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What Are Stocklots?

What does buying stocklots mean? Stocklots are large quantities of products offered by liquidation stock wholesalers. Suppliers sell them either by quantity or amount of weight. As for types of stocklots, it can be anything, from building materials to bulk clothing. For example, a women’s clothing boutique owner sees an opportunity to buy in bulk branded clothing, for example – the last 200 pieces of branded wholesale Michael Kors handbags. Suppliers offer these bags as a lot, at a great price. If the owner manages to sell these in a short period of time, there are profits to be made. However, it’s best to break it all down piece by piece. This way, you’ll learn to buy and sell the right products at the right time.

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How does it work?

Let’s say you’re a successful boutique owner. First, you need to figure out what to buy. Usually, it’s bulk branded clothing that sells the most. Then, you’ll need a budget. Set an approximate amount because you might have to pay a few more (or less) to get the best wholesale clothing lots.

Once you’ve set your mind on the wholesale lot, it’s time to buy. Shipping the product is easy, but setting the right price is always a tricky one. Due to the quantity (and quality) of a product, it’s best not to set the price very high. This way, you’ll start earning profits in no time and provide for other wholesale clothing lots.

Depending on the season and market, you can earn more or less. For example, you can buy winter clothing lots cheaper in fall and vice versa, get cheaper summer clothing lots in spring. Research is key to understanding how the stocklots market works.

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Unfinished vs. Finished Goods

How to decide whether to buy unfinished or finished goods? The difference is huge, as well as are the profits, and here’s why.

High-quality t-shirts without prints are an unfinished product. Let’s say you just bought 1000 pcs. of these t-shirts. You can sell them as it is, but they’re usually cheaper and you’ll need to negotiate the lowest price. On the other hand, investing in prints for these t-shirts will target a certain audience. Most customers like to make a statement, often via what they wear. So, you can sell these at a higher price for bigger profits. Of course, there are small risks, but no one ever won without risking something.

If you’re the “safe-playing” type of importer, you could always switch to finished goods. The profit margin is smaller compared to unfinished goods, but at least you’ll have more options available. The product is clearly visible, quality guaranteed and upon research, these can be quickly sold in your boutique.

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How to find the right stocklot suppliers

You can search for hundreds of stocklot clothing suppliers, but the right one usually takes some time and effort to find. First, you’ll need to find the ones specialized in your industry, meaning you’ll have something in common.

When you’re buying in bulk branded clothing, find someone depending on your location, either nationwide or being on the same continent. This will decrease the shipping costs and time to ship the products. Once you get a stocklot supplier, make sure everything goes according to plan. Upon a successful deal, calculate the profits and if everything is okay, continue doing business with them.

Good stock lot exporters are hard to find, but long-term business relationships bring a more stable income.

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BrandsGateway is the largest designer clothing supplier on the market, offering a variety of wholesale clothing stock lots at great prices. Selling luxury clothing is a highly profitable business nowadays since profits are way bigger than with regular apparel.

The difference between the retail price vs. wholesale price of our luxury clothing stock lots is large enough for our clients to profit in thousands, as shown below.

If you’re interested in buying bulk branded clothing, we got you covered at BrandsGateway Stocklots.


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