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11 Best Clothing Wholesalers in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles. The City of Angels. A place full of numerous opportunities for all the business-oriented that want to get in the first line of the business wars happening as we speak. But, why LA, you might ask?

Well, Los Angeles might be an ever-changing city, but there’s one thing that’ll always remain consistent: the importance of looking good. That’s right. Fashion is one of the most important things in LA as the city is the epicenter of the whole film industry with famous stars walking around and stealing everyone’s attention.

Due to this fact, the fashion scene is elevated to unimaginable heights. Overall, the city of LA deeply affects the US fashion segment and the clothing industry. In fact, according to Statista, the revenue in the fashion segment in the US for 2023 is set to reach a staggering US$118.90bn.

Wholesale clothing is one of the main reasons for these numbers and their increase over time. Numerous wholesalers are slowly turning their interest in this coastal city. Therefore, starting an apparel business in LA will definitely be a piece of cake, at least in terms of finding a wholesaler that’ll cover your inventory needs.

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However, not every wholesaler you’ll find will be a perfect fit for your potential venture, and you must be careful to choose one that’ll match your business needs. Additionally, you’ll need this supplier to strongly comply with the universal business characteristics of being reliable, responsive, and secure.

So, are you ready to make your first steps in this segment?

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What are the best wholesale clothing vendors in Los Angeles?


Niche: Designer clothing & accessories for women and men

First on the list of best clothing wholesalers in Los Angeles is reserved for BrandsGateway. This vendor is one of the most well-known B2B online retailers of premium and branded clothes. In fact, they can offer an extended variety of products from numerous world-famous designers and fashion houses as wholesale designer dresses among others.

Main characteristics:

  • Up to 120 luxury brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Cavalli, Armani;
  • More than 15,000 high-fashion items that cover clothes for women and men;
  • Earn up to 90% on the retail prices they offer;
  • You can get around 250% on each order made through your website;
  • They offer a 100% authenticity assurance for all of their products;
  • The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is set at $1200/€1000, and can be easily reached;
  • Pick and Mix option which enables you to make your selection of branded clothing;
  • They provide assistance and seamless customer support service;
  • The shipping is carried out by UPS, FedEx, and DHL, and with only $17 you get a secure and reliable shipping service;
  • A favorable return policy of 7 days starting from the day the order is received;
  • Return policy also includes products that were damaged or wrongly shipped.

LA Fashion District

Niche: Wholesale clothing

LA Fashion District is actually a non-profit organization that serves as a meeting point for manufacturers and fashion designers where they join forces in order to sell their merchandise.

Main characteristics:

  • They sell different types of clothing that represent the LA Fashion Business Improvement District in the state of California;
  • Their offering includes bags, footwear, tops, blouses, and other accessories;
  • They also have a physical store that you can visit if you’re interested in seeing the pieces they offer;
  • You need to become a member in order to get access to their inventory of products and buy them online.

LA Showroom

Niche: Clothing and accessories

LA Showroom is a wholesale clothing distributor that sells various good-quality clothing you can get for quite reasonable prices.

Main characteristics:

  • They offer many deals and good bargains;
  • 20% discount in sale periods;
  • You can also look out for flash deals;
  • Loyal members get a reward;
  • Spending $10,000 you can receive a voucher of $100 that can be spent on wholesale and retail brands they are partnered with.


Niche: Prom and bridal dresses

Next on the list of clothing wholesalers in Los Angeles is Ladivine. This wholesale supplier is a place you want to go if you’re interested in selling prom dresses and formal attire.

Main characteristics:

  • They offer various types of formal dresses for proms, weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, and other formal occasions;
  • An inclusive wholesaler as they offer regular and plus-size dresses;
  • All sales are final and they don’t accept any returns or refunds;
  • Thorough inspection before shipping is guaranteed;
  • Exceptions for return are made only if the item is damaged.

Shaka Wear

Niche: Streetwear for teenagers

Shaka Wear is a wholesaler selling streetwear that was built on Shopify in order to serve the Los Angeles area. All the items are mainly targeting the teenage audience, so if you’re planning on targeting this particular group you should check them out.

Main characteristics:

  • They offer clothing that is in line with the most recent trends;
  • All their closed are mainly focused on teenagers, but you can always find something for everyone;
  • In order to access their wholesale services, you need to register on their website, and only then you’ll be granted access to the promotions.

Wishlist Apparel

Niche: Clothing and accessories

Wishlist apparel is selling clothes aimed at the younger generations. It offers a wide range of apparel and popular fashion accessories suitable for a reimagined everyday outfit.

Main characteristics:

  • Their assortment includes fashionable women’s clothing with distinctive colors;
  • They initially started selling bralettes and moved to tops, dresses, and more;
  • Frequently added modern pieces on their website;
  • They offer the option for a personal user account that lets you track your orders;
  • Their return and exchange policy for wholesale orders is 7 days.

Wholesale Fashion Couture

Niche: Regular and plus size women’s clothing

Wholesale Fashion Couture is the way to go since it offers up-to-date designs at affordable prices. It markets quality apparel straight from the Los Angeles fashion district. An added plus is the company’s plus-size service.

Main characteristics:

  • They offer wholesale clothing at reasonable prices;
  • Quality adherence on all shipments;
  • Their wide range of collections includes plus-size;
  • For orders below £300 you can get a standard shipping price of $9.99;
  • For orders that surpass £300 you can get a get free delivery;
  • They provide 14 days refund on all wholesale orders.


Niche: Women’s clothing

Since its launch in 2010, Adora has offered anything from fresh fashion designs to swimwear and activewear. Their diversified collections include unique and plus-size clothing at affordable prices. Adora’s marketplace is a collaborative effort with garment traders and wholesalers from the USA.

Main characteristics:

  • They offer all-around trendy women’s clothing;
  • You can get 50% off when buying from their sourcing outlets;
  • Additionally, on your first order you can get a 5% discount;
  • Their 7-day return policy applies only to unopened products.

Good Stuff Apparel

Niche: Women’s clothing

Good Stuff Apparel is the home of an all-inclusive trendy collection for ladies.

Main characteristics:

  • They bring fashion pieces from leading US suppliers;
  • You can get the order fast with same-day delivery;
  • Fresh designs land on Tuesdays and Fridays;
  • Plus-size clothing made easy with the full guide on their website;
  • They offer regular sales on selected items;
  • Their %14.95 shipping rate on all purchases stands at 14.95.

J.NNA Clothing

Niche: Women’s clothing

J.NNA Clothing’s specialized collection contains tops and bottoms, dresses, sweaters, and outerwear. They strive to satisfy their customers by offering effortless options for buying and paying while keeping all of their private data confidential.

Main characteristics:

  • They’re one of the top-rated vendors in LA;
  • Their collection consists of modern everyday women’s garments;
  • Safe transactions, speedy refunds, and cancellation service are among the pros;
  • One downside is that they don’t accept returns on sale items.

American Bazi

Niche: Women’s clothing

American Bazi provides fashionable clothing that raises confidence from the heart of the fashion district in LA. The amount of stretch in every garment allows for a comfortable fit for their diverse customer base. Their website and apps follow standards that make them more easily accessible to people with disabilities.

Main characteristics:

  • They provide stylish and comfortable pieces for women;
  • Their collection includes regular and plus-size clothing;
  • Their return applies only for damaged items and it’s 7 days;
  • Sensitive data is kept safe and not shared with third parties.
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In conclusion

If you’re looking to start your own clothing business and are searching for the best clothing wholesalers in Los Angeles, be sure to do your homework before deciding on purchasing any products or partnering up with a professional and reliable wholesaler. Always read the fine print and make sure they match your current necessities.

Wholesale clothing is the lifeblood of many fashion-forward brands and Los Angeles has a ton of great wholesale distributors. Whether you’re hunting for the absolute best selection or a great price point, these companies have some of the best Los Angeles has to offer. By providing this list of clothing wholesalers in LA, we hope that we’ve helped you in your quest of finding the most suitable one for your venture.

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