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6 Best Wholesale Suppliers in Sweden

The Scandinavian region is famous for its appetite for shopping, and the Swedish commerce and eCommerce landscape, in particular, hold a significant potential to grow exponentially in the upcoming period. Official data is showing a trend that more and more consumers are turning to eCommerce stores and that online shoppers are leaning toward buying mostly beauty and fashion products.

When starting an online store one thing is essential and that’s wholesale sourcing of quality products because Scandinavians are known for their appreciation for premium quality. Before delving into the list of the best wholesale suppliers for the Swedish region, let’s see some statistics and data about why Sweden is on the list of the best countries for dropshipping and wholesale buying and why it should be your target country when starting a clothing store.

Sweden’s population

According to the latest estimate by the United Nations (21st June 2021), Sweden has a population of 10.16 million people. The population of the country is showing steady growth since the 60s and is projected to grow further in the upcoming years. While 88.1% of Swedes live in urban centers, only 11.9% percent live in rural areas.

A study created by Flanders Investment & Trade claims that by 2025 around 44% of Swedes are going to be digital natives, those that were born after 1990. While today this number is only at 35%. This indicates that the importance of eCommerce is on the growth as this demographic has grown up with digital products and looks at the smartphone as a part of the purchasing process. It can either serve as a means to gather information on a certain product or compare prices online.

The digital and eCommerce landscapes in Sweden

As of January 2021, there were 9.93 million internet users in the country which accounts for almost 98% of the total population which gives us a clear view of how penetrated internet usage is. Not only are the number of internet users exceptionally high in Sweden but also the number of those who use social media. In the same month of 2021, 8.32 million Swedes used social media which is a little over 82% of the total population. With 70% of Swedish shoppers purchased through the internet, this country has the highest share of consumer purchases in eCommerce stores among the Nordic countries. For these reasons, Sweden has a strong eCommerce market with a projected year-end turnover of 115.7 billion Swedish kronor (13.53 billion USD) in 2020. The most popular products purchased online in 2020 belonged to the beauty and healthcare category and accounted for 43%, while clothing and footwear products closely followed with 42% in second place. With these numbers, it’s safe to say that Sweden is a great and mature market for eCommerce businesses, especially in the fashion industry.

Now that we have looked into the advantages of targeting Sweden with your eCommerce business, we can proceed with listing the best Swedish wholesale suppliers you could work with. In this article, we collected the most reputable wholesale suppliers that offer products that will surely resonate with your targeted audience.

6 Best Swedish wholesale suppliers


Having a warehouse and an office in Sweden, BrandsGateway ensures fast and secure delivery of wholesale orders to any location in Europe, especially Sweden. The company holds a distinctive selection of luxury designer brands and products that are available to be ordered at wholesale prices at more than 70% discount.

If you choose to become a partner with BrandsGateway, you’ll be able to choose from over 15 000 products across more than 120 brands to offer to your customers. When you’re purchasing wholesale designer clothing and accessories from BrandsGateway, there are two options you can choose from. With the Pick & Mix option, you can create your own selection of goods that you think will resonate the best with your customers. The minimum order quantity in this case is as low as 1200 USD, so you won’t need to commit to a large amount of stock when you are just starting up your eCommerce business. If you’re looking for additional discounts, you can choose to buy prepackaged stocklots. These are pre-chosen packages of various merchandise mixed across several brands. The monthly stocklots can not only offer the latest fashion items to your business but also up to 95% of RRP (Recommended Retail Price).

With both options, you can rely on the fast and secure worldwide shipping that BrandsGateway offers through couriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. You might think that shipping will cost you a considerable amount, but shipping fees actually start from 17 USD for an order. Moreover, you won’t only be able to enjoy 24/7 customer service but you’ll also have a dedicated sales manager who’ll assist you in picking the right mix of inventory for your business.


MASAI is a women’s clothing brand and Swedish wholesale supplier that is based in Copenhagen, Sweden. They produce all types of apparel ranging from dresses to loungewear. If you wish to stock the products of MASAI in your eCommerce or brick-and-mortar store, you can contact them any time and make an appointment in one of their showrooms. You can find a showroom across different European countries as well as in the USA and Canada. This brand is taking the production of sustainable apparel and accessories very seriously and also pays attention to gender equality in the workplace.


Yabelo is yet another Swedish wholesale supplier you can partner with when targeting consumers in the Swedish fashion market. This B2B supplier is committed to selling at affordable rates for its resellers. Their extensive product range includes categories such as apparel, footwear, and accessories of all sorts from the collections of the latest year. All the products provided are purchased from countries across Europe either directly from the manufacturers or other retailers and then provided to resellers around the world.

One disadvantage with Yabelo is that you can only purchase merchandise in stocklots, so you can’t choose independent styles. This might be an issue because you won’t know for sure whether the predefined stocklots will resonate with your customers. Also, most of the stock lots are reaching hundreds or thousands when it comes to the number of items included in them. This practice might not leave you with sufficient funds to purchase several ones especially when you are new to the eCommerce business and you can not make a big initial investment. Yabelo can be a Swedish wholesale supplier of your choice for highstreet quality apparel and accessories but keep in mind that they do not have a warehouse in Sweden. They only hold stock in Spain, which potentially extends the delivery time for goods to your doorstep when you are operating in Sweden.

Unfortunately, Yabelo doesn’t provide you with the option to purchase merchandise online from the convenience of your own home. But you can book a visit to their office in Kista during regular office hours to familiarize yourself with the products and make a purchase.

DUNS Sweden

The next Swedish wholesale supplier on our list is DUNS Sweden. This supplier is specialized in children’s clothes and home textiles produced in production units in Tirupur, India. DUNS Sweden offers printed kids’ garments in vibrant colors and its sister brand More than a Fling offers complementary products in solid colors to match together. All the products are made of organic textiles such as GOTS Certified Organic cotton for them to be the most comfortable for the youngest customers. Both DUNS Sweden and More than a Fling offer worldwide shipping and secure payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.


The next on our Swedish wholesales supplier list is GoldMax, which is a B2B wholesale and export company founded in 2009. Their headquarters are based in Nepal but they have a branch in Sweden in order to facilitate the business’ expansion in the country. GoldMax is specialized in selling high-quality handcrafted fashion accessories, home textiles, and pet accessories worldwide. In order to ensure that the highest quality standards are met, all products are handmade, overseen and quality checked in Nepal before being shipped to Sweden. Each and every product is made from natural and eco-friendly materials in an environmentally friendly way by local craftsmen. Moreover, these fair trade products create opportunities and employment for skilled artisans in the region. Additionally,  you can also request a customized range that you can best sell to your customers and represent your brand with.

GoldMax accepts payments with both debit and credit cards and also via PayPal. The goods can be delivered to your store only within 1-2 working days across Sweden.

Alanic Global

And the last Swedish wholesale supplier on our list is Alanic Global which is not only a supplier but a manufacturer as well. Particularly, if you want to create your own private label of fitness, and gym clothing, you can try working with Alanic Global. They supply kids’, men’s, and women’s clothing alike in multiple categories such as apparel, footwear, fitness clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products. This way you’ll be able to offer a uniquely styled selection to your customers that both represents your brand and best suits your target audience’s needs and wants. Alternatively, you can choose from their pre-designed styles to enhance the offering in your store. All garments manufactured and supplied by Alanic Global are comfortable for working out, stylish, and at the same time made from good materials. They are also working with a few couriers in the country to ensure safe and hustle-free delivery to your store.

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