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14 Best Facebook Groups for Dropshipping to Join in 2022

Connections are crucial for a successful business story in the eCommerce sector. Every business, regardless of its size and format, needs to be open to making new connections in order to prosper. In essence, by connecting with other entities, whether they’re other businesses or customers, you’re expanding the outreach of your company which ultimately leads to better positioning on the market. Despite the increased market visibility, connecting with other companies can help in shaping different relationships and building a sense of companionship that will later turn into a safety net for many business owners.

Nowadays, there’re multiple means of communication that are used as a channel of communication by businesses. Entrepreneurs can often benefit from attending conferences, visiting special business courses, or joining groups of interest through various social media channels. All these means of communication have one thing in common, and that’s providing the needed information for entrepreneurs to stay in line with the latest trends and movements in the eCommerce industry.

Therefore, joining a circle of business enthusiasts that are eager to share their best practices is an awesome way of getting in touch. Facebook, as one of the leading social media networks, offers a great opportunity for connecting with people with the same interests. The network offers the possibility of creating and hosting various types of groups where you can share business experiences and stories and learn from their mistakes. Facebook groups offer a platform that serves as a base for learning tips and tricks about online marketing, eCommerce, dropshipping, and many other related topics, while you’re creating a network of professionals that strives towards successful placement on the market.

So, that’s why we have compiled a list of the best Facebook groups where you can gather the best information about eCommerce and dropshipping.

Facebook Group Name: eCommerce Dropshipping

Number of members: 3,200

“E-Commerce Dropshipping” is a Facebook group that gathers around 3,200 members where you can learn various things about dropshipping branches and discuss possible market placement with other entrepreneurs. The group is a public one, so everyone can easily join and read all the content shared with the members. If you’re eager to learn about who are the winning items that need to be included in a dropshipping store or discuss different logistic methods with the rest of the group members you can definitely benefit from it. Additionally, you can find multiple entrepreneurs that post regular content on topics like eCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. There’re also those who are offering their products and services through group posts, but one should be cautious in order to avoid scammers.

Facebook Group Name: Dropshipping

Number of members: 13,400 

“Dropshipping” is a Facebook community for people who are in the eCommerce business or want to find out more about this industry segment. The group is public so anyone can become a member once they click the ‘Join Group’ button. Around 13,400 are already a part of this community so you can find numerous topic discussions, product offers, issues that entrepreneurs are faced with, various queries, etc. Besides, there’re also many eCommerce and dropshipping experts who are part of this group and can help solve some problems or answer questions that are puzzling those who are new in the eCommerce and dropshipping sector.

Facebook Group Name: Dropshipping Suppliers USA, EU & UK

Number of members: 31,800 

As the name suggests, this Facebook group is fully focused on covering the dropshipping suppliers for the markets in the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. Unlike the groups we have already mentioned, this is a private one, and you have to make a request and be accepted. Another interesting thing is that this group counts around 32,000 members which is a very high number. However, the main focus of the group is discussions about dropshipping to services such as eBay, Amazon, and Shopify with the help of suppliers. Finally, the group offers a list of the dropshipping suppliers which is in a pinned post at the beginning of the news feed.

Facebook Group Name: Dropshipping Suppliers USA

Number of members: 44,700 

“Dropshipping Suppliers USA” covers the topic of finding suppliers with warehouses in the United States. In fact, this dropshipping Facebook group counts more than 44,000 members who are fully devoted to this industry and want to help others achieve their success stories. The group is a perfect hub for driven young entrepreneurs that want to learn some tips and tricks on how to run a successful dropshipping store. A possible downside is that this is a private group and that you should get accepted in order to view and enjoy all the benefits it gives.

Facebook Group Name: Dropify – Hacking Shopify Dropshipping

Number of members: 139,794 

“Dropify” is a large eCommerce community that focuses on topics such as dropshipping with Shopify, making online sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, and everything related to online businesses. In essence, by joining this group you can be part of a fast-growing community that’s full of like-minded people that strive towards the same goal: making an impact in the digital world of business and turning their story into a successful one. The group is private but admins will get you in almost immediately if you request to join. Of course, once you’re in, there’re some ground rules that need to be respected in order for everyone to feel comfortable and as part of a dropshipping family. Therefore, sharing promotional content without permission from the administrators, requesting private messages in posts and comments, spamming, and sharing irrelevant content can all lead to immediate ban and expulsion from the group.

Facebook Group Name: Dropshipping For Beginners | Dropshipping services

Number of members: 19,500

This Facebook group is aimed at providing the most current information about the trends in the dropshipping world. Entrepreneurs that are just starting in this field, but also dropshipping enthusiasts that want to learn new things can find quite meaningful stuff in the form of best practices, learning sprees, polls, success stories, etc. The group also provides services that include creating a fully automated Shopify store as well as creating and placing Facebook and Instagram Ads. In addition, there’re many experts who are part of this group and can offer their guidance to beginners and lead them on the right track.

Facebook Group Name: Dropshipping

Number of members: 208,200

A Facebook group that’s strictly focused on dropshipping and the experiences of dropshippers and dropshipping suppliers. This is a pretty straightforward community that is focused on the learning process through stories and knowledge sharing. Additionally, the group sets some pretty concise rules, so any kind of promotional material or posts related to sales that have been made are considered inadequate and are set up for deletion. Spamming other members for course materials and other paid services are also strictly forbidden. The core goal of the group is very simple: learning and making new connections.

Facebook Group Name: US/UK/AU Dropshipping Suppliers

Number of members: 64,100

A very practical group where you can learn all sorts of things about dropshipping with a special accent on relations between dropshippers and dropshipping suppliers. The group serves as a link between dropshipping sellers and suppliers in order for this business branch to get the best experience. Entrepreneurs can also learn about the relationship between the suppliers and dropshippers with the help of expert members who can answer all the questions related to these topics. Furthermore, the group is designed to portray a platform where dropshipping suppliers can introduce themselves before their potential buyers on one side, and where dropshippers can seek and find quality products that will turn their business into a winning venture. The group also has some ground rules that are pretty thorough and members that do not abide by these rules are immediately blocked out of the group.

Facebook Group Name: Dropshipping Suppliers – Local and International

Number of members: 93,600

This is a Facebook group where many experts are gathered in one place in order to share their knowledge about the dropshipping branch. Many subtopics are also part of the learning process so you can also learn about Shopify, Amazon, eBay and gain some knowledge on other trending topics. However, any action that involves promotion and sharing supplier lists whether it’s for free or paid is banned in this group.

Facebook Group Name: Fast Delivery Dropshipping Suppliers

Number of members: 113,200

“Fast Delivery Dropshipping Suppliers” is the ultimate hub of dropshipping suppliers and the place where they are linked with the dropshippers. The group is private but can be easily accessed. In essence, the group gathers all the possible information that might be of use to dropshipping entrepreneurs and suppliers and how they can benefit from their connections. Shopify, Amazon, WordPress, WooCommerce, and many other services that are a crucial part of everyone’s dropshipping journey are all covered as topics and multiple discussions are being led. Therefore, joining it can bring many benefits for everyone that wants to expand their scope of knowledge and have a firm stand on the market.

Facebook Group Name: 7-Figure Dropshipping Mastermind

Number of members: 39,300

“7-Figure Dropshipping Mastermind“ is a place where you can read different types of strategies that are used in the dropshipping branch. If you want to be part of the discussions for determining the best strategy that’ll launch your business high up on the market, this is the group for you. Topics such as Shopify, dropshipping with Facebook Ads, dropshipping with Instagram Ads, and Google Ads are all part of the scope of discussion that can later be applied in your business policies so you can make great progress in the years to come.

Facebook Group Name: eCommerce Elite Masterminds

Number of members: 81,900

This is a Facebook group that consists of roughly more than 82,000 people. Having this in mind, it’s the best hub for learning new practices and enjoying the creation of a network with others from the same segment. Here you can find like-minded business owners or entrepreneurs that discuss topics such as Shopify, Facebook Ads for eCommerce, digital marketing, sourcing products, strategies for boosting the website traffic, etc.

Facebook Group Name: MySilentTeam

Number of members: 67,000

“MySilentTeam“ is a group that allows you to sign up for events and courses in order to discuss the eCommerce sector with already established business owners. The group was launched by Jim Cockrum, a successful podcaster and author, whose main goal was to link entrepreneurs from around the world with some local ones.

Facebook Group Name: Grow and Sell

Number of members: 15,100

“Grow and Sell“ is a Facebook group very similar to some forums where people gather to discuss best practices and some revolutionary ideas with other members of the group. The group is in constant growth and currently reports more than 16,000 members. Another thing is that it is opened and administered by the merchants and staff from Shopify, but despite this, they’re welcoming everyone who is involved in this segment or wants to get involved.

All things considered

In the era of digital technology and innovation, it’s very hard to avoid platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as they drive a big part of the evolving economic processes. In fact, there’re multiple ways of interacting through these social networks in order to get the best out of them in terms of business knowledge and strategies. Joining groups dedicated to topics such as dropshipping and eCommerce are a great way to further advance your business idea or expand the already existing venture. Moreover, these groups can offer advanced networking options and link your business with other potential clients or business owners. Overall, they’re a great way of enjoying a comfortable position on the market and getting constant updates on the market trends. We hope that with this list of eCommerce and dropshipping Facebook groups we’ve given you a better perspective of this market segment and contributed to your future success stories.

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