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9 Best Suppliers of Wholesale Designer Dresses

Nedina Gjorgjieva
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The fashion industry has been enjoying great popularity since the beginning of time and has even had a significant role in shaping a lot of historical periods, including the era we live in now. By introducing unforgettable clothing trends, fashion has made those formal times recognizable and memorable for many years after. Consequently, the apparel business has been booming uninterruptedly, eventually becoming one of the most high-income segments of the global market. In 2022, the clothing market marked a revenue estimated to value 1.7 million USD to which each person is calculated to contribute approximately 200 USD. According to Statista, a significant share of that income comes from the women’s and girls’ apparel segment which so far has generated a profit worth more than 800 million USD and whose volume is expected to grow by 3.8% until next year.

If we try to conduct a more thorough analysis, we’ll most likely find out that out of all women’s fashion pieces, dresses are hands down one of the most purchased items of clothing and undoubtedly had their fair share of input in the numbers discussed above. They’ve always been an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, considering the fact that thousands of years ago they were the only clothing option for the female sex. Pants weren’t an acceptable garment in Western culture for quite a long time and didn’t become trendy at least until the mid-20th century. Nowadays, along with skirts, dresses are being sold in record numbers with revenue amounting to 100 million USD in 2022 alone and with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 3.40%.

How large is the audience of the dress segment?

Having those statistics in mind, dresses were and will continue to be a staple fashion piece. The audience of buyers comprises an incredibly wide range of customers: from toddlers, preteens, and teens to adults and elder people. In addition, carrier-wise, the Wall Street Journal claims that among the most devoted dress clients are businesswomen as well, who, surprisingly, prefer to wear the so-called power dress instead of the power suit. As stated by the journal, an ever-increasing number of women would rather dress up in well-tailored dresses than put on an expensive pantsuit. The reason behind this preference is the thought that women don’t need to adjust their clothes to mens’ in order to be capable of succeeding in the business world in the same way men do. This astoundingly large group of consumers has expanded the dress segment of the fashion market quite significantly, making store owners bend over backward while searching for suppliers so that they could satisfy even the pickiest of customers.

What to look for when selecting wholesale dresses suppliers?

Taking into consideration all this information, entrepreneurs won’t regret enlarging their stores’ collections by adding this one more important item of women’s wholesale clothing that will unquestionably bring them an increase in profit. In order to keep your dress inventory in stock at all times, it’s best to use a wholesale supplier that’ll keep your store racks full non-stop with great-quality wholesale products for everyone’s taste. However, when making your selection of suppliers, there’re a few things to take into account so you can assure you’ll be dealing with the right vendor. As we enjoy assisting people in getting their businesses started, once again we went out of our way and found a couple of wholesale dress designer suppliers for you to check out and start making incomes as soon as possible.


Location: Europe & USA

The very first place on our list is reserved for the USA and Europe-based wholesale supplier BrandsGateway. Classified as a high-ranking B2B apparel marketplace across the world, this wholesaler is the perfect vendor to purchase luxury clothing from. If you’re interested in one particular apparel category, such as dresses, BrandsGateway will gladly provide you with fabulous well-cut dress collections. The products they offer are tailored by first-rate fashion designers, making the company a reputable and trustworthy supplier. If you’re looking for high-end fashion items with outstanding quality, BrandsGateway is a quintessential wholesaler you could partner up with that’ll supply your store with the latest trending dresses and other luxurious goodies.

Main features:

  • Huge selection of designer dresses from top-level fashion houses like Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Cavalli;
  • Dress types available range from knee-length, sleeveless, full-sleeve or short-sleeve, pencil, maxi, and cocktail dresses to ball gowns, full-length, rifled, and flowy dresses;
  • Full product accessibility by creating a free account on their website;
  • All merchandise is 100% authentic, serving as evidence of the supplier’s credibility;
  • The minimum order quantity is €1000/ $1200, a sum which can be reached incredibly easy;
  • The items clients wish to purchase can either be bought by using the pick and mix design option, which allows customers to pick out products from different categories;
  • Dropshipping worldwide available through trustworthy shipping companies like UPS, DHL, and FedEx;
  • Express shipping is accessible to clients in hurry starting at €15/$17 per order;
  • Customers are able to track their orders through a tracking number they’re given once the order has been paid;
  • Return policy allows for faulty or wrongly delivered items to be sent back to the suppliers within 7 days from the date the products have been received by the client;
  • Amazing customer service reachable at any time.

Big Brand Wholesale

Location: USA

Big Brand Wholesale is a clothing wholesale supplier situated in the state of Michigan. Founded by Tori Thompson, the company has been in business since 2005, supplying customers with apparel items, including dresses.

Main features:

  • This supplier offers a variety of dresses from different materials and styles;
  • The company ships products both to international and USA-based customers;
  • Within the USA shipping orders are processed and dispatched within a couple of days;
  • International delivery, however, can take from 7 to 29 days depending on the location;
  • Orders need to be submitted until Friday 12PM Eastern standard time in order for the wholesaler to be able to start processing your purchase before the weekend, otherwise, your order won’t be taken care of until Monday;
  • In the event of receiving damaged merchandise, clients should contact the wholesaler in order to discuss return policies;
  • Customer support can be contacted via email or text messaging, but not through phone calls;
  • An important thing to keep in mind is that the products sold aren’t brand-new as they’ve already been in stores, and may come with certain imperfections.

Sigma GI

Location: Italy

Sigma Gi is an Italian wholesale supplier mostly working with Italian brands only, distributing fashion accessories to dropship and clothing items to both online and offline stores.

Main features:

  • Products can’t be previewed without registering beforehand;
  • Purchases can take two working days to be processed after which customers receive confirmation that their order has been accepted and sent their way;
  • Shipping packages should be expected within 7 days after the order has been confirmed by the supplier;
  • Nevertheless, order delivery is limited only within Europe;
  • The company allows the return of damaged products;
  • Clients can reach out to this supplier from Monday to Friday until 6 PM Central European time through telephone, email, or WhatsApp messages.

DNC Wholesale

Location: USA

Another wholesale dresses supplier is the Florida-founded company DNC Wholesale. Besides dresses, they also sell footwear, jewelry, handbags, and other apparel products, most of which are sourced from US manufacturers.

Main features:

  • This supplier offers different types of dresses including fitted, wide, flare, and T-Shirt dresses;
  • Bear in mind that a large number of the products sold are part of liquidation merchandise, meaning they’ve been a part of overstocks or closeouts or have been returned by customers because they’ve been found faulty;
  • As a result, this wholesaler doesn’t provide clients with any return and refund policies;
  • Delivery and processing time of orders depends on the quantity that has been bought; small purchases are sent off within 2-4 working days, while in the event of large orders, packages may take up to 7 business days to arrive.

Go Wholesale

Location: UK

Next on the list is Go Wholesale situated in Glasgow, Scotland. This B2B supplier offers customers to choose between both men’s and women’s clothing pieces such as tops, jeans, dresses, swimwear, activewear, along with accessories and shoes.

Main features:

  • The wholesaler has at disposal dresses in different prints and designs;
  • Delivery destinations include the UK, USA, and Europe;
  • Shipping can take up to a week;
  • Returns can be taken into consideration for all types of products;
  • For any inquiries, the company can be contacted by email, phone number, or by filling out and submitting the contact form published on the website.


Location: UK

Another British wholesaler of dresses is Parisian with headquarters in Manchester, England. This company has been supplying e-stores and traditional shops with women’s clothing items starting from 2002.

Main features:

  • 90% of all fashion pieces are designed and manufactured in the UK by the supplier;
  • All products are sold in packs of 4-8 items;
  • Purchased merchandise is delivered with DHL or Parcel Force and can be tracked by customers;
  • Orders within the UK are delivered in a day, those sent off to other European countries can take up to 3 days, while outside of Europe, product shipments can last between 3 to 5 business days;
  • Return policies don’t include items that were on sale;
  • For all other products, clients can receive a refund within 3 to 10 days after returning the product.

Tasha Apparel

Location: USA

Tasha Apparel is a clothing wholesaler from Los Angeles, California offering women’s dress collections since 2005.

Main features:

  • Providing clients with mini, midi, and maxi dresses of all kinds of materials and designs including plus size dresses;
  • Most merchandise is created by designers based in LA, Miami, and New York City;
  • Every product is sold in packages containing 6 items;
  • Should you come across damaged items, they must be sent back within 7 days after the order has arrived in order to be able to obtain a refund.

Hailey & Co.

Location: USA

Hailey & Co. is a Californian supplier of clothes with 80% of the products they offer having been made by local manufacturers. Clients looking to stock up their store with dresses can choose between casual and fancy dresses reserved for special occasions.

Main features:

  • In order for customers to get access to the catalogs, they must register by creating an account;
  • Shipments usually take 1 to 7 business days to be dispatched at the target location;
  • Customers should keep in mind, however, that the company doesn’t guarantee 100% accurate product description;
  • Another disadvantage is the fact that this supplier doesn’t support PayPal payments.

Mega Stock

Location: Romania

The list of wholesale dresses suppliers ends with Mega Stock, a Romanian company founded in the city of Cluj Napoca, which, fun fact, is considered to be the capital of the well-known region of Transylvania.

Main features:

  • The supplier offers versatile dresses from different brands;
  • There is no minimum order quantity for countries that are part of the EU, however, for those outside the union the MOQ amounts to 3000€;
  • Shipping services include couriers DPD and GLS;
  • Clients need to be aware that they won’t be able to customize their orders and choose to purchase products from different brands at the same time as all products are bought in pre-packed packages;
  • Another drawback to be considered is that customers aren’t able to submit online orders via the supplier’s website but only via phone or email.

Final thoughts

Hunting down the ideal supplier from thousands of candidates requires a lot of time. Many are left overpowered by the intensive search, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and even committing wholesale sourcing mistakes. But after all, it’s your business we’re talking about and if you don’t invest a little bit of effort, it’s your store that’s going to suffer the consequences. Committing yourself to tracking down decent wholesalers will give you the best chances of success. In order to have a guaranteed successful selection, make sure to ask questions before making any deals and consult our list of wholesale dress suppliers that will guide you to find an authentic wholesaler that won’t disappoint you.

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