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Buying Wholesale Clothing from USA vs. Europe

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14th October, 2020
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Owners of online clothing boutiques have a common skepticism when it comes to finding wholesalers for clothing. It all comes down to “Should I go with wholesale clothing from the USA?” Or, “Should I buy European wholesale clothing?

To decide between wholesale clothing vendors in the USA and European wholesale clothing suppliers, you should compare every little detail. Various factors have an impact on the answers to these questions. More precisely, there are pros and cons that can demonstrate themselves as crucial for making the right decision.

Both Europe and the USA are locations that present diverse business opportunities, product quality, and shipping options. These elements directly influence the success of an eCommerce fashion business. Therefore, before making a decision about whether to buy American or European wholesale clothing, every store owner needs to analyze the characteristics of both alternatives.

We’ve gathered the most important details one needs to know about wholesale clothing from Europe and from the USA before making a choice.

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Where does the eCommerce market stand in Europe and in the USA?

eCommerce landscape in Europe

In the last few years, the eCommerce market in Europe has shown substantial growth. Many consider eCommerce one of the fastest-growing industries in the European land. This is due to the adoption of new technologies and the continuous investment in the online presence by European companies. On top of that, people are showing more and more interest in online services and online shopping for that matter.

Statics forecast that by the end of 2020, the eCommerce market in Europe will reach up to 393.8 billion U.S. dollars and 510.5 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2024.

eCommerce landscape in the USA

Speaking of the eCommerce landscape in the USA, we can’t go without mentioning that by the end of 2020, the eCommerce revenue in this North American country will arrive at 309 billion US dollars and at 476.5 billion US dollars by the end of 2024.

Even though at first sight judging by the numbers, it seems like the European eCommerce market is in a better position, you need to take into consideration the fact that Europe’s population equals 747,7 million, while the U.S’s population equals 331,5 million.

What about the apparel market?

Overview of the apparel market in Europe vs. USA

Overall, on a global level, the Apparel market is showing a positive growth trend. Worldwide, data shows that the revenue in the Apparel market by the end of 2020 will arrive at US$1,460,057m. But what happens if we analyze the European and the USA apparel market more closely? Let’s see how the numbers differ.

On the territory of the European continent, the Apparel market is predicted to grow by 7.4%. More precisely, by the end of 2020, the revenue in the European Apparel market will arrive at  US$410,059m in 2020. On the other hand, the revenue in the Apparel segment in the U.S is expected to amount to US$255,865m by the end of 2020. In essence, on an annual basis, the American Apparel market is forecast to develop by 10.2%.

The birthplace of fashion

This is an interesting fact, which may not impact your judgment on whether to buy wholesale clothing from Europe or the USA, but is worth mentioning.

To point out, Europe, more precisely, Paris, is the birthplace of fashion. Since the 16th century, Paris has been known as the capital of fashion in the world. During this period, haute couture designs were a symbol and the winning products in the fashion industry.

Nowadays, Milan, Rome, and London are, as well, considered fashion capitals. Numerous famous high-end brands and designers based in these cities are proof that Europe is the center of fashion.

Your target audience

This element is a driving factor you can base your decision on. If you still have doubts about whether to buy American or European wholesale clothing, you should reflect on your target audience. For instance, Europeans love to buy high-quality clothing from European brands, while Americans would give everything to buy a piece of clothing that is labeled “Made in the USA”.  But what about when it comes to luxury clothing?

American buyers praise their own clothing brands and are more likely to choose “Made in the USA” brands than ordinary European brands. But that’s not the case when luxury brands are in question.

The great fashion names everyone associates with glam, luxury, and high-end appeal are, by and large, all European. Luxury brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace, are desirable globally by people all over the world, and Americans are not an exception. Do you think they would purchase a Tommy Hilfiger piece over an Armani piece? Think twice.

Certainly, if you supply your store with luxury clothing, whoever your target audience is – Europe or the USA, your online store will flourish and your sales will be booming. In short, you can do this by choosing a supplier that has convenient wholesale clothing offerings and shipping to your destination. Choosing a European wholesale clothing supplier that has a wide-ranging collection from well-known fashion brands would be a win-win for your online clothing store.

What about product quality?

When supplying your online clothing boutique with wholesale designer clothing one thing is utterly important – product quality. Regardless of where your online boutique is based when you are on the lookout for wholesale clothing suppliers you should bear in mind that the quality of the products they sell should be at the highest level.

There is a continuing debate on European and American quality and preferences when it comes to clothing. As mentioned above, Europeans want to buy less but more quality clothing, while Americans, on the other hand, praise their “Made in the USA” label. However, if you offer high-quality clothing products, American clothing enthusiasts definitely won’t remain indifferent to your clothing collection.

For this aspect, it doesn’t matter where you buy wholesale clothing from as long as it’s of premium quality. Still, if you have an inclination toward luxury clothing, a European wholesaler would be a better choice.

Manufacturing costs influence shipping costs

When the Apparel industry is in question, numerous clothing brands are looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs. As a result, as work labor is expensive in the European Union, many of these brands export their designs and materials to factories in Asia, at cheaper manufacturing costs. Since some of the factories are based in Asia, shipping to Europe becomes easier as it’s closer and thus cheaper. On the other hand, when it comes to shipping to the USA, all clothing stock lots first go to Europe and then get transferred to the USA, which can impact the shipping costs.

However, if we take renowned luxury brands as an example, their original factories aren’t replaced by outsourcing to the Middle East or Asia. These brands stay true to their countries of origin and this is a major advantage if you decide to go with a luxury clothing wholesaler based in Europe. To clarify, European wholesale clothing suppliers for luxury clothing can offer the best shipping deals worldwide.

Location of your online store

The location of your online store can be a deciding factor about whether to buy wholesale clothing from Europe or the USA. But if your store is based in the USA, you shouldn’t by default pair with a dropshipping supplier based in the USA. Or vice versa.

Today’s technology and options for fast shipping and delivery have made it possible to buy wholesale clothing from suppliers located anywhere in the world. As an example, if have registered your clothing store in the USA, you surely can partner with a European wholesaler. The key aspect is to ensure that this supplier has a high-quality assortment of products and is reliable.

One wholesale clothing supplier that offers wholesale clothing packages with timely and safe delivery is BrandsGateway. Without regard to where your online store is located, if you decide to acquire BrandsGateway’s wholesale offering, it will be a wise decision.

Benefits of buying wholesale clothing from BrandsGateway

Lastly, after gathering all the information we can conclude that buying wholesale luxury clothing from a wholesaler that provides premium services is the best approach.

No matter where you are from and where your online business is located and registered, a supplier that offers worldwide shipping should be your choice. Even if you are based in the USA, it doesn’t mean that in the future you won’t expand internationally. On the contrary, you should always think of ways that will help you reach thousands of buyers. This would be more easily achievable if you start selling luxury clothing as it’s the most attractive niche.

BrandsGateway is based in Sweden, however, wherever you are based you can rely on their fast delivery of high-quality wholesale clothing. It is the largest B2B online branded wholesale clothing supplier, which ensures a 5-day worldwide delivery for 15 EU per order.

BrandsGateway has two different wholesale offerings to satisfy every customer’s needs and requirements.

Pick & Mix

Pick and Mix is a wholesale offering that allows online boutique owners to choose specific items that they think are most suitable for their customer’s network and are most likely to sell.


Stocklots are wholesale clothing packages that BrandsGateway predefines and sells as such. These packages usually include different types of fashion items and products that are of mixed brands. The advantage of stocklots is that you can get higher discounts than with the Pick & Mix option.

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