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14 Dropshipping Trending Products to Sell in Your Fashion Store in 2024

Nedina Gjorgjieva
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Locating products that sell like hotcakes is the key to keeping your dropshipping business up and running. And if you’re in the fashion industry, you’re very well familiar with the market’s constantly changing and unpredictable course.

The only thing that can help your store keep up with the rest is keeping pace with the latest clothing styles.

With 2024 having already arrived, it’s time to jump in on the newest fashion eCommerce trends and welcome customers with your virtual shelves stocked up with the latest clothing garments.

In this article, we’ll focus on providing clarification on several topics that’ll help you to better organize your selling strategies and stay prepared for the upcoming business year:

  • Where does the profitability of the fashion niche stand?
  • Where to find dropshipping trending products?
  • Which are the top-selling products for 2024?

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Is the fashion niche still profitable?

Yes, fashion is still one of the most lucrative dropshipping niches. Taking into account the fact that clothing articles are one of the most demanded products among customers, this niche has become a forever-growing industry unlikely to ever go out of business.

To support our claims, a report by Statista shows us the evolution of the fashion niche. With the exception of the Covid19-affected 2020, starting from 2014 until now, the apparel market has been generating a steadily growing revenue projected to reach $1.7.9 trillion USD in 2024.

How do I find trending products to dropship?

Although it might look slightly overwhelming initially, with the right tools in your hands, finding dropshipping trending products for your fashion store doesn’t have to be such a complicated task. Here are a few places where to look for currently high-demanded apparel articles:

Amazon and eBay

Amazon’s Best Seller page and eBay’s Best Seller page, serve as valuable resources for consumers and sellers alike, offering insights into current market trends, consumer preferences, and the competitive landscape of online retail.

These platforms diligently gather data to compile and regularly update lists that highlight the top-selling items within a wide range of categories.

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to check out the popularity of search queries and keywords and analyze their performance over a certain period of time as well as in a specific location.

Additionally, you can compare different queries and see which one is most used by customers when searching for desired fashion products. See the example below.

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Online communities

Online communities, such as dropshipping forums, dropshipping groups, and eCommerce blogs, can be a great resource for discovering trending clothing items.

By perusing through the content published in these places, you’re likely to stumble on discussions related to popular fashion trends and tons of suggestions on what to sell in 2024.

We recommend the following:

Social media 

Social media is another goldmine for finding top-rated fashion dropshipping products.

To illustrate, trending hashtags are very likely to point you in the direction of popular garments. In addition, influencers are constantly the ones to promote the latest fashion happenings and even call the shots sometimes.

Here are a few fashion hashtags that might lend you a hand:

  • #FashionDiaries
  • #OutfitOfTheDay
  • #OOTD
  • #trendingclothing
  • #fashionblogger
  • #fashiongram
  • #InstaFashion

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What are the best fashion dropshipping products right now?

To give you a heads-up in your search, we’ve done our own research and collected the top trending dropshipping products for the following fashion season.

Maxi skirts

While skirts have always been a go-to piece of clothing for women for many centuries, their styles have been varying constantly. Today’s skirt design conforming to fashion’s latest trends is the maxi skirt.

Here’s an idea for types of maxi skirts to include in your store:

Fanny packs

Previously worn for sporty occasions exclusively, today, the purpose of the fanny pack has been completely reshaped. What started with mostly Instagram influencers incorporating them into various outfits has turned the fanny pack bags into one of the most popular fashion accessories worn by men and women on everyday occasions.

Here’s an idea for types of fanny packs to include in your store:

Mini shoulder bag

Just like many other fashion items, the mini shoulder bag has been resurrected from the long-gone 90s fashion era and has been thriving splendidly, being worn mostly by Gen Zers but Millenials as well. 

Here’s an idea of mini shoulder bags to include in your store:

Slim-straight pants

The slim-straight pants have become particularly popular among the male audience, turning into top-selling men’s clothing. They allow men to dress stylish yet still comfortably which is why these types of trousers are getting increasingly requested in clothing stores.

Here’s an idea for types of slim-straight pants to include in your store:

High-waist straight-leg pants

The high-waist straight-leg pants have forever been a symbol of taste and elegance, especially in women’s fashion. What makes them such a demanded product among buyers is their sophisticated style, making it easy for customers to combine them with both formal and casual wear. 

Here’s an idea for types of high-waist straight-leg pants to include in your store:

Oversized blazers

One of the most popular items paired nowadays with the above-discussed high-waisted straight-leg trousers is the simple oversized blazer. This article allows you to play with layers and combine them with almost all kinds of clothing and still result in a fashionable outfit.

Here’s an idea for types of oversized blazers to include in your store:

Trench coats

Another clothing article fashion has its sight set on is the trench coat. Shopped by both men and women, trench coats have been a fashion staple since the 1960s up until today, with each passing decade benefiting from different and improved styles.

Here’s an idea for types of trench coats to include in your store:

Leather clothing garments

Leather clothing garments offer customers a classic fashion style that has been around for centuries. It all started with the Greasier youth subculture in the 1950s when the famous leather jacket shook the clothing market. Throughout the decades the style started expanding, with the fashion industry producing leather skirts, pants, and dresses.

Here’s an idea for types of leather goods to include in your store:

Lace-up boots

The lace-up boots are what you’d call a clothing item with an edge that can never be upstaged. They can be chunky or with smaller platforms, both models allowing customers to put together classic and trendy outfit combinations, which makes dropshipping shoes a profitable idea. 

Here’s an idea of what lace-up boots to include in your store:

Bucket hat

The bucket hats are a well-known clothing trend that was reborn with the 90s’ streetwear fashion, initially introduced somewhere in the 1900s. Nowadays, they’re frequently bought by young adults as well as a good part of the older audience, making them a ‘must’ for your dropshipping clothing store.

Here’s an idea of what bucket hats to include in your store:

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Vintage sunglasses

From cat-eye, round frame, and rectangles to oversized, aviators, and sporty styles, vintage sunglasses have been back for some time and aren’t nearly close to being forgotten again. By dropshipping sunglasses and including all of these retro designs, you increase your chances of attracting a wider audience of fashion lovers.

Here’s an idea of what vintage sunglasses to include in your store:

Chronograph watches

With their fascinating designs and a bunch of additional features, the chronograph watches are one of the most fashionable types of watches to dropship. So, don’t hold off making them a part of your store’s inventory.

Here’s an idea of what chronograph watches to include in your store:

Kitten heels

Popularized in the 1950s among young girls, kitten heels are taking the world by storm once again, this time around bought by fashionistas of all ages. What makes them once again such a demanded product is nonetheless the fact that they’re much more comfortable than heel stilettos yet at the same time still give any outfit a polished and sophisticated look.

Here’s an idea of what kitten heels to include in your store:

Flare jeans

Being a huge part of the 60s and 70s clothing style, the flare jeans, also known as the bell-bottom jeans, are once again dominating the fashion runways. Their semi-fitted silhouette and loose bottoms give women the much-wanted hourglass figure, while at the same time letting them move freely and more comfortably in comparison to regular skinny jeans.

Here’s an idea of what types of flare jeans to include in your store:

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On your way to concur the fashion market

We’ve explained the reasons why fashion is always a trending niche, provided you with suggestions on how to discover trending products and given you a list of clothing items that are bound to stir interest among customers.

Now it’s your turn to take our dropshipping tips into account and start testing the waters.


Yes, dropshipping remains a popular business model heading into 2024. It continues to evolve with online shopping trends and technological advancements, making it an appealing option for entrepreneurs looking to start an eCommerce business without holding any inventory.

To stay on top of dropshipping trends, regularly follow industry blogs, subscribe to eCommerce newsletters, and engage with the dropshipping community on platforms like Reddit and Facebook groups. Keeping an eye on popular culture and emerging technology can also help you anticipate the next big product trends.

Fashion is without a doubt one of the best niches for dropshipping in 2024. With the clothing market experiencing non-stop growth, you won’t regret tapping into this industry.

Finding the best product for dropshipping involves market research, analyzing customer demand, and staying informed about emerging trends. Utilize tools like Google Trends, social media insights, and competitor analysis to identify products with high potential. Participating in online forums and attending trade shows can also provide valuable insights.

Clothing items tend to be among the most successful products for dropshipping considering the constant demand the fashion market faces.

Clothing and accessories such as maxi skirts, oversized blazers, high-waisted long pants, lace-up boots, and fanny packs appear to be trending the most.

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