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How to Advertise Your Fashion Dropshipping Store on Pinterest?

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Nedina Gjorgjieva
6th October, 2023
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Were you aware that up to 46% of Pinterest users report having discovered a new product on the platform? 

That’s right. Pinterest is the ultimate visual search engine that offers millions of users a place to search for products.

And with fashion products being one of the most popular categories on the platform, Pinterest advertising shows an infinite potential. 

Today, we take you on a step-by-step journey on how to assist people in finding the right item while subtly promoting your own fashion products and dropshipping store with Pinterest ads.

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What are Pinterest ads?

Pinterest ads are a form of paid digital advertising run on the image-sharing social platform Pinterest. 

These ads are specifically designed to promote your products to a visually-oriented audience. They can be used to achieve different kinds of goals – whether it’s brand awareness, engagement, website visits, or conversions.

The Pinterest ads appear exactly the same as regular pins except that they’re labeled with the mark “Promoted.”

Pinterest provides advertisers with a convenient Ads Manager platform where you can create, run, optimize, and track performance from a single place. 

What are the benefits of Pinterest advertising?

With giants like Facebook and Instagram running the advertising game, you probably wonder how Pinterest could ever come close to being a platform that would drive enough traffic to your clothing dropshipping store.

Let’s clear out those doubts by presenting you with a few statistics that are certain to change the way you might have been perceiving Pinterest advertising:

  • Pinterest has accumulated an astonishingly wide audience of 465 million global monthly active users.
  • Out of those, up to 85% of Pinterest users who use the platform on a weekly basis have bought something they’ve seen on Pinterest posts
  • Pinterest users are also shown to pay 40% more for products compared to users of other social media platforms.
  • When it comes to Pinterest’s advertising successes, as stated by Statista, the platform is expected to generate over 3 billion USD in advertising revenue by the end of 2023.
  • On top of that Pinterest ads are proven to earn 2x higher ROAS (return on ad spend) compared to the rest of social media platforms.
  • Finally, Pinterest ads have the potential to reach approximately 280 million users.
pinterest ads

How many types of ads are there on Pinterest?

Pinterest offers a few different types of ads you can run for your fashion dropshipping store:

Standard pin

Due to its simplicity, the standard pin is the most commonly used Pinterest ad format. They allow you to showcase your store’s trending products by featuring only a single image or video. 

pinterest ads

Carousel pins

Carousel Pins allow you to feature 2-5 images within a single pin. Users can swipe left horizontally to see all the images. 

These are excellent for displaying a range of products or different angles of the same product.

pinterest ads

Collection pins

Collection pins appear in a combination of multiple images – a larger image at the top (called the hero) and smaller ones at the bottom (called secondary creatives). These are great for showcasing a whole collection of products.

Once a viewer taps on them, they expand into a fullscreen and can display up to 24 secondary images. 

Keep in mind that the collection pins are available only in the mobile feed.

Video pins

Video Pins are short video clips that automatically play as users scroll through their Pinterest feed. They can be up to 60 seconds in length. 

Video Pins are ideal for showcasing product demonstrations, brand storytelling, customer testimonials, or behind-the-scenes content.

Idea pins

Idea pins allow you to create immersive stories with images, videos, text, stickers, music, and all kinds of other creative elements.

Also known as story pins, the idea pins are perfect for sharing exciting announcements, new product arrivals, fashion ideas, or tutorials.

Shopping pins

Shopping Ads (formerly known as “Shop the Look” or “Catalog Ads”) allow you to turn your content into shoppable pins. Users can click on products within the pin to view the rest of the details and make direct purchases.

How much do Pinterest ads cost?

Pinterest ads don’t have a fixed pricing. Your cost depends on the budget you have set, the type of pricing model you choose, and the campaign goal you’ve selected.

For example, if you aim to boost brand awareness around your clothing store, you’re looking at $2.00 to $5.00 per 1000 impressions.

It’s important to note that Pinterest has a minimum bid requirement, so you’ll need to bid competitively to ensure your ads are shown to your target audience. But overall, the cost of Pinterest ads can be completely tailored to your budget.

How to start advertising on Pinterest?

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Business Account

To start advertising on Pinterest, you’ll have to create a Business Account which you can do the following way:

  • Go to 
  • Open your personal account.
  • Click the down icon in the top-right corner.
  • Go to ‘Settings.’
  • Click on ‘Account management.’
  • Click on ‘Convert account.’
pinterest ads

Step 2: Open the Pinterest Ads Manager

Once you’ve set up your Pinterest Business Account, you’ll be able to start creating your ads in the Pinterest Ads Manager:

  • Go to your homepage.
  • In the top menu look for the ‘Ads’ field.
  • Click ‘Create campaign.’
pinterest ads

Step 3: Choose your campaign objective

To start creating your Pinterest ads, first, you need to define your ads’ goal. This is done by selecting your campaign’s objective that aligns with your dropshipping goals.

Pinterest offers these five objectives:

  • Brand awareness. Choose this objective if your goal is to expose your ads to as many viewers as possible. 
  • Video views. Similar to brand awareness, the video views objective helps you promote your store and increase visibility through videos.
  • Consideration. With the consideration objective, your goal is to get people to only see your ad but also click on it.
  • Conversions. Select conversions if you’d like for people to take action on your website (sign up for an account, add products to the basket, checkout, etc.). 
  • Catalog sales. Here you can create shopping ads that come with product pins which let people know that the ads are shoppable.
pinterest ads

Step 4: Name your campaign 

Give your campaign a name that will be visible only to you. Below, you can also choose your campaign status: keep it active if you wish to run your campaign immediately, or choose ‘Paused’ if you plan on making your ads live a little later.

pinterest ads

Step 5: Set your budget and ad schedule

Determine your ad budget by choosing between:

  • Daily budget. Set a specific amount you’d like to spend per day. It can be either a fixed or a flexible amount.
  • Lifetime budget. Set a flexible total budget that will be spent based on the best opportunities.

When it comes to scheduling your ads, you can choose to run them continuously or during specific times and dates.

pinterest ads

Step 6: Create your ad group

Within your campaign, you can create different ad groups based on your targeting criteria. This helps you organize your ads more effectively. Here you can define your:

Targeting strategy. You can choose to reconnect with existing customers or find new ones.

pinterest ads

Create a target audience. You can create new target audiences by creating an “actalike” audience – similar to the one you’re targeting – or create a brand new one based on a variety of criteria: 

  • Interest and keywords
  • Demographics
  • Placement and tracking
pinterest ads

Specific budget. For some objectives, including video views and web sessions, budgets aren’t set at the campaign level and must be set at the ad group level as well.

pinterest ads

Ad delivery. Finally, you need to set up how frequently you’d like your ads to show up to viewers. You can choose a weekly or monthly basis between 2 and 20 times.

pinterest ads

Step 7: Design your pins

Last but not least, it’s time to create the actual pins for your dropshipping fashion products. You can either choose an existing one or design a new pin. 

To design a new pin, you need to upload visually appealing images, add compelling descriptions, include relevant keywords, and insert your destination URL.

And, that’s it! Once you’re satisfied with your campaign, hit publish and let your ads do their magic.

pinterest ads

Don’t miss out on Pinterest ads. Get on the platform today

Remember that Pinterest is not your regular social media platform but a place where people go to get inspired and look for content that is out of the ordinary.

This gives you a chance to go nuts with your ad designs and showcase your fashion products in an insanely unique way. 

So, get on Pinterest and take advantage of the harness the power of Pinterest advertising to drive traffic, increase store visibility, and boost conversion rates.

You’ll be glad you took our advice.


Yes, when used strategically, Pinterest ads can be highly effective. They allow you to reach a vast and engaged audience interested in discovering new products and ideas. The key to success lies in understanding your target audience, creating visually appealing content, and optimizing your ad campaigns for your specific goals, whether it’s brand awareness, website traffic, or driving sales.

Investing in Pinterest ads can be a highly rewarding strategy for businesses. This is due to the fact that these ads have the ability to provide content with exceptional visual appeal, help marketers achieve different types of goals, and tap into a unique audience – one that is actively seeking inspiration and discovery.

A Pinterest ad typically looks like a regular pin on the platform, with the addition of a “Promoted” label. The exact appearance can vary based on the ad format. For example, a Standard Pin format includes a single image, a title, a description, and a destination URL. Other formats, like Carousel Pins and Video Pins, include multiple images and videos, respectively.

The performance of Pinterest ads can vary depending on your business, goals, and target audience. However, certain types of Pinterest ads tend to perform better that others:

  • Standard Pins
  • Video Pins
  • Shopping Pins 
  • Idea Pins
  • Carousel Pins
  • Collection Pins

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