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10 Popular Types of Watches to Dropship in 2022

Over the decades, technology has evolved so much that it changed the course of living and usage of certain products. Some became old and unusable, others obsolete and outdated.

Nevertheless, there is one product that, ironically or not, stood the test of time: the watch. For many generations, wearing a watch on the wrist has always been, not only a fashion statement but an everyday necessity. Today is no exception. Due to the constant demand, nowadays, there are numerous businesses that cover watches in their offers. In fact, the market for watches and other accessories is a very lucrative place that new entrepreneurs should explore as well. According to data on Statista, the revenue in the sector for bags and accessories apparel is set to reach US$133,981m in 2021. The annual growth is set at 8.01%, which will result in a market volume of US$182,327m by 2025. It seems as if the market is in constant demand for accessories. But let’s see a more detailed image of the watch market itself.

According to a report by Technavio, the global watch market is set to grow by $8.31 billion and show annual growth of 2%. In fact, the main “culprit” for this increasing trend are the fashion-conscious consumers who are intensively buying this ‘evergreen’ accessory. Of course, the growth is also propelled by the increasing demand for premium watches as well as certain endorsements by celebrities around the globe.

So where does dropshipping come in this story? Let’s head to the next part to sort this out.

Why is dropshipping watches profitable?

Launching a dropshipping company in today’s market conditions is quite an easy thing to do, but more importantly, it is a profitable investment. In other words, there are quite many dropshipping suppliers that include watches and watch accessories in their offers. Moreover, you can find numerous suppliers that provide a high order volume that pretty much is evidence of a very strong sales demand. Of course, the watch niche also includes other related ranges of items that include watch straps, smartwatches, branded watches, sports watches, and many other stylish and practical items. Therefore, you can easily upgrade your web store within the niche and include different types of items which will, in turn, increase your potential audience. And by increasing the audience you are prone to mark growth in sales, and, ultimately, profits.

Another reason why dropshipping watches is a profitable business niche is that you will save a great portion of time on the processing and shipping of your order. To put it in perspective, when you buy wholesale it is certain that you have to wait to obtain the ordered inventory so that you can sell it. This could come as a big disadvantage as it can lower your website conversions and make sales plummet. However, with dropshipping, this problem is avoided and you are more focused on your customer’s orders and how to provide better customer service. With this said, the only thing left to decide is the type of watches you should include in your inventory.

What are the popular types of watches to dropship in 2021?

Before you set the foundation of your online store, the first thing you need to do, in terms of the offer, is to think about what kind of audience segment you want to attract. Knowing your audience and its actions will certainly paint a better picture and it will allow you to create a fitting and appropriate product offer. In fact, more and more people are purchasing watches, not for their initial purpose and that is telling the time. People, nowadays, are buying watches as a fashionable accessory or to display a certain style or even class. Therefore, it is highly recommended to select a certain style of watches that will be included in the offer of your web store. Here we made a list of several types of timepieces to take into account if you’re building an inventory.

Branded watches for women and men

Whether for men or women, branded watches are still one of the most demanded categories of watches worldwide. As a matter of fact, people will always tend to look for a familiar logo on a watch and that is a certain sign that they will make the purchase. Brands are important as they provide security and constant quality in products. In other words, people want to buy a story or prestige and not the product per se. All of the above just proves that, in essence, watches are symbols of power and status, and this belief will lure even more customers. So be sure that including this category in your store would bring you many benefits.

Leather strap watches for men

Watches with leather straps are easily the most marketed and reliable category, that men kind of always go for. The leather strap gives the impression of a classic and professional look and this is an almost certain purchase. In fact, there are numerous brands that have their take on the leather strap timepiece and BrandsGateway brings them all at wholesale prices. For high-end and refined tastes Tommy Hilfiger’s Trent series is the perfect match and it will surely be a beneficial addition to your web store. If you want to attract those with a more modern, minimal, and sophisticated taste, Emporio Armani’s Modern Slim is definitely the timepiece to offer in your dropshipping store. At last, you can also offer the Maserati Trimarano Wristwatch for those that seek the classic leather strap experience.

Gold and silver-plated watches for women

These types of wristwatches are the very first choice for stylish women who are looking for versatile timepieces that can be worn at every event or occasion. In general, the gold and silver plated watches can be combined with different styles of clothes, and apart from social events, they can be worn to accessorize the professional look, as well. From this category, you can import in your store specifically the Michael Kors Runway timepiece that will surely catch the sophisticated eye of your female customers. For the more classic audience, the Emporio Armani Classic and Marc Jacobs Blade will definitely do the job.

Sparkly women’s watches

As the headline says, these timepieces are definitely invented to stand out and add a little punch to the overall fashion story of a woman. They are shiny, bright and with a scent of hip-hop, however, they are stylish and elegant as well. To point out, this category will surely be catching the eye of the younger generations of women who want to express their brave but classy side. BrandsGateway can offer just that – elegant sparkly silver watches from Juicy Couture that will truly stand out, thus making it a perfect addition to your timepiece inventory. In addition, you can also check the Michael Kors Parker series available at wholesale prices for your customers in search of the spark, but in a toned-down manner, as well as the Esprit watch that comes with a minimalist twist.

Bracelet watches for women

The bracelet watches are the perfect choice for women who want to differ but in a subtle and feminine way. In fact, these timepieces are relative to the sparkly ones, but they bear a more refined signature and display class. These wristwatches are crafted for high-class evening events and will perfectly match the sophisticated gowns and dresses crafted for these occasions. These types of bracelet watches available at wholesale prices at BrandsGateway will be a great addition to your store and will undoubtedly lead to conversions and purchases. You can also check for Michael Kors and their Runway watch for covering an even bigger audience segment.

Mineral glass watches for women and men

Mineral glass watches are highly present on the market and most of the timepieces are made from mineral glass. This material is made out of silica and it provides better scratch protection than acrylic glass does. Another great thing is that mineral crystal watches can also take hits better than their competitor sapphire and diamond glass, so the ultimate conclusion is that they score high in the durability test. Overall, you get a perfect product for a convenient price. In other words, you can source your dropshipping store with some unique pieces of mineral glass watches that BrandsGateway offers at incredible discounts from 40-80%.

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Chronograph watches for men

In addition to the common timekeeping, there is a category that will take the measurements of time to another level. Chronograph watches are precise mechanical items that deserve each and every admiring look from all those timepiece aficionados. Their build is incredibly sturdy, contains numerous measuring features and, of course, they are undeniably stylish. For this reason, they are the first choice of many men out there who are looking for a mechanical timekeeping device to wear on their wrist. When it comes to these styles, BrandsGateway can offer you plenty of different chronograph watches that will definitely attract the male population and land you sell.

Automatic watches for men

If you want to incorporate a more traditional style in your web store, automatic watches are a must. These self-winding timepieces are a perfect match for those who desire an enduring, practical and watch that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, the various styles in this category that include chunky stainless-steel strap watches, leather strap watches, gold strap watches, and many more will, in fact, cover a wider segment of your customers. Therefore if you are eager to bring some traditional scent in your store, you can check BrandsGateway’s selection of Orient automatic watches with gold, silver, and leather straps.

Watches and jewelry set for women

When browsing online many women sometimes struggle to find the perfect combination of a timepiece with jewelry. Therefore, providing a selection of these items as a set might be a very reasonable offer that can help you grow your audience. In their product offering, BrandsGateway has superb Pierre Cardin sets that combine watches with earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, which will surely attract your customers who are looking for more convenient style solutions.

Rubber strap watches for men

Lastly, the rubber strap watches are suitable for almost any occasion. Rubber, especially the vulcanized rubber, is far more reliable than other straps as it is very comfortable on the wrist. Also, it is very flexible and durable and it can sustain an even very active lifestyle with little to no wear-out. In addition, rubber bands do not get stuck or sag over time, and once removed from the hand the strap goes back in the same position. This fact brings even more value to it. Therefore, the Michael Kors Dylan series and Orient rubber watches that are available in BrandsGateway’s catalog might be a perfect match if you are looking for a branded rubber strap watches to include in your dropshipping store.

To sum up

Dropshipping watches is a venture that can really get you the right amount of traffic on your web store. Especially, if you cover a wider audience segment by offering a wide range of timepieces. In general, watches are a category of accessories that will always pull through in the battles of market space coverage. Although the supply in this segment might be a little bit crowded at the moment, with a great marketing strategy, a dropshipping supplier with an extensive selection of products, a unique approach, and a little bit of persistence, your web store could easily turn into a high-demanding business opportunity.

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