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Best Watch Dropshipping Suppliers in 2023

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Serving as multi-purpose items with the role of fashion accessories, time tellers, and tracking fitness devices, watches have been a staple accessory for centuries. From classic and timeless designs to modern and tech-advanced styles, there is a watch to suit every taste and preference.

For entrepreneurs looking to start a dropshipping business, selling watches can be a lucrative and rewarding venture. But with so many suppliers to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones offer the best quality products, reliable shipping, and competitive pricing. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best watch dropshipping suppliers on the market today, and highlight the key features and benefits of each. 

Is dropshipping watches a good idea?

The best way to prove the profitability of watches is by taking a look at a few statistics.

To illustrate, a study conducted by Statista gives us a good picture of where watches stand in the consumer market and offers us predictions about how the product is expected to perform in the years to come:

To sum up the table’s data:

  • In 2023 the watch segment of the market will earn over US$75 billion.
  • The growth expectation is predicted to be a little over 4% between 2023 and 2026.
  • The luxury watch segment is forecasted to reach US$48 billion by the end of 2023.

Overall, we can conclude that dropshipping watches show us promising results and with that in mind, let’s go ahead and dig into our list of suppliers.

Best Watch Dropshipping Suppliers: Quick Comparison

SupplierMain FeaturesLocationReturn PolicyShipping PolicyProduct Selection
BrandsGateway• +20,000 designer items
• +100 luxury brands
• 250% profit margins per order
• No MOQ
• Sell on Amazon and eBay
• Integrates with Shopify, Wix WooCommerce, and Shift4Shop
Europe & USA14-day return policyWorldwide delivery:
•Europe (1-3 days)
•US & Canada (3-5 days)
•Rest of the world (5-7 days)
•Designer watches
•Chronograph watches, •Automatic watches
Wear We Met• Men’s and women’s watches
• Handwriting available
UKNot specifiedVaries based on location•Hand watches
•Pocket watches
•Engraved products
JGoodin• Offers watches and jewelry collectionsUSA30-day return policyProducts are delivered within 5-7 days•Rubber strap watches
•Metal strap watches
WWT• Sells watches, jewelry, sunglasses, and accessories
• Integrates with PrestShop
Italy8-day return policyOrders are shipped with FedEx, DHL, and UPSWatches, jewelry, sunglasses, accessories
Strapsco• Offers watch accessoriesUSA and CanadaReturns are accepted for defective itemsUS (2-5 days), Canada (2-8 days), International (varies by country)•Watch bands
• Buckles
• Clasps
• Watch batteries
WatchImport• Offers watches and watch accessories
• Charges a handling fee of 2.9 EUR per order
Germany7-day return policyWithin EU (1-3 days), outside EU (4-12 business days)• Watches
• Gift sets
• Handbags
• Accessories
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Best Watch Dropshipping Suppliers


Location: Europe & USA

BrandsGateway offers an outstanding dropshipping service that’ll allow you to sell luxury clothing and accessories manufactured by globally-praised fashion houses. By choosing to develop and nurture a business relationship with BrandsGateway, your online store will be provided with exquisite watch collections that will leave your customers amazed.

Key features:

Return policy:

  • 14-day return policy starting from the day the order has arrived to its final destination

Shipping policy:

  • Worldwide delivery of 1-3 working days within Europe, 3-5 within the US and Canada, and 5-7 for locations in the rest of the world

Product selection:

Wear We Met

Location: UK

Wear We Met is a UK-based dropshipping supplier that sells watches, jewelry, and engraved products that can be used as gifts.

Key features:

  • Product categories include men’s and women’s watches
  • Handwriting engraving on watches is available
  • Dropshippers are welcome to register on their website

Return policy:

  • Faulty items can be replaced and come with different warranties based on the type of product that’s being returned

Shipping policy:

  • Delivery times vary based on the location

Product selection:


Location: USA

Located in Santa Fe Springs, California, JGoodin is a watch and jewelry dropshipping supplier offering both dropshipping and wholesale services to store owners.

Key features:

  • The supplier offers both watches and jewelry collections
  • Their watches are made with leather or metal straps
  • Their jewelry pieces are available in gold, silver, and cubic zirconia

Return policy:

  • 30-day return policy

Shipping policy:

  • Products are delivered to customers within 5 to 7 days

Product selection:


Location: Italy

Offering B2B services since 1999, WWT specializes in supplying stores with fashion clothes and accessories, including watches. 

Key features:

  • Despite watches, this supplier also sells jewelry, sunglasses, and other types of accessories
  • Payment methods WWT works with include PayPal, Visa, Union Pay, American Express, and MasterCard
  • Integration available for dropshipping stores built with PrestaShop
  • Customer support team in English and Italian can be contacted by mail or phone

Return policy:

  • 8-day return policy

Shipping policy:

  • Orders are shipped with FedEx, DHL, and UPS

Product selection:


Location: USA and Canada

Founded in 2012, Stapsco is a family business focused on selling indispensable watch accessories in different sizes, shapes, and styles.

Key features:

  • Product categories include watch bands, buckles, clasps, watch batteries, and tools
  • Watch bands are made of leather, rubber, stainless steel, and nato straps
  • No MOQ is required

Return policy:

  • Returns are accepted for defective items

Shipping policy:

  • Estimated shipping time for the US is 2 to 5 days, for Canada 2-8, while for international orders it can vary tremendously depending on the country

Product selection:


Location: Germany

WatchImport has been actively working with dropshippers since 1992, offering them watches and a range of other types of products.

Key features:

  • Their product catalog consists of watches, gift sets, handbags, wallets, and sunglasses
  • They also sell watch accessories: tools, batteries, straps, and spare parts
  • The supplier charges a handling fee of 2.9 EUR per order

Return policy:

  • 7-day return policy

Shipping policy:

  • Orders within European Union take 1 to 3 days to be delivered and are sent out via DHL, while outside the Union may take anywhere between 4 to 12 business days

Product selection:

How to start dropshipping watches?

We wouldn’t leave you without providing you with a few directions on how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get you started and give you an idea in what order you should do things:

  • Step 1: Research product trends. Begin by exploring the latest watch trends. Research what styles, designs, and brands are most demanded among your target audience. Knowing your dropshipping niche will set the foundation for your success.
  • Step 2: Find reliable suppliers. Discovering the best watch dropshipping suppliers is essential. Look for reputable and reliable partners who offer a wide range of watches at the best quality and prices.
  • Step 3: Build your online store. Create an eye-catching online store to showcase your watch collection. Keep it sleek and stylish, allowing your customers to browse effortlessly and fall in love with your timepieces.
  • Step 4: Kick off your marketing campaign. Time to spread the word! Utilize the power of social media, influencer marketing, and targeted ads to reach potential customers. Craft compelling content that resonates with watch enthusiasts and leaves them eager to wear your creations.

What types of watches are best to dropship?

Although we’ve ruled out that watches make a profitable product, to benefit from a high revenue, you’ll need to stock up your dropshipping store preferably with those styles that sell fast. Here are a few types of watches that have shown to be quite popular among customers: 

  • Chronograph watches. Chronograph watches have been a best-selling product in the watch market for many reasons, the most important ones include their multiple features and incredible stylishness. 
  • Automatic watches. By eliminating the need for manual winding, automatic watches are as equally loved by customers because of their convenience and hassle-free use.
  • Designer watches. Despite being bought because of having a status symbol, another reason designer watches are highly demanded by customers is because of being made of high-quality materials, making these watches incredibly durable.
  • Sports watches. Sports watches are preferred by shoppers mainly because they’re designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and offer specialized functions, like monitoring your heart rate and GPS tracking.

To get an even better idea of what kinds of watches to sell, continue to our guide on the Most Popular Types of Watches to Dropship.

What types of watches to avoid dropshipping?

To rest assured you’re offering your customers only the best merchandise, make sure to avoid dropshipping watches that may belong to the following categories:

  • Poor quality watches
  • Outdated styles of watches
  • Replica watches of famous brands
  • Designer watches that don’t come with product authenticity (Read: Recognize fake vs. real brands)
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Our final remarks

To sum everything up, succeeding in the dropshipping business will require you to sell items that are commonly purchased by customers and, fortunately, watches are one of them. 

Our curated list of the best watch dropshipping suppliers will provide you with a shortcut in your research process and help you get an idea of what features to look for when trying to spot a reliable vendor.

For a more detailed guide that’ll provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to start dropshipping watches, don’t hesitate to read our Guide on Dropshipping Designer Watches.


Dropshipping is still very much worth it and profitable in 2023. Numerous numbers and data speak about the potential that dropshipping holds. Research conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. anticipates that the global dropshipping market will grow exponentially and will reach $557.9 billion by 2025.

Yes, watches are a great item you can include in your fashion dropshipping store. With so many types of wrist watches available, your customers will be more than satisfied to shop for their favorite style and design.

  • Research your market and competition. Start by completing a competitor analysis of the fashion market to understand the niche you’ll be focusing on and what your competition is up to.
  • Check out online directories. Online directories allow you to search for wholesale clothing suppliers based on various criteria like location, product type, and customer reviews.
  • Take time to network. Engage in industry forums, online communities, and social media platforms focused on clothing and fashion. Connect with other retailers, wholesalers, and industry professionals who can provide recommendations and insights into reliable suppliers they have worked with.
  • Visit trade shows and exhibitions. Attend trade shows and exhibitions as these events provide an excellent opportunity to establish direct connections.

Some of the best dropshipping suppliers for watches are:

  • BrandsGateway
  • JGoodin
  • CreationWatches
  • Banggood
  • GoTop
  • WWT
  • Iluwatch
  • WatchImport

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