10 Best Suppliers for Wholesale Sneakers from Luxury Brands

Lilla Stefanovszky

Sneakers are highly popular among shoppers, so you can’t avoid them when planning on stocking your store. It often happens that retailers can feel overwhelmed by the number of wholesale suppliers on the market. Although it is crucial to your business to find your best match to have a successful store. For this reason, this article will guide you through the top suppliers for wholesale sneakers from luxury brands. But first, let’s have a look at the sneaker market and why you should claim your own piece of it.

The sneaker market and its characteristics

Hand in hand with the growing trend of athleisure wear, sneakers are high in demand for the past couple of years. The good news is, that this trend is here to stay and becoming even more important during the upcoming years. It is a great indicator of its importance if we first look at the footwear market as a whole. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with an estimated worth of 365.5 billion USD in 2020. Also, analysts project that it will grow even further and reach 502.8 billion USD by 2026.

Sneakers currently take and will take their fair share of this in the future as well. In 2020 the global sneakers market accounted for 78 billion USD and is projected to reach 119.5 billion USD by 2026. This means that not only the value of the sneaker market is on the rise but also its share in the global footwear market. In 2020, it accounted for 21.34% and by 2026 it will grow further, to 23.67%.

Drivers of the sneaker market

This is due to several factors. One of these is the growing health consciousness of consumers. These consumers are seeking appropriate footwear for several occasions and activities. Most of them have separate shoe options for running errands, going for a jog, or hiking in nature. They also tend to own several pairs that can match their outfits. The other is undoubtedly athleisure being in trend as people desire to obtain a certain look. Consumers are buying sneakers in order to achieve a sporty and active look whether they actually are or not.wholesale sneakers for your dropshipping store

Having a great supplier for wholesale sneakers can be key for your business, so we have done some research for you. Now let’s have a look at the best suppliers for wholesale sneakers from high-end brands on the market from whom you could source from.

Suppliers for wholesale sneakers


First on our list is BrandsGateway with its large range of high-quality designer sneakers. Here you can find sneakers from world-class luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Trussardi Jeans, Uominitaliani, Greenhouse Polo, and more. All items are 100% authentic and branded, so it’s guaranteed that your customers will gladly shop from the range you select.

With the minimum order amount starting at 1000EU or1200 USD, you can pick and mix the styles yourself that you wish to buy. Alternatively, you can go with pre-chosen packages, stocklots, with items from multiple vendors. This option will benefit you if you are looking to add more discounts than the pick and mix option. Moreover, BrandsGateway offers 5 days worldwide delivery, so your stock can hit your store within days. When it comes to wholesale orders, BrandsGateway provides a 7-days return policy for damaged or defective products which is an advantage for the majority of wholesale buyers.


Yet another supplier of wholesale sneakers is OrangeShine. It offers a full-service package for its wholesale partners. This not only includes branded, fashion-driven stock but also other assistance with sourcing as well. This way you can set foot in the booming online business with minimal cost and effort.

branded wholesale sneakers at BrandsGateway

The additional services include an online showroom so you can effectively select your favorites for your customers. Also, easy tracking and managing your wholesale orders through the website is available alongside professional product images. Lastly, OrangeShine doesn’t approve returns because of a change of mind, but only for faulty products.

Style Centre

Style Centre is next on the list of suppliers that sell wholesale sneakers when it comes to footwear. In their portfolio prevail sneaker models from sports brands such as Nike and Puma. They guarantee that all products are 100% authentic, original, and brand new with tags. Style Centre’s warehouse is located in Dundee, Scotland where you can pay a visit upon request. This way you can have a first-hand look at the merchandise you will resell to your customers. Moreover, Style Centre offers advice and video training to small or start-up businesses to set them up for future success.

Finally, two downsides when wholesale shopping at Style Centre is that you must order at least 5 products for the order to be accepted. Additionally, their return policy is only 3-days for damaged goods which is quite a short time and many buyers find this inconvenient.

DNC Wholesale

DNC Wholesale is yet another wholesaler providing branded sneakers in bulk. You can either choose to buy a stocklot that contains styles from several brands, or you can go with lots separated by brands. Some of these include a variety of styles and in some cases, you can handpick the styles you wish to purchase.

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DNC Wholesale offers styles from overstock, that have never been exposed for sale in other retail stores. Also, you can find closeouts and shelf pulls that despite being displayed for sale at store showrooms or online have never been purchased by a customer.

Wholesale Clothing Outlet

Another one on the list of suppliers for wholesale sneakers is Wholesale Clothing Outlet. As the name itself implies, the company primarily provides clothing, but also footwear for women, men, and children. Some of the brands they source are Gant, Springfield, Top Shop, and Promod, therefore, if you are looking for more high-end fashion brands, you can skip this supplier. In case you want to order from its offerings you can contact them directly to learn more about their delivery services.

Eros Wholesale

Eros Wholesale is a family-owned company that was founded over 60 years ago. This supplier specializes specifically in wholesale footwear of all kids, sneakers included. It’s important to highlight that they manufacture and sell their own branded sneakers. Men’s, women’s, and kid’s sneakers are available to purchase at Eros Wholesale in large quantities for your brick-and-mortar or online store.


Located in Munich, Germany, Marmedia is offering over 90 brands in the categories of Apparel, Accessories, and Footwear as well. It is supplying wholesale sneakers for luxury multibrand stores, boutiques, and eCommerce sites alike. You can choose your stock from numerous high-end luxury brands that are offered by Marmedia. You can pre-order new collections for the upcoming season or you can also re-order collections for the current season.

CO.CA.MA Trade

CO.CA.MA Trade was funded back in 1972 near Mantua, Italy, and specializes in wholesale footwear for both men and women. It provides a variety of luxury wholesale sneakers for brick and mortar and eCommerce stores alike. You can come across brands like Hugo Boss, Casadei, Love Moschino, and Harmont & Blaine while browsing CO.CA.MA Trade’s offerings. Alternatively, CO.CA.MA Trade can assist you with developing your own designs and get them manufactured in Italy.

In regard to their delivery times and return policy, their official website is lacking such information, therefore, if you want to get this information, you will have to contact them directly.

wholesale trainers for your dropshipping store

Luxury Market

Another supplier you should consider sourcing wholesale sneakers from is Luxury Market. Located in the historic Garment District of New York, it gives you access to the high-end fashion brands that are currently in trend and popular on the market. It connects retail buyers with over 100 suppliers that offer more than 100 brands. You will be able to focus on growing your own store, rather than getting lost in logistics with the help of its well-established global supply chain.

Karma Moda

Last but not least, Karma Moda is another Italian wholesale supplier you might want to consider sourcing sneakers from. Aside from women’s and men’s categories, you can also buy kids’ footwear from Karma Moda’s. Karma Moda only offers stock lots with a minimum of 500 units where you will get at least 4 or 5 sizes of each model. Some wholesale buyers might see this as a disadvantage if they’re only starting in the wholesale industry for sneakers.

To sum up

As this article highlighted, there are numerous suppliers for wholesale sneakers on the market that you can choose from. But we can not stress enough that is vital that you find the best match for your business. It is best to follow the above-mentioned data and statistics and choose a wholesale supplier who can supply you with the best offering.

Tapping into the sneaker market has its opportunities and challenges as well. But once you have the ideal supplier that can provide you with products your customers desire, you are set for success in the fashion business.

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