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8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

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Why did we decide to write this list of the best dropshipping suppliers in Australia? The advances in technology and internet penetration are changing consumers’ spending habits and influencing the global eCommerce market. The eCommerce industry is rapidly growing, hence the demand for suppliers that offer quality dropshipping services. Those who are thinking about entering this appealing market first need to understand what is dropshipping and the basic principles of how it works.

After learning the beginners’ steps, global market research is up next. When getting into the dropshipping game and picking up target countries, there are some major factors one needs to consider. Penetrating the most popular countries for dropshipping is not simple, as it’s highly competitive. But then again, this is known to be a winning strategy as these countries have an immense potential for success. So, how to know which countries make it to this list?

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Factors that make one country a top player in the eCommerce game

When it comes to the eCommerce industry, one country should meet several criteria in order to get the chance to compete with the most dominant players. As a dropshipper, you need to consider these factors when deciding which will be your target country:

  • Population. A large and constantly growing population makes one country a hot territory for starting a dropshipping business. It’s a known fact that a growing population equals a growing demand for online shopping.
  • Internet penetration. This factor is important as it increases the chances of success in the e-commerce world. Internet usage is tightly connected to the growth of the eCommerce market. People are changing their everyday habits and are becoming online shoppers because it’s easy, simple, and time-saving.
  • eCommerce market outlook. Examining the eCommerce market outlook of the country you’re targeting plays a vital role in starting an online shopping business. In addition, you need to do comprehensive research and find relevant data that shows the current eCommerce market revenue and future predictions to see if it’s worth it.
  • Online shoppers’ preferences. After completing the market research, you should investigate the shopping preferences of your potential customers. Specifically, finding relevant eCommerce statistics about the most popular categories for online shipping will help you determine the type of products you’re going to sell.
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Where does Australia stand in the eCommerce game?

Now, does Australia fulfill the above-mentioned factors for achieving success in the eCommerce industry? That’s a big “Yes”. Australia is no exception when it comes to the flourishing eCommerce market, and it makes a perfect fit for starting a dropshipping business. Let’s have a closer look at the statistics:

Australian population

Based on the latest data, United Nations estimates that the Australian population has exceeded 26 million inhabitants. This factor makes the country a very attractive territory for starting an online business.

Australian internet penetration

As of the beginning of 2022, there are 25 million internet users in Australia, constituting 96% of the entire population, as stated by Datareportal.

Australian e-commerce market outlook

According to the latest data for the Australian eCommerce sector published on Statista, the revenue in the market should reach over US$43bn by the end of 2023. This number is expected to grow continually and show a rise of 10% by 2027, which equals US$67bn.

Australian online shopper preferences

According to Datareportal once again, the most popular online categories for the Australian shopper are the following:

  • Fashion with $9.8 billion
  • Electronics with $6 billion
  • Toys, Hobby & DIY with $8 billion
  • Personal & Household Care with $4 billion
  • Food with $3.8 billion
  • Furniture with $3 billion
  • Beverages with $2 billion
  • Physical media with $740 million

Best dropshipping suppliers in Australia

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals that make Australia a tempting target country for dropshipping and presented you with the top most profitable product categories, we’ll be focusing next on collecting the best Australian dropshipping suppliers.

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Fashion is the most popular category for Australian online shoppers. Therefore, you certainly won’t make a mistake if you target this segment and partner up with a dropshipping supplier like BrandsGateway, a dropshipping and wholesale supplier of designer clothing for men and women that is well-respected in the industry.

With a 4.5 rating on TrustPilot, the customers’ reviews speak for themselves. As one of BrandsGateway’s dropshippers states “From the variety of products offered to their A-Class wonderful support team, there was no single complaint nor issue I have ever faced”. Here’s what they offer you:

Main features:

  • Well over 15,000 luxury goods designed by leading brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Versace, Michael Kors, and others;
  • All products are sold with an authenticity assurance, guaranteeing their originality;
  • They provide dropshippers with an automated dropshipping solution for stores on Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, and Shift4Shop;
  • With its plugin for automation and apps for Shopify and Shift4Shop, BrandsGateway ensures that order placement and inventory updates are fully automated as well;
  • Their other strengths include fast worldwide dropshipping and great delivery options;
  • Orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours;
  • Time of delivery is estimated between 1-7 working days;
  • Return policy of 14 days for all items.

If you’re into dropshipping handmade rugs and carpets, you should check Alrug.

Main features:

  • You can choose from more than 15,000 authentic handmade rugs;
  • Products are accessible in different sizes, shapes, as well as materials, and designs;
  • Alrug offers product delivery within 4-6 days;
  • They have a 14-day return policy with a full refund.

Thinking about dropshipping the original Australian ugg boots, handmade in Australia? Australian Uggs is the supplier you’re looking for.

Main features:

  • They sell various styles of uggs;
  • Dropshippers are provided with a 20% order discount;
  • Returns are accepted only if requested 3 days after receiving the order.

Factory Fast is a supplier specializing in furniture and other home-related products as well as games and sports items.

Main features:

  • They cover categories such as DIY, home, furniture, outdoor, sports, or games;
  • For further information about their dropshipping program, it’s best to contact them.

Simply Wholesale is an Australian wholesale supplier that happens to offer dropshipping services as well

Main features:

  • Categories include home, fashion, beauty, music, and even vehicle parts;
  • Free shipping within Australia;
  • Customers benefit from a 14-day return policy.

Bella Boutique is an Australian wholesale and dropshipping supplier of premium jewelry and accessories collections.

Main features:

  • They sell earrings, necklaces, rings, and other accessory items;
  • Client support is provided via phone and email;
  • When dropshippers sign up for their service, they have to get approved in order to collaborate with them.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Bulk Wholesale is known to sell products related to cleaning.

Main features:

  • Products included vary from detergents and disinfects to sponges and gloves;
  • They feature items from famous brands, including Kleenex, Kimberly Clark, and Sabco.

Finally, the last on the list of the best dropshipping suppliers in Australia is DearJane Medical, offering hospital and medical products.

Main features:

  • They have wide-ranging types of items intended for every type of medical care, including recovery, rehabilitation, disability, dementia, and more.
  • Clients can register on their website;
  • Dropshipping applications require at least 5 working days to be reviewed and approved.


Yes. Dropshipping is a completely legal business to run in Australia.

Yes. Dropshipping in Australia is most certainly a profitable business idea. Statistics show that by 2025, the country should expect at least 20 million users of eCommerce, alluding to this market’s growing profitability.

You can launch a dropshipping store as a beginner by starting with analyzing the market, choosing a product niche, finding a supplier, and creating your website with the help of a web-building platform. For more information, you can check out this guide on how to start a dropshipping business.

Yes, dropshipping can certainly be a side hustle as the business model offers great flexibility in running it.

Long story short

As the dropshipping business is booming in Australia, there are more and more Australian retailers that are now offering dropshipping services. Whichever of these Australian dropshipping suppliers you choose, you won’t regret it. Just remember – choose your dropshipping niche carefully and aim for something that’ll bring you maximum profitability.

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