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How One Wholesale Buyer Auctions BrandsGateway’s Branded Watches on Live TV

George Tsagarkis is a store and television business owner who’s been successfully selling luxury goods for over 30 years through quite a unique approach – live TV auctions. Starting his company in 1989 in Greece, George initially sold antiques, paintings, furniture, and other collectibles and eventually added jewelry and designer watches to his product category as well.


Over the course of the years, he managed to open over 22 retail stores within Greece and abroad. Unfortunately, due to the change of government, he was forced to close the majority of them, which, on the bright side, gave him the opportunity to focus on selling luxury accessories through infomercials, including online auctions too.


However, despite the success his auctions have had, George felt that he could improve his offerings and provide his target audience with high-end high-quality jewelry and watches at more convenient prices. 


“Sometimes people wish to buy different things at more convenient prices, for example, for a present.” 


Therefore, he needed to find a vendor that’ll supply him with more affordable yet branded luxury accessories. Moreover, he was also looking to further expand his portfolio by introducing to his customers designer sunglasses, shoes, and clothing pieces as well.


After doing some research on luxury products, George easily came across BrandsGateway. With a 4.6 review on Trustpilot, BrandsGateway proved to be the ideal supplier for George’s business, presenting him with the following perks:


  • More than 100 world-renowned luxury brands
  • Weekly updated product category with rich versatility 
  • High-profit margins of up to 250%
  • Affordable yet luxurious men’s and women’s watches global fashion brands Gant, Esprit, and Juicy Couture
  • Elegant and chich jewelry pieces at convenient prices from Dolce & Gabbana, Nialaya, Joch Galliano, and Ermanno Servino


BrandsGateway has helped George offer his audience luxurious reasonably priced watches and jewelry pieces as well as a diversified collection of designer products. As a result, he was able to generate a substantial amount of income, managing to sell 250 watches in just two weeks.  


“Our income went up to more than 50% because we are selling high-end pieces on television and delivering them to our customers’ homes in Greece and Cyprus. And we are running around 320.000 customers in this small country.”


That being said, with BrandsGateway by his side, George accomplished his goal of further growing his business and attracting a large audience base he can target.

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