Top 10 Best And Free Shopify Apps For Dropshippers


What is every drop shipper’s worst nightmare when trying to open an online store with Shopify? It’s about getting some of the best and free Shopify apps to boost sales. You’re already paying for Shopify as it is, and are probably spending most of your monthly budget on marketing, so why spend even more on Shopify apps?

If you’re reselling branded clothes with BrandsGateway, there are ways to improve results with sales, site performance, and user experience – for free.

We found and created a list of the best Shopify apps, enough to help you get started and sell much better. When it comes to optimizing, retargeting, and generating more sales, this is all you’ll ever need.

top best free shopify apps

Firepush – SMS, Web Push, and Email Campaigns

Firepush helps you to drive sales through automated retargeting and remarketing campaigns. You can capture subscribers through the app and then send them a whole range of promotional campaigns. For example, when shoppers abandon their cart, you can send abandoned cart alerts to encourage them to finish their purchase.

The app is packed full of features, including discount code messages with a countdown timer, ready-made message templates, and advanced analytics. Best of all, Firepush covers three major channels: email, web push notifications, and SMS, to enable you to adopt an omnichannel approach for your marketing efforts. Three pricing plans are available: free, pro and custom (the latter being for large enterprises).

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

Privy – Exit Pop Ups & Email

Privy is a marketing app specifically created to increase email signups, reduce cart abandonment rate, and help automate email marketing, including campaigns. It’s characterized by a simple, yet efficient campaign designer, which helps users to save time on preparing content and design with pre-made templates.

With Privy, you can insert banners, tabs, various ‘sign up’ and ‘free shipping’ bars, and the famous ‘spin to win’ wheels. The last feature is especially popular with customers, offering them various discounts on many best-selling products.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

Product Reviews – Free Shopify Apps

In short, Shopify Product Reviews is exactly what the name suggests. What can users do with it? They can add customer reviews to any (or all) products for better engagement. The purpose of this app is to convince your customers about a product’s quality.

They are theme-friendly, as they change colors to match your theme’s main color. Even beginner dropshippers can easily edit the design, including layouts and fonts. If you want to create an analysis based on these reviews, there’s an availability to export them as CSV files. To further increase customer trust, you can add them to Google search results, which will, at the same time, increase your SEO score.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

Free Shipping Bar

If you’re offering free shipping for certain products, then the Free Shipping Bar is the right app for you.

What can you do with it? To begin with, display a free shipping offer in a slide-out, show follow-up messages to customers if they’re shopping multiple items, and send them a ‘Congratulations!’ notification once they receive their free shipping.

You can also track the performances of each bar, to see which message makes the most sales. Overall, it’s part of the ‘free Shopify apps’ package that really makes a difference.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

SEO Site Audit Benchmark Hero – Free Shopify Apps

This plugin has the sole purpose of analyzing and creating an analysis of your Shopify SEO ranking. This allows shop owners to improve organic reach and a number of other benefits.

For example, you will find out more about site speed, level of trustworthiness, customer value, and percentage of returning customers. Also, it will show you ways to improve all these.

This analysis is free and could help you improve user experience in many ways. It has an average of 4.9/5 stars from over 200 users already.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

Improved Contact Form

Customers often need to talk to shop owners on many topics including shipping time, the authenticity of products, bulk ordering discounts, and other options. Without a ‘contact us’ page or button, the chances of purchase are significantly smaller.

So, Improved Contact Form creates both a page and an (optional) button for customers to easily contact you. In case people want to spam you, there’s also a built-in bot spam protection and a user-friendly interface for mobile devices.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog


Klaviyo is a set of apps within an app, within Shopify. As weird as it sounds, this app has over 100 pre-built integrations for e-commerce sites, such as yours. The good thing about it is – you don’t need to be a developer and code more lines in order to change anything. It’s incredibly user-friendly and will allow you to build forms in order to collect more data from customers, data that is essential for increasing sales.

It’s free to install for up to 250 email contacts. This is a fairly small number of emails, but it’s great, to begin with for retargeting. When you’re more financially powerful, you may purchase any of the other plans available.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

PushOwl – Free Shopify Apps

If you need to activate the ‘push’ marketing feature, PushOwl is part of the ‘free Shopify apps’ segment for abandoned cart recovery and review integrations. In short, it’s the complete web push notifications app that you can implement on your site and let customers know they can always finish the transaction.

There is a free plan available, and a 14-day free trial for its premium editions. It can also be integrated with Shopify Flow to show behavior notifications and allows users to import existing subscribers for email marketing using Mailbot.


best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog


Easy Google Shopping Feed

One of the best ways to grow a Shopify store is through Google Shopping Ads. With the latest change, Google Shopping has become free to list. But, Creating an approved Google Shopping Feed & running profitable Google Ads is a multi-step process. AdNabu‘s Easy Google Shopping Feed App helps you easily create Google Shopping Feed & make your products available for advertising and free listing.

Listing products, however, is not enough to be successful in Google Shopping. To be successful in Google Shopping & Google Ads, Your feed should follow best practices. AdNabu’s Easy Google Shopping Feed App has product scores out of 100 for each product, which helps you improve the product performance in Google Shopping. This product score is based on multiple attributes available in Google Merchant Center & also help you do better in SEO.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog – Free Shopify Apps is a personal webshop assistant, helping customers choose the right product and owners increase the average order value.

Recommended products are chosen on the basis of customer behavior, meaning they will most likely opt to buy from your shop, be it the first product they’ve seen, or several product searches later.

There are a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 14-day trial for a premium plan. Don’t let this worry you because there’s also a free version with limited features. This is more than enough to help you get started and learn how this segment of marketing works.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

Sales Notification by MPS

Remember those dull notifications about finishing your transaction or emptying your cart? Believe it or not, they will actually make you a lot of money. One of its best features is the ‘sales notification’ pop up window, taking up a position in the lower-left corner as the default position. It shows recent purchases, be it real or fake. As suspicious as it may sound, this type of marketing has proven itself useful by encourages potential customers to purchase a product that has (or hasn’t really) been purchased recently.

How? It builds trust with your visitors, has a great design, and shows them the best-optimized product first.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

Tidio Live Chat – Free Shopify Apps

Every good eCommerce site needs chat support. No matter if you’re online at the moment, or if you need AI to replace you while you sleep, Tidio has a free version for every beginner dropshipper.

Some data confirms an increase in sales, up to 40%. This is all good news and what’s better is that the app is free, until you’re able to pay for more features but not before your business fully develops.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

Trust Hero – Trust Badges

There’s something missing on your site, something to increase the level of trust among visitors.

Trust Hero is a free trust badge and is usually deployed as a ‘checkout securely with’ image, usually next to the ‘add to cart’ button.

They are fully customizable and help greatly to decrease the cart abandonment rate. According to a recent study, around 15% of abandoned shopping carts happened due to customers getting worried about payment security. Luckily, you can install this free Shopify app straight away and increase the level of sales.

best and free shopify apps brandsgateway blog

Ultimate Sales Boost

Simply put, one of the best and free Shopify apps is, as its developers like to call it, “A Swiss army knife to optimize checkout flow”. How can you improve sales with Ultimate Sales Boost? Simply by making products stand out on your shop’s homepage, make customers engage the ‘add to cart’ button more often, or even push them to check out at a quicker pace. This works in some cases but even if it isn’t reaching its highest potential, every purchase is welcome.

The free plan includes countdown timers, promo messages on products and shopping carts, and product suggestions based on customer behavior.


We hope that this list of free Shopify apps will help you increase sales, sort of a “starter pack” for every beginner dropshipper. Now, some plugins might seem the same as others. To some extent, this is true. However, certain apps have more features that others don’t. So, while you’re using their free versions, it’s best to combine multiple features from multiple apps to get the most without having to pay a dime. Once your business begins to generate more income, you can choose to buy any of the all-in-one plugins offered within Shopify.

In case you’re willing to switch between marketplaces or find any other useful information, check out our other helpful articles, listed below.

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