the right marketing strategy, your hard work and effort will certainly pay off.

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