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Dropshipping Designer Shoes 101

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
9th July, 2024
9 minutes

In recent times, the idea of starting a dropshipping business has certainly been on the rise and it seems like its popularity doesn’t cease to accelerate, with plenty of dropshipping examples to prove its success.

As it removes the burden of having to manage inventory and doesn’t require high startup costs, it’s no wonder why plenty of inspiring entrepreneurs give this business model a chance with the idea of building a full business or earning just a dropshipping passive income.

When it comes to picking a niche, many online retailers gravitate towards dropshipping designer fashion products as these have quite a good reputation, making them a safer bet than non-branded items. Some retailers offer a range of clothing, while others focus on specific items like designer handbags, designer watches, or, our topic today, designer shoes.

In this article, we’ll cover the essentials of the shoe market and give you tips on launching your dropshipping store and building a loyal customer base.

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Are shoes good to dropship?

The question every dropshipper has asked at some point, and surely you’ve thought about it too, is if dropshipping shoes pays off in the long run.

The answer is a big fat yes.

According to Statista, shoe sales are expected to grow annually by 3.43% between 2024 and 2028. This rising demand makes the shoe industry one of the top earners in the apparel sector.

Currently, footwear ranks as the third-highest revenue market in clothing, with an estimated $412 billion USD, right after women’s apparel at $936 billion USD and men’s apparel at $573 billion USD.

What to pay attention to when looking for designer shoes suppliers?

Before launching your dropshipping store, it’s essential to connect with potential suppliers in the branded dropshipping industry. But before making any quick decisions, keep in mind a few crucial factors that can make or break your business. Not every supplier will be a good fit for your online store, so here’s what to look out for:

Double-check for quality issues. The quality of your products will significantly influence your customers’ satisfaction. Unlike non-branded goods, designer shoes are expected to be of impeccable quality and design. If you’re committed to selling branded shoes, be cautious about your supplier’s reliability. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and thoroughly investigate their products to ensure the shoes you offer are durable and minimize returns and cancellations.

Closely look into the shoe sizes. Size issues are common in online footwear shopping. Dropshipping returns often occur when the sizes listed on the website don’t match the actual product. To avoid this inconvenience, confirm that your supplier’s size charts are accurate. While slight variations in size are normal, providing reasonably correct sizes is crucial.

Look for reliability proof. Ultimately, finding reliable suppliers is key. Trustworthy suppliers will provide high-quality shoes and accurate size charts. One of the easiest ways to verify a supplier’s credibility is by reading customer reviews. Ensure that the supplier you choose will stock your store with authentic designer footwear.

Best shoes to dropship

Finding the best shoes to dropship can set your store apart and attract a loyal customer base. With so many options out there, it’s crucial to pick shoes that not only sell well but also align with your brand and audience.

Here are some top shoe categories that are perfect for dropshipping:


From classic white sneakers to bold, colorful designs, people prioritize comfort in their footwear, making sneakers a popular choice for everyday wear. Sneakers can also be worn with casual outfits, athletic wear, and even dressier ensembles, which further broadens their appeal.

High heels

  • High heels are synonymous with sophistication and elegance. Perfect for weddings, parties, and formal events, high heels are often purchased for specific occasions. From stilettos to block heels, there’s a wide range of styles to cater to different tastes and preferences.


  • Sandals are essential during the spring and summer seasons. They’re lightweight and comfortable, ideal for hot weather, and are available in numerous styles, including flip-flops, gladiator sandals, and dressy sandals.


  • Flats offer a blend of comfort and style, making them suitable for both work and casual outings. Easy to slip on and off, they are a convenient choice for many customers.

Dropshipping shoes with BrandsGateway

With BrandsGateway by your side, your shoe dropshipping store will be able to enjoy remarkable advantages.

Considered to be one of the most reputable online B2B fashion eCommerce marketplaces specializing in luxury clothing, this supplier will offer you exquisite designer shoes from a number of estimable brands that manufacture products of only the most exceptional quality. 

dropshipping designer shoes

You can register with BrandsGateway in only a couple of simple steps.

  • Register for free on the dropshipping page.
  • Choose your dropshipping plan.
  • Connect BrandsGateway’s plugin with your store.
  • Pick out the clothing categories you’d like to import and allocate your markup.  

What do you get when dropshipping with BrandsGateway?

  • No minimum order quantity is required.
  • Possibility to work with high margins and earn up to 250% for every order.
  • Integration available for Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, and Shift4Shop-based stores.
  • Rest API integration for custom-built websites.
  • Automatic inventory updates feature, offering real-time inventory synchronization.
  • Automatic order placement feature, allowing all orders in your store to be automatically redirected to BrandsGateway without having to be manually forwarded.
  • Worldwide delivery to over 170 countries.
  • Fast shipping with 1-7 days depending on the location.
  • Affordable shipping costs of 15€/17$ per order.
  • 14-day return policy counting from the day the order has arrived at the customer’s destination.

What kinds of shoes can you sell with BrandsGateway?

With BrandsGateway as your dropshipping supplier, you’d have at your disposal to choose from a variety of designer brands for shoes including Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Prada, and Versace, to name a few.

Your shoe collection would consist of diverse shoe designs and styles for both men and women:

  • Casual and formal footwear
  • Various types of boots
  • Sneakers;
  • Comfy flats
  • Low, middle, and high-heel pumps and sandals
  • Loafers etc.

How to dropship shoes on Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most user-friendly eCommerce platforms, making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs.

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to get your shoe dropshipping business up and running on Shopify.

1. Set up your Shopify store

First things first, you need to create your Shopify store. Go to Shopify’s website and sign up for an account. Shopify offers a free trial, so you can explore the platform without any initial investment.

Follow the prompts to set up your store, including adding your business name and customizing your store’s design. Choose a theme that reflects your brand’s aesthetic and makes it easy for customers to navigate your site.

dropshipping designer shoes

2. Connect your store with your dropshipping supplier

Once your store is set up, the next crucial step is to connect it with your dropshipping supplier. This integration ensures that your product listings are synced, orders are processed smoothly, and inventory levels are accurately updated.

Simply install the relevant app, follow the setup instructions, and link it to your store. This connection streamlines your operations, making it easier to manage your dropshipping business.

dropshipping designer shoes

3. Set up payment and shipping options

Next, configure your payment and shipping options. Shopify supports various payment gateways, including Shopify Payments, PayPal, and Stripe. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and make it easy for customers to pay.

For shipping, be transparent about delivery times and costs to set the right expectations.

4. Optimize your store for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for driving organic traffic to your store. Use relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions, and meta tags.

Create informative blog posts related to shoes and fashion to attract more visitors. Ensure your store is mobile-friendly and loads quickly, as these factors can impact your search rankings.

Tools like Google Analytics and Shopify’s built-in analytics can help you track your SEO performance.

5. Promote your store

Now that your store is set up, it’s time to start promoting it.

Leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your products and engage with potential customers.

Run targeted ads to reach your ideal audience and drive traffic to your store. Consider collaborating with fashion influencers to increase your brand’s visibility. Email marketing is another effective way to keep customers informed about new arrivals and special promotions.

To sum things up

The shoe segment of the fashion market has consistently generated outstanding sales, making dropshipping designer shoes a lucrative business opportunity.

Of course, like any other business, there are important factors to consider, especially if you’re a beginner and still learning the ropes of dropshipping.

But don’t worry—everyone starts somewhere. By following our advice and tips, you’ll have a great chance of successfully launching your dropshipping store for branded footwear. With the right strategies and careful attention to detail, you can tap into this profitable market and build a thriving business.

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