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10 USA Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify

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If you’re just starting your career within the eCommerce segment or, more precisely, are in the process of establishing your own dropshipping store, you’ve likely bumped into some companies that offer a whole building experience of a webshop. It’s a well-known fact that emerging on a certain market is a really hard job no matter what the entry criteria state and a well-thought-out strategy is a must-have asset.

To ease the pressure and get help with the launch of your dropshipping store, many entrepreneurs decide that they need some kind of assistance to create the best experience for their end customers. So, in order to speed up the process of creating a functional eCommerce website, entrepreneurs choose all-in platforms that cover all the steps related to content management that lead to a successful launch of one’s dropshipping store. Usually, the number one choice is the widely popular eCommerce platform – Shopify.

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What does Shopify provide?

Shopify is a multifunctional platform that provides online retailers with numerous services that streamline the process of setting up, opening, running, and maintaining an online store. More specifically, Shopify is a content management system that takes care of payments, shipping, marketing, and other services necessary for a successful eCommerce venture.

According to the latest data from 2023, Shopify serves more than 4,5 million businesses and is spread to 175 countries worldwide. Thus, choosing this platform to build your website would surely pave the way for business success. Additionally, the company also offers a plethora of apps that will fortify your dropshipping success and help your business conquer new horizons.

What are the best dropshipping suppliers on Shopify?

Having learned the benefits of choosing Shopify for your dropshipping web store, another step a dropshipper needs to take is choosing the right dropshipping supplier. Naturally, once you’ve selected Shopify as the eCommerce platform on which your store will run, you need to seek a supplier that’ll also provide support for Shopify.

In other words, your potential supplier should offer a dropshipping program whose features are closely aligned with Shopify’s in order to ensure a seamless experience, starting from a catalog that can be easily synced into your store to real-time order syncing.

To help you find the best supplier for your store,  we’ve compiled a list of dropshipping suppliers in the USA that support the Shopify service.

If you want to build a unique inventory and enter the world of dropshipping luxury items, then BrandsGateway is the perfect place for this. The company is the leading B2B online fashion supplier that offers a wide variety of luxury product brands that’ll make your store a unique place every fashion enthusiast would want to visit.

Main features:

  • Access to more than 120 luxury brands as an inventory in your dropshipping store;
  • All products come with 100% certification of authenticity which is very important when offering branded items;
  • BrandsGateway doesn’t have an MOQ and you can earn up to 250% margin;
  • The supplier has developed their own Shopify App which will simplify your experience in creating your shop. After getting access, the plugin will automate every aspect of your dropshipping business and enable a smooth-running process.;
  • The automated integration will provide you with real-time synchronization of the inventory updates and order fulfillment process with order automation as well as the import of numerous product category images, product descriptions, SKU’s, variations, quantities, and tags;
  • Moreover, BrandsGateway offers a tracking system with some of the shipping services like UPS, FedEx, or DHL;
  • All orders are sent in 3 to 5 business days;
  • There is a 14-day window for return starting from the day of the delivery.

Sunrise Wholesale works in the wholesale business since 1999 and has helped many businesses that cover the electronic segment thrive.

Main features:

  • The company mainly focuses on electronics and products related to this industry segment but also covers accessories, home decor, and toys for children;
  • Sunrise Wholesale also offers a Shopify integration, therefore, if your preferred segment of the business is Electronics you can check them out;
  • On the downside, Sunrise Wholesale asks for a membership fee that’s a bit higher than the average fees in this segment;
  • Additionally, their products are also pricey, so your products costs will also increase, leaving you with slightly lower profits.

GreenDropShip is a company that operates in the natural and organic segments.

Main features:

  • It offers resellers more than 20,000 natural, gourmet, organic, and specialized products to import in their stores;
  • They have warehouses in California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, and their mission is to empower merchants to sell natural and organic brands, constantly updating them with new brands in this segment;
  • The company allows an easy integration process with Shopify, so if you’re looking for a dropshipping supplier within this segment, GreenDropShip is worth a try.

Inventory Source is an automation source company that serves as a link between dropshippers and dropshipping suppliers and automates all the processes between both entities.

Main features:

  • The company has support for Shopify but as a middleman between the dropshipper and the supplier, fees are applied as well;
  • Nowadays, there are multiple dropshipping suppliers that cover this feature in the overall package of services offered to the dropshipper, for no additional cost, so employing this kind of service might cost you additional resources.

Wholesale2B is another dropshipping supplier directory that offers integration with Shopify.

Main features:

  • The company also offers features like order tracking, order automation, and inventory automation;
  • However, be careful when choosing your supplier from their list, as it turns out, not every one of the dropshipping suppliers will be based in the United States;
  • Another really unreasonable downside is that, if you want to use more than one eCommerce platform, you’ll need to pay additionally for every platform that you want to use.

DropCommerce is a directory of dropshipping suppliers that offer high-quality products from different categories.

Main features:

  • Their catalog includes items such as leather cases for Airpods, tee tree soaps, interesting shirts, and other hand-picked items that might drive interest in certain audience segments;
  • Although their offer of dropshipping suppliers is mainly based in North America, they do have some downsides regarding the pricing and features. For example, in order to get an automated fulfillment of the inventory to your store you need to purchase their most expensive package plan.

If your focus is on baby products made of cotton, then Infant Wear Bambini is a dropshipping supplier for you.

Main features:

  • The company has had a tradition of selling baby items for more than 25 years;
  • Joining their dropshipping program is quite an easy process, as they offer integration with Shopify and you can easily download their catalog of products and import it in your dropshipping store.

Kid Blanks is another dropshipping supplier that covers the baby clothing segment.

Main features:

  • You can find numerous clothing solutions for babies and toddlers products in different sizes, colors, and styles that can be easily transferred as inventory in your dropshipping web store;
  • The supplier offers a Shopify integration and, after the process is complete, they offer an easy shipping process of the ordered products.

Contrado is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier that allows you to experiment and add spice to your inventory.

Main features:

  • With their print-on-demand services, you can easily build your own brand and offer it to the end customers;
  • The integration with Shopify is very easy, and you only have to download their native application so you can easily gain access to their product inventory;
  • Despite clothing, you can also cover segments such as homeware and wall art, which will diversify your web store even more.

Trendsi is a dropshipping supplier that was founded in San Francisco, California, and its focus is the women’s clothing segment.

Main features:

  • The company offers supplies of some brands from the United States and it offers a Shopify integration with your dropshipping store through their app;
  • However, they do have a short return policy that provides a 7-day window for return. They do mention that in their services and offer a solution in the form of recommending an alignment of your return policies to theirs so that you can easily refund the end customers if a return occurs.

To sum up

A well-known fact is that if you want to target the U.S. audience, you need to find a supplier that has warehouses or offices in the US. However, nowadays, finding a reliable USA dropshipping supplier that also has support for Shopify and offers a well-advanced program is a pretty hard thing to do.

Although more and more eCommerce and dropshipping stores are built with the help of Shopify and other related platforms, there are still not many dropshipping suppliers that offer dedicated support in the form of an app that can easily automate the process of incorporation of the inventory into your web store.

Therefore, if you’re starting out as a dropshipper, you may want to go with a dropshipping supplier that has Shopify integration included in its package of services provided to the dropshippers. Everything less will definitely mean more struggles along the path to success.


You can find dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify store by simply searching on the internet, checking our blogs and forums, and even listening to podcasts.


Yes, dropshipping on Shopify is completely legal.

Yes, dropshipping on Shopify is definitely profitable. With over 1,000,000 merchants actively using the platform from over 175 countries worldwide, it speaks volumes about Shopify’s moneymaking nature.

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