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Best Wholesale T-Shirt Suppliers for 2024

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
14th March, 2024
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Beloved for their versatility and comfort, t-shirts have always been experiencing widespread popularity among all types of customers.

From a business perspective, due to this ever-present consumer demand, selling T-shirts allows retailers to enter a space that can be incredibly profitable for those equipped with the right knowledge and resources.

In this article, we will guide you through finding the best wholesale T-shirt suppliers for 2024.

Join us as we navigate through the essential steps to capitalize on this lucrative market, equipping you with the insights to make informed decisions and succeed in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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Is the t-shirt business still profitable?

Is diving into the t-shirt market still a wise move? Absolutely! 

The global t-shirt industry is booming, showing no signs of slowing down. 

Recent statistics suggest that the sector is projected to hit a staggering 48 billion USD for the men’s market and 72 billion USD for the women’s market in 2024, growing annually between 2024 and 2028 by 3%. 

For entrepreneurs ready to make their mark, the t-shirt market offers a fertile ground for innovation, creativity, and, most importantly, substantial financial returns.

How do I find a good t-shirt supplier?

Finding the right T-shirt supplier is key to the success of your venture into the bustling t-shirt market. 

But where do you start, and how do you ensure you’re making the best choice? 

  • Start with research. Look for suppliers with positive reviews and a solid reputation within the industry. It’s not just about quality; it’s also about reliability and the ability to deliver on time. Trade shows and online marketplaces are goldmines for discovering suppliers. 
  • Evaluate product range. You want a supplier with a diverse inventory. More options in materials, styles, and sizes mean you can cater to a wider audience.
  • Open lines of communication. A responsive supplier can make all the difference. Evaluate their communication efficiency from the start. How quickly do they respond to inquiries? Are they willing to provide the information you need in a short time?
  • Great wholesale prices. Competitive pricing without compromising on quality allows you to offer your customers excellent value, which is key to attracting and retaining a loyal customer base.
  • Check fulfillment terms: Understanding a supplier’s shipping costs, delivery times, and return policies upfront can save you from future headaches. Look for suppliers who offer reliable fulfillment solutions and clear, reasonable terms for shipping and returns. 

Best wholesale t-shirt suppliers


Location: USA & Europe

Niche: luxury clothing and accessories

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

BrandsGateway stands as one of the leading wholesale and dropshipping suppliers of luxury clothing and accessories, catering to both brick-and-mortar and online shops.

With an extensive assortment of over 20,000 products, customers can buy luxury apparel, luxury accessories, luxury shoes, luxury bags, and luxury jewelry from renowned brands Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Michael Kors, Jacquemus, Jimmy Choo, Carolina Herrera, Tory Burch, Swarovski, and many more designer brands

Their t-shirt collection includes cotton, v-neck, graphic, long-sleeve, short-sleeve, collared t-shirts, and more.

Such products allow retailers to offer premium items at their stores, achieving up to 250% profit margins per order.

With operational warehouses located in both the United States and Europe, BrandsGateway ensures expedited global delivery, promising shipment within 1-3 days throughout the European Union and between 5-7 days for the rest of the delivery locations, delivering orders to over 170 countries.

Furthermore, BrandsGateway enforces a 7-day return policy for any orders that arrive damaged or incorrect.

Additionally, BrandsGateway prides itself on exceptional customer support through various channels such as live chat, email, demo calls, and WhatsApp, guaranteeing swift and effective resolution of any inquiries or issues.

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Location: California, USA

Niche: print-on-demand

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

Printful offers print-on-demand services on different types of products such as t-shirts, dresses, leggings, hoodies, hats, and other apparel items.

They also produce pillows, blankets, tote bags, canvas prints, and drinkware.

From fashion apparel like tees and hoodies to a variety of accessories including bags and home decor, Printful bridges creativity and commerce. 

Their shipping times vary from one delivery location to another.

Royal Apparel

Location: New York, USA

Niche: men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

Rooted in New York and operating since the 1990s, Royal Apparel specializes in casual wear that includes v-neck, short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and pocket t-shirts. Besides, t-shirts, retailers can also buy bottoms, activewear, and accessories.

They have a minimum order quantity of 1,200 to 1,800 units per style and color for all of their products.

A 10-day return period allows customers to ask for a refund. 

Orders are shipped via FedEx, while also accommodating alternative carrier preferences specified by customers.

The Mountain

Location: California, USA

Niche: graphic t-shirts 

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

The Mountain distinguishes itself in California’s apparel market with its graphic t-shirts.

To make the design of their products, they use use of water-based inks and organic dyes. Their t-shirt collections include animal, dinosaur, pets, fantasy, and nature-inspired product designs. 

Returns are processed within 7-10 working days.

Jones T-Shirts

Location: Utah, USA

Niche: everyday t-shirts

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

Jones T-Shirts is a US wholesale clothing supplier of t-shirts that sells basic tees, graphic tees, tank tops, cotton t-shirts, long-sleeve, and short-sleeve t-shirts.

They can be contacted via different communication channels including email, phone, and contact form that can be found on their website. 

Unfortunately, they don’t offer international delivery and ship only within the US.


Location: Vernon, Canada

Niche: sportswear

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

Canadian wholesaler A4 focuses on the sportswear niche.

They sell clothing equipment for different types of sports, including t-shirts. 

Their products are distributed from warehouses in Los Angeles, California, and Kansas City, Missouri. 

Return requests are accepted within 60 days of delivery, while their shipping service covers only the US territory.  


Location: Riga, Latvia

Niche: print-on-demand

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

As the name suggests, Printify is another print-on-demand supplier that allows retailers to buy customized products.

Their catalog covers about 800 products ranging from apparel and accessories to home goods and drinkware.

Returns can be accepted within 30 days after delivery.


Location: California, USA

Niche: everyday wear

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

ShirtCotton is a wholesale supplier known for its casual and basic t-shirt collections.

They offer retailers the opportunity to stock up not only on t-shirts but also hoodies, polos, dresses, and pants.

Shipping is limited to the US and surrounding territories. Returns are accepted if required within 14 days after the order has been delivered.

UTT Europe

Location: Hungary, Europe

Niche: everyday wear

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

UTT Europe is e European wholesale clothing supplier from Hungary that specializes in offering everyday wear to various sectors, including fashion retailers and gift companies. 

Businesses can buy t-shirts for men, women, and children

Their operations are mainly focused in Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula.

They have a strict return policy that requires buyers to contact their customer service team within 24 hours after delivery. 


Location: USA

Niche: everyday wear 

best wholesale t-shirt suppliers

Based in the US, Wordans caters to the casual apparel market. 

Their inventory includes basic apparel like t-shirts, jackets, pants, bags, and headwear for all genders and ages.

Their return policy allows for returns to be accepted within 30 days post-delivery. Keep in mind that returns may take up to 21 working days to be processed and refunded.

Currently, they only deliver within the US.

Wholesale t-shirts for the win

The t-shirt biz? Yeah, it’s still kicking and more profitable than ever.

If you’re thinking about diving in or just looking to expand your inventory, going the wholesale route is a no-brainer. And with the suppliers we’ve talked about, you’re pretty much set for success.

By buying wholesale and keeping those prices competitive and designs fresh, you’re on your way to making your mark in the t-shirt market. 


Some of the best wholesale suppliers for t-shirts include:

  • BrandsGateway
  • A4 Apparel
  • The Mountain
  • Printful
  • Jones T-Shirts

Yes, t-shirt sales can be very profitable, especially when targeting lucrative niches. Profit margins can vary but finding a supplier with high-quality products and competitive prices can significantly increase profitability.

  • Start by defining your niche and market needs
  • Use online marketplaces
  • Attend trade shows
  • Read industry blogs and forums
  • Prioritize suppliers with a wide selection, competitive pricing, and positive customer reviews.

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