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11 Best Suppliers of Wholesale Designer Boots in 2022

Nedina Gjorgjieva
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Regardless of the season, unlike some garments, boots are that one piece of clothing that is always in demand thanks to the fact that one can wear them together with infinite fashion combinations even during the coldest winters and hottest summers. The rapid changes in the fashion industry have made it possible for boots to become a ‘must own’ fashion piece appropriate for any dress code: black tie, semi-formal, casual, smart casual, business casual, you name it. Consequently, shops have been selling them like hot cupcakes, stocking their inventories on the clock, thus, taking advantage of the opportunity to make fortunes and build up their businesses in the successful stores they’ve always dreamed of.

The best way for sellers to make certain their stores are supplied with enough boots is to buy them from wholesale suppliers whose market size as of 2022 amounts to more than 10 trillion USD. The benefits of purchasing products in bulk are numerous. Because you’d be buying a large quantity of goods upfront, wholesale vendors would be more inclined towards giving you generous discounts which would reduce your costs significantly. Moreover, you won’t have to put in orders frequently since you’d have all of your products at disposal at all times, hence, keeping the shelves full and the customers satisfied.

How to track down the best suppliers of wholesale boots?

With the number of wholesale businesses adding up to around 700,000 companies in the US alone, the overwhelming process of choosing a wholesale supplier can take quite a toll on store owners. It’s crucial to pay attention to your store’s needs and look for wholesalers who seem reliable and, if possible, have been verified by other sellers. Here are some elements to take into consideration:

  • Product quality, pricing, and availability;
  • The MOQ or minimum order quantity required;
  • Refund regulations;
  • Return policies;
  • Delivery times.

Having these factors in mind, you’ll be capable of turning down unqualified suppliers and easily spotting those that could provide your store with boots of the most outstanding design and quality. With the thought of landing you a hand, we’ve made our own research on behalf of all store owners out there in search of reputable authentic designer vendors and came up with the following list to help you start out.


Location: Europe & USA

Let’s start off the list with one of the most prestigious B2B eCommerce marketplaces, BrandsGateway, established in 2017. With offices and warehouses throughout Europe and the USA, this luxury brand wholesaler is the ideal choice for those on the lookout for exquisite high-end items, especially boots, created by top-notch designers who enjoy a worldwide reputation. Whether you’re an owner of a high-street shop, outlet boutique, or online store, BrandsGateway will happily fill up your racks with superb merchandise by simply creating a free account on their website from where you can place orders at any time.

Main features:

  • Broad-ranging selection of designer boots from highly estimated luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Jimmy Choo;
  • High-quality ankle, combat, high-heel, flat, knee-high, mid-calf, shearling, leather, suede boots for men and women;
  • The company guarantees 100% authenticity for all its products;
  • A chance to earn up to 250% for every order placed in your store;
  • The minimum order quantity amounts to €1000/ $1200, which can be reached quite easy;
  • Express delivery is available for customers in need of their orders as quickly as possible for only €15/$17;
  • Damaged, defective, or wrongly shipped products can be returned within 7 from the day the order has arrived at its destination;
  • Excellent customer support team available to clients for any further details or information;
  • Purchasing items at wholesale can be done either by opting for the pick and mix design or stocklots option;
  • Shipping service includes reliable carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.


Location: Poland

Next on our list is WeeStep, a retail store with shops located in a couple of locations in Europe and the US but also offering wholesale services. Founded in 2010 with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, the company sells branded boots exclusively for children.

Main features:

  • Customers can choose from a variety of collections; Products are intended for children of all ages;
  • Online catalogs are constantly renewed;
  • Customer service in charge of wholesale services can be reached by telephone during the week from 8 AM to 20 PM Central European time zone, except on Fridays.

Mirza UK LTD

Location: UK

Another wholesale supplier worth mentioning is Mirza UK LTD, founded in 1993 in Milton Keynes, the UK. They offer leather boots for men at affordable prices.

Main features:

  • Different styles of boots including formal, traditional, or street-wear styles;
  • The company caters to both e-commerce stores and offline shops within the UK, US, Europe, and Australia;
  • Clients can easily reach the customer support team by phone, e-mail, or simply by filling out a contact form that can be found on their website;
  • On the downside, they have at disposal only two brands of boots, RedTape and Oaktrak.


Location: Italy

Viamadeinitaly is an Italian wholesaler situated in the northeastern region of Italy, Veneto. It offers B2B services to stores around Italy and the rest of Europe, supplying them with boots specifically made by Italian manufacturers for both the men’s and women’s market segments.

Main features:

  • The company supplies retailers and online store owners solely with Italian designer brands with the motto of supporting current and prospective fashion designers;
  • Clients also have the opportunity to customize the products they wish to sell in their shops.


Location: USA

The fifth place on the list of best wholesale suppliers for boots belongs to the American wholesaler  FashionTIY, established in the state of Delaware and has been in business since 2014.

Main features:

  • Variety of boots for men, women, and children from various styles and materials such as rubber, leather, cloth, and suede;
  • Shipping services are carried out by FedEx, DHL, UPS, and SeaCargo for low costs, delivering your products within 8 business days;
  • One of the cons is that while canceling orders within 24 hours is free, within 72 hours a 30% fee must be paid;
  • Discounts adding up to 40% depending on the number of boots purchased;
  • Amount deduction coupons and discount coupons for every order totaling more than $100;
  • Another disadvantage is that product sizes may have 2-3 cm error since the sizes are measured by hand, without relying on machinery;
  • Moreover, pictures of the products might not present the boots most accurately, especially when it comes to the color of the product as a result of different light exposures during the shooting;
  • If the boots the customers have ordered are short in stock, this supplier might send the desired amount of products in batches instead of delivering the whole order at once.

AP Italian Luxury

Location: Italy

Led by founder and CEO Alessandra Perani, AP Italian Luxury offers B2B wholesale services to all fashion store business owners. Their main office is situated in sunny Tuscany, in the city of Torrita di Siena.

Main features:

  • Packaging can be changed on request and only if provided by the customer;
  • International shipping available;
  • Products can’t be checked out without having previously subscribed to their services.


Location: USA

Orangeshine is yet another USA-based wholesaler that connects multiple sellers with buyers interested in stocking up their inventory in bulk without having to worry about storage shortages.

Main features:

  • A large pool of boots to pick out from;
  • Providing full customer service, including order processing, dealing with complaints and unsatisfied customers, and return policies;
  • Recommendations on the best boots to purchase are also offered to those clients in need of advice;
  • Customers can track their orders at all times;
  • On the downside, not all of their sellers deliver internationally, but only within the US;
  • Furthermore, the website doesn’t allow non-members to browse through the products.


Location: Sweden

Yabelo is a Swedish wholesale supplier selling branded boots from numerous European designers.

Main features:

  • Good-quality men and women’s boots for all ages;
  • Daily catalog update;
  • Clients can also make arrangements for an on-site review of the merchandise;
  • The minimum order quantity varies depending on the type of boots and can be as low as 140 and as high as 8000 pairs of boots;
  • Customer support representatives can be reached 24/7.


Location: France

eFashion is a merchandise wholesaler offering digital shopping for both offline retailers and online entrepreneurs. Having been in business since 2011, the French supplier helps store owners to keep their inventory in stock with the latest trending boots.

Main features:

  • The boots collection consists of high heeled, flat rain, hiking, stocking, and work boots among others;
  • Currently working with independent and French brands only;
  • MOQ differs from product to product;
  • Reasonably priced shipping costs with the companies USP, DPD, and Colissimo;
  • Promotional codes are offered on special occasions;
  • Within France packages arrive at the target destination in 24 hours, while deliveries outside France and Europe can take up to 72 hours;
  • Products can be returned in cases they’ve been damaged or the customer has changed their mind. When the latter is concerned, clients can fill out a request form and send it no later than 7 days from when the order has been dispatched;
  • On the downside, for most returned items, this wholesaler doesn’t offer monetary compensation but rather a store credit which some might find inconvenient.

Postskriptum GmbH

Location: Germany

Working with wholesale since 2005, the German clothing supplier Postskriptum GmbH is open to any enterprises aiming to sell fashion garments, including boots.

Main features:

  • The majority of boots advertised in the catalogs are produced by Western European manufacturers;
  • Shipping time can be as short as 5 days and can stretch up to 15 days, all depending on the location and the delivery method;
  • Buyers are free to choose between DHL or third-party shipping;
  • Flawed items can be returned and are sometimes sold for low prices under the category of faulty goods.


Location: France

Astreyee is a shoe wholesaler supplying clients with a large number of adult’s and children’s boots and other types of footwear since early 2015 with a warehouse just outside Paris.

Main features:

  • They supply clients with boots from a couple of manufacturers;
  • The boots are mostly made of faux suede and leather and synthetic materials;
  • Customer service is available only during the weekdays;
  • Carrier options include DHL, DPD, GLS, TNT, and Chronopost;
  • Clients can also choose to pick up their orders by themselves by organizing another delivery service.

To sum it up

The journey of finding the best wholesale supplier for your boots collection can be indeed tiring and quite time-consuming. It’s a task that should be taken with the greatest earnestness considering the fact that the quality of your products can either elevate your traditional or reverse dropshipping business to unbelievable success or cause you to lose everything you have invested so hard in. That being so, store owners are advised to make a thorough research on every supplier they come across bearing in mind that many of them might not be as reliable as others or worse, even look dodgy. In order to successfully avoid such suspicious and untrustworthy suppliers and find your way to genuine and verified ones, the wisest thing to do would be to take into account the factors mentioned above so you could benefit from the best wholesale services out there. It’s in your store’s best interest to do a complete background check on potential business partners before taking any step further. The list we’ve created will certainly offer you much-needed guidance and assistance and help you out in making the right choice.

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