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11 Best Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
26th January, 2022
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Dropshipping can be quite an eye-catching option for potential entrepreneurs interested in entering the world of eCommerce. There’s no need of keeping a full-stock inventory, taking care of packaging, or worrying about on-time shipping as all of your orders are delivered by suppliers. This makes it an ideal low-risk choice that doesn’t require huge investments, yet still, with the right strategies, can assist you in securing a prosperous future for your online business.

With over 200 million visitors per month, Amazon, one of the largest marketplaces, lately has been drawing the attention of prospective dropshippers. Taking into account the fact that up to 33% of Amazon sellers have adopted dropshipping as a beloved business model, newbies are more than ever tempted to join the Amazon team of successful business owners. Moreover, up to 85% of Amazon sellers have reported that their businesses have been incredibly profitable, making the platform a great source of income that online sellers just can’t afford to miss.

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How does Amazon droppshipping work?

Dropshipping on Amazon is no different than the usual dropshipping method. However, instead of selling their products in their online stores, entrepreneurs list them on Amazon since it exposes them to an unbelievably large audience.

In order to be able to do that, you need to follow only a couple of simple steps. First things first, you’ll need an Amazon seller account that’s easily accessible on the Amazon seller central page where you’ll be asked to fill out the name and address of your business, contact information, credit card number, and other relevant details. Once your account has been completed, you’re free to start searching for products you’d like to offer to your customers. When your search is finished, it’s time to choose your supplier. Finally, you’ll have to create a product listing on your Amazon account which consists of selecting a product category, giving your products a name that would easily grab customers’ attention, setting a selling price, shipping information, and a short description of the items you’d be listing. And just like that, you’re ready to start selling by publishing the list and waiting for consumers to take the bait.

However, before diving in, it’s crucial to make sure that you’ve made a careful selection from the large pool of dropshipping suppliers. Tracking down a reliable supplier that offers high-quality merchandise and dispatches orders on schedule can be quite a demanding task to accomplish. Your product providers can either make or break your business. They play a crucial role in growing a loyal customer network and launching your store to success. In order to help you stay on the right path, we’ve come up with a list of excellent Amazon dropshipping suppliers, guaranteeing to kick off your business.


Location: Europe & USA

Niche: Designer clothing and accessories

The first name on the list of best Amazon dropshipping suppliers is BrandsGateway. As one of the most prestigious B2B online marketplaces for high-end clothing, it guarantees trustworthy work relationships and persistent dedication to its customers.

Main features:

  • A rich collection of first-rate products comprising more than 120 luxury brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmi Choo, Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, and more;
  • It offers up to 90% discount on retail prices;
  • Opportunity to work with high margins that can add up to 250% for every order you receive in your store;
  • Convenient integration with Shopify through the BrandsGateway’s Shopify App and with Shift4Shop with the Shift4Shop App and plugin solution for Wix and WooCommerce-based stores;
  • Seamless CSV-files integration with Amazon;
  • Constant inventory synchronization, keeping customers informed about available products and newest merchandise;
  • Automatic inventory updates and order automation;
  • Worldwide order delivery within 3 to 5 business days;
  • Excellent shipping services including DHL, UPS, and FedEx;
  • Outstanding customer service;
  • There’s no minimum purchase required;
  • 14 days return policy starting from the day the order has been received by the customer.

Shirtee cloud

Location: Europe

Niche: Print-on-demand

Next is Shirtee cloud, a German print-on-demand service provider that produces custom-made accessories, clothes, and home and living items. Despite selling goods to eCommerce stores, Shirtee cloud also offers its services to influencers who wish to create their brand and to individuals who need customized clothing for sports events or various other competitions or special occasions.

Main features:

  • Customizing men’s and women’s clothes such as T-Shirts, jackets, sweaters, and hoodies, designing clothing items for children and infants;
  • Producing customized mugs, mousepads, stickers, face masks, socks, steel bottles, phone cases, keychains, flip flops;
  • Offering embroidery products including baseball hats and shoulder bags;
  • Amazon integration costs from $ 39.99 / month + sales fees
  • Working with reliable shipping providers among which Deutsches Post, GLS, UPS, DHL, and DPD;
  • Orders are dispatched to customers within 48 hours.

My Online Fashion Store

Location: USA

Niche: Women’s clothes and accessories

My Online Fashion Store is a dropshipping supplier that will stock up your online boutique with fashion pieces and accessories to go with them. They offer products at affordable prices and provide clients with efficient delivery service.

Main features:

  • Clients are offered great quality garment pieces for women;
  • All clothes are produced in US sizes;
  • Most items are restocked twice a week;
  • New products are published on the website on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays;
  • Delivery of merchandise doesn’t take more than 7 working days;
  • Possibility for dropshippers to benefit from fee-free return policy and full refund;
  • A downside is that at the moment shipping is possible only within the USA.

Your New Style

Location: Europe

Niche: Men’s and women’s fashion

Your New Style is a Polish droppshipping supplier working with a great number of brands that produce clothing items targeting both men and women.

Main features:

  • Selling men’s and women’s fashion pieces, accessories, costumes and lingerie mainly imported from France, the UK, and Italy;
  • Packages are delivered to consumers through the Polish Post, UPS or GLS;
  • Shipping doesn’t last longer than 72 hours, and clients can constantly monitor their order through a tracking number given after every purchase;
  • Customers can receive discounts along with photographs of the products.


Location: Europe

Niche: Print-on-demand

DropShipPrint is a European printing house offering print-on-demand services. Located in the city of Orléans, in north-central France, the company has many years of experience in creating customized items.

Main features:

  • Available products consist of shirts, sweaters, tank tops, men’s boxer shorts, beanies, mugs, face masks, and a variety of bags including tote bags, gym bags, and shopping bags made out of recyclable cotton;
  • All printing details are done in Full HD;
  • Frequent catalog update;
  • Customers can link their websites to the company’s API;
  • Fast printing and order fulfillment within 3 days and delivery to the customer within 2 days;
  • For emergent orders the printing house also offers express shipping;
  • All orders are shipped under the name of the client’s brand.


Location: Europe

Niche: Men’s and women’s wear

Matterhorn is a wholesaler identifying as a B2B supplier that has been in business since 2004 specializing in men’s and women’s clothing. Most pieces are manufactured in Poland, where the company is based, however, a good amount of their items are also produced by a variety of European manufacturers.

Main features:

  • Supplying clients with different men’s and women’s clothing pieces, lingerie, footwear, handbags, and other accessories;
  • Offering maternity clothing as well;
  • Products can be shipped within Europe but also to the USA, Canada, Russia, the Middle East, Australia, and India;
  • This supplier, however, doesn’t allow product refund or exchange unless the item received is damaged, is the incorrect size or the order was wrong in which case the client should let the supplier know about the issue within 24 hours of receiving the product.

Bambini Infant Wear

Location: USA

Niche: Baby clothing

Bambini Infant Wear is a California-based supplier offering baby clothes and accessories including embroidery garments and other items such as mosquito nets for strollers and cribs.

Main features:

  • Cotton-made onesies, shirts, pants, sleepwear, robes, gowns, and blankets;
  • Nicely wrapped hanging and gift sets for baby showers;
  • Customized products include teddy bears, puppets, and doll garments among many with a private label;
  • They have only one warehouse situated in Orange County;
  • Within the USA orders are shipped in 2 days.

Koehler Home Décor

Location: USA

Niche: Home décor

Koehler Home Décor is another wholesale supplier selling house decorations and living accessories for everyone’s taste. Their products are great for decorating special occasion events and celebrations.

Main features:

  • Offered catalogs feature a large amount of home, garden, and seasonal holiday decorations as well as gift baskets, centerpieces, candles, and lanterns;
  • Products are sent out via USPS Priority Mail and Parcel Select and FedEx Ground and Home Delivery;
  • Prospective clients should keep in mind that orders may be delayed during the busy holiday seasons, which can sometimes cause inconveniences;
  • Customer service can be contacted from Monday to Friday only within 6 AM and 2:30 PM Pacific time zone.


Location: China

Niche: Women’s clothing

ModeShe supplies online store owners with a diversity of women’s fashion pieces that will keep customers satisfied.

Main features:

  • Providing customers with women’s outerwear, evening wear, and fitness clothing including plus-size collections and swimwear;
  • Products are available at discount prices as well starting from 15%;
  • Slower delivery process that can last from 7 to 15 business days;
  • The process of returning products and receiving store credit or a refund can take up to a week;
  • Not all items can be exchanged or returned. This includes jewelry, lingerie, and swimwear;
  • In case of defective products, the supplier must be informed about their condition within 48 hours or the customer won’t be able to be compensated;
  • Another downside, the return policy doesn’t include Freight to Collect services, meaning the client will have to pay for shipping the products back to the supplier.


Location: Europe

Niche: Wide range of products

Bazarissimo is an Italian dropshipping supplier managed by Estonian company Infinite Looper selling a wide range of products to clients interested in pursuing dropshipping.

Main features:

  • Available product categories include clothing items, shoes dropship, health and wellness products, home and office décor, stickers, and toy gadgets;
  • However, not all of them are available for preview to customers who aren’t registered with the company;
  • It takes 2 to 5 working days for orders to arrive at customers’ addresses;
  • If online store owners decide that this supplier isn’t a good match for their business, they must cancel the service within 10 days after registration or they won’t receive any reimbursement.

Sunrise Wholesale

Location: USA

Niche: Wide range of products

Existing in the online market since 1999, Sunrise Wholesale is situated in Los Angeles, California, and sells versatile merchandise: household products, fitness equipment, tools, and many more.

Main features:

  • Preview of products is available to prospective clients;
  • Orders are delivered within 5 to 10 business days;
  • Minimum order is not required;
  • Great customer support that can be reached between 9 AM and 5 PM Pacific time;
  • The disadvantage of Sunrise Wholesale is that they don’t ship outside the USA, except to neighboring Canada.

Final thoughts

If you’re planning on giving dropshipping on Amazon a try, your number one priority should be finding suppliers that tick all the boxes. This includes making sure your supplier of choice offers affordable prices, great discounts, a good shipping schedule, responsive customer support, and a large range of products to choose from. Moreover, selling good quality merchandise has a pivotal role in satisfying your buyers and with time converting them into repeating customers. The list of Amazon dropshipping suppliers we have put together for you will certainly help you in selecting the best supplier for your Amazon store. In the end, it all comes to choosing suppliers that are compatible with your personal needs and expectations. In order for your business to excel, go with those you believe fulfill all your requirements and would help your business blossom.

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