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Automatic Order Placement: Why it’s Crucial for a Successful Dropshipping Store

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
25th March, 2022
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Sometimes dropshipping businesses do need some help in managing their workload. From taking orders and forwarding them to the supplier to dealing with payment methods, taking care of customers, generating UPC and SKU codes, and making sure packages have reached their final destinations. We only have so many hours in one day to run through all the tasks which a lot of the time makes it impossible to take care of everything before the workday is over. Fortunately, artificial intelligence has been slowly but surely making its way to dropshipping. The fast-paced world we live in today has made it possible for dropshipping technology to progress significantly. Getting rid of the inconvenient manual system and replacing it with much more practical software that can easily accomplish most work-intensive tasks has been remarkably beneficial for dropshipping owners.

With taking so much load of responsibilities off their hands, automated dropshipping has become the leading management system for many dropshipping stores. Now, they can have at their disposal a computer program that converts a considerable number of hand-operated assignments into tasks that are effortlessly executed automatically. One such essential feature of the automatic dropshipping system aside from the feature for automatic inventory updates is the automatic order placement. In the following sections of this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and explain why automatic order placement can tremendously ease up the job of any dropshipper.

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What advantages does automatic order placement bring?

With manual systems making task accomplishment more difficult, dropshippers have started to rely on computer-driven systems in order to simplify their work and enable them to set free from laborious jobs. They have found that kind of relief in automatic order placement, which allows dropshippers to let orders get processed automatically the minute they’ve been placed by customers in their online stores. Having this feature at their disposal, dropshipping stores can take advantage of an organized and efficient ordering procedure, hence, eliminating plenty of potential mistakes and improving their overall order fulfillment process. As such, automatic order placement can be of great assistance to dropshipping owners, granting them remarkable benefits including:

  • You’d avoid the errors that usually happen with manual order placement such as mixing up and losing track of orders;
  • The processing, dispatching, and delivery times would significantly decrease;
  • You’d have more time available for performing other important tasks;
  • You’d benefit from a considerable cost reduction;
  • You’d be able to effortlessly process orders from different sales channels;
  • Your customers would be able to keep track of their package status around the clock.

In the following sections, we’ll take a look at each of them separately and provide you with a thorough explanation of how automated order placement can assist your business in prospering and bring your dropshipping store an increase in sales and profit.

Automatic order processing saves time

It’s less prone to errors

With manual data entry, at some point, mistakes are bound to happen. Many of them can lead to inserting incorrect delivery information. This can eventually give rise to major shipment issues such as mixing up orders and dispatching packages to wrong addresses, something that your customers won’t appreciate the least. As a result, you’ll be forced to deal with disappointed consumers that might as well start reconsidering switching to your competitors in the search for a better order fulfillment method. And not only that but unhappy customers are more than likely to share their poor experiences on review sites and with other people as well, thus driving away from a significant number of potential consumers.

Inconveniences like these can occur because typing order information manually doesn’t only take up a lot of time but also demands paying attention carefully when inserting data in order to avoid any errors as much as possible. With automated order placement and processing, you’ll be less likely to find yourself in such situations. Since your order processing system will be automatically integrated with your store and inventory, you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble with your customers.

It speeds up the shipping process

No customer will ever be happy to know that their order is taking way too much time to be delivered to their doorsteps. If exact delivery times are clearly stated on the store’s website, they’ll keep those expectations and won’t be thrilled to know that you haven’t. For many, this would be enough to start checking out other dropshipping stores in the hope of finding more convenient shipping services.

As mentioned in a survey carried out in Europe by Sendcloud, almost half of European customers won’t proceed with the checkout process if the approximate delivery time is too long. Since standard delivery in Europe on average doesn’t take more than 3 days, anything longer than that Europeans consider to be a slow delivery. This brings us to the conclusion that prolonged shipping can significantly influence customer retention.

With automatic order placement, you won’t have to face such issues. Since your orders will be processed automatically, they’ll be ready to be dispatched to your customers much quicker, notably reducing the delivery times and keeping clients satisfied.

It’s less time-consuming

When working with manual order placement, dropshippers have to endure infinite typing of information related to all the orders that are being processed. Usually, this involves a huge pile of paperwork that needs to be dealt with so that orders are successfully fulfilled and packages are properly packed and delivered to customers in time. But managing all those paper sheets and constantly re-entering data can become unbelievably arduous and cumbersome. Additionally, dropshipping owners waste precious time and patience on such repetitive tasks that in reality can be handled by a plugin for dropshipping automation.

Automatic order placement, however, can help you avoid all of that without requiring you to type any information twice. Once you’ve put down the data of the orders, the automatic system retains everything you’ve entered. This will free you up a ton of time you’d normally spend inserting the same information over and over again. Thanks to automated dropshipping, dropshippers can now benefit from an abundance of time on their hands which they can use by focusing their attention on tasks that truly need human interference.

It’s cost-effective

According to Forbes magazine, in general, intelligent automation can result in up to 40-75% of cost reduction, allowing businesses to considerably cut their expenses. These numbers can also be applied when it comes to automating your order management system. Since automatic order placement lets you put manual work out of the way, you can easily reduce the number of staff that place the orders manually, and instead, use smart technology for faster and more efficient order processing.

In this way, you’d be able to decrease cash outflow or, if you’re interested in investing in other parts of your store, get access to larger finances. To illustrate, once automated order placement helps you lower your costs, you can invest in areas of your business that can influence your sales and have a decision-making role when it comes to customers making purchases. Such an area would be advertising where you’d need to focus on funding your marketing ideas and strategies in order to benefit from the best outcomes. For example, working with Facebook or Youtube Ads does require a small financial investment, which in the long run will give your dropshipping store exposure and attract a wider audience.

It allows managing sales from different channels

With eCommerce and mCommerce sales taking the world by storm, online retailers have been taking advantage of this opportunity to make the most for their businesses by offering their products and services on multiple selling platforms and marketplaces. Why limit yourself to only one marketplace when you can grow your store from various sales channels?

Automatic order management for dropshipping stores is cost-effective

Speaking of, when selling on several online platforms, manual order processing can bring disruptions that can influence your business negatively. Namely, when juggling more than one sales channel, getting on top of order management on all channels can sometimes be a tricky thing to accomplish. Even those with the sharpest eyes can make a mistake and lose control over organizing and processing the orders.

This is where automatic order placement comes to the rescue. This convenient feature enables dropshipping owners to easily manage the sales of their products from a number of platforms. By integrating all sales channels with the automatic order processing, all orders will be taken care of automatically by one system instead of manually inserting each of them from the channel they’ve been placed from.

It keeps customers up to date at all times

As stated by MyCustomer, their survey showed that up to 82% of the survey respondents said that it’s crucial for retailers to keep customers up to date with all delivery stages. Therefore, making order tracking available from the very moment the order has been placed can score many points with your customers. This can be easily achieved with automatic order placement. You should opt for keeping clients informed about the status of their order for a couple of reasons.

Starting with, order tracking allows customers to know the exact moment when their package has been sent and provides them with information about the time of delivery. Furthermore, their trust in your store will increase significantly, which consequently can lead to transforming them into a loyal clientele. Last but not least, order tracking makes your customers’ shopping experience more pleasant. Taking all of this into consideration, customers will be less likely to complain to customer services and demand refunds or cancel their orders. They’ll be happy to receive accurate shipment dates, and also to be informed about any delays that may occur.

How can you benefit from BrandsGateway’s feature for automatic order placement?

Since you’ve become familiar with what automated order placement entails and have taken a closer look at all of the benefits your business would be getting, it’s clear that teaming up with a dropshipping supplier that can provide you with such advantages is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. Automating your order processing will take a great deal of work off your shoulders, enabling you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

When dropshipping with BrandsGateway, orders will be synced from your Shopify, Wix, Shift4Shop, or WooCommerce-based store the moment customers have completed the check-out process. This integration is possible by installing a plugin (for Wix and WooCommerce) or an app (for Shopify and Shift4Shop). After the order has been placed, it’ll automatically be forwarded to BrandsGateway’s order processing system, completely eliminating the need to manually send out the orders to them. Moreover, their dropshipping service also makes it possible for you to monitor your order payments without leaving any unsettled charges. As soon as the payment has been made, inside your BrandsGateway’s account, you’ll be able to check the status of your customers’ orders. A tracking number will be also available for you inside your account which you can share with your customers so they’ll be able to be kept posted about the status of their package throughout the whole delivery.

With BrandsGateway on your side, you’ll give your dropshipping store the necessary assistance to easily manage all orders and make sure they’re delivered to your customers on time. Moreover, it can also provide you with automatic inventory updates and even lend you a hand in starting your own business.

To sum all up

Thanks to automation, dropshipping stores are becoming easier to manage, allowing owners to devote attention to all areas of their business and enabling them to achieve a number of tasks. Among the variety of functions, the automated system lets dropshippers simplify the order management system by exposing them to automatic order placement. With this feature, dropshipping store owners can make sure their orders are taken care of without having to put in any manual work.

As a result, they’d benefit from faster delivery times, easier order processing from different selling platforms, and real-time order tracking which is always highly appreciated by customers. In addition, their dropshipping stores can bring about massive cost savings, and most importantly, they’d be less likely to commit mistakes that can affect their stores’ sales flow and customer loyalty and satisfaction. Bearing in mind these points, automatic order placement can tremendously contribute to improving your order fulfillment system altogether and, consequently, result in getting your store to generate great success.

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