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Winning Products to Dropship in the Fashion Industry

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Many consider dropshipping as the eCommerce business model of the future. The biggest advantage of this model is that it allows selling merchandise online, without the need to invest in managing an inventory.

For this reason, more and more online entrepreneurs are looking into the idea of starting a dropshipping business as a way to earn big profits without investing a lot of money. However, one element that bothers them is choosing the niche of their dropshipping business.

This article will guide you to choose your business niche and products based on relevant facts and data. In particular, we will discuss the fashion industry because it is a proven fact that it’s the leader of all eCommerce sectors.

Surely, there isn’t a better way than statistics to prove the annual growth of the eCommerce industry and the popularity of fashion on a global scale. Therefore, before diving into which are the winning products to dropship in the fashion industry, we’ll get into the details with some key statistics about the eCommerce industry.

This relevant data will help you get an overview of the global eCommerce market and the fashion sector and the potential these two hold.

Global eCommerce market revenue

The eCommerce industry has evolved substantially over the past few years on a global scale. Today, it is considered a mature and steady industry with a very promising future.

In fact, data from Statista shows that, in 2022, the global eCommerce market revenue will rise to US$4.23tn. Furthermore, by showing annual growth of 11.58%, the revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to grow to US$5.88tn by 2025.

Are you still questioning yourself if you should start a dropshipping business? Let’s encourage you to make a decision with some more statistics.

Fashion as the most popular eCommerce category

The biggest segment of the eCommerce industry is fashion. This growing segment for online shopping shows no signs of slowing down. And nothing is strange about it. People love to shop online, and most importantly, they love to shop for fashion items.

Playing the role of the most popular online category for shopping, fashion leads with a powerful market revenue that will arrive at  US$0.99tn by the end of 2022 and US$1.37tn by 2025. Moreover, if we take a closer look at the fashion industry based on its three subcategories – Apparel, Footwear, and Bags & Accessories, what else it’s important to emphasize? The Apparel category leads with revenue that it’s projected to reach  US$567.40bn by the end of 2022.

To conclude, there is no doubt that the fashion segment is at the forefront of the eCommerce industry. Quite a substantial potential lies in this segment, therefore, if you are thinking of exploring this sector for dropshipping, your success is guaranteed. Or, closely.

Another very important component for running a successful venture in the eCommerce fashion industry is finding the winning products to dropship. In this article, we will talk about the winning products to dropship in the fashion industry.

But, first, let’s answer one simple, but essential question: “What is a winning product?”

What is considered a winning product?

A winning product is a product that is popular among a certain group of people. In other words, winning products are known to sell much better than other products.

To give a better example, in a certain portfolio of products, there will be products that stand out and sell like crazy. These products, usually, are responsible for bringing the largest portion of the profits. So, how can you find these products?

How do I find a winning product to dropship?

Now that you know the definition of ‘winning product’, let’s move onto the more complex part – How to find such products?

In the fashion segment, just like in every other segment of the eCommerce industry, there are products that have the potential to become winning products.

What you need to do is conduct research and identify them, for example, by using Google Trends for dropshipping. The more winning products to dropship you find the bigger profits you can acquire. When researching for winning products, two aspects need to be taken into account:

  • The popularity of the fashion category
  • The popularity of the type of product

Following these two aspects, we diversified several categories of winning products to dropship in the fashion industry.

Which are the winning products to dropship in the fashion industry?

We’ve come to the part where we’ll discuss which are the winning products to dropship in the fashion industry. We’ll divide them based on the fashion segment they fall under. Certainly, we’ll start with the winning products in the segment that carries the biggest share of the revenue – Apparel.

Dropshipping Apparel: Winning products

Finding the winning products to dropship from the Apparel category is a recipe for a successful online store. This fashion segment is anticipated to reach a revenue of US$791.60bn by 2025. So, dropshipping apparel in your store is something worth trying. However, finding the right products from this section is crucial.


Regardless of your target customers – men, women, or both, what you mustn’t overlook in your portfolio of products are jeans. It’s a timeless fashion item you can’t go wrong with. Everyone buys a new pair of jeans for each season. Include different types of jeans in your store and you got yourself winning products to dropship.


A little something for the ladies is never considered a mistake. Featuring dresses in your dropshipping store is a winning scenario. But one piece of advice – go for dresses that fall under the category of luxury fashion. Look for a supplier that offers a wide variety of luxury dresses from renowned brands. When it comes to picking up an outfit for a special occasion, such as a wedding, party, or another night event, it’s most likely that the ladies pick out a unique dress from a high-end designer than an everyday brand like Zara or H&M.

Finding a dress supplier that offers brands like Dolce & Gabbana, or Armani will get you bigger profits. Because you must already know – wearing a unique Dolce & Gabbana dress is every girl’s dream.

Dropshipping Bags & Accessories: Winning products

The second fashion segment based on revenue is Bags & Accessories – anticipated to reach US$395.40bn by 2025. Having a variety of pieces from this category as an addition to your apparel collection is another way to boost profits in your dropshipping store.


A winning product to dropship from the category of Bags is the ‘backpack’. Casual, fancy, sport – any backpack you add to your backpack collection will bring you a wave of new customers. Today, backpacks are one of the most popular fashion accessories for both women and men.

Numerous brands, including famous and top-selling brands, invest in manufacturing backpacks because they are aware of their popularity. Not only that but by selling high-quality backpacks from renowned luxury brands, you can double your chances to prosper in the industry of dropshipping fashion items.


Finally, jewelry is every girl’s best friend. Surely it’s a winning category of products to dropship, whether you target women or men. To clarify, women buy jewelry for themselves, and men buy it for them as well. Hence, pick out some fine jewelry pieces to add to your assortment of winning products to dropship. When we say fine jewelry, we don’t refer to inexpensive jewelry made from cheap metals.

On the contrary, equip your dropshipping store with branded jewelry made from fine, durable, and high-quality materials. This way, you’ll captivate the eyes of many potential buyers and boost your online sales.

Dropshipping Footwear: Winning products

Last but not least is the category of Footwear. Even though this category, based on popularity, is in third place behind Apparel and Bags & Accessories, it still presents winning products to dropship. To emphasize, on a global scale, the Footwear segment by the end of 2025 will arrive at US$178.00bn. To sum up, people will always buy footwear because, understandably, they can’t go anywhere without it.


When reflecting on which are the winning products to dropship from the footwear industry, high heels come up immediately to mind. If women are your target audience, high-heeled shoes will surely catch their attention.

However, you’ll need some pairs that will stand out from all the ordinary high heels available on the online market. Bringing unique and classy high heels from top-class designers and brands is the formula for success in the dropshipping game.


If you follow the latest fashion dropshipping trending products, you already know that nowadays sneakers are worn with every outfit. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a fancy dress or a formal suit. Today’s street fashion approves it all.

All in all, these qualities make the sneakers one of the most popular winning products to dropship. On top of this, if you dropship designer sneakers, be sure that your dropshipping store will be booming.

Wrap up

To sum up, all the above-mentioned categories of winning products stand a chance to help you outperform your competitors and get your online store at the top. But, even if you supply your store with jeans, dresses, and high heels, you’ll still need to offer pieces that are not already seen.

In other words, finding a supplier that offers a wide variety of fashion items preferably from luxury brands is more profitable than going with a supplier that offers products that online shoppers consider ordinary and have already seen in your competitors’ collections of products.

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