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9 Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Spain

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Dimitar Alimaskoski
3rd September, 2021
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Building an inventory that’s both high-quality and fair-priced is very crucial for every entrepreneur that wants to emerge on the market with a fresh and stimulating business idea. This is especially the case for businesses in the fashion industry that want to create an appealing array of clothing products. Therefore, the very first thing that needs to be settled is the question of finding the best men's and women's wholesale clothing supplier that'll provide the inventory of a soon-to-be successful fashion store. Combine it with the eCommerce trend and you got yourself a lucrative business that'll send you off in the profit land.

In a few other articles, we talked about wholesale suppliers in the USA, and then we moved on to exploring the European wholesale suppliers’ market. We also covered the specific markets of:

Now we’re going to go a bit south and focus on the wholesale suppliers in Spain. However, before we commence a detailed exploration of the wholesale suppliers market in Spain, let’s first take a look at some statistics that'll help you along your business journey and thoroughly introduce you to the overall market climate.

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Spain’s population

With the assistance of Worldometer, here are what statistics we were able to extract:

  • Spain’s population is currently estimated to be over 46,000,000. The numbers are taken from the United Nations’ latest data.
  • The country is ranked 30th on the list of countries by population.
  • 80.3% of the people in Spain live in the urban areas of the country, while the rest 19.7% are settled in rural areas.

Internet and Social Media Users in Spain

When it comes to internet and social media use, a report issued by Datareportal provided us with the following data:

  • The internet in Spain is used by 45 million people or 95% of the population.
  • As for social media, the same report claims that around 40 million people that live in Spain were using social networks in January 2023.
  • Out of the total population, 85% of the people are users of social media platforms.

Spain’s eCommerce landscape

Research conducted by Statista on Spain’s eCommerce market reports these facts:

  • The annual growth (CAGR) of the eCommerce market revenue for the period 2023-2027 will show a 10% increase in revenue, which is estimated to reach a market volume of US$56b by 2027.
  • Fashion is the largest segment of the eCommerce market in this South European country and the estimations are that the market volume in this segment will reach US$10bn in 2023.
  • By 2027, the number of users in the eCommerce segment is going to amount to 40 million.

A more detailed eCommerce analysis carried out by Datereportal says that:

  • 53% have purchased a product online.
  • Additionally, Spaniards spent $8 billion in the Fashion segment, which is a 21% growth from the previous year.

Where can I find wholesale clothing in Spain?

The secret to finding reliable wholesalers in Spain involves mostly networking and research which can be achieved by:

Best wholesale clothing suppliers in Spain

After thoroughly presenting a fair part of statistics that brings closer the eCommerce landscape to anyone who’s planning on starting an eCommerce venture and giving you a few ideas on how to start your search for the ideal wholesaler, it’s now time to list the best wholesale suppliers that we’ve found.

First on this list of wholesale suppliers in Spain is BrandsGateway. With warehouses in different parts of the world, BrandsGateway will definitely be a perfect match for all your future deals and will provide a wholesome inventory experience with various luxury items.

Wholesale features:

  • They cover more than 120 luxury brands that’ll definitely up your game on the market scene;
  • You can choose from the 15,000 high-end fashion products for both women and men
  • The shipping of the wholesale orders is conducted in a timely manner as their three warehouses serve every European country;
  • The MOQ threshold of $1200/€1000 is easily reached and everything you need to do is access their website in order to register as their client;
  • With the Pick & Mix option, you can create your own personalized selection of branded clothing and accessories that will best correspond with your customer’s needs;
  • You can also look for prepackaged stock lots, and pre-mixed sets of products from certain brands, in order to secure additional discounts. In fact, the monthly stock lots offer the latest fashion products that can bring freshness and exclusivity to your inventory but also bring you up to 95% of the Recommended Retail Price;
  • The shipping is performed through couriers like DHL, FedEx, or UPS and it’s guaranteed to be reliable, fast, and secure;
  • Delivery fees are as low as $17 per order;
  • There’s a 7-day return policy from the delivery date, for items that are damaged, or products that have been wrongly shipped.

Hana Fashion is a wholesale and stock clothing supplier that manages stock collections of clothes and shoes from middle-range brands.

Wholesale features:

  • This supplier has a standard direct supply chain from the brands they cooperate with;
  • Clients can choose products from around 30 fashion brands;
  • They manage their own warehouses from where they ship the stock to their end clients.

Magnvs Brothers S.L are wholesalers from Spain who are a pretty young company established in 2020. With headquarters and a warehouse in Madrid, Magnvs Brothers S.L are manufacturers, distributors, and commercialists as well.

Wholesale features:

  • The company offers non-branded clothing lines that they themselves produce, through two types of channels: online sales, and direct sales;
  • They also have their own brand of clothing called Pettegole, offering conceptual clothing that targets young and sporty audiences;
  • Their products are available in multiple sizes.

The next one on the list of wholesale suppliers in Spain is Drapatex Recycling S.L.

Wholesale features:

  • The company specializes in recycling and recovering old clothes, shoes, and various types of accessories;
  • The clothing they sell is intended for second-hand stores, and that’s why their main target is the markets in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2009, the Mirame Second Hand is a wholesale company that also deals with recycling and recovering old and worn clothes.

Wholesale features:

  • The company operates in the import-export industry;
  • Despite the second-hand clothing, it also has to offer a children’s clothing line;
  • The headquarters are located in Castellon, Spain.

Next on the list of wholesale suppliers in Spain is Modastock. This international fashion wholesale supplier is offering deals for volume-oriented retail clothing stores and wholesalers.

Wholesale features:

  • The company is actually a kind of a broker for specialized fashion apparel that deals with worldwide off-price retail stores and wholesalers.
  • Their main operation is the wholesale of branded clothes, footwear, and accessories and their inventory consists of the brand’s leftovers, over-production, stock lots, shop returns, closeouts, or seasonal liquidations.

Tekstila is a sustainable wholesale supplier with offices in Dosrius, Spain.

Wholesale features:

  • They don’t believe that a linear production system is a viable option for the planet’s resources are limited.
  • They purchase branded items from world brands that are last season or clearouts and offer them to retailers at discounted prices;
  • A bit of a downside is that their reintroduction of items through this circular economy method is mainly focused on the markets in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Another one on the list of wholesale suppliers in Spain that operates within the second-hand clothing wholesale market. Headquartered in Cocentaina, they have 15 years of experience in selling second-hand and vintage clothing, coming in different types and to be used for different seasons.

Wholesale features:

  • They specialize in the recovery and recycling of clothes that have been used, and after optimizing them for another lifecycle of usage it sells them to vendors that are in this type of business;
  • All their clothes are originally from countries like England, the Netherlands, Denmark, and a few other countries in Europe;
  • In addition, they can offer branded second-hand clothing for women, men, and children, for summer and winter, and a recycled or recovered footwear collection that comes with fair quality as well;
  • Finally, they ship to almost every part of the world, but their most targeted regions are mostly countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

The last one on the list of wholesale suppliers in Spain is Ganga Lotes. The company was founded in 2010, and its main operations are focused on the wholesale designer shoes industry.

Wholesale features:

  • This supplier focuses on footwear collections but also provides a wholesale experience in the clothing, accessories, lingerie, health, and beauty segments.
  • Their inventory of stock is updated every 15 days.

To summarize

The search for the appropriate wholesale supplier from Spain starts with thorough research based on a prior plan on what you’re looking for in terms of a certain supplier. Due to the fact that the merchandise that your wholesale supplier is providing will be the main fuel of your online or brick-and-mortar store, it’s very important to point out all the bullet points that best describe your future supplier and to not hesitate to create questions to ask your wholesaler. Only then, you can have a clear vision of which wholesale supplier will be a perfect match for your store and will provide you with a seamless service.

Therefore, it’s time for you to cross-check all the features that’ll be crucial for securing fruitful cooperation with a certain supplier. We hope that this list of wholesale suppliers might give you a bit of perspective on this matter and help you on your journey of first, finding the right one, and lastly starting your business venture with peace of mind.

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