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What are Stocklots and how Can you Profit from them?

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
2nd September, 2020
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What are stocklots? The term stocklot comprehends ‘Large quantities of consumer goods that suppliers sell in bulk based on quantity or weight’.

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What can be bought in stocklots?

Literally, anything can be bought in stocklots, from building materials to luxury clothing. To put it differently, as an owner of an online store you will certainly come across this term.

Regardless of the type of your online store, you should consider buying goods in bulk as it increases your chances of making a bigger profit.

Buying branded stocklots

Let’s say you are the owner of a luxury clothing boutique. Stocklots can be a huge opportunity for your online business. You wonder why?

Firstly, selling designer apparel and accessories, by itself, is a great way to outperform your competitors and make more money. Data shows that in the upcoming years the market for luxury items is projected to grow by 6.4%. Secondly, the most renowned brands of luxury fashion items will continue to be the best-selling brands and the years to come because of their quality and reputation. People love tradition and have a tendency to buy products that are timeless. Therefore, you won’t go wrong with supplying your store with luxury items in stocklots.

To illustrate, if you stumble upon a good deal, for example, buying the last 200 pieces of branded wholesale Michael Kors handbags in bulk, don’t think twice. As a matter of fact, you will. Suppliers offer these bags in stocklots, at great prices. If you manage to sell these in a short period of time, there are profits to be made. However, it’s best to break it all down piece by piece. This way, you’ll learn to buy and sell the right products at the right time.

How does buying luxury items in stocklots work?

We explained that anything can be bought in stocklots, even luxury items. Now, we will delve into the process of buying stocklots more in detail.

When you are a successful boutique owner, firstly you need to define a budget for buying stocklots. Set an approximate amount because you might have to pay a few more (or less) to get the best luxury clothing stocklots. Once you’ve set your mind on the stocklot, it’s time to buy.

Shipping the product is easy, but setting the right price is always a tricky one. Due to the quantity (and quality) of a product, it’s best not to set the price very high. This way, you’ll start earning profits in no time and provide for other wholesale clothing lots.

Depending on the season and market, you can earn more or less. For example, you can buy winter clothing at significantly cheaper prices in fall and vice versa, and get cheaper summer clothing lots in spring. Research is key to understanding how the stocklots market works.

Differences between unfinished vs. finished goods

Stepping inside the stocklots market requires you to learn and understand the difference between unfinished or finished goods. The difference is huge, as well as the profits. To explain, high-quality t-shirts without prints are an example of unfinished goods. If you buy these t-shirts as a stocklot, you can invest in prints for these t-shirts that will target a certain audience. Most customers like to make a statement, often via what they wear. So, you can sell these at a higher price for bigger profits.

If you’re the “safe-playing” type of importer, you could always switch to finished goods. The profit margin is smaller compared to unfinished goods, but at least you’ll have more options available. The product is clearly visible, quality guaranteed and upon research, these can be quickly sold in your boutique.

Finding the best stocklot suppliers

Choosing the best supplier for buying stocklots is equally important as finding a supplier for buying regular items. However, as far as stocklots go, there are fewer suppliers that specialize in providing high-quality luxury goods in stocklots. Hence, you need to do thorough research to identify the best on the market.

Finding the right supplier usually takes some time and effort. The fundamental aspects you shouldn’t ignore are the reliability and integrity of the potential stocklot supplier. Buying in stocklots could be an opportunity for fraudulent activities, so you need to be careful not to get played and end up with fake branded products.

BrandsGateway as a supplier of branded stocklots

When you’re buying in branded stocklots, firstly, it’s vital to find a supplier that promises authentic and high-quality products. Furthermore, it has to ensure that the products will be shipped and delivered timely and safely. In the end, what is buying stocklots without significant discounts?

BrandsGateway guarantees all the above-mentioned aspects and more. As the largest designer clothing supplier on the market, BrandsGateway offers a variety of wholesale clothing stocklots at great prices. For more than a decade, the company has had a reputation for distributing branded stocklots online at affordable prices.

In the first place, as it focuses on providing a wide-ranging portfolio of products, BrandsGateway regularly freshens up its offerings. When it comes to its stocklots offering, it constantly assures the supply of brand new fashion pieces. On top of that, the company offers amazing discounts suitable for online stores of any scale, located anywhere in the world.

Particularly, BrandsGateway provides fast and safe shipping in Europe within 1-3 business days, and for the rest of the world, within 3-5 working days. As for discounts, their offers calculate between 15-30% discount from the wholesale price and between 85-95% off retail price.

Not only that. You can ‘craft’ your own custom order or select from their ‘special discount’ offers. Whichever you choose, be certain that BrandsGateway will deliver you premium products promptly and in a safe way.

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