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Most Popular Types of Women’s Bags to Dropship in 2022

Over the years, fashion has become one of the most profitable segments for trade and doing business. In fact, its popularity is even much bigger in the eCommerce sector where the revenue is in constant increase, year after year. By the end of 2021, the fashion segment is set to generate revenue of US$878,334m and the annual growth rate or CAGR for the period of 2021-2025 is estimated to be 7.31%. This will result in an estimated market volume of US$1,164,693m by the year 2025.

One particular section of the fashion segment that always brings the attention of the online buyers is the bags and accessories section. To be more specific, Statista says the bags and accessories segment is estimated to generate US$164,841m in 2021. The CAGR for the 2021-2025 period is set to show an 8.37% growth. But what exactly is the reason behind the constant growth of these segments is a matter of closer observation of this article. Previously we have covered the most popular types of watches to dropship but now we are going to focus on luxury bags to dropship.

Bags have always found their place in the women’s wardrobe as an item that fuses fashion and function. Despite their initial purpose which is to store everyday items such as keys, sunglasses, wallets, etc., nowadays the bags are a symbol of sophistication and add poise and refinement to the overall style of women. Different occasions require different types of bags, so whether you are going to the movies, on a casual night out with friends, or on a formal gathering, a wedding, or a business meeting a bag that suits the occasion will always be a necessity.

Why is dropshipping women’s bags a profitable venture?

There are numerous indicators that in a way can give the right answer to this question. In this article, we are going to focus on the 3 most important ones: price, quality, and product range.


A general rule is that the prices of the bags in brick-and-mortar stores are significantly higher. This is in part because the owners of the stores are obliged to take care of other everyday tasks that cover maintaining the store’s premises, amortization of equipment used for providing an impeccable sales process, costs for paychecks, benefits, paying rent, and other ad-hoc costs that might arise for running this kind of shop. As a result, people tend to seek bargains and cheaper prices online and on the web stores which raises the stakes in the eCommerce sector. Therefore, opening a niche dropshipping store that would offer bags will definitely pass the success test and would bring you profits.


Once again, the quality of the products that are sold in the brick-and-mortar stores will be much lower than, for example, those offered by some eCommerce retailers. The reason behind this is the same thing we mentioned in the price section above: ongoing costs that the owner has to pay in order to keep the physical shop active and capable of providing full service. So, naturally, the market will dictate an increase in the prices of low-quality bags, and the high-quality ones will skyrocket.

On the other hand, online stores can offer some high-quality luxury women’s bags at fairer prices due to the fact that all those costs, brick-and-mortar shops have are non-existent. Therefore, there is much greater space for price adjustments. Furthermore, there is no need for inventory to be purchased ahead of the consumer’s order or to have all the inventory stored somewhere. The dropshipping model offers much more reliable operations that will definitely score you more customers and boost your profits.

Range of products

As we previously mentioned, the range of products of the brick-and-mortar stores is far more reduced due to the physical impossibility of having thousands of bags displayed on the store’s shelves. In contrast, the dropshipping model offers the possibility to list numerous products without worrying about physical space. In fact, the web store can incorporate a list of all the bags you have in your offering, so your potential customers will definitely have a much wider range of products to choose from, thus making your store more appealing and stimulating the customers to make a purchase.

What are the most popular types of women’s bags to dropship in 2021?

Building your inventory can be a quite challenging task, as it is of high importance to choose what kind of audience segment you are going to target with your products. Researching the audience market can provide you with the tools to better craft your product offer and catch the attention of even the most delicate buyers. Women’s bags are a perfect segment that can land you numerous sales online due to the versatility of the product and the many uses they have. In fact, this segment can be divided by the type of bag a woman would be eager to purchase.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are definitely one of the most used types of bags by women due to their practicality and a design that is made to display simplicity. As a matter of fact, the shapes of the tote bags, which can be rectangular or squared, as well as the stark design are the key features this bag is known for. Because of its size and practicality, this type of bag can also be referred to as the shopper’s bag. There are numerous types of tote bags designed to be worn on different occasions, with various styles that can appease even the pickiest stylish enthusiast. At last, whether intended for the beach or a night out with friends, including the tote bag as an item in your inventory will definitely strengthen your position at the market and land you a certain purchase.

Bucket Bags

These uniquely designed bags are very spacious pieces of items that can hold and carry all of the women’s belongings. Its structured bottom brings more security and an easily balanced product that can be positioned literally anywhere. The materials of the body are almost always slouchy, and at the top lies the drawstring which is typical for this type of bag. In general, this handbag can carry large items which is a pretty comfortable feature to have. Add to all of these characteristics a famous brand name and you got yourself a winning fashion product to dropship.

If you are looking for some branded luxury bags to dropship, that is to incorporate them in your web store and start offering them to end consumers, you can try with the renowned Michael Kors leather bucket bags or Coach bucket bags in flamboyant colors. These bags are state-of-the-art luxury items that can easily catch the attention of fashionable consumers and provide the sense of security that every brand carries. For a more relaxed branded experience you can also check the Byblos Coral bags, which are types of hybrid bags but comes in different colors which can be a total hit for some consumers.

Satchel Bags

The satchel bag is a very versatile type of bag for women that want a more organized everyday life. It is typically worn by students or professionals because of the compact design which incorporates a flat bottom, buckles, and clasps that can close the bag for more security, and a strap to allow for a cross-body wearing experience. Due to these characteristics, the satchel bag can be quite large and therefore used for carrying laptops, books, and other items that are particularly heavy. For the refined tastes, Coach brings a blend of practicality and style in their series of signature luxury bags designed with the famous Coach “CC” pattern. If you are looking for smaller in size bags their Serena signature small leather bag can be a great addition to your web store. Lastly, Michael Kors’s Ciara Zafiano satchel bag will definitely catch the eye of those with refined tastes out there.

Hobo Bags

The hobo bag is a crescent-shaped bag that has an unstructured form that displays casual and more leisured wear. Due to this fact, women tend to wear it on more relaxed occasions such as the beach, going on walks with friends, mundane activities, etc. Its loose design provides a very spacious interior that can fit the essential items carried on a day-to-day basis. The inspiration for the design comes from cartoons from the past where the characters carried around a stick that had a sack attached to it. Hobo bags can be an interesting addition to your dropshipping store and can attract different types of audiences. Finally, if you want a more luxurious approach to this category of women’s bags, you can check out Michael Kors Suri leather hobo signature bag to spice things up.

Duffel bags

The duffel bag or sometimes dubbed as the “weekender” bag, is mostly used for short-term or weekend trips. Its cylindrical design is perfect for short getaways with friends and can carry many belongings, clothes, and other trip essentials. Because of their main use, these bags are most likely to be made of some weatherproof materials for greater endurance. The horizontal positioning brings great convenience and is an on-point solution for all those light-packers out there. Including them in your web store will be a fresh addition and will attract the intended audience. Moreover, if you bring some luxury duffel bags in your collection you will definitely catch the attention of women travelers. A great addition to your store could be the Lamborghini duffel bags for a more refined experience.

Clutch Bags

Next on the list of women’s bags to dropship is the clutch bag. This type of bag is famous for its petite design that can perfectly match a nightdress, or complement a party outfit. Because of its small nature, one cannot put many things in it, but the clutch bag can perfectly store some necessary items such as a smartphone, lipstick, small perfume, and other tiny belongings, therefore, it’s the ideal item to wear on formal occasions. You can check out this list of branded clutch bags that include some luxury brands you can incorporate in your online shop such as Michael Kors, Coach, Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, Blumarine, etc.


This bag is a certain variation of the previously mentioned clutch bag but the difference is that it is more petite. The minaudière is mainly combined with a nightgown and worn on exclusive and very formal events. The structured design is frequently embellished with crystals, beads, and sequins that give these bags a touch of sophistication and glamour. If you are looking to offer something unique and attract some specific audience that lives off galas and balls then you should check the various clutch-based bags to see how they will fit your web store.


Last on this list of women’s bags to dropship is the classic item that nowadays is part of everyone’s wardrobe: the backpack. Despite its undoubted practicality, the backpack has become a fashion statement in many circles of society. It is literally the most versatile bag that can be carried on almost every occasion. Today, women wear backpacks literally everywhere –  for a walk to the park, to work, to the movies, at a home party, or at the mall. The backpack is a compact type of bag perfect to carry all precious belongings and other stuff such as a bottle of water, headphones, sunscreen, etc. There isn’t a single renowned brand today that doesn’t bring a collection of stylish backpacks. Therefore, if you opt-out to include some luxurious motives, first, be sure to check the Michael Kors’ Erin Medium Signature PVC backpack styles. At BrandsGateway, you can find numerous brand names that offer different styles of backpacks such as the Coach collection of backpacks with the “CC” pattern, Cavalli Class collections of backpacks, Dolce & Gabbana multicolor backpacks, and many more that can add more diversity to your online offer and attract even more style-savvy consumers.

In a nutshell

Building up a venture that will incorporate bags to dropship can be a compelling process where the focus should be mainly put on the quality of the dropshipped items. This is especially important if you are trying to cover a more diverse audience segment, but it can also prove handy if you are targeting one certain group of consumers. Nevertheless, bags will always be an indispensable item present in every person’s wardrobe. As such, they will hold a big part of the market’s fashion segment and will always bring profits to all those sellers that will decide to go along and enter the market under this niche. Lastly, if you are still thinking of what kind of dropshipping store will benefit you the most, this article will help you on your path to making the right decision.

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