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13 Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the Netherlands in 2023

Nedina Gjorgjieva
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Having produced some major fashion houses throughout the years such as Victor and Rolf and Frans Molenaar, the Dutch appear to be one of the most fashionable nations in the world. Yes, you did read that right. Despite being known for their 100-year-old windmills, the capital’s fascinating water canals, their never-ending cheese selections, and long tulip fields, the people of Holland are also celebrated for their unique fashion style. According to the online magazine Madame Blue, the Dutch are renowned for their ‘doe marr normaal’ style, roughly translating to ‘just be normal,’ which includes wearing neutral tones, preferring the masculine silhouette, and accessorizing with gold jewelry. Therefore, the Netherlands can certainly be considered a nation that loves fashion and knows how to come up with simple yet modern outfits.

Having these facts in mind, working with wholesale suppliers from Holland can bring your fashion store the opportunity to sell outstanding in-vogue clothing items. Since we’ve already covered:

Next on the list are the wholesale clothing suppliers the Netherlands has to offer.

In this article, we’ve collected the best authentic clothing suppliers operating in Holland that can stock your store with great apparel pieces. Additionally, we’ve also furnished you with a few statistics regarding the fashion market in the country in order to give you detailed information on the success of the clothing industry in the Netherlands. 

The fashion segment in the Netherlands

In accordance with a study conducted by the research website Statista, the apparel market in the Netherlands has been generating good profits, in 2023 declaring a revenue of around 18 billion USD. Profit predictions are positive, claiming that the clothing Dutch market should continue to grow by 2% until 2027. The largest income is brought by the women’s section, earning this year approximately 11 billion USD. Moreover, when it comes to revenues generated per person, the 2023 profit per capita has reached 1.04k USD.

The wholesale clothing market in the Netherlands

The status of the Dutch men’s and women’s wholesale clothing market is once again investigated by an analysis carried out by Statista, showing this market’s revenue progress from 2012 to 2025. According to this research, the statistics project that the wholesale apparel segment in the Netherlands is expected to generate a profit that’ll amount to 13.57 billion USD by 2025. Bearing these numbers in mind, wholesale suppliers in this European country tend to be benefiting from substantial incomes, meaning they’ve been enjoying great sales because of their highly-demanded clothing products by stores located both across the nation and worldwide. For this reason, we’ve prepared the below-displayed list of the best wholesale fashion suppliers in the Netherlands that might be a great choice for your boutique.

Best wholesale clothing suppliers in the Netherlands

To help you make a decision, carefully consider the following list of fashion wholesalers to assist you in finding the right supplier for your store.


Let’s kick things off with well-known B2B fashion eCommerce wholesaler BrandsGateway. Providing its services to both online and offline as well as pop-up and outlet boutiques, BrandsGateway supplies apparel stores with designer clothing from worldwide praised brands. Businesses can buy in bulk authentic luxury apparel items of outstanding quality and thus, offer their consumers the absolute best. 

Main features:

  • A broad selection of more than 15,000 high-end clothing pieces;
  • Over 100 designer brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford, and Gucci, to mention a few;
  • 100% authenticity assurance guaranteeing the products’ originality;
  • Items can be bought by choosing the pick and mix design option;
  • Easily passed minimum MOQ of €1000/ $1200;
  • Great chances to generate high-profit margins of up to 250% per order;
  • New arrivals are available every week;
  • Customers can benefit from a 7-day return policy in case of malfunctioning or wrongly delivered products;
  • Timely worldwide shipping carried out by FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

Fashion STOCK

Fashion STOCK is a fashion wholesaler located in southern Holland, in the beautiful province of Rosemalen. Clothing store owners can conveniently order products for their business online and choose from three different sections: women’s fashion, menswear, and children’s apparel.

Main features:

  • Their clothing items are bought in stock lots only starting from 1,000 apparel items;
  • Customers can opt for receiving a weekly newspaper consisting of new wholesale products and special offers per email; 
  • Orders are processed within 48 hours after they’ve been placed with them;
  • Delivery times vary greatly depending on the final destination: packages within Europe can take up to 8 business days and those outside the continent as far as 12.

ReRags Vintage Clothing Wholesale

Based in the Netherlands’ capital, ReRags Vintage Clothing Wholesale has been working in the fashion industry for over 25 years. As the name says, this wholesaler provides boutiques with vintage apparel pieces including clothes and accessories from the 40s.

Main features:

  • Their product portfolio consists of vintage denim, jackets, knitwear, coats, dresses, bags, hats, shoes, and other clothing items;
  • Besides the vintage clothing lines, they also offer a Japanese apparel collection;
  • Parcels have a limited weight of 30kg if delivered in the EU and 20kg if shipping in locations that aren’t in the Union. If these numbers are surpassed, the order will be dispatched in multiple packages;


Vanmoja is another clothing supplier with headquarters in Amsterdam. According to their website, they identify themselves as an eco-friendly wholesaler with production factories in India. 

Main features:

  • This supplier specializes in cotton knitwear clothing;
  • They provide fashion stores with T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, underwear, and loungewear; 
  • Their catalog isn’t available on their website;
  • The production process can last up to 20 days.

Trade Easy Sports

Trade Easy Sports is situated in the city of Groenlo, eastern Netherlands with a recent office in Poland as well. The owner, Dave Bus, started the business in 2008 after putting an end to his professional soccer career. They focus on selling casual and sportswear along with a few other non-related fashion categories.

Main features:

  • This wholesaler offers ordinary everyday clothing such as sweaters, hoodies, T-Shirts, socks, shoes, and jackets;
  • Additionally, they also have athletic wear and equipment;
  • Their website, however, lacks a lot of important information concerning shipping details, return and refund policies, and payment options.

Textiel Trade 

Textiel Trade is a wholesaler supplying customers with mostly children’s clothes and a handful of adult apparel categories. They also work with stock lots and offer for sale open-box products.

Main features:

  • They offer at customers’ disposal a selection of baby wear and kid’s clothing;
  • The catalog for adults includes swimwear, footwear, underwear, pajamas, costumes, and a few others;
  • International shipping service;
  • Their website states the delivery costs for European countries only. For other shipping destinations, clients should contact their customer support team.

Magna Fashion

Magna Fashion concentrates on plus-size fashion, providing customers with clothing pieces designed for curvy women since 2000. The apparel manufacturing process takes place in Amsterdam, where they’re located.

Main features:

  • Customers have access only to a small preview of their collections. For the rest of the catalog, they’re required to register on their webpage;
  • Their site, nevertheless, is quite deficient in any information related to their service;
  • They can be contacted by filling out a contact form or getting in touch with them through email or phone.

Yehwang Product Imports International B.V.

Launched in 2002, Yehwang is one more B2B wholesale supplier worth putting on our list. They target stores that sell clothes and jewelry for women both domestically and internationally.

Main features:

  • The apparel lines consist of dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, pants, shorts, blazers, and blouses, while their jewelry collections include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and toe rings;
  • Orders to destinations within Holland are dispatched through carrier PosNL. Those outside the Netherlands are delivered either via DHL or PostNL;
  • In case of damages and wrong shipments, packages can be returned within 14 days after delivery;
  • For products that aren’t shipped back in their original packaging customers will be charged a 20% handling fee.


Moving on to the next supplier on our list, we have fashion wholesaler Brasco. Established in Almere, close to Amsterdam, Brasco supplies stores with clothing, footwear, and accessories available in different styles.

Main features:

  • Apparel collections with items from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as clothing pieces inspired by the indie, grunge, and punk styles;
  • Their catalog is available online;
  • Pricelist is sent upon request.

Alanic Global

Alanic Global is a supplier selling to boutiques different assortments of clothing products including flannel and fitness apparel items, promotional and organic clothing, and custom-made pieces.

Main features:

  • Clothing collections for men, women, and children;
  • The custom-manufactured items are created by designers based in the Netherlands;
  • This supplier ships orders globally.


Clothing supplier Alicotex provides clothing business including outlets and online and chain stores with fashion products in bulk quantities. They state that the items in their warehouses are obtained directly from the product manufacturer before being sold to boutique owners.

Main features:

  • Their clothing catalogs can’t be reached online but only via registration. The same goes with their wholesale price lists;
  • The minimum product quantity per order amounts to 500 pieces;
  • For any types of inquiries, customers can get in touch with one of their agents.

Excellent Vintage

Established by Patrick Lebanon, the wholesale business Excellent Vintage sells vintage apparel collections with an office and warehouse located in the Dutch province of North Holland.

Main features:

  • Retro clothes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s for both men and women;
  • Clothing categories include coats, trousers, dresses, cardigans, shirts, sweaters, sneakers, moccasins, hiking and cowboy boots, bags, wallets, and backpacks;
  • This wholesaler can be contacted via e-mail or phone, both available on their website.

Clothes Stocklots

We end this article with wholesale company Clothes Stocklots stationed in Terschuur, in the province of Gelderland. With over 40 years of experience, this wholesaler sells fashion stores clothing items in stocklots whose price can be acquired by reaching out to them.

Main features:

  • Offering men’s, women’s, and children’s wear;
  • Most of their apparel pieces are unbranded;
  • Some stocks may not be available on the website, so in order to get access to some products, customers will have to get in touch with them.

To sum things up

Holland is a fashionable nation where people wear clothes with style and elegance. With their apparel market generating significant incomes, it only proves how great their clothing collections are. Therefore, considering working with wholesale clothing suppliers from the Netherlands could be a great business opportunity for your boutique. Having our list to guide you in the process of choosing your ideal supplier, you have the possibility of filling up your store with amazing clothing collections. 

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