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A Guide to Dropshipping Designer Sunglasses

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Sunglasses represent essential accessories that can effortlessly pull up any look together. Having been available in a large number of designs and forms, nowadays they’re some of the most versatile fashion products worn by people of all ages. Despite being highly fashionable, their popularity is also a result of the fact that they provide an extra layer of protection for our eyes against the harmful effects of UV rays throughout all seasons of the year. Thus, a good pair of shades doesn’t only give people a stylish look but also shields them from the damaging consequences of the sun.

Being mindful of this, selling sunglasses in your online boutique can bring you quite a few advantages, particularly if you offer not any kind of shades, but branded shades. In the following sections of this article, we’ll elaborate on the topic of dropshipping designer sunglasses, give you tips to be aware of when discussing business with a supplier, and provide you with examples of the most popular designer sunglasses brands your dropshipping store should be supplied with.

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Is dropshipping designer sunglasses worth it?

Dropshippers like yourself are constantly carrying out product research with the intention of finding out which items are worth dropshipping and which ones aren’t. By knowing this information beforehand, they avoid getting exposed to the risk of underselling and facing insufficient financial resources. So, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for business owners to feel skeptical about offering certain products when they haven’t got their hands on reliable statistics to prove them the opposite. However, when dropshipping designer sunglasses come into question, there’s no room to panic as we’ve already made the calculations ourselves and we’re happy to say that selling branded sunglasses is in fact a promising business idea.

In order to present you with well-grounded facts based on a thorough analysis, we’ve managed to gather a few well-researched details regarding the sunglasses market provided by Statista. Conforming to this source, the sunglasses revenue in 2022 has generated approximately 23 billion USD. Despite the understandable fall in sales in 2020 which can be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, the profit earned from this section is anticipated to keep on rising by 5.82% within the time span from 2022 to 2025 when it’s expected sunglasses sales to reach closely to 30 billion USD.

In addition to this, another study conducted by Statista as well displays the income received by the luxury eyewear segment only. According to it, this market appears to have earned 21 billion USD this year alone, leading to the conclusion that designer sunglasses are products that can sell. 

Tips on choosing the right supplier for dropshipping designer sunglasses

Dropshipping sunglasses entails entering a partnership with a trustworthy supplier. Nevertheless, during the search for such a supplier, this is what you should be attentive to.

Ensure they offer frequent inventory upgrades

One of the most effective ways to convert customers into loyal consumers is by introducing them to new products as frequently as possible. Recurrent inventory updates play a major role in keeping clients intrigued and eager to shop from your dropshipping store. The more new items you offer the bigger the chances of increasing your dropshipping sales and dodging unhappy customers. That being said, collaborating with a supplier that furnishes you with at least weekly arrivals of designer sunglasses is something you must take into account.

Inform yourself about their shipping services

In order to assure your customers will be receiving their packages on time, it’s important to discuss delivery details with your potential dropshipping supplier. As claimed by Circuit, roughly 72% of poorly executed deliveries are likely to result in consumers no longer recommending that retailer. For that reason, talking over the delivery service before making any deals is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Additionally, it’s also key to make sure the supplier you have in mind offers worldwide shipping. Being able to deliver across the globe will help you to expand your fashion eCommerce business internationally and thus assist you in accumulating a larger audience.

Be on the lookout for counterfeit items

Being able to recognize fake from original designer items can save you the trouble of dealing with disappointed customers looking for refunds. That being the case, when selling designer sunglasses or any other type of branded products, it’s key to look for authenticity assurance that’ll guarantee that the products originate from genuine fashion brands. The inability to prove their originality will not only affect your consumers but your dropshipping store’s reputation as well.

The most popular brands for dropshipping designer sunglasses 

When deciding on dropshipping designer sunglasses, it can be extremely helpful to your dropshipping clothing business to research the best brands as some designer houses can be better than others, thus offering customers greater products and getting their money’s worth. Take a look at our recommendations based on Google Trends.

Tom Ford

Worldwide acclaimed fashion house Tom Ford has been providing clothing boutiques for approximately 17 years with exquisite lines of clothes, footwear, and even cosmetics. Their designer sunglasses collections don’t disappoint either. By taking look at the Google Trends chart displayed below, you can observe the popularity of Tom Ford sunglasses in the past 12 months, keeping quite a high ranking with only a very few downs.


Having been in business for over 40 years, the Italian retailer Diesel is an iconic brand that has been dominating the fashion field with its denim wear for many decades. However, their designer sunglasses collections are as worthy of recognition, offering customers one-of-a-kind fashionable pairs of shades made for all types of occasions. 


Founded in sunny Los Angeles, the city of glamour, fashion, and the red carpet, fashion house Guess is one of the oldest American brands. Because of their superbly made products, Guess has successfully been able to retain a good name for many years and continues to do so. Despite manufacturing men’s and women’s wear, Guess is also known for its stylish accessories collections including ultra-modern sunglasses of top-notch quality.

Roberto Cavalli

Making its debut back in 1975 as a luxury Italian brand, ever since then, Roberto Cavalli has been hitting all the right spots when it comes to creating trendy fashion lines that’ll be remembered for years to come. Along with everyday casual and haute couture apparel, Roberto Cavalli has also been producing watches, bags, and jewelry along with eyewear. In the Google Trends graphic shown under you can observe the sale of the Cavalli sunglasses in the last year in the US. 

Why opt for dropshipping designer sunglasses with BrandsGateway?

When dropshipping designer sunglasses it’s of key importance to collaborate with a reliable supplier. This is where BrandsGateway comes into play. Viewed as one of the leading B2B eCommerce marketplaces of luxury clothing and accessories, this dropshipping supplier will provide you with a number of benefits and impeccably made fashion items.

How can you get into business with BrandsGateway?

BrandsGateway offers you a straightforward registration process that entails opening an account on their dropshipping page, selecting your dropshipping subscription, and completing your card details. Once you’re finished registering, BrandsGateway is going to supply you with a simple guide consisting of instructions on how to install their plugin. Choose what categories you wish to have in your store and start selling some amazing fashion products.

What are the pros of teaming up with BrandsGateway?

What designer sunglasses brands and models does BrandsGateway offer?

BrandsGateway will keep your dropshipping store stocked with men’s, women’s, and unisex collections of designer sunglasses and frames consisting of an abundance of shapes and styles: round, oval, square, cat eye, and many more available in silver, gold, rose gold, brown, blue, burgundy and other colors.

The brands they’re offering include all of the above analyzed most popular fashion houses in addition to Swarowski, Carolina Herrera, Disquared², Dolce & Gabbana, Bally, and Miu Miu.

To sum things up

Taking into account the great profitability you can benefit from by selling sunglasses, importing this category into your dropshipping store should definitely be something to have an open mind for. By taking our advice on finding a trustworthy supplier of designer sunglasses, and giving consideration to the brands we’ve recommended in this article, you’ll be able to benefit from a great opportunity to offer your customers sunglasses they won’t be able to resist buying.

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