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A Guide to Dropshipping Designer Watches

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
4th July, 2022
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Watches are a timeless accessory people don’t only wear for fashion but also for practical purposes. When you think of it, they’re one of humanity’s greatest achievements, a brilliant invention that helps us manage the vague concept we call time. They come in different forms and sizes, including the convenient wristwatches popular in the fashion world. Having in mind this handy nature of theirs, watches will continue to dominate in the accessories collections, never going out of style and only becoming improved and upgraded. 

Having already supplied you with in-depth guides on dropshipping designer bags, designer sunglasses, and designer shoes, it’s about time to teach you a few things about dropshipping designer watches. Without further ado, we’ll jump right into the topic, offering you information regarding the product’s profitability, helpful advice about picking out a supplier, and reliable research regarding the most trending watch brands to dropship from.

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What’s the financial success of dropshipping designer watches?

There are many reasons why dropshippers may experience second thoughts before deciding on selling a certain product in their online stores: intense competition, lack of product demand, and poor product value, to name a few. Among these, one of the most common motives for withdrawing from offering a particular item is the fear of not being able to secure sufficient profit flow. After all, if your products don’t generate enough income, your business will suffer the consequences. There’s no way of being sure about a product’s profitability except by conducting market research that’ll give you adequate information about that item’s market status and popularity. 

In regards to selling designer watches, there are numerous research platforms you can consult with prior to start offering them to your customers. One such reliable research website is Statista from which we’ve extracted a few studies analyzing the sale of branded watches. As specified by Statista’s research team, the luxury watches segment of the luxury goods market in 2022 has gathered a revenue of close to 48 billion USD which is expected to rise to approximately 55 billion USD by 2027.

Furthermore, another Statista study measures the value of the high-end designer watches market, asserting that the market experienced a big jump in its value assessment. While in 2018 the luxury watch segment was valued at 6.93 billion USD, in 2022 that number has increased to 8.2 billion USD which is forecasted to reach over 9 billion USD in 2025.

All these numbers we’ve displayed vouch for the profitability of this market, making dropshipping designer watches a worthwhile idea that could be incorporated into your business plan.

What should a reliable supplier offer you when dropshipping designer watches?

Your dropshipping supplier can have a big impact on defining your store’s success. This is because they don’t only control the quality of your products but also everything else that comes with the delivery process as well. So, be attentive when making your choice and follow the guiding points below. 

Global shipping services

International delivery can open many doors for your dropshipping store, exposing you to an unimaginably wide audience of potential customers. It eliminates many shipping barriers, giving you the opportunity to reach buyers from numerous geographical locations, and expanding your fashion eCommerce business to a variety of new markets. Consequently, this will increase your income flow and build up your store’s brand. For these reasons, finding dropshipping suppliers that provide worldwide shipping can be a positive transformative step for your business.

Original product brands

The importance of stocking up your online boutique with authentic designer watches can’t be emphasized enough. The reasons why selling such items can go wrong are countless. So, the best advice we can give you is to keep away from unverified suppliers that don’t offer any kind of proof that their merchandise represents the real deal. Differentiating fake from original designer items can certainly be a challenge, but when done correctly, it can save your store from selling mock-up products that customers definitely won’t be thrilled to buy.

Genuine customer reviews

Did you know that up until 89% of customers won’t make any move until they’ve checked for reviews? This shows you that there’s no better way to confirm a supplier’s reliability than by leaning on customer reviews. That is because they often tend to express raw honesty and convey truthfulness about the service provided by the supplier in question. So, sneak around a bit, do your own research, and see for yourself if the supplier you’ve put your mind on is worth dropshipping designer watches from.

Consistent new arrivals

Keeping a strong consistency in presenting new merchandise is something you must put into practice as it might as well define your customer flow. The better product choice consumers have at their disposal the higher they’ll rank their shopping experience. As a result, it’s both in your and your customers’ best interests to routinely renew your clothing store’s virtual shelves with recent models and styles of designer watches which can be made possible by a supplier that’ll regularly provide you with new arrivals.

Which are the best brands of designer watches to dropship?

Although there are plenty of watch brands you can choose to sell in your fashion dropshipping store, not all of them enjoy the same success and reputation among consumers. With the assistance of Google Trends, we’ve selected the ones that have been trending the most.


Having headquarters in two locations situated across the globe, Hong Kong and Germany, Esprit is an international clothing brand that has successfully built a huge global presence within the 54 years that has been in business. Besides being known as a clothing manufacturer, this label is also associated with jewelry and accessory production, designing some of the most eye-catching Esprit watches your customers will without a doubt feel enchanted by.


American-Swedish fashion label Gant has been known in the fashion industry since its inception in 1949. Bernard Gantmacher, the founder of the brand, started the business as a small shirt company which, little did he know, it would grow to become an international success. Today, the Gant fashion house is not only famous for its apparel collections but also for its stylish and well-crafted designer watches

Pierre Cardin

Italian-born designer Pierre Cardin established one of the oldest fashion brands out there, going back to 1950. Along with designing unforgettable avant-garde pieces and launching cosmetics lines, the French label doesn’t fall short in regard to designer watches either. The Pierre Cardin watch selections will be a perfect addition to your store’s current collections as customers are always in search of quality watches to match their outfits. 

Why dropshipping designer watches with BrandsGateway would be great for your store?

Having ranked among the most prestigious B2B apparel suppliers in the fashion industry, there’s no doubt that BrandsGateway is a company that’ll tremendously elevate your dropshipping store by supplying it with high-end clothing and the most popular accessories including designer watches. This supplier vouches for its impeccable services by offering customers many success stories among which one of a buyer that experienced incredible triumph by selling BrandsGateway’s branded watches on live TV.

How to register with BrandsGateway as your dropshipping supplier?

To start collaborating with BrandsGateway, create an account on their registration site after which you’ll be asked to pick out a subscription package and provide your payment details. You’ll be sent clear instructions on installing their plugin in your store. Go through the product categories, import the ones you’d like to sell to customers and choose a markup. Once you’re all set, you’re ready to start making some dropshipping sales.

What advantages will you enjoy with BrandsGateway?

  • Customers can choose products from more than 100 luxury brands (Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Esprit, Jimmy Choo, Pierre Cardin, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Prada, Gant, Diesel, and many others);
  • Regular product arrivals;
  • No minimum order quantity is required;
  • Access to automatic order placement and inventory update options;
  • High product margins that can reach 250%;
  • Plugin integration for dropshipping stores created in Wix and WooCommerce, available apps for Shopify and Shift4Shop;
  • Possibility to return products in a time frame of 14 days;
  • International shipping services to over 170 countries;
  • Customer reviews with a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot.

What type of designer watches are available at BrandsGateway?

BrandsGateway offers you men’s and women’s watches from only the best of brands including the three trending fashion houses analyzed above, Esprit, Gant, and Pierre Cardin, in addition to Armani, Michael Kors, Casio, and Aviator. This supplier provides you with the most popular types of watches, available in gold, rose gold, silver, bicolor, and multicolor, offering customers to purchase from a great selection of materials and designs.

To conclude

Expanding your online clothing store’s product categories by adding a watches section will only bring you more benefits. As previously stated, watches have stood the test of time and have won without a sweat. They’re popular among shoppers both because of their stylishness and convenience, making them some of the most demanded apparel items out there. Therefore, dropshipping designer watches is something that it’ll certainly pay off for your business in the long run and put your store on the list of most successful dropshipping stores.

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