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14 Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers in France in 2024

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of France is Paris. Paris is the capital city of France and is famous for many things but most importantly: fashion. The fashion industry covers a great portion of France’s market and it’s an important part of the everyday lives of French people.

In essence, shopping in France is one of the most outspoken activities that all fashionistas crave. In fact, that’s not a surprise as we think of the mesmerizing streets of Paris filled with beautiful shops and boutiques that leave everyone in awe.

There are numerous luxury brands that have their own stores where you can find the latest collections of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani, and many more. On the other hand, there are also stores for all those who want to purchase clothes for reasonably good prices. Overall, Paris is the ultimate hub for all shopping enthusiasts out there.

However, with the advancement in technology, as well as recent developments regarding the COVID-19 emergence, people seem to have transfered their lives on the internet. This right here is one of the reasons why dropshipping businesses have nowadays become more and more popular as a business model. But in order to have a solid chance at this market, a quality inventory is something every dropshipper should strongly pay attention to.

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In this article, we will talk more about the best dropshipping suppliers in France.

Statistics about France


  • According to Worldometer, France’s population is estimated at 65,000,000;
  • In a worldwide context, the population comprises 0.84% of the overall population;
  • The country ranks 22nd on the list of countries by population;
  • 81.1% of the population lives in urban areas, while 18.9% live in rural areas.

Internet and Social Media

  • According to Datareportal, 60 million people used the internet in France in 2024;
  • Internet penetration reached 93%;
  • Social Media statistics show that there are 50 million users, which is 80% of the population.


  • According to Statista, the CAGR for the 2024-2028 period will record an increase of 6%, which will result in an estimated market volume of US$94bn by 2028.
  • Fashion is the largest market segment with a market volume of US$21 billion;
  • By 2028 there will be 55 million users in the eCommerce segment.

Why is France a good country for your dropshipping business?

Purchasing power is very high

After the UK and Germany, France takes third place in terms of the market size in Europe. In addition, the country is 6th on the global scale. The reason for this is the high income per capita of the people that live here.

High-quality products

The high-level standards that each supplier has to maintain in order to operate within France, is a sort of warranty that you’ll only deal with quality products. Therefore, the only thing you need to worry about is how to sell your products and focus more on your marketing strategies. And having a supplier with high-quality products will definitely help you along your way.

Fast Shipping

Another advantage you’ll gain from working with French suppliers is the fast shipping time that they guarantee for the products you’ll make an order on. Regardless of the location of your dropshipping supplier, the standards set for this industry will definitely provide a sense of security in this segment.

Prices advantage

One of the many benefits of working with suppliers from France will definitely be the prices that they’ll offer. It’s not the same if you procure your inventory from a French supplier and from a supplier that operates in China. If you choose a French supplier, you’ll definitely get a more reasonable price for products that might be very pricier if procured from a distant supplier. A big plus is the customer experience you’ll get for selling products in the same market that are of higher quality.

Dropshipping Suppliers in France


Niche: Designer clothing & accessories

First on the list of best dropshipping suppliers in France is BrandsGateway. This supplier is considered one of the biggest B2B online marketplaces for luxury brands. There are literally thousands of products from a wide range of designers from all around the world.

Main characteristics:

  • 120 luxury brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Cavalli, Armani, and Versace;
  • Up to 90% discounts on retail prices;
  • Up to 250% margin for each order placed on your website;
  • An automated ordering process with Shopify App, Shift4Shop App, Wix, and WooCommerce plugins;
  • CSV files containing all product specifications along with product images and descriptions;
  • World-class customer service and assistance;
  • 24-48 hour time window for dispatching the ordered products;
  • Shipping method includes FedEx, UPS, and DHL;
  • 14-day return policy that provides a sense of security.

La Redoute

Niche: Clothing & Home Decor

La Redoute is a dropshipping supplier that mainly focuses on home decor and clothes. Their apparel segment covers their own locally known branding lines such as Mademoiselle R, Soft Grey, and Laura Clement.

Main characteristics:

  • Home decor and clothing are their main focus;
  • The clothing segment covers local brands and inclusive fashion choices;
  • Shoes, accessories, lingerie, dresses, pants, and many other product categories.


Niche: Sexy Lingerie, Accessories & Cosmetics 

Next on the list of best dropshipping suppliers in France is Tendance-Sensuelle. This company is present for 15 years on the market in France and specializes in the segment of sexy lingerie, accessories, and cosmetics.

Main characteristics:

  • Lingerie, cosmetics, accessories, stockings & tights;
  • No minimum order is required;
  • Dispatching of ordered items within 24-48h;
  • If an order is placed before 3 PM , the shipping is performed the same day;
  • The stock is continuously refreshed.

Niche: Print-on-demand services is a dropshipping supplier that focuses on print-on-demand services. It’s one of the most well-equipped printing houses on the European continent that also offers quality production.

Main characteristics:

  • 100% made in France;
  • Well-equipped and automated printing house;
  • No minimum order is required;
  • White-label production, which means all products are printed and shipped with your company’s branding and logo;
  • The fee is paid only when you make an order;
  • Orders are processed within 72 hours;
  • Fast shipping within 48 hours after the printing is done; a possibility of Express Shipping;
  • Product catalog that contains more than 100 products;
  • High quality of the print (all prints are in HD).

Paris Fashion Shops

Niche: Clothing 

The next one on the list of dropshipping suppliers in France is a website that gathers many suppliers in one place. Paris Fashion Shops is a French platform that gathers numerous fashion stores and boutiques into one online hub.

Main characteristics:

  • Women’s and men’s apparel from diverse stores and boutiques;
  • Local brands from France.

Vinted France

Niche: Second-hand clothing

Vinted France is a dropshipping supplier that’s focused on providing products in the second-hand clothing segment. The platform aims to incentivize people in building a more sustainable world and puts an emphasis on reusing clothing that’s not worn anymore.

Main characteristics:

  • Second-hand clothing;
  • Cheap prices;
  • High margin if you choose to market products;
  • Categories of products cover women, men, kids, and accessories;

Fashion Center

Niche: Clothing & accessories

Fashion Center is a supplier that offers a great variety of products from clothing to dropshipping bags, accessories, and unique gifts.

Main characteristics:

  • Biggest fashion mall for dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers;
  • More than 260 suppliers;
  • An online inventory of 20,000 items.

eFashion – Paris

Niche: Clothing & accessories

Next on our list of dropshipping suppliers in France is eFashion Paris. The company is basically an online showroom of products from various clothing lines but also covers accessories, shoes, bags, dropshipping sunglasses, etc. They also feature several middle-range brands such as Sweewe, Pomelo, Love & Co., Oraije, Sarah John, Sumel, etc.

Main characteristics:

  • B2B marketplace;
  • Around 40,000 products at wholesale prices;
  • Weekly refresh with around 500 new products;
  • Available hotline for issues and questions;
  • Partnerships with several carriers for on-time shipping.

Grossiste Pret a Porter

Niche: Clothing & accessories

Grossiste Pret a Porter is a French dropshipping supplier and wholesaler with an Italian twist. Their whole manufacturing operations are done in Italy, and their catalog is updated on a weekly basis.

Main characteristics:

  • Minimum order of €80 is required;
  • You need to make only 4 steps for ordering;
  • Secure payment guaranteed;
  • Preparation and shipping is performed in 24 hours time;
  • The delivery time window is 24-48 hours.


Niche: Kids clothing

Kiddystores is a dropshipping supplier and wholesaler that specializes in apparel for children, and babies, and a very small portion dedicated to men’s clothing. Additionally, they provide licenses for products that portray the logos of famous cartoons and cartoon characters such as Spiderman, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Barbie, the Simpsons, Batman, etc.

Main characteristics:

  • More than 2,000 items in-store;
  • Sales by parcel;
  • Exclusive brands from the Disney Universe;
  • Products are authentic;
  • They require a minimum purchase of €100;
  • Secure payment is provided;
  • They offer shipping to France and Europe.

Maison Bonnefoy

Niche: Knitted clothing

Maison Bonnefoy is a dropshipping supplier and wholesaler from France focused mainly on knitted products. In fact, they’re also the manufacturer of these products that are a product of ancient looms combined with modern machinery. The whole manufacturing process is performed in their workshop in Auvergne.

Main characteristics:

  • Certified 100% French manufacturing;
  • Family business;
  • Their inventory covers beanies, gloves, scarves, ponchos, plaids, and masks.


Niche: Clothing & accessories

The next place on the list of dropshipping suppliers from France is reserved for Grossiste-en-Ligne. This supplier offers a variety of women’s clothes at wholesale prices. They also use destocking as a way of providing very low prices.

Main characteristics:

  • Purchase policy with manufacturers in order to provide low prices;
  • Great quality-price ratio;
  • Products come from China, Italy, and France;
  • Destocking collection from factories and manufacturers around the world;
  • They use transport providers such as GLS, GLS Relais, Chronopost, DPD, and Colissimo International;
  • Payment by Credit card or PayPal through Banque Poplaire.

Sun City Fashion Group

Niche: Licensed clothing

Sun City Fashion Group is a dropshipping supplier from France that specializes in clothing that’s under brand and character licenses. This includes famous names from the world of music, cartoons, movies, famous series, and many other segments.

Main characteristics:

  • Licensed supplier for famous brands;
  • Disney Characters, Dragon Ball Z, Rolling Stones, Star Wars, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Sonic, Simpsons, Spider-man, My Little Pony, Mickey Mouse, Space Jam, Cars, Tweety;
  • Their clothing lines are a mixture of style, quality, and price;
  • Delivery is reserved for France and other countries.


Niche: Women’s clothing

Sweewe is a dropshipping supplier from France that’s mainly focused on women’s garments and offers a wide variety of blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets, and other clothing pieces. The company wants to offer sophisticated and timeless fashion garments for all the modern women out there. Clothes are inspired from all around the world and combine playful colors, prints, and cuts, modern designs which portray simple, yet joyful elegance.

Main characteristics:

  • The minimum order is set at €100;
  • They offer a 30-day return policy;
  • Secure payment methods through credit cards (Visa and Master) and PayPal;
  • Well-organized customer service;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Competitive prices.

In a nutshell

The year 2024 will definitely record increased profits for the overall eCommerce market. More and more people will turn towards buying goods through the Internet due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 that has no end in sight. The increased demand means that there is room for new business opportunities for all those who seek to find them.

Dropshippers will surely be among the businesses that’ll thrive in the current circumstances. But, in order to have a successful dropshipping store, one crucial element that will differentiate your store from the others is your inventory. Therefore, finding the dropshipping supplier that’ll take care of your offer of products is a fundamental step.

We hope that with this article we helped you on your way to building the best if not perfect product inventory that’ll surely attract your target audience.

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