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6 Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Belgium

Assembling an online shop in today’s eCommerce market conditions can be quite a challenge for many eager business enthusiasts that aim to emerge as new market players and grab a piece of the pie. Firstly, businesses nowadays are struggling to provide what the market needs the most: a unique project or a new approach to the currently present trends.

In essence, fresh ideas are always more protruding and tend to get in front of those that lack a sense of exclusivity. However, the eCommerce market’s playfield can get pretty saturated with a lot of companies offering products and services that are currently offered by other businesses present in the same niche. This can mean a lot of profit loss and, in the end, a failed venture. In order to avoid this kind of scenario, businesses need to analyze their competition in the eCommerce market, and from there, how to bring something new to the table and change the game a little bit so they can introduce new rules and turn the tables in their favor.

Therefore, starting an online shop will always mean that the entrepreneurs will have to thoroughly analyze the eCommerce market and the latest trends in order to deliver the most unique experience to the shoppers. This is especially the case for store owners operating in the fashion segment of the eCommerce branch. Speaking of, there are many factors that can influence the success of an eCommerce fashion store. However, there is one thing that certainly defines the whole structure of the business and dictates how it will develop further in the lifecycle – the inventory. The inventory is a key element that drives sales and ultimately generates profits. That is the reason why a good entrepreneur will have to come up with the perfect execution of this segment in order to attract a wider audience.

The process of holding and keeping track of an inventory might be challenging at first thought. But with the help of a wholesale supplier that is dedicated to providing premium services one can manage to offer a one-of-a-kind experience in their online and, even, brick-and-mortar store. When buying wholesale fashion products, it doesn’t matter if you are doing it to equip an online or offline store as long as you dedicate yourself to offering diversified collections of items and styles for the female and male audience.

This is why we have created this list of reliable and trustworthy wholesale suppliers so that one can easily come up with a solution that will surely create the perfect inventory.

Previously, we have talked about wholesale clothing vendors in the USA, Canadian clothing suppliers, wholesale clothing Germany, the wholesale supplier market in Europe, but we have also covered the United Kingdom’s wholesale market, the wholesale suppliers market of Sweden, the best wholesale clothing suppliers in Australia, clothing suppliers in Los Angeles, and lastly the suppliers market in Spain. In this article, we are going to cover a new western European country famous for its Renaissance architecture, medieval towns, and EU and NATO headquarters: Belgium. Thus, let’s first dissect the Belgian market by offering some statistics that will help you shape your strategy for penetration.

Belgium’s population

According to Worldometer, Belgium’s population is estimated at 11,650,930 as of September 16, 2021. Of course, these numbers are taken from the UN’s latest data about the world population. Therefore, the population of Belgium comprises 0.15% of the overall world’s population. The country is also ranked at 81st place on the list of countries by population number. As for the urban and rural ratio, 98.3% of the people are living in the urban areas of the country which is a very high percentage. This leaves a very low, 1.7% of the people that live in the rural areas.

Internet and Social Media Users in Belgium

A report published by Datareportal, says that 10.57 million people used the internet in 2021. Compared to the overall population in Belgium that amounts to 11,650,930, this is a very high number. Converted in percentage, 91.0% of the people in Belgium are using the internet, according to the latest January 2021 statistics. In addition, there is a slight increase in internet users in the period from 2020 to 2021, which amounts to 150 thousand or displayed in percentage, 1.5%.

Social media statistics say that there are around 8.83 million social media users as of January 2021. Compared to 2020, there is an 11% growth in social media users which amounts to 850 thousand new users. Out of the total population, 76.0% are users of social media outlets reported in January 2021.

Belgium’s eCommerce landscape

According to Statista, the revenue in the eCommerce market in Belgium is set to reach US$7,589m in 2021. The annual growth rate or the CAGR for the 2021-2025 period is estimated to show a 5.3% increase in revenue, which will result in a predicted market volume of US$9,333m by 2025. As in most countries, Fashion is the largest market segment in this western European country, with an estimated market volume of US$2,342m in 2021.

By 2025, the number of users in the eCommerce market is set to reach a staggering 8.6 million. At last, the user penetration in 2021 will reach 66.6% and is on the way to hit 73.3% by the year 2025.

A Digital 2021 report for Belgium issued by Datareportal argues that 74.8% made a purchase of a product online. The segment that generates the biggest revenue in Belgium is Travel, Mobility, and Accommodation with $3.66 billion. The fashion segment in Belgium is the second-largest and has generated $2.06 billion in revenue. However, due to the world pandemic, the first segment has reported a steep decline of 51.0%, while the Fashion and Beauty segment has seen a growth of 17.2%.

Taking into account these statistics it is wise to say that Fashion and Beauty is a perfect market segment to invest in and start your own business. In fact, Belgium is a small market but the demand is quite strong so it leaves the market with enough space for other ventures. Of course, the most important thing one needs to do is to make sure that the right audience will be targeted and that the particular inventory for that audience is being set in place.

So after carefully explaining the market features of Belgium, let’s now head to the wholesale suppliers’ section in order to help you create a well-tailored inventory and attract a wider range of customers.


The first wholesale supplier that we are going to cover is BrandsGateway. This wholesale supplier will definitely fully cover your future deals and provide full and quality inventory to your online store introducing a wide range of luxury products that will definitely catch the eye of the most fashionable personas. Their offer covers more than 120 luxury brands that will help your store gain a valuable place on the market. In addition, their overall inventory amounts to 15,000 high-quality fashion items for women and men, that come with 100% authenticity assurance. Each European country including Belgium can be timely served with their shipping of wholesale orders, due to their three large warehouses. Another important thing is that their MOQ is $1200/€1000 and can be reached very quickly. Furthermore, they provide the Pick & Mix feature with which you can basically build your own selection of branded inventory, including designer clothing and accessories, in order to match your client’s needs. An additional feature is the prepackaged stock lots, which are pre-mixed sets of items from famous brands, which are frequently discounted.

Couriers such as  FedEx, UPS, and DHL are engaged in the shipping process which is reliable, fast, and secure. You have to pay around 17$ per order for the shipping which is a very low fee for this kind of service. Ultimately, BrandsGateway also provides a 7-day return policy that begins from the date of delivery and covers items that are damaged or some products that have been shipped wrongly. Overall, this wholesale supplier would be a perfect addition to your web store and you should check them out if you are looking for a professional and seamless supplier.

El Saied

Next on the list of wholesale suppliers in Belgium is the company El Saied. This company recycles some used clothes and shoes. In fact, they sort out the inventory that is consisted of used clothing, and, after recycled, it is ready for shipping in various countries in the world. El Saied wants to bring their customers the best value for their money so if you are looking for this kind of store and prices that are discounted this might be the wholesale supplier for you. Their headquarters are located in Belgium and their scope of work covers a whole range of processes starting from loading items in the warehouses to shipping them to the ultimate destinations.

Pierre Yves Fashion

Pierre Yves Fashion is a wholesale supplier in Belgium that specializes in the production of thermal underwear. In fact, the underwear is made of 50% acryl and 50% polyester, which is ideal for maximum efficiency. Therefore, Pierre Yves Fashion is particularly creating underwear for workers who are faced with cold conditions at their workplaces, whether they work outdoors or indoors. Additionally, these garments can be also used for some outdoor sports. Finally, their delivery process is very fast, and they can immediately deliver from stock everywhere in Europe. If you are looking for something like this be sure to check them for a piece of more detailed information.

De Beyne

Another one on the list of wholesale suppliers in Belgium is the company De Beyne. Founded in 1992, the company is a wholesaler that is operating in the footwear industry. The company also specializes in leather footwear so you can find many offers for women, men, and children’s shoes. In their assortment, they also have 2 unique brands called Nathan-Baume and Crinkles that cover a wide range of exclusive leather shoes for every taste. Nathan-Baume has even launched a more wide spectrum of goods and accessories such as hats, gloves, jewelry, umbrellas, and silk scarves. In order to get a more detailed offer, you can check them out on their website.


Next on the list of wholesale suppliers in Belgium is Cortina. Headquartered in Oudenaarde, Belgium, the company specializes in shoes, and its main focus is the footwear industry. You can find numerous types of non-branded shoes produced for many purposes, such as gym, dancing, and other activities. Additionally, they offer leather shoe accessories and all other sorts of shoe-related products that might come as handy. Although their headquarters are in Belgium, they do tend to work with other countries outside Europe. The newly opened headquarters in China is proof that their expansion is more concentrated on the Asian market.

High Demand Brands

High Demand Brands is a wholesale supplier in Belgium that is focused on the world of sport, fashion, and shoes. Although they have first started as a company for the distribution of bicycles and accessories for bicycles, naturally they extended their scope of interest by entering the sports clothing segment and developed a stronger bond with their clients. In essence, they cover the sport and bike segment with branded products typical for this department, but they also incorporate lifestyle footwear from brands that mainly operate in the safety and sport equipment segments. Also, they offer brands from the military and government segments that provide additional safety in the clothing segment. Thus, if you are looking for this kind of supplier and want to target an audience that is more leaning towards sports and terrain safety equipment High Demand Brands is definitely worth checking out.

All things considered

In order to execute a seamless strategy and earn your place in the eCommerce market, you need a thorough planning session that will help you along the way. In essence, the thing that will drive your business and launch it successfully on the market will be the inventory you will select as your main niche for the online or brick-and-mortar store. However, the process of selection might get tricky sometimes, so it is very important to stick to your point of interest and market direction by coming up with questions to ask your wholesaler. In fact, keeping up with these guidelines will surely lead you to the front door of your future clothing supplier and land you a perfect cooperation deal. Therefore, we hope that this thorough guide will help you find what you are looking for in a wholesale supplier and aid a bit in the process of making your decision more easily.

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