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A Guide to Dropshipping Designer Bags

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The dropshipping business model has been grabbing the attention of many prospective entrepreneurs interested in starting their own online business and there’s a very good reason for that. Dropshipping is a low-cost business that doesn’t demand huge investments and, with the recent development of automated dropshipping, it has been transformed into a low-maintenance business as well, managed mostly by automatic features instead of running manual tasks on a daily basis.

However, despite the advantages of this business model, not every niche of products can be dropshipped successfully. This is why a lot of store owners decide on selling items that are guaranteed to bring them great profits such as designer apparel products. Taking into account the clothing pieces people are seen wearing non-stop, one idea would be offering well-made designer bags. 

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we’ll be providing you with a detailed guide on dropshipping bags, particularly designer ones. You’ll learn about the segment’s profitability, get informed about the things to keep in mind when picking out your supplier, and get an idea of which are the most lucrative types of designer bags your dropshipping store should definitely put on display.

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How profitable is dropshipping designer bags?

Before getting into any type of dropshipping business, it’s normal to take a step back and lay down both the advantages and disadvantages so you can get a rough calculation of what would it take to get your business off the ground or if it’s even worth launching it. The same applies in this situation. In order to get an idea of what’s been happening in the designer bags marketplace, it’s important to conduct thorough research of this sector of the apparel market, and get acquainted with possible competition stores by carrying out a competitor analysis. If you do decide on dropshipping designer bags, this analysis will be of great use in the long run as it shows how competitors manage their business, who is supplying them with products, and what marketing tools and strategies they use to keep their stores thriving.  

To help you make sense of where the bag market stands today, we’ve pulled up some numbers that can testify about this market’s current position. As reported by Statista, in 2022 the luggage and bag segment is estimated to amount to almost 170 billion USD in revenue. This number is expected to keep increasing annually by 5.64% throughout the next four years. In addition, when it comes to profit per person, it appears that this year the bag market has generated 22.27 USD per shopper.

Taking into consideration these statistics, it’s safe to say that selling designer bags in your dropshipping store could actually bring you considerable income. So, keep on reading to find out what to look out for when choosing your dropshipping supplier and which types of bags should be a ‘must item’ for your store.

What to look for in a supplier that dropships designer bags?

Now that we’ve made sure dropshipping designer bags it’s a safe business idea that can generate your store some pretty impressive profits once a proper business plan and productive strategies have been established, it’s time to focus on finding a dropshipping supplier. In order to ensure you’re about to be collaborating with a reliable supplier, these are the things you should be able to tick off from your checklist. 

Look for product quality and authenticity

Since you’re striving to sell not any type of bags but designer bags, the very first thing you need to check in with your prospective dropshipping supplier is product quality and authenticity assurance. Suppliers that offer counterfeit bags can be found all over the internet. Their products are often of low quality and tend to fall apart pretty quickly. But the worst part is that many fail to recognize fake from original designer items and end up selling to their customers second-class false products. The only reassuring way that’ll help you keep away from those kinds of circumstances is asking your supplier to provide you with proof of authenticity so that you can be sure that you offer your clients only the best quality of bags.

Ask about personalized contact

A trustworthy dropshipping supplier won’t only be capable of providing you with genuine high-quality products but will also be able to offer you a personalized contact that can assist you tremendously in the day-to-day business running of your store. This entails having an access to customer service in case of solving lost or mixed up bag orders or taking advantage of plugin automation which can easily take over the implementation of multiple manual tasks. Other benefits of having a personalized contact also include receiving marketing materials for bag selling strategies, and weekly newsletters you can forward to your customers in order to keep them posted about the latest bag styles they can shop from your store.

Make inquiries about product updates

When you run a dropshipping clothing store, it’s crucial to keep upgrading your inventory so customers can stay interested. With the fashion world evolving every minute of every day, regular product updates will keep you on track with the trendy bag models shoppers will be looking for. Having that in mind, it would be ideal for your supplier to provide you with weekly new arrivals so that you can be on top of all the newest bag styles and designs. 

Which are the most lucrative designer bags to dropship?

In order to present you with accurate analysis, in our search for the most profitable designer bags to sell in your fashion store, we relied on using Google Trends for dropshipping, thus, providing you with well-grounded reasons why the following types of bags are worth to dropship.

Designer handbags

Designer handbags will forever remain a staple bag as they can be combined with any type of outfit, whether it’s night-out wear or a casual everyday combination. Having included a wide variety of models, such as shoulder and quilted bags, clutches and satchels, and evening and tote bags, this segment of the bag market is assured to increase your dropshipping sales and help your dropshipping store grab the attention of many shoppers. With a revenue of over 60 billion USD, designer handbags are a hit among customers. Their sales evolution can be seen on this Google Trends graph.

Designer wallets

While the handbag section might be focused more on pleasing the female clientele, with designer wallets you can successfully target both women and men. This type of bag is popular among all customers as it’s the most convenient way to keep cash and cards on hand. According to Statista, the revenue generated by wallets along with little cases seems to add up to 21.35 billion USD and is forecasted to increase on an annual basis by 6.03% until 2026. The growth of the wallet sales can also be observed through Google Trends which shows how sales have progressed within a certain period of time. In the graph below, you can observe the sale of designer wallets in the past twelve months.

Designer backpacks

Another bag model you should consider having in your dropshipping store is the good old backpack. Despite being the most convenient and most popular accessories for traveling, nowadays designer backpacks are often seen as more than a piece of luggage. They’ve also become a fashion item that many wear on an everyday basis. Therefore, for those customers who don’t prefer to use handbags, backpacks are the ideal practical solution where they can store their necessities whenever they leave the house. According to Google Trends, here’s how designer backpack sales have been advancing in the last year.

How can you start dropshipping designer bags with BrandsGateway?

Regarded as one of the most prestigious B2B apparel marketplaces offering high-end clothing items, BrandsGateway will supply your dropshipping store with designer bags from worldwide renowned fashion brands. The registration process can be completed by creating an account on their dropshipping service page and filling out the necessary information such as billing details and selecting your dropshipping package of preference. Once your account has been set, BrandsGateway will forward you instructions on how to install their plugin depending on the platform your store is based. After that, all that’s left to do is choose your products and set up your markup. 

BrandsGateway dropshipping benefits

  • 100% authenticity assurance;
  • Automated plugin solution for stores built in Shopify available via the Shopify App, Wix, WooCommerce, and Shift4Shop accessible on the Shift4Shop App;
  • Convenient automatic order placement feature, saving you time in entering orders manually;
  • Advantageous automatic inventory updates feature, providing you with real-time inventory synchronization;
  • No minimum order quantity;
  • Product updates on a weekly basis;
  • Dedicated customer support and personalized customer approach;
  • Opportunity to work with high margins and obtain profits of 250% per order;
  • 14-day return policy;
  • Worldwide shipping with FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

BrandsGateway designer bags collection

BrandsGateway will supply your store with both men’s and women’s designer bags from the most reputable fashion houses: Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Gucci, Versace, and Jimmy Choo among others. Your bag collection could be enriched with the following bag models available in multiple designs:

All things considered

If your goal is selling high-quality designer products that’ll generate for your store high revenues, then dropshipping designer bags is certainly a business idea you should take into consideration. Bearing in mind the previously-mentioned statistics, offering branded bags in your store will certainly help you expand your customer base. Furthermore, by taking into account our recommendations on finding a great supplier and being aware of the most profitable bag models we’ve discussed above, you’ll be on the right track to elevating your business.

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