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There is a whole science behind supplying a boutique with wholesale clothing. Aside from learning the basics of how to buy wholesale boutique clothing, another thing you should master is the process of finding good quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers.

If your business is based in the U.S., the right approach is to go with a good quality wholesale boutique clothing supplier that characterizes itself with the following qualities:

  • A wholesale boutique clothing package that includes an extensive portfolio with premium products from numerous wide-ranging brands. The more brands are included in that wholesale clothing vendor’s portfolio, the merrier;
  • Fast, safe, and secure worldwide delivery at convenient fixed prices;
  • Different wholesale boutique clothing offerings, for example, wholesale clothing stocklots and pick & mix options. With the first one, you get pre-defined bulk of wholesale clothing. While with the latter, you get to choose which specific items you want to include in your wholesale order. 

All of the above mentioned wholesale services are crucial for one wholesale clothing vendor to be considered a leader in the industry. Imagine if this wholesale clothing vendor of your choice doesn’t fulfill the first criteria. In this case, you would get a limited portfolio of products that might harm your sales. 

The same goes for the second and third characteristics. In case you don’t get the opportunity to choose between diverse options of buying wholesale boutique clothing or you experience poor delivery service, including issues with slow or poor shipping, you could end up with dissatisfied customers. 

What are the best wholesale clothing websites?

This is a question to which we have the answer. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top good quality wholesale clothing distributors that offer wholesale services on U.S. soil. 

All the clothing vendors for boutiques we included on this list differentiate themselves with unique wholesale clothing offerings. In the end, it all comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Therefore, you need to analyze and measure their qualities to come to a decision more easily. 

brandsgateway blog clothing wholesale supplier

1. BrandsGateway – Wholesale Boutique Clothing

The largest wholesale clothing vendor that surely distinguishes itself from the crowd of the top good quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers. BrandsGateway is the home to the world’s most luxurious brands and offers high-quality boutique wholesale clothing. 

If you have a passion for selling high-end fashion products, BrandsGateway should become your number one supplier. Particularly, because BrandsGateway characterizes its wholesale services with all the traits we mentioned above. 

BrandsGateway is a clothing vendor for boutique selling designer clothing

To illustrate, if you choose BrandsGateway to be your wholesale clothing vendor, you will be able to buy wholesale clothing in stocklots or pick & mix. Moreover, this supplier of wholesale clothing assures express worldwide 5-days delivery. On top of that, BrandsGateway’s discounted wholesale prices go as low as 90% on selected products, leaving room for larger profits.

BrandsGateway is one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers for boutiques with luxury clothing

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2. Aiden’s Corner

Aiden’s Corner is a wholesale clothing supplier known for its handmade baby products created with high-quality materials and prints that are safe for babies’ sensitive skin. This supplier of baby’s apparel and accessories offers the option for selling wholesale. However, they have a strict policy that forbids wholesale clients to resell their products on Amazon. 

Therefore, if you are interested in opening your own online store to sell handmade products for babies, Aiden’s Corner is for you. The family-owned business is quickly gaining recognition and boutiques from across the U.S.A. have already started long-lasting relationships with Aiden’s Corner. 

Aiden's Corner is one of the best good quality wholesale Boutique clothing distributors for kid's clothing

3. Denim Manufacturing 

As the name suggests this is a wholesale clothing vendor based in the USA that focuses on manufacturing and selling denim. One of the pros of Denim Manufacturing is that they offer high-quality denim at low minimums, reasonable prices, and quick delivery. In other words, this advantage is what contributes to them being in the top good quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers. 

Denim Manufacturing is among the clothing vendors for boutique that manufactures mostly denim

In 2016, Mex Apparel began producing private-label clothing with a low minimum, for newcomer clothing boutiques. Above all, their apparel is 100% made in the U.S.A. and they tend to keep it that way. Consequently, these guys have an excellent minimum order requirement. Theirs stands at just 12 pieces, perfect for small boutiques to begin with.

bloom wholesale clothing usa

4. Bloom – Boutique Wholesale Clothing

Another one on the list of the top good quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers is Boom. Boom specializes in clothing for women at affordable prices. In fact, their prices for apparel begin at just $6. In their collections of wholesale boutique clothing for women, they have dresses, skirts, tops, and many more items, in both average and plus-sizes. 

Bloom specializes in boutique wholesale clothing

Having in mind that Boom’s products have convenient prices, it could be a good choice to explore their wholesale services, if you’re in need of a supplier for cheaper fashion items. Their wholesale boutique clothing services include affordable shipping rates. This is another advantage if you are looking for ways to invest less money in your new business. 

5. The Mountain Wholesale Boutique Clothing

Wholesale boutique clothing and accessories are available to purchase from The Mountain as well. This wholesale clothing vendor is the very definition of the label ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ The Mountain is recognizable among the clothing vendors for boutiques by its eco-friendly approach in creating clothes. In other words, they focus on using water-based ink and organic dyes to create quality clothes. 

Another good quality wholesale boutique clothing supplier that sells Made in USA apparel

If your target are women, men, and children, The Mountain has some good wholesale offers you can check out. This clothing distributor has over 220 employees and has been around for over 23 years, which is proof of their dedication and hard work. They currently stock around 1000 designs and over 1 million pre-printed apparel. 

6. Wholesale Fashion Square

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier of boutique clothing and jewelry, Wholesale Fashion Square sells some great products sourced from local manufactures. To clarify, Wholesale Fashion Square has its foundation in Los Angeles, California, so all of their products are Made in the U.S.A.

One of the clothing vendors for boutiques that sells women's clothing

When it comes to buying in bulk from Wholesale Fashion Square, you can purchase items in units of six pieces. The idea behind this rule is to reduce costs. However, if you own a smaller business, or just want to test their products, they also offer the possibility to units that include three instead of six items. This makes Wholesale Fashion Square a great choice for those searching for clothing vendors for boutiques with a smaller minimum order policy. 

chris & carol wholesale apparel usa

7. Chris & Carol

Another wholesale clothing vendor that manufactures its products in the U.S.A is Chris & Carol. More specifically, Chris & Carol clothing is made and produced in Vernon, California. If you’re into selling high-quality boutique wholesale clothing from a family-owned company, this is the place to start. 

A wholesale clothing supplier that sells maternity wear for women

This apparel wholesale manufacturer offers many options for its customers. Customized ratios, private brand labels, and customized patterns and designs are what they do best. And they do it all in-house. Lastly, their collection covers women’s and kid’s clothing, including maternity and plus-size wear. From the clothing vendors for boutiques mentioned here, Chris & Carol can offer you great collections of clothes if you want to sell maternity wear.

ccwholesaleclothing usa

8. CCWholesaleClothing

Next on the list of the top good quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers is CCWholesaleClothing. The company provides wholesale boutique clothing, but along with accessories, shoes, beauty products, and more. Above all, their low minimum is really fair and stands at just one piece per item. 

CCWholesale Clothing offers wholesale clothing and accessories

This is the perfect wholesale clothing vendor for your boutique if your target audience includes women, men, but children as well. CCWholesaleClothing is the destination of numerous wholesale clothing buyers because it offers trendy apparel at reasonable prices. 

9. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel – a wholesale boutique clothing supplier you can turn to if you want to put an accent on selling women’s clothing. Based in Los Angeles, California, Tasha Apparel sells merchandise in bulk mostly in units of six items. 

Tasha Apparel is on the list of clothing vendors for boutiques that put focus on women's clothing

This wholesale boutique clothing supplier offers women’s clothing to wholesale buyers without minimum quantity orders. Additionally, their collections of wholesale boutique clothing are updated on a regular basis. This is ideal because you will be able to always have something new for your customers.

mono b wholesale usa

10. Mono B Clothing

If you are planning to start an online business with an accent on activewear, you should be aware that there aren’t numerous clothing vendors for boutiques that specialize in this niche. Mono B Clothing made it on the list of the top good quality boutique clothing suppliers just because of its devotion to selling functional lifestyle activewear. 

For wholesale activewear Mono B has some great offers

As a proud manufacturer and wholesale boutique clothing distributor of activewear and leisurewear, Mono B has become a fashion brand in less than a decade. In short, they sell various quality fitness apparel for women and men at affordable prices. This makes Mono B Clothing the perfect wholesale clothing supplier for activewear.  

11. Sugarlips

Located in Los Angeles, California, Sugarlips is a wholesale clothing vendor that specializes in women’s clothing. From dresses and tops to jumpsuits, rompers, and outwear – Sugarlips holds an inventory of numerous fashion items for the ladies. 

A high quality wholesale boutique clothing supplier that sells fashionable items for women

Sugarlips has a team of designers who work hard to develop innovative designs for its retail customers. When it comes to delivering their wholesale orders, if your business is based in the US or Canada and you make an order for over 500$, you get free shipping. Otherwise, they offer different standard and express shipping options to choose from.

good stuff apparel wholesale usa

12. Good Stuff Apparel

What’s so good about this wholesale boutique vendor that we decided to include it on this list of the top good quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers? For starters, new customers get 10% off their first order. Also, they sell some of their products 75% below wholesale prices. For the U.S. – based clothing boutiques, they provide free shipping at any rate – and you’ll receive a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with any product. Another advantage is that they carry clothing in all sizes for women and kids, including plus-size. 

Wholesale boutique clothing is available to buy from Good Stuff Apparel

Good Stuff Apparel buys from a variety of U.S. clothing manufacturers and sells at minimum profits. Furthermore, they never forget to surprise their customers with special promotions and discounts and new arrivals that they launch twice a week. If you wish to find clothing vendors for boutiques that are flexible with their return and refund policy, Good Stuff Apparel is one of those.  

nikibiki wholesale clothing usa

13. Nikibiki

Nikibiki is another supplier of wholesale boutique clothing designed especially for women. With their signature tops and leggings, Nikibiki is the best supplier for boutiques that specialize in selling basics for everyday wear. Their collection covers leggings, dresses, tops, and bodysuits. 

Activewear is Nikibibi's specialty

Based in Los Angeles, California, Nikibiki is famous for manufacturing wholesale boutique clothing “Made in USA”. To put it differently, this wholesale boutique supplier produces its products in-house using soft and lightweight fabrics. What’s more, they offer the possibility of placing custom orders for smaller and medium boutiques, so if you’re starting fresh, seize this opportunity. 

14. Orange Shine

Orange Shine joins the group of good quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers because it’s yet another manufacturer of high-quality boutique wholesale clothing based in the US. What sets Orange Shine apart from the other clothing vendors for boutiques on this list is their company’s vision. Aside from supplying boutique owners with women’s and men’s clothing, they dedicate their work to helping children in need.

Good quality wholesale clothing vendor that sells clothing for women and men

In particular, Orange Shine especially designs children’s t-shirts as a donation to children living in countries affected by poverty. If you have the ambition to participate in such a mission, don’t hesitate to make Orange Shine your wholesale boutique clothing supplier.

all usa wholesale clothing


15. ALL USA Clothing – Wholesale American Boutique Clothing

Last on our list of the top USA good quality wholesale boutique suppliers is All USA Clothing. The name itself tells everything. This is a US clothing vendor that evokes tradition. They are well known for the slogan “100% Made in the USA” under which they have been proudly operating for over 45 years.

ALL USA Clothing supplies many businesses and organizations with wholesale boutique clothing for men, women, and children. They are committed to delivering original American wholesale clothing with high quality and good wholesale prices. 

In a nutshell

Surely, today there are numerous wholesale clothing vendors but not all of them can achieve success in this industry. To be on the list of the top USA good quality products wholesale boutique clothing suppliers, one needs to invest bigger efforts. 

Selling wholesale boutique clothing is a rather complex process. Therefore, in order to attract clients, one must fulfill all of the criteria we mentioned in this article. Therefore, as a dropshipper, if you aren’t sure how to determine which of these clothing vendors for boutiques is the right fit for you, mark them as indispensable features to look for. 

Once you identify a wholesale clothing vendor that follows all of them, ensure to establish contact. With the most reliable supplier by your side, you could thrive in re-selling high-quality boutique wholesale clothing.


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